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2 Honors


The core values of Marblehead High School are to engage every person, every day;
communicate clearly and with a purpose; analyze, organize, and evaluate information;
honor people, place, and time; navigate your opportunities; chart your future.
School year:

Ms. Alyssa MacDonald
Please try to not leave phone messages; email me with a time & number to
reach you.

Course description:
This course is the second in the series and will provide a comprehensive study of second
level Algebra topics. The content of this course includes basic functions and systems,
quadratic functions, polynomials, radical functions, rational functions, exponential
functions, statistics and probability, and trigonometry.
Text and Required Materials:

Algebra 2 Common Core (Pearson 2015)

Pencils, erasers, 3ring binder, ruled paper or notebook for notes and
homework, ruler, graph paper, and graphing calculator (TI83 or TI84).
Cell phones and tablets cannot be used as calculators.

Course Outline:

Basic Functions and Systems (Chapters 1-3)

Quadratic Functions and Equations (Chapter 4)
Polynomials and Polynomial Functions (Chapter 5)
Radical, Rational and Exponential Functions (Chapter 6-8)
Statistics and Probability (Chapter 11)
Trigonometry (Chapter 13)
Final Exam*

* Timing is subject to change.

Grading Plan:
Tests & Quizzes
Graded Homework
Classwork and Other Assignments


The Midterm and Final exams will be comprehensive and cumulative and will account for
20% of that quarters grade. Your grades will be made available via the Aspen Portal.
Homework includes nightly work (Math XL) based on a combination of accuracy,
completion, and effort. Classroom assessments include common tests and quizzes. Other
assessments include problems sets, projects, homework quizzes, ticket to leave, take
home tests, partner tests, and classwork.

The following general rubric is used to guide teacher assessment and reporting of student


No makeup grades on tests

Individual makeup work required if less than 70%; Assignment in other assessments

There will be daily homework assigned at the end of most classes. There will not be time in
class to discuss every assigned problem. It is important for you to do the problems and
verify that your answers are correct.
Most homework assignments will be via MathXL. To receive full credit for a homework
assignment on MathXL you must attempt each question and demonstrate you have
worked for at least 45 minutes. If the homework is taking longer than this, you should
bring in a note the next day signed by your parent which indicates that you worked for at
least the designated amount of time.
Occasionally you will be given work to be submitted in hard copy. In this case, homework
will be checked for effort and completeness. It is crucial to your success to that you
do the assigned homework. Your hard copy homework should adhere to the following
format to receive full credit:

Your homework should be on a new sheet of paper not attached to any class notes or
previous homework assignments.
The paper should have your name, the date, the textbook page number (if
applicable), and the list of problem numbers.
For each problem, begin with a brief statement of the problem so that if you are asked
to present the problem on the board, the class will know what problem it is.
Show your work! It is important for me to see how you obtained your answer as well what
the answer is. The work should be alongside the answer not somewhere else on the paper.
Answers unsupported by work may be given little or no credit.

Classroom Rules of Conduct:

1. No electronics should be out or turned on in the classroom. A tablet may be used for note
taking with prior notice and permission or approved accommodations. . If the student is
observed using the electronic device for non-academic purposes, permission will be
2. You should be seated with all classroom materials and ready to learn when the bell sounds. If
you are late to class, you must provide a pass/note from a staff member or you will receive a
same day detention.
3. Students must sign out and in if they leave for a bathroom break. Only one student should
be absent from the classroom at any given time.
4. Be respectful of the teacher and other students at all times.
5. It is the students responsibility to be familiar with all aspects of the Student Handbook
available at All rules apply to the classroom.

Attendance Policy:
The attendance policy states that students MUST be in attendance for each class at least
80% during each semester. If a student is absent more than 80% of the class time, he or
she is at risk of receiving NO CREDIT.
When you come back from an absence, you should have a white card from the main office
indicating that the absence was excused. It is your responsibility to present this card to me
to sign when you return to class. I will assume that your absence was unexcused if
you do not have this white card. You will not be eligible for credit on makeup
work without this card.
Students who miss work with a one day excused absence will be expected to pass in their
homework or makeup a quiz or test on the day of return during class time. All work must
be made-up within three days of a multi-day absence. It is the students responsibility
to find out what assignments were missed from the website or a fellow
Collaboration Policy:
We encourage students to work together on the homework assignments, but you must
write your own solutions, and you must write the names of your collaborators on your
assignment. I also strongly suggest that you make a solo effort at all the problems before
consulting others. The tests will be very difficult if you have no experience working on your
own. There is no collaboration allowed on any of the tests or quizzes.
Extra Help:
I will be available for extra help Monday through Friday mornings from 7:15 until 7:55 in
room A211. Appointments can be made for different meeting times. I can also be reached
via email. I have a website for this class where I will post homework, worksheets, reviews,
and keep you up to date with quiz and test dates. This website should not be a
replacement for class, but a reference for those who might have lost worksheets or were
absent from school. Remember, your classmates are an important additional source of
extra help!
Teacher-Assigned Detention:
Teacher-assigned detentions with me can be served on the morning after they are
assigned or Wednesday afternoons. If you fail to report to the detention, the matter will be
considered a cut and turned over to the Assistant Principal. If for some reason you are not
able to attend, you are still required to report for the detention in room A211 to negotiate
an alternate time.