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Microstar Electric Company Limited (formerly Nanjing Bluestar Electrical Meter Research Institute)
was founded in June 1994. It has been focusing on the research and development of the static energy
meters. In the 1990s it supplied technical solutions and ODM products to the major energy meter
factories in China, helping them to make the manufacturing transition from mechanical meters to
electronic meters. For a long period of time, over 50% of the static meters in China were using
technology and parts supplied from Microstar. Microstar meters has been recognized with its
superior industrial design and outstanding quality.
Starting from year 2002, Microstar started to explore the international market, and shifted the
research and development focus towards smart meters and AMR/AMI systems. Since then Microstar
has supplied smart meters to over 30 different countries and implemented AMR/AMI systems for
many customers and partners. Microstar is among the first few companies to successfully deployed
large scale AMR systems in the world.
Microstar has a smart meter research facility with a strong R&D team of electrical, mechanical and
software engineers. Microstar also have a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility. Quality
is built into every stage of design, production and testing procedure by means of advanced
management system. Microstars products has been certified by KEMA and other international
certifying body for IEC, MID, DLMS, and STS compliance. The quality assurance and production
management system has been certified with ISO-9001 and MID module D.
Microstar always looks for overseas partners for smart meters and AMR/AMI systems, from sales
representatives, distributors to local electricity meter manufacturers. Microstar is committed to
offering the best support to our business partners via extensive technical training, field and remote
technical support.


Three-Phase Smart Electricity Meter

Three phase smart meter model A2000 (type P2000-T &

P2000-D) is MID Approved with Module B and D. It meets the
IEC 62053-21/22 and EN 50470 Class A, B & C standards for

Single-Phase Smart Electricity Meter

static energy meters.

A2000 has extensive features and extreme accuracy stability,
including AMR/AMI options, is the most competitive solution for

C2000 single phase smart meter is MID Approved with Module B

and D. It is compliant with IEC 62053-21 accuracy Class 1 /
EN50470 Class A & B for active energy meters kWh, and optionally

grid and industrial metering projects.

IEC 62053-23 Class 2 for reactive kvarh.

C2000 has many optional

features, including energy
limiter, prepayment, and
AMR/AMI options. It is a cost
effective solution yet high
quality solution for residential
and commercial metering



Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

Standards IEC 62053-21/22, DLMS/COSEM, EN 50470

Standards IEC 62053-21, DLMS/COSEM, EN 50470

Type test by KEMA, MID Approved Module B and D

Type test by KEMA, MID Approved Module B and D

Accuracy: 0.2s, 0.5s, 1.0s

Accuracy: 1.0, 0.5s

Type P2000-T CT operated 1(10)A

Energy metering of active kWh & optionally reactive kvarh

Type P2000-D Direct Connection up to 160A

Time of Use by up-to 8 tariffs w/ daily, week & season

3 phase 3 wire or 4 wire programmable

Time of Use by up-to 8 tariffs w/ daily, week, season

Load profile recording & event logging (optional)

tables and holidays

Anti-tampering features including terminal cover open



Large memory of up-to 4 M bytes for load profile

recording & extensive events logging functions

Local communications by optical, RS232/485, PLC, RF

Local communications by optical, RS232/485, PLC, or RF

Remote communications Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GSM/GPRS

Remote communications by Ethernet/Wi-Fi/ GSM/GPRS

Protocols IEC 62056-21, MODBUS, or DLMS/COSEM

Protocols IEC 62056-21, MODBUS, or DLMS/COSEM

Load control w/ 100A internal contactor (optional)

Load control w/ internal 100A contactor (optional)

Meter reading on LCD & optical port during mains off

Meter reading on LCD & via communication during mains


off (optional)


STS certified prepayment features (optional)

STS certified prepayment feature (optional)



Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System

Energy Remote Terminal



Energy Remote Terminal Unit DRTU-BS05 is an IEC 61850 enabled

multi-protocol industrial leading end-to-end solution for

intelligent electronic device for data acquisition, storage, &

collecting and processing data from metering devices and


data concentrators.

transmission substations etc.

With TMR-2012, utilities can reduce O&M costs and increase

DRTU features powerful functions to read energy meters. It

productivity by operating one system for data collection,

supports up-to 8 independent RS485 channels and uplink to

device management, customer & payment management.

servers by dual or 4x Ethernet, Fiber optics, Wi-Fi or GPRS.

Designed for scalability, TMR-2012 can grow with your needs

DRTU can perform complex data aggregation and protocol

from pilot projects to nationwide fully-fledged system.

conversions to integrate heterogeneous devices into the metering













or SCADA system.

Highlight of TMR-2012

Technical Specifications

Reliable communications for scheduled and on-demand data

Energy meter data acquisition, processing and storage.

Fully IEC 61850 compliant IED w/ GOOSE event supported.

Multi-vendor and multi-protocol support.

Meter communication protocols: IEC 62056-21 (IEC 1107),

collection via different protocols

Distributed SOA design for economic scale-out to support

large number of meters from multiple vendors


Powerful analysis tools including tables, graphs and reports,

data calculation format, time of use, energy balance

calculations, billing calculations etc.

IEC 60870-5-102 or IEC 61850 protocol with central servers

Communications channels: RS-232/485, Ethernet, Fiber

Flexible data export capabilities including REST web API,

optics, Wi-Fi, or GPRS

XML, JSON, EXCEL format, and cross-database interface to

Multiple configurable data collection tasks

Multiple users with different authorization levels

Remote firmware upgrade support

with the wide range of instant data and advanced analysis

Abundant disk storage space from 4M up-to 1T Bytes

tool; Utilities can remotely switch power supply on and off,

Real-time operating systems for high reliability

Hardware self-diagnosis and device health monitoring

GPS clock synchronization w/ high precision RTC (optional)

Dual power source and dual communication module (optional)

integrate with existing Metering Data Management (MDM)

system, and Customer Information System (CIS) etc.
Help reduce non-technical losses and identify tampering

improve payment collection processes and respond quickly

to abnormalities which may threaten revenue.
Data available through web application to authorized

customers, reduce training and customer service costs.

Global Partners

Global Partners

10 Dajiang Road, Nanjing, 210039, China

Tel : +86-25-8650-4148
Fax: +86-25-8660-1945