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Kindergarten 9/12-16

Objective (I Can)

Blooms Level/Rigor

-follow classroom procedures

-sing with good tone
-play instruments correctly
-create long and short sounds
-move to a pulse
-sing high and low
-hear same and different


Key Questions

Assessment of Learning

-What does singing with good tone sound like?

-What repeating word can we play the instruments on?
-How do we make our body look like the music?

-Observation of instrument playing and moving to pulse

-Hear individual students sing
-Hands up or down for high and low
-Clap Name in rhythm

Hook/Building Background

-Follow Me
-Good News (Sung)
-Welcome Boys and Girls

3xs-students sing when ready

-Clap Your 1st Name
Whos Here?

Direct Instruction (I DO)

1. Going to the Farm

Sing Thru
Move to Pulse on lap and around room-expectations
2. Listen to the Hens
Sing Thru
Introduce Tamborine and technique
4. Goosey, Goosey Gander
Sing Thru
Add movement
6. Chook Chook
Speak Thru
Add movement

Guided Practice (We DO)

1. Going to the Farm
List animals from farm-what animal did we meet last week?
Spell HEN
Sing through song together

2. Listen to the Hens

Sing song together
Practice playing technique without instruments
3. Old MacDonald
Sing with Duck and Hen verses.
Sing with reverse verses
4. Goosey, Goosey Gander
Move arms high and low with voice

5. Chicken Dance
Follow along with teacher
Students perform together
6. Chook Chook
Movement Together
Speak with movment
Movement without speech

Independent Practice (You DO)

2. Listen to the Hens
Students sing and perform with instruments in small groups
4. Goosey, Goosey Gander
Students move arms high and low in small groups

Lesson Closure
Hey Goodbye Song
-line-up procedure (practice as needed)

Key Vocabulary
High vs. Low

Extra Music Class Friday

-Station Expectations
-Practice rotations
Popsicles (draw the beat-Quack)-Spell Hen and Duck
High/Low Pitch Sounds-Worksheet

Play/Sing for Mrs. Harkema