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The temperature high fault has occurred in 2 no's of soft starters.

Actually the temperatures of the

reactors has reached more than 500 degree Celsius as displayed in the HMI for 2 no's of soft
starters. However the operators did not feel any heat in the surroundings.
What would be the indication in the HMI if the RTD wire has been loosened/disconnected?
JEPL : RTD wire comes to analog I/P terminal of PLC. if wire of RTD is open then HMI will
display high temperature Fault & HFSR Temp value shows 850 degree Celsius & if wires of
RTD is shorted to each other then HMI will display high temperature fault & HFSR Temp value
shows 350 degree Celsius.
Please interpret us the following indications of "History" retrieved from the HMI of the soft
1. "A" or "C" after date. (DD:MM:YY S) what does "S"mean here?
We presume it is the number of times that particular event has occurred on that date. Is it right?
JEPL : In place of 'S' , A or C will display. "A" means Alarm occurred & "C" means
2. "Main VCB F/b flt"
The Main VCB feedback contact problem. Is it right?
( or)
even if the emergency PB in the soft starter is pressed, does the soft starter store the fault in the
history as "Main VCB F/b flt"
JEPL : Any fault occurred in soft-starter panel & motor start/stop VCB is not tripped then HMI
show this fault.
When emergency PB pressed & main VCB is not tripped or VCB feedback not received to PLC
though interlock wiring.
3. "Bypass restore motor run"
Under what conditions this event is stored in the History?
JEPL : After bypass ON & motor run to full speed, if any reason bypass device getting tripped,
then PLC give close command to bypass device & HMI shows "Bypass restore motor run"
continuously up to Motor stop.
If Bypass contactor tripped in motor running condition 1st time, Soft-Starter will close bypass
device once & will display this message on HMI.
To prevent Motor from this fault, Soft Starter allows only one such operation.
If Bypass contactor tripped in motor running condition 2nd time then HMI will shows Bypass
4. "Bypass fail"

Meaning By pass contactor failed to close after starting. Is it right?

JEPL:- Yes, as well as current sensed in reactor coils after the bypass action taken placed.
Also, Bypass contactor tripped in motor running condition 2nd time.
5. "External Trip"
Meaning motor is switched off or tripped from Main VCB or any other external.
JEPL: External trip means emergency stop PB pressed or external interlock open which is
connected on soft starter terminal TB1 no. 3 & 4.