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Drilling Engineering
Heriot-Watt-University-Drilling Engineering (particularly good for Cementing
, Chapter 8)
Well Engineering and construction: H. Rabia
Formula and calculations for Drilling operations: G. Robello Samuel
Petroleum Engineering and development studies, Volume-2, Directional Drillin
g: T.A. Inglis (This book is good for directional drilling, leave directional dr
illing from other books)
Texas A&M University, Well Control: Jerome J. Schubert (Don t read the whole b
ook, know your syllabus and go accordingly)
Drilling Engineering: Neal J. Adams
2. Reservoir Engineering
Fundamentals of reservoir engineering: L.P. Dake (read this book thoroughly
and skip the well testing part, it s a best book for reservoir)
Reservoir Engineering Manual: Frank W. Cole (only for drive mechanisms)
Reservoir Engineering Handbook: Tarek Ahmed (read at your own risk, there ar
e some printing mistakes even after subsequent editions. e.g wrong decline curve
s labeling for exponential, harmonic and hyperbolic. Use this book for numerical
purposes and don t forget to verify the concepts you acquired from this book )
3. Petroleum Production Operations
Heriot Watt University - Production Technology I & II (great book)
Production operations, Volume 1 & 2 : Thomas O. Allen and Alan P. Roberts
Surface production operations, volume 1 & 2: Ken Arnold and Maurice Stewart
Petroleum Production Engineering, a computer assisted approach: Boyun GUO, W
illiam C. Lyons, Ali Ghalambor (use only for numericals)
For more details on Production Engineering you should go for
Artificial lift methods: Kermit Brown
Well completion design: Jonathan Bellarby
Production optimization using nodal analysis: H. Dale Beggs
4. Offshore Drilling and Production
For this subject, I did not read any books, Prof. S Laik notes (for ISM people)
were much enough. For others, I would suggest to read their own professor s notes.
It s mostly a theoretical subject. You could also get some explanations on YouTub
e, especially Schlumberger course CDs. Still there are few books but do not enti
rely cover the syllabus.
Floating drilling equipment and its use: Riley Sheffield
Introduction to offshore structures: W.J. Graff
Offshore operation facilities equipment and procedures: Huacan Fang and Meng
lan Duan
5. Formation Evaluation
Fundamentals of formation evaluation: Donald P. Helander
Schlumberger s Log interpretation Principles/Applications
Cased hole and production log evaluation: James J. Smolen
Note: CBL-VDL log is greatly explained in Heriot-Watt Drilling book in Ch. 8
6. Well Testing

Well Testing: John Lee (more than enough, I think)

7. Enhanced Oil Recovery
Again, I suggest to go for class notes.
Enhanced oil recovery: Marcel Latil
Enhanced oil recovery: Don W Green and G. Paul Willhite (SPE Textbook series
8. Exploration and Latest Trends
Petroleum Formation and occurrence: B.P. Tissot and D.H. Welte
Elements of Petroleum Geology: R.C. Shelly
Fundamentals of Coal Bed Methane: John Siedle
Natural Gas Hydrates, a guide for engineers: John Carroll
Applied Geophysics: W.M Telford, L.P. Geldart, R.E. Sheriff
This exhaustive list covers almost everything. Don t study everything from each bo
ok. select chapters based on gate syllabus and then go ahead. I guess five month
s of preparation is more than enough. Do some practice on numerical, if possible
join any test series.
I did my preparation in two and half months, hence I did lot of blunders because
of lack of practice. Since it was first time, some test series had errors too.
Therefore, I would suggest to do practice and revision.
PS: Don t ask for notes and books from me. Arrange from seniors, juniors, friends,
professors, and some websites like Library genesis etc