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suffering if we are close to God.

” She wrote
Our Lady of Sorrows Church of her service projects and then stated that,
05-30-10 as a confirmed person, she plans to carry out
service to God and others.
From the Pastor’s Desk
Friday, OLS graduated forty-four from the
My Dear People: eighth grade and at the graduation Mass for
OLS School this past Wednesday, the gospel
We hear of so many bad relationships in of the day for the Mass was all about service.
marriage that it is inspiring to hear what I In the gospel Jesus said:
heard this past week about good marriage
relationships: “If you want to be great,
serve one another. I have
John and Ann Hardin had different opinions not come to be served;
on whether to stay in the house that he built but to serve…follow me.”
and rebuilt or to sell the house and buy Ann’s
parent’s home from the rest of Ann’s family. Two students received the Christian service
It was time for prayer to the Spirit of God. award, but practically all of those eighth-
After long private prayer, John asked Ann, graders were in high competition. I reminded
“What did the Spirit tell you, Ann?” She said, them that the success in their lives is
“The Spirit told me to listen to John.” “John, measured by their service and what they do
what did the Spirit tell you?” John told Ann for others in Jesus’ name.
that the Spirit told him to sell his
magnificently renovated home which he had The two above-mentioned marriages, as with
bought before their marriage and do what so many of our marriages, are successful to
Ann originally proposed. It was a leap of the degree that one spouse is willing to serve
faith bcause they bought without first selling. the other. We run to God for help and
But when they sold John’s house twenty-four inspiration. As St. Paul said:
hours after it was put on the market, in this
depressed real estate market, this was God’s “Without Jesus, I can do
ratification of their decision. nothing;…I can do all things
in Him who strengthens me.”
Inspiration #2: Carolyn Wright has a
committed hour Thursday from 11:00 p.m. to Once again, living the gospel means being of
midnight. Her Protestant husband, Jack, service to others. Thanks to OLS for the
comes with her. I went into the chapel at many examples of service to others.
11:30 and only Jack was there. After
prayers, I asked where was Carolyn. Jack With prayers and blessings,
said she was tired and he told her he would Fr. Muller
make the hour for her. Jack, not being
Catholic, I thought maybe this is Jack’s love P.S. Correction and apologies. Concerning
of God, love for Carolyn and Ecumenism all the “stuck elevator,” each one coming out of
put together. the elevator did thank the firemen who
rescued them. I wasn’t at the elevator when
OLS gave me another inspiration this past it was opened but at the fire truck with the
week. An eighth-grader preparing for other firemen, I thought they didn’t thank
Confirmation wrote me that Confirmation him…But they profusely thanked the one
would help her be strong and “bring others to who unlocked the door and freed them…
Christ.” She went on to write, “We will have They even invited the firemen to lunch with
suffering; we cannot go through life without it, us. Apologies to the great Fernandes and
but we know we will have less spiritual Thornton families.
Cafeteria workers needed in local Catholic
schools. Experience a plus but not
MASS INTENTIONS necessary. Fun job for moms and free
lunches for your children. Please call 205-
Monday, May 31 Polly Sharble 790-2053 for more information.
John Peteet
Jay Tombrello
Tuesday, June 1 Special Intention Priests for Life Pro-Life Freedom Rides
Donna Phillips
Jay Tombrello Information Session
Wednesday, June 2 John Peteet St. Peter the Apostle Church in Hoover
Rose & Joe Giangrosso Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.
Joe Cantavespre in the Holy Family Room.
Thursday, June 3 Special Intention
Paul W. Boyd
Ruth Cary
Friday, June 4 Donors to the OLS School Found. OLS PSR would like to extend our most
Charles Schilleci sincere thanks to all our fifty adult catechists
Spec. Int. of the family of Mark & Kim Stephens who have given of their time and talents to
Saturday, June 5 Bill Stephens and for all the our students so generously this past year!
Blessed Mother’s Intentions
Elizabeth & John Mangina We would also like to give a special thanks to
Neil Jefferson our incredible high school helpers: Mary
Sunday, June 6 People of the Parish Katherine Bracken, Holly Eltz, Zach Gentry,
Jay Tombrello Mary Claire Galloway, Erin Holt, Erin Theiss
Special Int. of Amy Flemming and Rosemary Wendel. Their cheerful
dedication and commitment is an inspiration
to us all!


Are you being called to live in a community? Call
There will be no
on the Trinity to help you discern. (2 Corinthians Sunday morning
13:11-13) For all who serve the Church, may the high school PSR
grace of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit direct or Sunday night
them, we pray. high school youth
group. Regular
Sunday meetings will resume in the fall.
Please pick up a summer calendar in the
Trash & Treasure Park Night: All high school students are
We are now accepting donations for Trash & invited to hang out in the park this
Treasure. Donations may be left at the gym Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Dinner is
doors. If donations include electrical items, provided, bring a drink.
please put a note on them indicating if they
are in working order. First day of working for
volunteers is June 3, at 10:00 a.m. If you are First Friday Devotions will be held on Friday,
available to help set up the gym with the June 4, at 6:00 a.m.
shelves and racks please call Melanie First Saturday Devotions will be held on
Falconer at 945-8341 or 281-9695. Saturday, June 5, at 7:15 a.m.
This OLS Memorial Wall is a permanent The Chapel needs permanent Committed
monument located in the Columbarium Adorers for:
Gardens. OLS will laser engrave the name,
DOB and DOD of a parishioner, a spouse or Saturday at 3:00 p.m. (To Share Hour)
family member on the wall. This will be a way Saturday at 4:00 p.m. (To Share Hour)
to remember and honor a loved one who has Sunday at 8:00 p.m. (To Share Hour)
already been called by the Lord and is
interred in another location. The price for Our goal is to have at least 2 people on each
each Memorial is $500.00. Available space is hour. These are the hours needed, but do
very limited. Memorials will be sold on a first select an hour that best fits your schedule.
come, first-served basis and be located on Please call Ida Wilker at 637-6634 or Mary
the wall from top to bottom in the order Claire Brouillette at 871-2909.
received. Call the office this week for .
Memorial and Niche applications. Msgr. A Holy Hour will give you more strength
Muller will have final approval on all Memorial during life and more consolation at the hour
and Niche requests. Our Niche sales have of your death and eternity! (St. Alphonsus
passed seventy-five percent of available Ligouri - 1696 to 1787)
space, but there are still spaces available in
the Columbarium Gardens. Come join us in the fall for a woman’s
Discipleship Class, “Ladies Living the
Call for Mission Partners: About thirty Word,” and have Jesus open our eyes to Him
members of OLS are preparing for a mission like He did at Emmaus. Call Stephanie
trip to General Cepada, Mexico, from June Murdock at 870-0846 for more details or
20-26. The trip is organized through Family questions.
Mission Company, a Catholic mission
organization based in Louisiana. Our work Let Worldwide Marriage Encounter help
will include repairing homes, visiting the you renew your marriage. The next
homebound, spreading the Gospel, praying Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends
and worshiping with the people of General are July 9 – 11 in Nashville, Tenn., August 27
Cepada. We are asking the OLS community – 29 in Cullman, Ala., October 15 – 17 in
to be our Prayer Partners. We need prayers Nashville, Tenn., and November 5 – 7 in
for our success and safety and prayer for the Huntsville, Ala. For more information visit
people whom we will serve. St. Theresa of our website at: or call
Lisieux is considered a patron saint of (800) 540-9963.
missionaries and our group has prayed the
“Little Flower Novena.” Please consider
praying for a successful mission for us.
We appreciate all of your prayers while we
prepare for this trip. For more information,
please contact Chelsea Piper, OLS Youth
Group Minister.