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Haley Croft

Address: 3 Holly Street, Alshrub, Bushley, BT24 8QO

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a polite, friendly and hard working individual currently undertaking PhD research in Chemistry at
the University of Leeds, due to submit my thesis at the end of March 2013 and available thereafter. I
am hoping my current skill set is something you would consider for any future roles that may be
available at Rolls-Royce.
My ambition to utilise my skills in research chemistry to the immediate and long term benefit of a
growing and important industry sparked my interest in Nuclear Chemistry. I see Nuclear Chemistry as
an interesting and important field and one that is only set to become more so with the building of next
generation of pressurised water reactors currently ongoing in many locations worldwide. With the
recent award of a 1.1 billion contact with the Ministry of Defence to continue the design and
production of nuclear reactors, Rolls-Royce is a world class organisation at the forefront of the Nuclear
Industry. I believe that my values, skills and enthusiasm would make me a valuable addition to an
already renowned and world class workforce.
Currently, I am conducting research into the structure and mechanism of a human enzyme believed to
be a potential chemotherapeutic target, a chemical biology topic with aspects of chemical synthesis.
Although my current PhD topic is not directly related to nuclear materials chemistry, I have an excellent
track record of adapting and excelling in undertaking projects in new areas. I studied Chemistry as an
undergraduate but now conduct research that spans both Chemical and Biological fields and have had
to quickly become proficient in a wide range of experimental and analytical techniques, normally learnt
by students over a 3 to 4 year degree program.
I analyse the results of experiments on a daily basis and make independent decisions as to the next
appropriate action. As I expand my knowledge and explore new experimental techniques, I effectively
learn from those with more experience seeking advice with succinct and specific questions. I
particularly enjoy discussions with colleagues in which I am consulted to provide guidance, for example
with the interpretation of protein expression trial data, and deliberating problems to find suitable

I have experience writing formal reports in my PhD, completing essential progression reports to a high
technical standard, and also in writing for non-specialists in my work for DyeCat Ltd. My presentation
skills have been recognised in several awards, poster prizes won at scientific symposia and an oral
presentation prize at the School of Chemistry postgraduate conference 2012. I ran presentation skills
workshops for MChem students that were requested by the Director of Student Education in the School
of Chemistry. I am able to adapt my presentations to different audiences, exemplified in my poster
presentations communicating my research to members of the wider scientific community, some are
specialists in my research area and several are non-specialists with a different background of expertise.
I relish opportunities to discuss science with other research groups in various departments, learning
about new techniques that can benefit my own work and methods I can pass on to others. I have
encouraged interdisciplinary collaborations, helping chemists with new biological ventures, for instance
helping a physical chemistry PhD student with protein expression and purification.
Mentoring several students over the years, I have learnt to assess skill sets and adapt my approach
accordingly. I have supervised several undergraduate and postgraduate students, making daily
independent decisions adapting work schedules to their individual capabilities whilst still achieving my
own research goals. Tutoring an A-level chemistry student I had to recognise when a topic wasnt fully
understood and needed a more thorough explanation. In leading the Astbury Society Social Committee
for the past year I have organised several events and had to manage different personalities within the
group establishing my diplomacy skills.
Undertaking PhD research I have developed many valuable skills including teamwork and leadership
skills, along with a hardworking attitude that relies on determination, motivation and self-reliance. I
have learnt to be confident in my decision making ability and have become adept at assessing
situations to determine the best course of action. All these are qualities I wish to bring to a career that
will challenge me and provide the opportunity for me to constantly develop and feed my eagerness for
learning new things. I always look to expand my knowledge and skills to make myself useful, looking to
improve both my own work and my colleagues.
I would be most grateful if you would be able to review my CV and advise me as to my suitability for
any potential roles. I am very willing to complete further study in any recommended subject areas
within the next 6 months, using the excellent recourses of the University of Leeds to help me
accomplish this.
Yours Faithfully,
Haley Croft