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Giving Campaign
The Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) is dedicated to education, research and preservation of
the region's archaeological and historical assets. Experience a museum
packed with local artifacts, great people, hands on tours, and many reasons to be proud that you supported
it this year!

Please consider giving what you can

to SRAC. Your donation will help us
plan a successful future as we connect you with our prehistoric past.
SRAC is a 501c3 and donations to our
organization are tax deductible. Questions? Contact Deb Twigg, Executive

Director and Co-Founder of SRAC at

607-727-3111 or email

In 2016 we were honored to add yet another

professional scientist to our board, DeeAnne Wymer,
PhD who is an author, active anthropologist, and
professor at Bloomsburg University. She is nationally
recognized for her work in places like Egypt and is a
leading authority on Native American/Hopewell sites.
Dr. Wymer also made it possible for SRAC and
Bloomsburg University to team up and provide an
internship for her archaeology students to gain
valuable field experience at SRAC. 2016 has also been
the first year that we have undertaken our first

About SRAC:
Founded in 2005 and run 100% by
volunteer staffing, our Center is
dedicated to the education, preservation,
and research of the Native American past
of our region. In 2007, we purchased the
location for our museum at 345 Broad
Street, Waverly, NY and we have become
the only Center of our kind in the
We have worked with over 100 local
collectors to bring their collections under
one roof for local universities and
researchers to be able to use to further
the study of our localities prehistoric
past, and for our community to enjoy.
Local 4th grade classes and childrens
clubs alike come to enjoy free field trips,
and anyone can visit our museum for free
during our normal business hours.
Recently because of our efforts in
preserving our past, we were placed on
the New York State Path Through
History, and our Director, Deb Twigg was
named Historian of the Year in 2015 by
Pennsylvanias Bradford County

Early this summer SRAC began excavating a local

Native American site that is on the verge of being
erased by the plow and impacted by modern land use.
Lead by archaeologist Dan Caister and anthropologist
Dr. Wymer, (both board members of SRAC) our
excavations have revealed that the site is over 1000
years old and may be the remains of an ancient village
- most importantly our research is yielding important
information concerning the ancient people who once
lived in our area. It is our hope to collect whatever
data is still available before it is gone forever.

The Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to education, research and preservation of the regions archaeology and Native
American past for the communities within
the Twin Tier Region of Southeastern NY and
Northeastern PA.

SRAC holds Historys Mysteries programs
every month intended to offer the public new
information, research and historical
presentations. Every October we host our
Annual event that we call DrumBeats
Through Time which starts off with our
annual membership meeting in the morning
and in the afternoon is jam-packed with great
archaeological, historical, and Native
American presentations. The event always
closes with authentic Native American
Dancers who share their culture, songs and
dances with us.
We hope that you find our efforts in the
community worthwhile and hope that you will
consider donating to our Giving Campaign
this year.

SRACs Mike Sisto trowels a feature at the

excavation site 2016 . He would later find a net
sinker at this location.

Your donation is tax deductible and we

appreciate anything that you can do to
support us! Simply fill out the form attached
here and bring or mail it to us today .