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‘SOUTHWEST OHIO REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY CONTRACT MODIFICATION ‘CONTRACT NO: 55-15, TITLE: Vehicle Advertsing CONTRACTOR: Advertising Vehicles, Inc. CAgent’) MODIFICATION NO: 01 DATE: September 23, 2015 ‘The above Contract is hereby amended effective as ofthe above date: 4. The term of said Contract is extended for a period of five (6) years, expiring on December 31, 2020. SORTA shall have the right to extend the contract for one five-year period, expiring on December 31, 2026. 2. The right of Agent to sel advertising on SORTA buses is hereby extended to sell advertising (on the City of Cincinnati streetcars, SORTA retains the right to determine the real estate availabe for advertising on the streetcars. Revenue from streetcar advertising sales shall be allocated on the same basis as revenue from bus advertising sales, 3, The scope of this Contract is also revised to include the selling of naming rights for strestear vehicles; revenue from such sales shal be allocated 62% to SORTA and 38% to Advertising Vehicles. Agent shall retain the right to revenue from such sales forthe full erm of any contracts it solis during the term of this Contract, including any options or extensions exercised from any contracts sold by Agent, whether or not such options or extensions start during the term of tis contract or thereafter. 4. Advertsing Vehicles wil allocate the revenue forthe bus advertising and for the streetcar advertising and naming right separately and provide separate checks each month 5. Except as modified herein, all terms and conditions of Contract 55-15 remain unchanged. ONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY pare: fo A/S ame Exec. Vide Pees iveur pare: 9/25 is