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Curriculum Vitae of Adnan Judeh

Personal information:
Name : Adnan Jawdat Judeh Yousef
Date of birth : May 9, 1969
Civil status : Married, 4 children
Nationality : Palestinian & Dutch permanent resident
Private address : Ramallah Palestine
Email : adnan(underscore)jj@(yahoo dot com)

Current job:
2004 Present: Director of the Environmental Radiation Department at the
Environment Quality Authority in Palestine. Duties included:
1. Monitor radiation (natural and man-made) levels in the environment and try to
keep its levels within the allowed international limits.
2. Continuous public awareness campaign regarding radiation protection through
public lectures, workshops and essays.
3. Following up the public complains and fears by making the necessary scientific
explanations and necessary radiation measurements.
4. Keeping track of the related scientific research.
5. Frequent re-evaluation of our radiation-related standards and regulations to
account for any recent scientific findings.

Previous Jobs:
2014 (April) 2016 (April): Executive Director Higher Council for
Innovation & Excellence. Duties included:
1. Supervising the implementation of plans and programs duly approved by
the Council and proposing new plans and programs.
2. Following up the committees works being formed by the Council.
3. Managing the human resources of the Council and supervising them and
recommending new personnel when needed.
4. Managing the Councils budget.
5. Preparing the quarterly and annual reports.

2001 - 2003: Researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.

The research was on fatigue damage modeling in solder joint interconnects, a
project supported by PHILIPS company.

Education & research experience:

1997 - 01: Ph.D. in micro-mechanics of materials (mechanical engineering),
Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands.
Thesis title: Failure of Brittle Coatings on Ductile Metallic Substrates
1994 - 96: M.Sc. in Theoretical Atomic Physics, University of Bergen, Bergen,
Thesis title: Atomic Physics Aspects of Radiation Physics
1990 - 94: B.Sc. major in Physics and minor in Mathematics, University of
Yarmouk, Jordan.

Research interests:
(1): Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.
(1): Finite Element modeling and simulation of damage, fracture, fatigue,
adhesion and failure of coatings and interfaces, and contact problems.
(2): Reliability of solder joint interconnects in microelectronics.
(3): Atomic collisions and atomic scale simulations.
(4): Radiation and health physics (interactions of radiation and human body).
(5): Environmental research (Physics related aspects of the environment).

Computer skills:
(1): Operating systems: Unix, Windows.
(2): Programming languages: Basic, Pascal, Fortran, C, HTML.
(3): Software Packages: Latex, Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, Framemaker,
Tecplot, Marc finite element package and Ansys Finite Element package.
(4): Finite Element modelling (in Fortran).

Academic Experience:
(1) 2004 present Part-time teaching of physics courses at Birzeit University.
(2) External examiner for the following M.Sc. theses at Al-Quds and An-Najah

Assessment of Environmental Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile

Telephone Base Station Towers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, 2006.
Study of Environmental Radioactivity in Jerusalem and Bethlehem by in
situ Gamma Ray Spectroscopy, 2006.
Measurement of Soil Bulk Density by Using Gamma Ray Backscattering
Spectroscopy, 2008.
Measurement of electromagnetic radiation levels in Palestine, 2009.
Measurement of Radioactivity Concentration Levels of Natural Radio

Nuclides in Soil Samples from Bethlehem Region - Palestine , 2012.

Study and Measurement of Microwave Radiation Emitted from Mobile
Stations and Possible Non-Thermal Health Risks in Palestine, 2013.
Evaluation of Patients Dose & Associated Risk from Chest X-Ray
Examinations in the West Bank Palestine (In Selected Hospitals in the
West Bank Palestine), 2015.

Magnetic fields from high voltage power lines in Bethlehem District, 2015.

Strengthening University-Industry Collaboration in Palestine via

Technology and Knowledge Transfer, 2016.

Memberships and active roles:

(1) Memeber of the Palestinian Engineers Association.
(2) Referee to the International Journal of Solids and Structures.
(3) Public consultant in the field of radiation protection.
(4) External examiner in the environmental sciences master program at Al-Quds
university - Palestine.
(5) Part-time physics teacher at Birzeit university - Palestine.
(6) Active role in the public awareness campaign about health effects of radiation
and radiation protection. The contribution comes in the form of invited
lectures, articles at local newspapers and magazines, TV, radio interviews.

Conferences and summer schools:

(1): Course on Numerical Modeling of Failure, 19-23 June 2000, University of the
Armed Forces Munich, Munich, Germany.
(2): Summer school on Frontiers for Computational Micromechanics in Industrial
and Engineering Materials and 10th International Workshop on Computational
Mechanics of Materials. Talk contribution: Delamination of a strong film from a
ductile substrate during indentation loading and unloading. August 24th to
September 1st, 2000, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland.
(3): EUROMECH Colloquium 429: Computational and Experimental Mechanics of
Advanced Materials. Talk contribution: Indentation-Induced Interface
Delamination and Coating Cracking. 19-20 September, 2001, Vienna University of
Technology, Austria.
(4): EuroSimE2003 conference: Thermal & Mechanical Simulation and
Experiments in Micro-Electronics and Micro-Systems. Talk contribution: Fatigue
damage modeling in older interconnections: a cohesive zone approach. March 30
- April 2, 2003, Aix-en-Provence, France.
(5): Several oral and poster presentations in national conferences in Norway and
in the Netherlands.


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(11) Adnan Abdul-Baqi, Radiation emitted from mobile base-stations, Palestinian
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(12) Adnan Lahham, Hussein Al-Masri, Adnan Judeh Abdul-Baqi, Study of
Environmental Radioactivity in Palestine by in situ Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy,
Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 2009.
NOTE: For all the finite element calculations included in my publications, I used
my own Fortran software code. Most of my journal papers are very highly cited in
the literature.

(1) Prof. Erik van der Giessen, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31 50 36 80 46
(2) Prof. Marc Geers, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Tel: +13 04 702 6425
(3) Prof. Ladislav Kocbach, Bergen University, Norway.
Tel: +47 55 58 28 70
(4) Prof. Wael Qarain, Birzeit University, Palestine.
Tel: + 972 22982149
(5) Prof. Ghandi Manasra, Palestine Polytechnic, Palestine.
Tel: + 972 599200629
(6) Prof. Adnan Lahham, Al-Quds University, Palestiine.
Tel: + 972 599922888
(7) Prof. Allam Musa, Al-Najah University, Palestiine.
Tel: + 972 92345113