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tudent guides
What is overlay in payables?
Over lay is used in payable open interface where we would like to pass and overw
rite certain value which is set to appear by default when data is inserted into
the production tables.
What is rollup group?
Rollup group we define and attached with the parent segment in the accounting fl
exfield for summary total for which summary template is defined. This identify a
t what level and how the summing up should be computed for the level.
What way payment batch is different from other module batches?
It identifies the invoices for the payment automatically based on the criteria w
e specify in payment batch for the payments.
What is balancing segment in AR?
The Account Generator ensures that Receivables substitutes the correct balancing
segment values during various accounting activities against transactions and re
Receivables uses the Account Generator to update the balancing segment values d
uring various accounting activities against transactions and receipts. By matchi
ng the balancing segments for different accounting activities back to the origin
al transaction or receipt, the Account Generator ensures that Receivables uses t
he correct balancing segment values during this substitution process. For exampl
e, if an invoice s balancing segment that you assess finance charges for has a va
lue of 01 and the balancing segment of your finance charges account is 02 , when Rec
eivables accrues finance charges for this invoice, the Account Generator automat
ically changes the balancing segment of the finance charges account to 01 . The Acc
ount Generator in Receivables utilizes Oracle Workflow
What is deposit in AR? Have you used it?
It is a commitment type of transaction where in we take deposit from the custome
r and get into the agreement that we will make supply of certain goods and servi
ces for certain period of time.
What is flexfield qualifier in accounting flexfield?
Balancing Segment, Cost Center Segment, Natural Account Segment & Inter- company
Which SRS is used for AR To GL Interface?
General ledger option is given in the menu option interfaces in AR.

What are required setup for AP?

Required setup in AP is as under:
1. Install or upgrade payables
2. Select primary set of books
3. Use the system administrator responsibility to assign your set of books to
a responsibility. (Profile Option)
4. Define financials options.
5. Define payables options.
6. Define payment terms.
7. Define banks, bank transmission details and bank accounts
8. Open payable accounting period
9. Set up Print Styles and Drivers for the supplier Mailing labels report
5. What are required setup for GL. Ans: Required setup in GL is as under
1. Source (Required step with defaults)
2. Category (Required step with defaults)
3. System Control (Required step with defaults)
4. Profile Options (required)
5. Open Close Accounting Periods (required)
Before that set of books setup needs following:
1. Chart of Accounts (Accounting Flexfields) - (Required)
2. Define Period Types (Required step with defaults)
3. Define Calendar (Required)
4. Currency (Required step with defaults)
5. Set Of Book (Required)
6. Assign set of books to a Responsibility in Profile Option(Required)
7. Daily Conversion Rate Type (Required step with defaults)
How you will print user name of the person logged on to see the report?
select user_name from fnd_user where user_id = (select fnd_global.user_id from d
What is the table name for GL Interface. From here data goes to which tables?
Can we insert journal name in the GL Interface table?
There is no such column in GL interface table hence we cannot enter it.
Where Reference fields are found in GL production tables? What is its use?
Reference fields are found in GL_JE_LINES it is used to store reference of sub-l
edger enables us to drill down from gl to subledger.
Where journal name will be stored in GL_INTERFACE TABLE, Name the column.
REFERENCE4 (Journal Entry name will go in this field)
How to set dependent and independent value set and how you will insert values fo
r the segments having these value sets?
First define independent value set and then while defining dependent value set g
ive reference of independent value set along with default value and description.
At time of entering values, enter values for independent first and then while e

ntering values for dependent it will first force you to select value of independ
ent segment.
SRS Name for AP TO GL.
Payable Transfer to General Ledger.
Can you delete the records after the interface has uploaded the records in the G
L interface table?
Yes, we can delete and correct the records from the front end after importing da
ta into GL_INTERFACE Table. Sub menu options as correct and delete are given und
er import menu option. We have to specify source name. Menu option is import und
er journal in GL.