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Students having career 75% were called for direct interview.

Students having career 60% and above have to pass through a written test.
Written test was for 80min n there were 30 questions in total.
Cut offs were not disclosed but it was around 18-20.
There were no technical questions. Only quantitative aptitude was there.
Questions were not very tough. Just have a look at RS Aggarwal book or any other aptitude book , you will easily get through it.
About 840 students appeared for the test. Over 550 cleared the test.
Next was interview process.
There were different panels , having three persons in each panel.
It was basically HR , TECh, MR interview altogether. Even some of the students were called for one to one tech interview and later
they were called for hr and mr round.
So , coming to what were the questions asked in the interview.
I went to a panel of 3, all the people ( a lady hr and two gents)
Question 1: Tell me about yourself
Question 2: (with a gentle smile)Are you 100% honest ??(as i told in my strength )
Question 3: what are ur favorite subjects?
I told C , Java , OS.
Question 4: What do you mean by Multithreading in java?
Question 5: different CpU scheduling policies? who does the cpu scheduling?
Question 6: what is Jvm? who manages the thread Jvm or OS?
Question 7: Semaphore?? synchronisation in java?? Mutex??
Question 8: tree traversals technique with example??
Question 9: difference between arraylist and vector? how to traverse a vector?
Question 10: some basic questions from software engineering...
Some very confusing puzzles (questions) ?

Question 11: Why TCS?

Question 12: Any five tata group companies other than TCS?
Question 13: what is the Tata's product used in every house?(salt/ tea)
Question 14: what's your hobby and passion?
Question 15: your interests in? I said cricket then she asked several questions from
the ?captain of Indian cricket team?
What are the qualities of a good leader
Worst situation you have ever faced in your life ?
That's all.

crickets, then my views on who should be