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Module 6 (B2)

Material and Hardware

1. A 14 gauge cable when compared to an 18 gauge cable has
a) lower current rating
# b) higher current rating
c) the same current rating
2. An interconnect cable has what insulation?
# a) thinner than airframe cable
b) thicker than airframe cable
c) same thickness as airframe cable
3. How do you check a turnbuckle is in safety?
# a) Use the inspection hole or count the threads showing
b) Ensure that the turnbuckle cannot be turned by hand
c) Make sure no threads are showing at either end of the turnbuckle
4. What are the signs of fretting corrosion?
# a) black powder or cocoa staining
b) intergrannular cracking
c) flaking
5. Plug pins are numbered
a) from the outside in - clockwise
b) from the inside out - anticlockwise
# c) from the inside out - clockwise
6. Equipment wire
# a) is flexible and suitable for soldering
b) can be used for interconnect wiring
c) has thicker insulation than interconnect wire
7. In the wiring code shown, what does the number 6 (4th number from the left)
represent? 1EF6B22 NMS V
a) Cable size
# b) Cable number
c) Circuit function
8. An aluminum oxide layer on a conductor will do what when the temperature is
# a) Become thicker
b) Become thinner
c) Remain the same
9. Coil springs are made from
a) carbon or high alloy steels with low working stress
# b) carbon or alloy steels with high working stress
c) low carbon steels with high working stress

10. What is a coaxial cable?

a) Two or more conductors
b) A twisted pair of conductors
# c) A single conductor
11. X on a cable indicates
a) emergency power
b) control system
# c) AC power
12. What must you be careful with a hot stamped cable?
# a) Wet arc tracking
b) Corrosion
c) Peeling of the insulation
13. Where should you not use a nyloc nut?
a) Temperatures above 200oC
b) Temperatures above 120oC
c) Temperatures above 80oC
14. What is the nominal screw length?
a) The overall length of a bolt (from under the head) and the overall length of
a screw (including the head)
# b) The overall length of a countersunk screw and the non-threaded portion of
a bolt
c) The length of thread for a bolt, overall length for a countersunk screw
15. What is the effect of aluminum oxide on aluminum electrical cable?
a) Provides strength
b) Reduces resistance
# c) Insulates
16. What is the effect of precipitation heat treatment on aluminum?
# a) It speeds up age hardening process
b) It softens the material to allow it to be worked
c) It delays the age hardening process
17. The pitch of a screw thread is
a) crest to root
# b) crest to crest
c) 2 x crest to root
18. A single start thread the lead is
a) 2 x pitch
# b) 1 x pitch
c) x pitch
19. A wire thread insert tap is
a) slightly larger than the hole
b) supplied in a fitting kit
c) slightly smaller than the hole

20. Aluminum exposed to air will

a) oxidize and become weaker
b) oxidize and become stronger
c) oxidize and become electrically insulated
21. A 5% magnesium rivet is identified by
a) violet anodize with 'S' on it
# b) green anodize with X on it
c) black anodize with 'A' on it
22. An AN steel bolt is identified by what marking on the head?
a) 14E
# b) An 'X'
c) A dash
23. What care should you take with 2024-T3?
a) Do not bend at sharp angles
# b) Do not scratch or make nicks in it
c) Do not remove the surface of the sheet metal
24. Heater mats should overlap the repair by
a) 4
b) 6
# c) 2
25. When using a spring washer, the plane washer would be fitted
a) between head a spring
b) under the nut
# c) between spring and part
26. Composition of silver solder is
a) tin and lead
b) tin, lead and silver
# c) tin, lead, silver and antimony
27. How many times can you use a locking plate?
# a) As long as it remains serviceable
b) Once only
c) Until all the tabs have been broken off
28. Wire locking approach angles should not be less than
# a) 45o
b) 90o
c) 10o
29. What amperage is an 18 swg cable?
# a) 10 amp
b) 5 amp
c) 1 amp
30. A British close tolerance bolt is identified by
# a) a raised ring on the head
b) a dropped collar under the head
c) an 'X' on the head

31. A blind fastener described as external sleeve and internally threaded would be
a) a cherry lock
# b) a jo bolt
c) a rivnut
32. A co-axial cable is better than a normal cable because
# a) there is an electrostatic field around it which helps to reduce the
electromagnetic field
b) weight for weight it can carry more signal
c) it has less resistance
33. What is the danger if a silver coated connector comes into contact with glycol de
icing fluid
# a) Fire hazard
b) Corrosion
c) Wet arc tracking
34. When silver coated connectors are used in unpressurised parts of the aircraft
a) corrosion can occur
# b) wet track arcing can occur
c) separation of the coating can occur
35. When a steel part is welded, corrosion occurs because
# a) the strip has become cathodic
b) it is affected by spatter
c) the paint has been removed

36. Inter-granular corrosion

# a) may have no visual surface indication
b) can be recognized by a grey powder deposit
c) can be recognized by its flaking and lifting of the material layers

37. Anodizing protects alloy metal from corrosion and does what else?
# a) Makes a good surface for paint to adhere to
b) Makes the surface alkaline
c) Seals the surface from moisture
38. Active flux does what?
# a) Cleans
b) Protects
c) Both cleans and protects
39. An aluminum alloy rivet identification is
a) D embossed
b) X embossed
# c) O embossed
40. D and DD rivets are refrigerated to
# a) retard age hardening
b) increase age hardening
c) precipitation harden

41. To prevent damage to seals on fitment you would

a) use grease
b) compress and stretch them
# c) use a cardboard protector over the threaded portions
42. Fiber strength is strongest in the direction of the
# a) warp
b) weft
c) bias
43. If caustic soda turns a material black what is it?
a) Aluminum
b) Alclad
# c) Aluminum alloy
44. Inter-granular corrosion is caused by
# a) improper heat treatment
b) dissimilar metal contact
c) improperly assembled components
45. Galvanic action caused by dissimilar metal contact may best be prevented by
# a) applying a non-porous dielectric material between the surfaces
b) priming both the surfaces with a light coat of zinc chromate primer
c) Special precautions are not required if they are properly bonded
46. Corrosion caused by electrolytic action is the result of
a) excessive anodization
# b) contact between two unlike metals
c) the wrong quenching agent
47. A spring type washer when used on an aluminum component must be used
a) by itself
b) with a tab washer
# c) with a plain washer
48. Nickel alloy steel split pins can be used
a) repeatedly provided they remain a good fit
# b) only once, because the legs are spread and bent
c) with a spring washer and a stiff nut
49. Corrosion may be regarded as the destruction of metal by
# a) electrochemical action
b) electromechanical action
c) hydroelectric action
50. After welding, stainless steel is susceptible to a corrosion known as
# a) weld decay
b) weld rot
c) weld deterioration

51. The addition of chromium to steel will produce

a) toughness
b) ductility
# c) hardness
52.What chemical is used to identify aluminum alloys
# a) caustic soda
b) copper sulphate
c) nitric acid
53. Multi-start threads
# a) increase the lead without increasing the pitch
b) increase the lead and the pitch
c) increase the lead and decrease the pitch
54. Pure aluminum is
# a) highly resistant to corrosion
b) not resistant to corrosion
c) reasonably resistant to corrosion
55. The electrolytic process that forms an oxide film on the surface of aluminum
alloys is known as
a) electroplating
b) galvanizing
# c) anodizing
56. Studs which have a size larger thread at one end are called
# a) stepped studs
b) plain studs
c) shouldered studs
57. The conductor in tersil cable is
a) tinned copper
# b) nickel plated copper
c) stainless steel
58. A cable is marked NYVIN 22. The 22 represents the
a) current rating
b) current/weight ratio
# c) cross sectional area
59. Copper is an inferior conductor to aluminum when comparing
# a) weight for weight
b) CSA with CSA
c) load for load
60. The purpose of case hardening is to
# a) produce a hard case over a tough core
b) introduce carbon into the steel
c) reduce the carbon in the steel

61. What action is taken to protect integral tanks from corrosion due to microbiological growth?
# a) A biocidal additive is used in the fuel
b) The inside of the tank is coated with yellow chromate
c) Rubber liners are installed in the tank
62. When dissimilar metals are brought together, or the same metal in different
states, one metal forms the anode and the other the cathode. Which will suffer
from corrosion?
a) The cathode
b) Both will corrode equally
# c) The anode
63. What type of corrosion attacks grain boundaries of aluminum alloys which are
improperly or inadequately heat treated?
a) Stress corrosion
# b) Inter-granular corrosion
c) Surface corrosion
64. A countersunk rivet of the SP series has a head style of
a) 90o
# b) 100o
c) 20o
65. The lead on a single start thread is
a) 1/2 the pitch
# b) 1 x the pitch
c) 2 x the pitch
66. When mixing resin it is dangerous to add
# a) accelerator and catalyst before resin
b) catalyst and resin before accelerator
c) resin and accelerator before catalyst
67. Silver plated copper wire has a maximum working temp of
a) 200 C
# b) 250 C
c) 300 C
68. The artificial production of a film of hydroxide on the surface of aluminum or
any of its alloys is commonly called
# a) alodizing
b) parco lubrizing
c) anodizing
69. Corrosion will spread more rapidly when metals are exposed to
# a) high temperatures
b) dry climates
c) cold climates

70. Color identification of an aluminum rivet is

# a) black
b) violet
c) green
71. The teeth of a gear would normally be
a) nitrided
# b) case hardened
c) tempered
72. If a chain is removed for routine maintenance
a) it must be proof checked to max load
b) it must be proof checked to full load
# c) it does not have to be proof checked
73. Magnesium alloy components are protected by
a) an electro process
# b) a chemical process
c) a painted process
74. If it is necessary to remove corrosion from a steel component in-situ, the base
of a suitable solution for this purpose is
a) chromic acid
b) nitric acid
# c) phosphoric acid
75. Black streaks running away from a bolt or rivet would indicate
# a) fretting corrosion
b) exfoliation corrosion
c) inter-granular corrosion
76. On gear teeth, the wear pattern should be
a) the top edge most worn
b) the middle of the tooth most worn
# c) even
77. Anodic treatment of aluminum alloy gives
# a) a pure coating of aluminum oxide on the surface
b) a shorter life due to hardening
c) a purple finish
78. Cables are preferred to other control systems because
# a) they are strong and light
b) they maintain slight mechanical advantage over push/pull systems
c) single braid allows for 2 way directions
79. If you can only gain limited access to both sides of a structure, what would you
use to repair the structure?
# a) A hillock
b) A pop rivet
c) A blind rivet

80. Nit riding is

# a) case hardening
b) anodizing
c) tempering
81. For an electrical cable to be fireproof it must be able to stand 1100 deg C for
a) 10 min. s
# b) 15 min. s
c) 20 min. s
82. Oxide on exposed silver plated wires is
a) non corrosive
# b) an insulator
c) a conductor
83. Turnbuckles depending on type are locked by
# a) locknuts and wire
b) stiff nuts
c) castellated nuts and split pins
84. Flexible pipes are identified by
a) diameter
b) length
# c) material
85. In the tensile strength test
a) the material is pulled to limit of elasticity
# b) the material is pulled to until it breaks
c) the material is pulled until it reaches its UTS
86. Impact resistance measures the
# a) material toughness
b) material hardness
c) material ductility
87. A ferrous metal contains
# a) iron
b) aluminum
c) magnesium
88. Non heat treatable materials
a) by annealing
# b) can be hardened strain hardening or cold working
c) cannot be hardened
89. Which of these core materials will be used in the making of a composite
material flat panel
a) rectangular core
# b) hexagonal core
c) flexible core

90. What does MSDS stand for?

a) Maximum Structural Design System
# b) Material Safety Data Sheet
c) Metal Surface Dimension Sector
91. A bolt with a raised dash is
a) AN standard
# b) Corrosion Resistant Steel
c) close tolerance
92. A dowel will take what loads?
# a) shear
b) tensile
c) torsion
93. The advantage of circlips is
a) cheap
b) can be used for both inner and external applications
# c) Both a and c
94. Cable tension is maintained by
# a) a cable tension regulator
b) a grommet
c) a fair lead
95. Where are needle roller bearings used
# a) where there are space restrictions
b) high speed operations
c) Where is fluid damped bearing used
96. Loads on tapered roller bearings
a) axial only
b) thrust only
# c) axial and thrust