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Reflection of Lord

The result session is going on The Day of Judgement. My mother loved me so much when I
was alive but on This Day she too became selfish. I remember they told me that everyone
would become selfish on The Day of Judgement. But I can hear lot many voices crying out
loudly Abdul Sattar Edhi. I look at myself and each drop of soul is screaming Our
Grandfather. Orphans are shouting Our Father. Lot many smiles are spreading the light which
writes Our Confidant. The man who served others with soul because lastly, he donated his eyes
in service of humanity. We were out there in mosques offering our prayers and he was in pubs
picking up the drunken ones and taking them to hospitals. We asked him to offer his prayers. He
replied with a smile No religion is greater than humanity.
Tell me Sharia later!
Let me bow before my Beloved One!
Let me break this Rosary!
Let me prostrate before my Beloved One!
He had different lenses to see the picture of this universe. He rejected the thorns and smelled the
fragrance of flowers. No one is so selfless but he was. I would call him mad even for his doings.
He had not been in his senses because he took in loads of wine but that wine was of Love of
Humanity. He lost himself in himself and found himself in others. He converted himself into
real himself by founding himself in smiles of others. He converted his drop like body into an
ocean and emerged himself in Ocean of Allah by helping others. He was not a star but he was a
universe in himself. Finally, death could not take his life away. He still lives in a heart of that
child for whom he was a father. For whom, he was angel from Allah spreading the basic theme of
Islam, Love. He did not buy a bicycle for his son Faisal Edhi because he was a father of
twenty-thousand children and could not afford much bicycles. He was of the view that buying a
bicycle for Faisal would be unjust on the part of other children.
Oh! Do not murder them. Put them in cradle.
He stretched out the Light of Allah from his heart to their souls. His mothers death at the age
of nineteen was the reason of that Divine Light into his heart. He was a king with a crown of
gold having only two dresses to wear. He attached to his reality by walking on the soil barefooted. He was a beggar richer than Richie-rich. He was avaricious for himself but generous for
others. His sacrifices gave life to others. He begged to spend on others. He did not belong to any
sect. He picked up Non-Muslims in his ambulance because he was of the view that The
Ambulance is real Muslim. It makes me remind of Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh (Blessings of Allah
upon him), who gave food to all people regardless of their religions so thats why Lahore is now
a city with Muslim majority. And from today onwards, you are not just Abdul Sattar Edhi. For
all of us, you are Hazrat Abdul Sattar Edhi (Blessings of Allah upon him). You are not less than
a saint. Allah is in you and you are in HIM. Your tomb is built in our hearts and you will live
here forever. If anybody will ask me that have you ever seen the reflection of Lord? I will reply

that I have seen reflection of my Lord in Hazrat Abdul Sattar Edhi (Blessing of Allah upon him).
We will try to follow in your footsteps.
You are really a mirror of Allah to the blind of an eye not of a heart.