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Analysis of the chances of the American Dream in the Greater Washington Area

I am the embodiment of the American dream.

My parents came to United States each from their respected countries as diplomats children. They became
enthralled with the quality of life and the countless possibilities in this land of dreams. after the two years of the
diplomatic term ended, my parents separated ways with their parents and faced the challenges of being completely
alone in a foreign country. They started from the bottom(drake) by working at fast food joints and going to
community college then going to university and finishing with graduate studies to the point where they are now,
successful affluent citizens who work for prestigious international organizations ,the International Monetary Fund
and the World Bank respectively. They worked hard to create a better life for their progeny. This is why I am here
today. To say that the American dream does not exist in the greater Washington area is ludicrous and absurd because
of the fact that the American dream still exists due to the fact that there are countless international support groups
and such a high amount of immigrants living better lives than they did in their home countries.
The American dream is coming to this country and thriving, but also still embedding in touch with one's
roots. The greater Washington area embodies the idea of the United States being a melting pot as the area offers to
many international support groups and organizations that help keep distinctive cultures alive while adjusting to the
American way of life. Every Saturday, at a local all girls private school, groups of Argentines and people from other
Latin countries such as Uruguay, Peru, and Chile , meet up and send their children to learn about their culture. This
is the Argentine school known to the attendees as Escuela Argentina, it prepares students of all nationalities to
develop a solid oral and written communication in Castilian and the acquisition, in that language, knowledge of
literature, social sciences, geography, history and civics(Escuela Argentina). This encourages and leads to first
generation children and local immigrants of all nationalities to join together and form tight knit communities. There
are other schools that encourage international students to join together and create supportive communities, like the
Rochambeau International French School and the German School of Washington DC. This support system of
international countries can also see in religious aspects. There are a lot of international churches in the area, or even
churches that accommodate for the growing Latino and minority population by adding services in different
languages. This wave of immigration has caused a mix not only in population but in religious practices. Mosaic

churches , churches where people from all sorts of different backgrounds feel comfortable(beliefnet), have
increased in popularity promoting regular attendance and interconnection in the churches respective congregation
and the communities that surround them. International Organizations such as the International Monetary Fund,
World Bank and Pan American Health Organization offer many jobs to both American but also immigrants. There
are many immigrants in the greater Washington DC area working in these organizations. These organizations allow
immigrants to represent their respective countries or other nations in interesting fields, such as tourism, law, and
economy to name a few. The International Monetary Fund helps ensure the stability of the international monetary
system- the system of exchange rates and payments that enables countries (and their citizens) to transact with each
other(imf). The World Bank also helps the world economic system. The Pan American Health Organization spreads
education about health all around the world and also gives supplies to areas in need, such as Nigeria, rural parts of
Laos, and Yemen.
On every street corner, every road, and every building, there is somebody who has experienced or is living
the American Dream. These effects can be seen in Potomac. Just in Potomac, there are three thousand six hundred
forty four residents who identify themselves as Latino. These people make up seven point eight percent of the entire
Potomac demographic (city data). it can also be seen in the Asian demographic as there are seven thousand eight
hundred sixty six Asian residents in the Potomac area. They make up sixteen point eight percent of the entire
Potomac population. These are the people who are most directly affected by the American Dream since these groups
of minorities are heavily influenced by the flow of immigrants to the country as they are the top demographic of
immigrants. People coming from Asian countries like India, China, and Korea and Latin countries like Mexico,
Brazil, and Columbia makeup the majority of the immigrants in this area. The Hispanic and Asians are the
demographic most heavily influenced by the flow of immigration and the American Dream, but the white
demographic in the area still live the American Dream. The thirty one thousand two hundred two white residents
who make up sixty six point six percent of the entire Potomac population also have been influenced by people trying
to find and achieve the American dream. Truthfully almost everybody in the United States is somebody or is the
descendent of somebody who is working for or already achieved the American Dream to the fullest potential. With
the United States being the country of immigrants or commonly referred the Melting Pot of all nationalities to one
country, it has attracted endless waves of immigrants all throughout history. Attracting the pioneers on the

Mayflower escaping religious prejudice to the Syrian refugees of today escaping the terrors of a civil war in their
midst, all with the common goal of going to America and living a better life than before.
The goal of the people who are trying to achieve the American dream is to thrive in America like they never
could in their own countries. Whether it is a better life for themselves or for their progeny differs but it is all the
same in the fact that the American Dream is still doable. One can achieve and relish in the American dream here in
the Greater Washington DC area.

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