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Genre Research

Romantic Dramas
Romantic dramas include themes of Love, emotions,
passion, and affections between two individual characters,
which is normally strained through a dilemma/ obstacle in
their lives, which is a clear break in the narratives
equilibrium. For example a forced marriage, family
disputes or one of the couple being unfaithful. This is due
to the conventions in dramas.
Slow music is often employed in the film to indicate the
emotional mood of a scene, which creates an atmosphere
of greater intensity for the couple. This emphasizes to the
audience the romantic feeling between the two
As in all deep close relationships between two people,
tensions of day-to-day life and the temptation of infidelity
enter into the plots of romantic Films. Romance Films often
explore the essential and well-known themes of love such
as love at first sight, young with older love and a forbidden
love, which help build the plot of the Films' storyline.
Romance drama films serve as a great escape for viewers
who require romantic fantasies for a person or couple who
can use the storyline as inspiration to help work out their
difficulties and find their 'happy ever after'.
In romance Films the subject of overcoming difficulties in
the relationship is often implied with a reunion and a final
kiss. The development of romantic relationships may occur
over the entire of film and a number of different
characters may be intertwined in a romantic storyline in
different romantic ways.
The conclusion of a romantic drama typically does not
indicate whether or not a relationship between the two
main characters will occur and how long it will last. It

normally ends with the individuals being happy together

at that time.

Titanic 1997
One of the most famous romantic drama films is
James Camerons Titanic. This is because the
audience are thoroughly captured in the emotional
nature of the film. This is because the film takes the
audience through a range of different emotions. This
film is also famous for the music it used in it. Celine
Dions song My Heart Will Go On was a very
symbolic song in this movie, as it was played in the
background in the most emotional scenes, which
emphasised to the audience. The song is one of the
biggest hits of all time through the promotion of the film in
The Notebook 2004
The notebook is a good example of a romantic
drama as the narrative is very typical of a romance
film. Its about two people in love but the parents
of the girl disapprove of the girl, which leads to
strain on their relationship questioning if they
should be together.