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Turning On Astral Power

For Miracles In Your Life

I will not insult your intelligence by asking you if you need
money. Of course, you do. We all do. But what good is money if you
have poor health, a terminal illness, a poor marriage, or an unhappy
existence in general?
Actually, this book was very nearly not written. You see, not too
long ago I was supposed to have passed to spiritdiedcome to the
end of the linebut here I am, sitting at my desk, writing What This
Book Can Do For You. What good would a lot of money have
done me if the curtain had been pulled down on my physical life? >
This book can prepare you not only for the highest type of
physical living, including all of the material benefits you need or
desire, but it can also prepare you to become a Citizen o f the
Universe. I am going to teach you how to join hands with persons on
all levels of consciousness. You can have many friends and associates
that you never thought possible before. I am going to see that you un
derstand what Astral Power can do for you. Even before you finish
reading my book, you will be actually dealing your own winning hands.
A Few of the Things This Book Can Do for You
Save you from death? Save you from poor health? Solve your
money problems once and for all times? Protect you and your
property from criminal forces? Keep evil influences away from you?
Solve your sex and marriage problems? Change your personality?
Make your future life known to you? Make it possible for you to find
fabulous hidden treasure? Make it possible to renew old friendships
or love relations and find new friends in the Astral World? Bring
peace and harmony into your life? Bring you closer to God? The
answer to all of these questions is Yes.

Turning On Astral Power

The Really Big Computer

You might still be thinking about my statement concerning be
ing on the spirit side of life. How do you know? you ask.
Remember when you were a child, how your parents told you
that everything you did was written down in a big book up in the sky?
Well, your elders were not kidding. The computer in the Astral
World has a perfect record of your behavior. There is also a projected
record of things that are most likely to happen to you. My projected
Akashic Record revealed that I was to pass over at 8:00 a.m.,
February 20, 1972.
What happened? Why didnt it come to pass? Why am I still here
on earth? I have been working on a method of tapping Astral Power
for years. Hundreds of books concerning cosmic power have been
and are being written. There is always something missing. I just
finished reading one of those books, hot off the press. There is still
something missing. I know what that missing something is, for I
found it just in time to save my earthly life. As a result of reading the
pages of this book, you can discover how to reshape your present and
future by tapping this all-powerful force.
The Great Search for the Truth Begins
I will never forget my first day of college teaching. There I was,
standing before a group of students who had signed up for
Psychology I. I looked into their eager faces and knew that they ex
pected more than I could give. Here I was, highly recommended
because I had the highest degree any university grants, Ph.D., from
one of the leading universities in the world, the University of
Michigan. I had further distinguished myself by objectively proving
that personality could be measured. I was supposed to be an
authority on human behavior. These students really believed this.
At this very moment, before I spoke a word, the truth was
revealed to me. Like a thunderbolt the thought struck me, You
know very little about life and human behavior. Somehow I got
through that hour, mouthing the teachings of my professors who un
fortunately had never been hit by such a thunderbolt.
And so it was that I began the long search. I studied everything I
could find on the subject of parapsychology and related fields. I
learned all of the various methods of meditation, studied hypnosis
and Astral projection, and learned all available knowledge about the

Turning On Astral Power

various levels of consciousness, I reviewed my training in the field of

psychology with a new set of values, since I wanted to learn how to
free the human brain from all the blocks and obstructions that get in
the way in a purely physical existence.
Finally, I journeyed back in time and space 3,000 years to Tibet
and found that at that time I was a Brahman priest. Later in my
book, I will tell you the thrilling story of finding that I used my magic
formula 3,000 years ago. I had rediscovered it.
No longer can a thunderbolt thought pattern hit me and say
You know nothing about human behavior.
Try to Understand the Full Scope of the Big Computer
Sheilas husband, Milbourne, was killed five years ago in an
automobile accident. The car hit a tree at over 100 miles per hour. All
three occupants were killed. The police reported that Milbourne was
driving the car. Sheila never believed that her husband was driving.
All three were in the front seat. All had been drinking.
Sheila insisted that her husband always had fairly good control
of the car even if he had a few drinks. She believed that if her hus
band had been driving, the accident would not have happened. No
one saw the accident since it occurred at night.
Sheila wanted me to contact her husband and find out the truth.
I assigned the task to one of my Astral Helpers, Lenna (you will learn
in great detail what they can do for you as you apply my secret for
mula). Lenna is my wifes mother-in-spirit.
At first, Lenna could not find Milbourne. It appears that he was
lost in spacehe never got from here to there. Lenna finally did find
Milbourne and got him started on the right track. Of course, to
answer his wifes question, all we needed to do was ask Milbourne if
he was driving. We did not do this.
Lenna located the Akashic Record of the accident. During one
of my meditation periods, she made it possible for me to see a replay
of the actual accident. Milbourne was seated in the middle. The
driver was apparently too drunk to know what was going on. The
other man was sound asleep.
As the car was about to hit the tree, Milbournes hands went up
as though to protect himself from what was about to take place. I will
never forget the horrible look on Milbournes face. This moving pic
ture was brought to me in living color, just as it happened. It proved
that Milbourne was not driving the car.
Without our so-called cameras, a complete photographic record

Turning On Astral Power

of every activity of every form of life is permanently recorded. Try to

understand the terrific scope of this really big computer. It staggers
the imagination.
In one of the chapters of this book, I am going to tell you about
a moving picture record that is even more remarkablethat of the
future. Can you imagine your seeing the Kentucky Derby or any
other event before it takes place? You cant lose with my system.
1 Have Worked With Many People Like You
I have worked with people from all walks of lifefactory
workers, clerks, salesmen, supervisors, housewives, machine
operators, research scientists, teachers, college presidents, ministers,
bank presidents, top-notch executives from many of the largest cor
porations in the United States. In most cases, they all have the same
problems. They all want success, recognition, love, and wealth; they
all want to put meaning into their lives.
The great majority of people do not know what their mission in
life is. I am sure that we will all agree that it is not to land in prison
for some crime. I am equally certain that we were not put here just to
have a good time.
We all want to accomplish something worthwhile; we want to be
prosperous; we want to be regarded as a success. Since much of our
civilization depends upon money, we want to get our share and get it
honestly now. We want to feel that we have earned all the money we
get because we have been successful and contributed something to
make this world a better place in which to live and love.
The Ancients Tapped Astral Power
The ancients knew how to use Astral Power, but through the
decades, humans lost the power as they plunged into the purely
physical aspects of lifemoney for moneys sakesex for sexs
sakeeverything for what it would do for you.
When we say ancients, most people think of the Orient or In
dia. However, there was an ancient empire in America 10,000 years
ago. There were tremendous cities of inestimable wealth. These cities
and their inhabitants may well have been superior to us in many
They had a government that was not corrupt but one that solved
the social and economic problems of the day, so that no one needed
to work more than three or four hours a week. They had scientists as

Turning On Astral Power

well as lawmakers, and skilled workers as well as members of the

professions. I am referring to the ancient Mayas.
Ten thousand years ago, thought and imagination were at work,
the product of Astral Power. We are now just discovering anew what
was known and used for a happy and prosperous living long before
Christ was born.
Thought, imagination and faith worked miracles for the Mayas.
They overcame disease for which scientists today still do not have the
complete answers. They even knew the science of blood transfusion
and anesthesia. They were great mathematicians.
Personal cleanliness was a must for all classes of the ancient
Mayas. They carried on commerce when most of the world was a
wilderness. Metal work, weaving, cloth-making, pottery, sculpture,
painting, prose and poetry were at their peak 500 years before Christ
was born.
Prosperity, Health and Happiness Must Be Your Goal
I intend to help you turn on the power supply through the rich
ideas that come directly from God through your spiritual con
sciousness. Through the power of thought, you can cause prosperity
to appear at will.
Astral Power Consciousness is the source of all that you need
and desire. As you tap the power of the Astral World, you under
stand that God is the source of wealth, success and abundanceof
all that your heart desires.
I have cut through all the philosophical wanderings of the an
cients and moderns to bring to you a practical, down-to-earth, easy
to understand system that really works. You will find that it works,
and that is the all-important factthat it works. It was a long time
before I understood what I was doing. I still have to accept part of
this system on faith for Astral Power does not follow the laws of
physics as we know them. I cannot prove it to a scientific mind. I
would not try, for over the years I have learned better.
I once tried to prove to a group of scientists at Columbus, Ohio
that a person in a hypnotic-trance could see through anything, in
cluding lead plates. They had not read about it in their textbooks, so
when my hypnotic subject accurately saw through lead plates, they
just shrugged their shoulders and walked off. Not one was even
curious about it.

urning Un Astral Power

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Do you believe in miracles? I do. Turning on Astral Power is a
miracle that the ancients knew well. I have mastered it; so can you.
I was helping perform miracles many years ago, long before I
had fully developed my magic formula for helping people help
themselves. Let me give you just one illustration.
One day, when I was a psychological consultant for the Air
Force during World War II, I got a call to come down to the person
nel department. On arriving, I was told that several employees were
complaining about a secretary who had the misfortune of developing
a very serious case of psoriasis. Her face, hair, arms, legs and body
were all covered with scaly red patches. Other employees were refus
ing to work with her or even be in the same room with her.
I was asked the question, Can you help her? Unfortunately, I
was scheduled to leave the next day on an extensive trip to many Air
Force installations in California, Texas, Florida and New England. I
agreed to spend at least one hour with her. Marjorie Owens was an
attractive, married woman with two children. Her husband was in
the service. She had consulted several medical specialists to no avail.
I was given a quiet room at the first aid station. I had her lie
down on a day bed and I put her through as much of my system as I
had developed at that time. She was cooperative and did her best. I
could only hope that some help would come her way, for I had no
more time to help her.
It was over two months before I returned to the Air Force Head
quarters. Naturally, I was curious to find out what had happened to
Marjorie Owens. I called her boss and he asked me to come over at
once. At first I did not recognize her, but there she sat at her desk
without a sign of psoriasis. It was truly a miracle. Help from the
Astral World had done what medical science could not do. She
smiled a truly grateful smile as she came over to thank me for solving
her problem. She stated that all signs of psoriasis all over her body
disappeared within three days after I had worked with her.
I understand that the University of Michigan Medical Center is
still looking for a cure for psoriasis. To date, they have found none.
All medical and psychological centers are looking for answers to
problems, spending millions of dollars on research to no avail. Why?
Because they deny the existence of the all-powerful force that can
produce miracles, the secret helpers from the Astral World.

Turning On Astral Power

No Need to Depend Upon Others For Help

Recently, a very famous spiritual healer was on TV interviewing
a woman who had been cured of bone cancer at one of the healers
meetings, i was reading the Sunday paper while listening to the TV
and saw an article about another bone cancer patient in California
who was not healed but was throwing a party for all of her friends.
She ordered the doctor to keep her alive until the party was over.
We can call the one who was finally admitted to the healing ser
vice after three attempts lucky. But what about the great majority
who are not healed? All of these unfortunate people could have tap
ped the unlimited power that is available through the secret helpers
from the Astral World in their homes, without benefit of a hospital
or the struggle to get into a healing service.
As I write these lines, it is dark and rainy outside. The humidity
must be near 100 percent. My first thought is to go into the bathroom
and take some aspirin, for I have a bad sinus headache but here I am,
not practicing what I am preaching. I call in one of my favorite spirit
friends. Here she isI just saw her shine little sparkly lights on the
paper in front of me. She is saying, You want me to get rid of your
headache, dont you? I did not have time to say yes, when I realized
that my headache was gone, so I said, Thank you.
Now the telephone is ringing. It is Doris from the Chicago office
of the Human Engineers, for whom I write hundreds of psychological
reports. Doris is telling me to hurry up and finish writing my book so
that she can make use of it.
Whats wrong with you now? I ask.
I have pains in my shoulders and neck. My doctor gave me
some pills but they make me dizzy and woosey, Doris replied.
I will send one of my Astral Helpers to Chicago tonight when
you are asleep to pick up your Astral body and bring it back to Ann
Arbor; then my spirit doctor will get rid of your pains.
Wouldnt it be easier for you to send your spirit doctor to
Chicago? Doris asked.
But I want to see you, O.K.? I replied.
The next morning, Doris called to tell me that all her pains were
gone. Hurry up and get your book out.
Im hurrying; Im hurrying. I replied.
A Few Find the Way to Astral Help
You should understand that everyone can tap this Astral Power.

Turning On Astral Power


It is there for you to use. A few do, not realizing that they have dis
covered the secret helpers of the Astral World. Alex Manoogian is
such a man. He calls his tremendous success in the business world
and in life in general a stroke of luck. He has given $6 million to
church and civic projects and still insists: Some people may not
believe it, but I am just lucky.
Manoogian started his career working in factories. Finally, he
invented a single-handle faucet. He now has 19 plants in the United
States and Canada. His sales for 1973 were $200 million.
However, as you keep on talking to this very successful man, he
finally states, I always felt someone in my life guiding me. I dontknow whyI believe in Godits been more than luck; its been
guidance from somebody.
There you have it. This modest man unconsciously found a way
to make use of the secret helpers from the Astral World. He did not
know who his spiritual benefactors were, but he did know that they
were there. They can do the same for you. Where is your faith in
G ods power?
Your Astral Helpers Are Always With You
My wife returned from the dentist five hours ago. She is still
complaining that her gums are bleeding. She came in my office to use
the phone just as I completed the preceding paragraph.
What do you want to call the dentist for? What about your
Astral Helpers?
He made my gums bleed and he should do something to stop
it, my wife replied.
Rather than drive clear across town again, go into the living
room and sit down. I will have the Astral Helpers stop the bleeding
before you get seated, I replied.
Ten seconds later, she called to me, No more bleeding. Thank
the Helpers for me.
Thank them yourself. They can read your mind. I then went
on writing this Introduction.
It must be remembered that you have to ask for help. Your spirit
friends will not help you unless you ask them.
Nothing Is Impossible
Do you believe in miracles? I do, and you must also. You have
been told for years that many things are impossible. Nothing is im-

iurning Un Astral rower


possible; deep down, within your mind, you know that that statement
is true, because you are a part of God and your deepest memories are
of the all-powerful God working miracles many thousands of years
ago. I want you to awaken from the sound asleep o f the impossible to
the great awareness o f the possible through help from the Astral World.
These helpers are a part o f God just as you are.
Many Lessons To Be Learned in This Book
There are many lessons to be learned from this book, but one of
the most important is that man does not want to live in an obstructed
universe. First came the wheel; then, the domesticated animals to pull
the crude types of transportation. Then came boats to sail the seven
seas; next, the steamboat and railroad, to be followed by the
automobile and airplane. Now man is in space. Although man has
made his obstructed world more to his liking, using telephone, radio
and television, he still lives in an obstructed world.
Our spirit helpers on the Astral and high planes live in an un
obstructed universe. This book will open to you the way to gain a
better understanding of the fuller unobstructed life that can be yours.
You can find your own helpers to greater Astral Power and
produce many miracles. Is it a healthy life that you want? Are you
needing to make more out of your love life? Are your childrens
problems getting you down? Is it physical, intellectual or spiritual
wealth that you long for? You name ityour secret spirit helpers will
see that you get it. They are waiting for your beck and call.
I fully realize that you are anxious to get on with the chapters to
follow. The words that I have written so far have taken hold of you,
conditioning your mind, so that you will gain the greatest good from
my magic formula that releases Astral Power. However, please let me
give you just one more simple illustration of how my secret helpers
are with me, helping me ail the time.
I recently needed a part-time typist, so I placed an ad in the daily
paper under Personal. Why personal? Because I have discovered
that many, many people read this section. There is a good psy
chological reason why they do. I am sure that you can figure it out.
Anyway, when the paper hit the streets, the phone started ring
ing. I asked each caller a few questions and took down their names,
telephone numbers and addresses. Before the next morning, I had so
many calls that I was certain that I could find onebut the phone
kept ringing. I thanked each caller and told them that the job
was filled.


Turning On Astral Power

About 10:30 the following morning, the phone rang again. It

was another applicant for the part-time job. One of my secret helpers
put the thought in my mind-take this girls name, address and
telephone number. Dont turn her down. I took the call and stated
that I would see her at her home at 2:30 that afternoon. As I rang the
bell and waited for her to answer, my secret helper said, She is the
best one. Give her the job. So I did-and found her all that my
secret helper stated she would be. In Chapter 3, you will read the ex
citing story of how my secret helpers had something else in mind
besides typing when they told me to hire Anna.
The Many Things Your Astral Helpers Can Do For You
I truly wish that I could tell you how wonderful it feels to know
that your Astral Helpers are with you 24 hours a day to not only help
you over the little rough spots of physical living, but help you really
make your life a joy to beholda type of happiness, health and suc
cess that is possible only with their help.
Your Astral Helpers are ready and waiting to turn on Astral
Power. All you have to do is ask and think right. Many of the people
I have known have asked and thought right, such as:
The firefighter who nearly became pensioned because of socalled permanent lung damage is back working because of Astral
The office boy who became president of his company and a mil
lionaire because he opened a flood of Astral Power.
The widow who needed to sell her house found several real es
tate men unable to sell the house in over a year. Astral Power sold it in
two weeks and she did not need to pay any real estate commission.
The husband who had deserted his wife and family because he
believed he was a failure, returned home and climbed the occupational
ladder to wealth and success through the help of Astral Power.
The man who dialed the wrong number made a contact that
brought him fame and more money than he could possibly use.
The man who tried my system just for kicks became a true

Turning On Astral Power


believer after he won a new car in a lottery. He had never won

anything of value before in his whole life.
A housewife who bought one 50-cent lottery ticket, then went
to church every day for two weeks, repeating the right words, won a
million dollars. Her husband had been buying lottery tickets for
months without success.
A young man who took over a bankrupt company now has 19
plants in the U.S. He grossed over $200 million last year. He admits
that Astral Forces were his keys to success.
A wife who answered the door escaped robbery and rape
because her apartment was protected by the Astral Power Security
plan. As the rapist entered the apartment, an intense flash of white
light barred his way. He fled for his life,
A young woman who was laid off from her job because of poor
business received a check in the mail for $15,000 from the estate of a
distant relative whom she had not seen or heard from in years.
A businessman whose income was down temporarily, creating a
fund shortage and the need to borrow money, received a certified
check in the mail for $4,500 in payment of an old account that he had
written, off as a bad debt.
A man who had lost track of his sister found himself stopping
in a small town while on a business trip and looking in the telephone
book. He made one call and located his long-lost sister. Astral Power
did a fine job here.
A young girl escaped robbery and rape as she walked down a
dark street late at night. The man had a gun, A penetrating white light
knocked the gun out of his hand. He turned white with fright and fled.
The Astral Power Protection plan saved her life.
The high school graduate who had not the faintest idea what he
wanted to do with his life is now the president of one of the most
renowned universities in the East. He never ceases showing his
gratitude to me for the many types of wealth that have come his way
through Astral Power.

Turning On Astral Power

Applying my magic formula, R-C-C, makes it possible

for you to walk down the street at night and feel safe. It keeps
the criminal element away from your home and other posses
sions, leads you to financial success, keeps you in good health,
puts you into the type of work that you like best, brings every
form of goodness into your life, and makes your life with your
wife or husband and children a full expression of the many faces
of love. You will never know what love can do for you unless
you learn to live in all dimensions of the Astral World.
1 knowfor I am experiencing many types of wondrous
emotions that I cannot describe to you. However, I am putting
into your hands a way to travel to the good life without waiting
for many years, as I had to do while perfecting my magic for
mula, R-C-C.
Dr, Reginald DeKoven M acNitt

1. How Astral Power Can Bring You A Great New Life
Quickly and Simply:...................................................... ..................................... 17
Full Release of Your Inner Self Can Be Yours. Real Estate Men
C antAstral Power Can. Jim Changes Failure to Success. You Must
Open Up Your inner Self to Realize All of Your Hearts Desires. Ralph
Makes It Big With Astral Power. There Are N o Limitations On Your
Inner Self. Non-Believer Becomes Believer. Astral Power to the Rescue.
N o Need to Borrow Money With Astral Power. Your Great Rewards
Can Be Now Not After Death. An Exercise to Open Up Your inner
Self. An Oil Company Man Makes It Big With Astral Power. The
Abilities of Your Inner Self Are Ready to Go Right Now. Mike's
Precognition Pays Off Big. Extrasensory PerceptionOne Way to
Receive Valuable Information. The Nature of Perceptions Coming
From the Inner Self. All great New Things, Actions or Methods Come
From the Astral World. Tuning Your Mind and Body to Astral Power
Easily Accomplished. The Phi! and Mary Miracle I Kept My Promise
to Them and I will Keep My Promise to You. How to Begin and End
Your Day. Affirmations Set the Wheels of Progress in Motion. Many
Benefits From Affirmations are Yours. Filling the G ap of Con
sciousness is Very Important.
2. Setting The Stage, Physically And M entally, For
Helping Yourself to Astral P o w er.......................... ..................................... 31
Astral Power Puts Firefighter Back to Work. The Man Who Shook His
Head in Disbelief. How to Test Your Astral Helpers. A Million Dollars
For a 50-Cent Ticket. I will Give You My Complete Plan For Using
Astral Power. Astral Helpers Work H ard to Get Through to You. I will
N ot Put My N ame to a Lie. The Reason You Become Tense. Your
Potential is Limitless. N inas Thirty Doctors Gave Up. Nina Finds
Astral Power and Health. The Advertising Man Who Could N ot Swal
low. Tension Blacks Out Positive Action. D ont Keep Kidding Yourself
Concerning Tension. Fulfilling the First Part of the Secret Formula.
Fulfilling the First Part of the Secret Formula. Learn to Breathe Proper
ly. Learning to Concentrate. Learning to Use Your Imagination. Men
tal Action Images Extremely Important. Your Mind Should Be Wishing
at All Times. Magic Formula Explained. The Big Difference Between
My System and Others. Where Is the Astral World? Your Astral Body

2. Setting The Stage, Physically And Mentally, For

Helping Yourself to Astral Power (Cont'd.)
Can Come and G o From Your Physical Body. Getting Your First
Proof of the Spirit World.
3. Instant Contact With The Astral Helpers Through Psychic Space Travel
Helps You Gain Astral Power ................................
Psychic Space Travel An Exciting Adventure. Boredom Relieved By
Astrai Projection. Real Estate Broker Keeps on Running His Business
While in Prison. Business Conference Via Astral Projection. How
Astral Travel Saved a Business From Failing. Stock Broker Makes It
Big. Psychic Space Travel a Blessing For the Traveling Salesman. You
Have the Method Now. No Need to Wait For Advice From a Psychic.
You Can Travel All Dimensions of the Astral World. God is With You
Right Now. Spirituality Means Love, Joy and Happiness Now. The
First Step is to Put Your Mind in Order. Through Concentration, You
Project Your Mind to Higher Levels. W hat the Oriental Sages Knew
About Breathing. Setting the Stage For Meditation. How to Raise Your
Vibrations Through Concentration. How to Reach the Higher Levels
Through Contemplation. Contacting Your First Spirit Friends a Thrill.
How to Apply For a Master Teacher. Things You Need to Know
Before You Travel the Astral Route. N o Limits to Astral Travel. First
Step on Our Trip to Astral World, Your Pets Will Be Waiting For You.
Things Come and Go on the Astral Plane Just As on Earth. There are
no Secrets on the Astral Plane. Counseling and Teaching is In
dividualized. Fourth Level of Consciousness. Colors and Form
Noticeably Different on Fifth Level. Master Teacher Takes Us to Sixth
Level. A Very Soul Searching View of the Seventh Level
4. How Astral Power Through Astral Helpers Keeps Evil Forces
Out of Your Life ....................................................................
Like It or Not, Evil Forces Are All Around Us. Mary Did N ot Ask For
Protection. People Who See Evil Everywhere, N ot Ready to Receive
Astral Power, Preparing to Meet Evil Forces on the Physical Plane
First Step in Preparing to Avoid Evil From Higher Levels. The Need to
Houseclean Again Evident. Negative Forces Make Release of Astral
Power Difficult. Negative Forces Can Bind You to Other Groups and
People For Many lifetimes. A Suggestion For Cutting the Negative
Bonds. Auras an Indication of G ood and Evil. Auras May Soon Be
Used to Diagnose Illness. The Meaning of Thought Clouds. We Need
Protection From Physical Evil Forces as Well as Evil on Higher Levels.
Protection Necessary When Traveling the Lower Astral Levels. Person
Not Interested in Psychic Development Also in Danger. Observing a
Few Spirit-Physical Activities Through Astral Projection. Beware of
Imposters From the Spirit World. Black Magic is the Wrong Use of
Powerful Astral Power. We Must Learn to Adjust to Both Good and
Evil. Rid Yourself of Evil Traits and Protection Will N ot Be as Vitally
Necessary. Commands For Protection Against All Evil Forces.


How To Use The Magic Formula, R-C-C, To Bring Forth

A Flood Of R iches..............................................................................
RelaxationConcentrationContemplation. There Must Be Real
Dedication. W hat Happens When the Magic Formula Is N ot Used
Wisely. How The Astral Helpers Can Get You a Job. Astral Helpers
Actually Created a Job For Me. More Evidence of How Your Astral
Helpers Work For You. Astral Helpers Are Everywhere Yet Many
Do N ot Use Them. Hiring By First Impression N ot Good. N ot Hiring
Because of Poor Interview Impressions Is not Good Either. What Your
Astral Helpers Contribute to the Hiring Picture. Astral Power Builds a
World-Wide Franchise Business. How To Get the Help of Your Astra!
Friends in Selecting G ood People For Your Business. Here Are Some of
the Answers Your Astral Helpers May Give You. How Your Astral
Helpers Can Build Morale. Let Your Astral Helpers Do the Whole Job
For You. Are You Flooded W'ith All Types of Riches?

6. Helping Yourself With Astral Power Can M ake You A Leader,

Dominating Your Business And Social W orld ........................................ 89
G ood Leaders Are In Tune With Their Community. The World Is Now
Ready For the Full Release of Astral Power. A Successful Businessman
Becomes a Leader. To Feel, Taste, Smell and Hear on a Physical Level
Is N ot Enough. Mental-Action Images Can Make You a Leader. Now
You Can Know You Know. The Political Leader of the Future Will
Know. Why Many Doctors Diagnoses Are Incorrect. Exercises to Help
You Know. Your Inner Self Is Filled With Knowledge Release It.
Review of First Six Chapters. Exercise to Open Up Your Inner Self Im
portant. Your Inner Self Is Ready. All Perceptions Are First Mental.
How to Begin and End Your Day. My Magic Formula is R-C-C. Learn
ing to Develop Mental-Action Images is Vital to the Success of My
Magic Formula. How Not to Concentrate. Getting Your First Proof of
the Spirit World. Psychic Space Travel Exciting. Applying the Total
Magic Formula. Evil Forces Are Ail Around Us. Suggestions For Full
Use of My Magic Formula.

7. How To Use Your Magic R-C-C Formula to Reach Your

Most Cherished G o a ls........................................................................................101

Peter Received Rewards Beyond His Greatest Expectations. I Am Very
Proud of William (Dr. C.). How Gladys Became a Great Artist. Get
W hat You W antN ot W hat You Expect. Clifford Now Has
Something to Be Proud Of. My Formula Is So Simple to Use. How to
Find your Ultimate Goal in Life. Living With Your Astral Helpers is a
Very Fulfilling Experience. You Can Make Friends With Many Fine
People Whom You Have N ot Met Before. Be Careful to Select the
Right Helper to Bring in Important Spirit Personalities. Learn to Iden
tify Your Astral Helpers. Be Satisfied With Only the Best. Christ
Turned Water Into Wine. Concentrationthe Key to Success. A
Beautiful True Story of Cherished Goal. A Tip From a Famous Author.
I Have Reached My Cherished Goal.

8. How Your Astral Helpers Can Protect You Against Robbery,

Theft, Muggings, Rape, Vandalism, Even D eath....................................113
A New Type of Guidance Needed. David Found the Way. The Answers
to Crime, Wars and All Negative Behavior Are Not Found in the
Physical. The Answer Must Come From the Inner Self. Alice and Fred
Walked Away From a Highway Accident. Albert Did Not Believe Me.
Rose Finds the Answer. It Is Up To You. W hat Is N ot the Answer. Fine
Tuning of the Magic Formula. Affirmations Designed to Protect You.
9. How Astral Power And Astral Helpers Can Build A Protective Psychic
Wall Around You And Solve Many of the Mysteries O f Life, Criminal
And Otherwise ........................................................................................
A Few Kept the Lights Burning. Astral Helpers Keep Trying to Get
Through to You. Eric Keeps On Paying His Insurance. The Law
Answers Part of This Question. Ask For Protection Every Time You
Meditate. Everyone Likes to Play Detective. A Few Personal Ex
periences. The First Try Succeeds. A Neighbor Incident. Get Going,
Boy. My Master Teacher Said, He Is Lying. Shopping a Store. Astral
Helpers May Be More Useful Than They Were on the Earth Plane.
Mary Doesnt Like Me. An Orphan Locates Her True Parents. The
Truth Need N o Longer Escape You.
10. The Fabulous Astral Tickertape Predicts The Future To Lead
You To Greater Riches And Happy L iv in g .............................................133
You Do N ot Need Any of These Future Predicting Systems. You Can
Be Your Own Seer of the Future. A Simple Method of Insuring Your
Financial Future. Mr. E. Eases His Way Into Retirement. Programm
ing Others to Do Your Bidding. Ray Gets His Girl. John Gets His
Promotion. Programming Others Is an Exclusive With My Formula.
Your Astral Helpers Can Influence the Thinking and Actions of Even
People in High Places. Astral Helpers Radar Comes Into Play. The
Fabulous Astral Tickertape. Jim Makes a Bundle at the Race Track.
Gloria Wins On TV Shows. Arthur Changes His Future. Real Estate
Development Made Easy. Becoming Knowledgeable of the Future In
sures Successful Living.
11. Amazing Astral Power Can Locate Hidden Treasure And
Lost A rticles...........................................................................................................144
We All Dream of Finding Hidden Treasure. Son Finds $250,000 Buried
in Milk Cans. Astral Helper Finds Reason for Mr. A s Action. Millions
of Dollars Are BuriedNever To Be Recovered. Experts Find Buried
Treasure in Outhouses. Three Sisters Create Hidden Treasure Galore.
My Magic Formula Reveals the Secret of the Three Sisters. Hidden
Treasure Sees the Light of Day. The Wade Home Today a Symbol of
Hidden Treasure. Sunken Treasure on the Great Lakes. If a Dog Can
Predict the Future and Locate a Sunken Ship, So Can You. Saving
Treasure From Becoming Lost, Buried or Sunken. You Can Guide
Yourself or Others To Sunken or Buried Treasure. M other Bacon
Comes to Visit March 19, 1974.

12. Helping Yourself With Astral Power To Regain Your Youthful Figure
And Look And Feel 20 Years Younger .................................................... 159
Health Spas Are Popular. Astral World Sets the Standard. Lets Take to
Tibet. Transfiguration Made Easy. Many Children Are Ashamed of
Their Overweight Parents. Overweight People Are Literally Killing
Themselves. Men Should Shape Up As Well As Women. Skinny Ones
Can Also Shape Up. Always Remember: Mental-Action Images Work
Their Way Into Reality.
13. Helping Yourself With Astral Power To Stop Smoking,
Cure Emphysema And All 111 Effects Of Smoking ............................... 168
My Wife Tried Several Systems Without Success. Ted Thought Up His
Own System It Did N ot Work. W hat To Do When Physical Condi
tions Can Be Traced To Smoking. Women Do N ot Find It More Dif
ficult To Stop Smoking Than Men Under My System. Never Permit
Any Physical Matter to Control You. Let a Mural Of The Parade Of
Life Come Into Your Mind. Does Your Goal Release Astral Power?
My Astral Helpers Agree That a Balanced Life Goal is Needed. Astral
Helper Howard Townsley, M .D., Reports. Astral Helper Inger Stevens
Reports. Astral Helper N orm a Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe) Reports.
Astral Helper Lenna Moon Reports. Astral Helper Santo Reports.
Astral Helper Virginia Jagger Reports. Astral Helper Hazel Shepard
Reports. Astral Helper White Cloud Reports. All of Our Astral Helpers
Believe in My Magic Formula. Well-Known Surgeon Tells How To
Stop Smoking. Doris Kicks the Habit. Four Steps to Stop Smoking.
14. How To Use The Magic Formula R-C-C To Give Immediate
Relief From All Aches, Pains, Nervousness And Tension .................180
Your First Health Mental-Action Image. Agnis Gets a New Grip on
Life. Mr. E. Goes Back to Washington, D.C. a Changed Man. Mrs. F.
Dumps Her Basketful of Emotional Problems. Dr. A. Finally Sees the
Light. Eliminating Aches, Pains and Nervousness a Breeze With My
Magic Formula. Illness is N ot Always Bad. Helen Nearly Gave Up Her
Fight To Stop Smoking. Illness is Always a Part of a Growing, Chang
ing Personality. The Contribution of Your Astral Helpers to Meeting
the Problems of Illness.
15. How The Astral Helpers Bring Healing For Hopeless Ailments
With Astral Power ....................................... ......................................................189
Healing By Supernatural Power is a Fact. There Are a Few Excellent
Divine Healers. Ideally, You Can Handle The Whole Healing Process
For Yourself or Others By Yourself. My Magic Formula Kept Me
From Passing To Spirit. How Do Spirit Doctors Work? If You Ever
Needed To Release the God-Force Within You, It Is Now. Another
First For the Magic Formula. Jenefer and John. Healing Made a Fami
ly Affair. Charles Nearly Cashed in His Checks. Larry Would Rather
Die Than Keep On Suffering. Fear of Serious Disease Need N ot Exist.
A Day To Remember.

16. Astral Power To Heal Is Yours For The Asking

The Whole Universe Functions Through Mental-Action Images. Helen
Gets Rid of Her Tumor For Good. My Secret Formula Catches the
Mouse in Spencers Knee. Walter Solved His Heart Problem Before
It Caused Serious Trouble. Astral Power Removes a Cataract. Faith,
Divine, Spiritual or Astral Power Healing Requires Mental-Action
Images. The Blind Can Now See and the Deaf Can Now Hear. Lets
Make the Whole Universe Available To the Blind and the Deaf. There
Are No Obstructions in the Astral World. A Few of the Things That the
Blind and Deaf Can Do With Astral Sight and Hearing. Linn and Larry
Now Do More Than Just Help Each Other. Then Came the Magic For
mula. The Human Body is Tougher Than You Think. Why Do People
G o To Doctors?
17. A Lifetime Of Astral Power Prosperity .................................................... 208
A Lack of Prosperity Is N o Longer a Virtue. Astral Power Will Never
Fail You. Contemplation is a Vital Part of My Formula. Your Supreme
Goal Must Be To Arrive in the Consciousness of Your Upper Room.
My Magic Formula Helps You Influence Others. Our Neighbors Final
ly Moved Out. Influencing Others Through Astral Power Is More Vital
To Your Success Than You Realize. Composite Thought Patterns Are
the Key to the Magic of Getting Recognition in the World of Business,
Politics or the Professions. Dr. Cleary Sends Out Composite Thought
Patterns to Rebuild a Burned-Out School. There Are Many Astral
Roads to Prosperity. One Final Word.

1. How Astral Power Can

Bring You A Great New Life
Quickly And Simply
When man learned how to split the atom and produce atomic
energy, the world was astounded. The first reaction generated was
that of fearman could too easily destroy himself and render this
earth worthless. Then ideas concerning the good uses of atomic
energy took on meaning for man.
Full Release of Your Inner Self Can Be Yours
For millions of people, there is an even greater energy force than
atomic energy yet to be discoveredAstral Power. Through this
book, I intend to prove conclusively that the full release of your inner
self produces a far more powerful force than atomic energy. Yes, I
mean every word that I have written. Astral Power is the most power
ful force in the universe. I promise you that full release of your inner
self, so that you can tap this powerful force, will be yours.
The ancients knew how to release their inner selves. They knew
how to gain power from all dimensions or levels of the Astral World.
To date, you have been fuctioning on two levels or dimensions that
are purely physical. It is doubtful whether or not you are really con
scious of an inner self. If you do have a dim awareness of your inner
self, you doubt its power. You say, I cant do this because. .
Real Estate Men CantAstral Power Can
How well do 1 remember the widow who had trouble selling her
house after her husband passed to spirit. She would have liked to
have kept the home. There were many wonderful memories as
sociated with it.


How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life

However, her children were grown and now had their own
homes and families. Each one of her children wanted her to spend a
part of each year with them, but perhaps it would be better for her to
have a little apartment all of her own. In one way, she was tired of
rattling around alone in this big house.
However, several real estate men told her, we cant sell your
house, for this, that or the other reason, none of which made any
sense to her.
When Mary Ellen, the widow I have been writing about, told me
her story, I offered to help. I gave her the formula and taught her
how to meditate. The house was sold for cash in less than two weeks.
Astral Power does not know the meaning of I cant.
Jim Changes Failure to Success
During my many years of working with people, I have heard
many variations of the I cant theme. It has been my task to reverse
this and prove that I can is the right answer.
Such was the case of Jim Bailey. He had deserted his wife and
family because he believed that he was a failure ( I cant in place of
I can).
When I first saw Jim, he was not doing well on his own either.
Evictions and new jobs were the order of the day. He was also wor
ried about the bills he had left behind. What in the world would his
wife do? Why did he lose every job that he got? What was the matter
with him anyway?
My magic formula started paying off almost immediately. He
landed a better job, paid off the bills he had made since leaving his
wife and family, made arrangements to pay off all bills, sent for his
wife and family and established a new life for all concerned. The
financial breaks come fast. Astral Power really produced one op
portunity after another.
it has been some time since I have seen Jim, but as I wrote these
lines, I thought of how wonderful it would be to see Jim again, sitting
at my desk. How well I remember the forlorn, pitiful, hopeless
human being that he was when I first saw him. My daydreams were
suddenly interrupted by the ringing of the telephone on my desk.
Hello, said I.
Hi there. This is Jim Bailey. Remember me?
Believe it or not, I was just thinking about you and wondering
how you and your loving family were getting along.
Thanks to Astral Power I am taking a year off and taking my

How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life


family on a trip around the world. How does that sound to you? I will
drop by and tell you all about it. By the way, my Dun & Bradstreet
credit rating now runs to six figures. See you soon.
You Must Open Up Your Inner Self to Realize All of Your Hearts
Your inner self is not something apart from you. It is what you
are and can be. It is not something to guard or cherish, as a young
girl guards her virginity, but something to open up, release and use to
bring you anything your heart desires.
This inner self not only functions on the physical plane, but on
all other planes and in all other dimensions of the universe. You do
have access to your inner self. Y ou are not cut off from your inner be
ing or self.
The vast majority of people are like a television set that is tuned
only to one very small station. This reminds me of the farmer who
was filling his lamps and trimming the wicks one day, when a
stranger stopped and asked for a drink of water. The visitor said he
was surprised to see the farmer still using kerosene lamps when rural
electricity was available.
Dont you want electric current? he asked.
Oh! Weve got it in case we ever need it, the farmer replied.
But so far we havent had to use it because weve never run out of
Ralph Makes It Big With Astral Power
Over the years, 1 have found thousands of people who are like
the television set tuned to one small station; people who are still us
ing kerosene lamps, so to speak.
Not so with Ralph Spade. I first knew him as a college student
working his way through the university. I taught him to think big, set
his goals high and never say I cantto regard every job as an op
portunity to really make a contribution to his employer.
Although he started as a clerk, he spent much of his time learn
ing all there was to know about the company. He set his sights high.
He was easily satisfied with the best, as Churchill used to say. He did
not expect to get a gold watch after completing 50 years of service as
a bookkeeper, and knew that he would be president of a large in
dustrial organization some day. He applied my formula well.
Ralph advanced rapidly and arrived at the vice-president level at


How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life

the same time the company decided to make all of their vicepresidents millionaires. You guessed ithe worked for General
Motors. Astral Power made the difference.
There Are No Limitations On Your Inner Self
The truth of the matter is that there can be communication back
and forth to all levels of the self. All you have to do is turn the dial. It
is only because you have a highly limited idea of your own self that
you insist that you cannot do thingsgain health, wealth and
recognition. There are no limitations to your inner self. There are no
boundaries to enclose it and deny it freedom.
The inner self (some call it the soul) is the most highly
motivated, powerful and conscious unit in the whole universe. I want
you to be different from the great mass of peopleto realize that this
unlimited energy force is there for you to use.
God did not intend us to live in poverty, suffer ill-health or miss
out on the beauties of nature. God wants you to live the good life.
But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in
Glory, (Phil. 4:19). The abundance of things all around us are for us
to use.
The potential force that you have is now unbelievable to you.
You must see that its potentials are limitless. You must see that
within you are personalities beyond your comprehension. But have
faith, for the time will come when you will comprehend.
I am not talking about the great personalities of history. I am
talking about Little old you, who are living in one, small, dark cor
ner of a castle that could give you everything you ever dreamed of.
Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you honestly believe that the
personality you are now conscious of is all there is to the total you? If
that is what you believe, you are really walking around dead.
Non-Believer Becomes Believer
Stanley Lair was one of those persons who did not believe in the
great potential force of Astral Power. He finally tried my system just
for kicks. Much to his surprise, he won a new car in a lottery. He
had never won anything of value before in his life. I probably was
suprised also, for I did not believe that he really applied himself as
well as he should have. However, when he told me the good news, I
knew that he was ready to settle down to fully releasing this
wondrous Astral Power.
Little old Stanley has now become aware of the castle of op
portunity in which he lives. He has ceased living in one small, dark

How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life


corner of that castle life. He won $25,000 in a lottery; six weeks later,
he won $200,000, in the same state lottery. I dont expect to hear him
griping any more about his hard luck, or about life passing him by, or
why is it the other fellow who always has all the luck.
Astral Power to the Rescue
Time and distance mean little in the Astral World. No matter
what the problem may be, the solution can be now. This is beautifully
illustrated by the case of Lillian Dolittle. She got laid off from her job
one day without notice. Of course, she could collect unemployment
insurance and hope for the best.
When Lillian told me that she didnt intend to settle for un
employment insurance or just any old job, I agreed to help her. I gave
her my formula for making money come her way. I told her to main
tain complete confidence that being laid off was really a blessing.
Three days later she received a check in the mail for $15,000 from the
estate of a distant relative. She then had plenty of time to seek a bet
ter job with a greater opportunity within a field of activity that she
No Need to Borrow Money With Astral Power
Paul Ryan could not keep out of his mind the thought that he
would need to go to the bank and borrow money. His trucking
business was down temporarily due to a strike.
No need to do that, I told him as we talked on the street cor
ner. Come over to my office and i will help you solve this problem.
But how can you help? Will you lend me the money? replied
Now wait a minute. Who said anything about borrowing
money from anyone? Just come over to my office and I will tell you
how to get the money you need.
I put Paul through the ritual and told him the correct words to
use. It was less than a week when I again heard from him. He had
received a certified check in the mail for $4500 in payment of an old
account for trucking that he had written off as a bad debt.
Your Great Rewards Can Be Now-Not After Death
What I am telling you, in the strongest language at my com
mand, is that your real selfyour inner beingis the most creative
and marvelous form of life that you can understand at the moment.
You have heard the statement, Dont sell yourself short. Most
people do just that.


How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life

Dont ever get the idea that you will have to wait for death to get
your great rewards. There is inner communication within your
greater self right now that will bring directly to you all the rewards
you can handle for some time to come.
An Exercise to Open Up Your inner Self
Please go back and reread the words of this chapter so that you
have clearly in mind all the points I have made. Now carry out the
following simple exercise.
Get as relaxed as you can sitting in a comfortable chair. Close
your eyes and let in an awareness of this great source of power from
which your life forces come. Think of your inner self as in complete
communication with all the Astral Power of the universe. You are a
part of God, so it has to be this way. Believe as you never believed
before, until you really sense this power flowing outward through
your body, flowing out of your hands, feet and body like the rays of
the sunrays that go in all directions with you in the center. Think of
more rays of power reaching out into every corner of the universe.
Now repeat to yourself: This is not my imagination. The rays of
my consciousness and creativity are reaching out into the farthest
corners of the universe. I am truly tapping the all powerful Astral
Power that God intended to use for my own success and happiness
on earth.
An Oil Company Man Makes It Big With Astral Power
Robert Youngblood was at one time an unknown in the oil
business. However, he was different from the great majority of peo
ple. Through my magic formula, R-C-C, I had taught him to tap the
Astral Power and call in a group of Astral Helpers.
He successfully developed an independent oil company with
headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. He no longer fears the powerful oil
interests who were trying to squeeze out all independent companies.
He met the challenge, for he had a power a million times greater than
anything the Big Boys could come up with. He never cringed when
the Big Boys growled at him. He did not take their advice and get out
of the business. He would not sell out to any of them, although they
offered him a profithe stood his ground and met all comers. He
knew all the tricks they had up their sleeves and what move they
would make long before they made it. He was ready for them at all
times, for he was God oriented.

How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life


His business grew and grew until finally the big shots gave up
and recognized defeat. Last year, he netted over one and a half mil
lion dollars from a business that started with little hope of suc
ceeding. Astral Power made the difference. Bob never ceases to ex
press his gratitude for what he learned from me.
Some of you are wondering why I did not go out and make a
bundle of money and not bother to write a book. Well, I will settle
that question right now. Even when I was a small boy, I wanted to
train myself to help people. This I have done, for I have helped thou
sands throughout the United States and Canada. I never wanted a lot
of money. All I wanted was enough to live comfortably. This has
happened. When I need money, it is there.
But, let me continue my account of Bob Youngblood. He forgot
to apply my secret formula to his family life. He made money, but did
not make happiness in his home. His wife and seven children were
not doing so well. This all goes to prove, as you probably already
know, that money by itself does not make for happiness.
All I had to do was remind Bob that he had the Astral Helpers at
his beck and call. Both he and his wife had come to the conclusion
that they needed new sex partners outside of marriage. They tried this
and ended up with guilty consciences. The answers to their problems
came quickly, so now Bob has all the wealth he can use and all the
give-and-take love he needs from his family.
The Abilities of Your Inner Self Are Ready to Go Right Now
I promise that no matter what your problem may be, my system
will work miracles to bring forth anything you need to develop a
well-adjusted personality, good family life and all the wealth and
good things in life that your heart desires.
Many of the abilities that you need are already operating
without your knowledge. They operate in spite of you. Unfortunate
ly, when you find yourself using these abilities, you often become
frightened and run in the opposite direction.
I have known of hundreds of people who could have made it big
in any area of their choosing. They look back and say to themselves,
why didnt I do that. . .? I was afraid to take a chance. . . I was ad
vised against it. . .
Mikes Precognition Pays Off Big
Mike Gilligan kept seeing a big shopping center and many other


How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life

places of business on farm land west of Ann Arbor. Mike ran a win
dow shade store. I knew him when he didnt have a dime. He did
have big ideas, but never got anywhere with them. I first talked to
him when he put up a sun blind in our patio. He told me then about a
piece of land that he wanted to buy, but his bank would not loan him
the money. Some big shot at the bank said that Ann Arbor was grow
ing north and south, not east and west. I told Mike to forget about
what the big shot told him. I handed him a copy of a lecture I had
prepared on releasing Astral Power.
Mike found a way to buy the land. It was not long before &
paved road from the University of Michigan Football Stadium
passed right through his land, as a cut-off to help prevent traffic
jams. This was the first return on his investment.
What an ideal set-upa shopping center could be built on one
side of this road and an apartment complex on the other side. He
kept using my formula, drawing on Astral Power.
Today, the developed property looks just like the image he had
in his mind. Who do you suppose put that image in his brain? Why,
the Astral Helpers, of course.
Today the street that was once a cut-off from a football field,
running through farm land, is now a busy street passing by a large
shopping center and apartment complex.
I do not see Mike very often any more, but I do know that he ran
$5,000 up to over 100 million. One of Mikes favorite stories is about
the bank big shot who turned him down when he asked for a loan.
If I were Mike, I would buy the bank and start teaching all the
employees how to release Astral Power.
My mother is probably the worst example I can think of on how
not to get on in the world. My brother often said, Mother is against
everything. He was about 90 percent correct.
I remember hearing my mother relate that Henry Ford's sister
lived right next door to our house in Ann Arbor. She frequently saw
Henry drive up to his sisters house in his first car. Mother would say,
I can see him now in his duster and cap. Henry was having trouble
getting anyone to back him financially. His sister asked my mother to
help out$500 would have been a great help.
Well, I do not need to tell you any of the ridiculous arguments
my mother had against helping Henry Ford. Suffice it to say, she did
not invest a penny. Later, Henry Ford made all of those early in
vestors millionaires.
Many years later Henry Ford liked to wander around his Green
field Village, a most impressive view of early American history. I had

How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life


a chance to talk to him one day. My first impression was that he was
just an ordinary fellow like you and me. As I talked to him about his
life ambitions, I could clearly see my formula for releasing Astral
Power at work. His Astral Helpers were many, coming up with
production line techniques and an automobile for the common man.
Henry Ford was truly an ordinary man. There is a story about
his secretaries providing him with $500 to $1,000 cash every day. He
would stick it in his pocket but seldom spend any of it. His wife
would later find many thousands of dollars stuck in bureau drawers,
the result of his emptying his pockets every night. He was not hiding
the money. He was simply getting rid of it.
If Mother had been able to release her inner self, the Astral
Helpers would have produced a projected picture of the Ford Com
pany as it exists today. She would have considered herself lucky to
know Fords sister.
Knowing Mother, I expect to be choked after she reads these
words just as did when we gave her piano to a church after she passed
to Spirit. On the other hand, I would like to believe that she knows
better now and would endorse my book if alive today.
Extrasensory PerceptionOne Way to Receive
Valuable Information
Everyone has psychic power that comes to them through various
sensations of the body and thoughts of the mind. Perhaps you have
felt the invisible presence of a person or the sensation of visiting a dis
tant place, heard a voice, dreamed a vivid dream that came true, or
felt a strong urge to do something that later proved correct.
Extrasensory perception is but one of the many ways the inner
self receives information. None of these perceptions are basically
physical. You must become aware of the fact that you should not
deny perceptions just because they are not of a physical nature. The
inner self knows its relationship with the Astral World of seven
dimensions, not just two physical ones.
Please let me now make a very important point concerning
perceptions. If you gave a brassiere to a native girl in darkest
Africaa girl who has never worn anything but a g string, what
would she do with it? In our environment, we all have a physical
perception of what a brassiere is used for. The native girl may well
develop a different physical perception of a brassiere. She may put it
around her waistline and use the D cups for pockets.


How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life

The Nature of Perceptions Coming From the Inner Self

The point that I am making is that you do not fully realize that it
is your thoughts, ideas and feelings that form physical reality. If you
do not believe that thoughts, ideas and feelings form your physical
reality, you will feel that you cannot change them. You look at your
bank balance and see that it is $55.15. How can you possibly change
it to $55,150? You look in the mirror and see a person 100 pounds
overweight, so you come to the conclusion that you cannot change
this physical perception. You do not give up smoking for the same
reasonor you continue on the same old job that is getting you
You have physical perceptions of all of lifes activities, plans,
philosophies, health, success, etc., so you come to the conclusion that
they cannot be changed. You need to become aware of the fact that
all perceptions, thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions are mental,
and that it is only through materialization that you make them
All Great New Things, Actions or Methods Come
From the Astral World
The inner self that I am making you understand does not follow
the laws of physics or the principles set up by man. It does not behave
as though everything is physical. Your inner selfs perceptions are
acts and events that are mental. Also, your inner selfs perceptions
are not dependent upon time or space as you believe it to be.
Would we have ever had the telephone, radio, television, X-rays,
space travel, automobile, or you name it, if we had depended upon
physical perceptions as most people use them? The first reaction of
all people to our inventions is that the inventors are kooks.
Thomas Edison and many others openly admitted that their
ideas came from the Astral World. Our Astral Helpers feed these
thought plans to us when we are ready to receive them. There are
thought patterns waiting for you to receive just as soon as you release
the Astral Power of your inner self.
Tuning Your Mind and Body to Astra! Power Easily Accomplished
I cannot stress too greatly the need to know how best to tune
your body and mind to Astral Power. Your inner self is ready with all

How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life


the lines of communication necessary to develop awareness and

receive power from all seven levels or dimensions of the Astral
World. But you must know the physical, emotional and mental
forces that block the Astral Helpers from getting that power to you.
I have helped thousands of people throughout the United States
and Canada achieve a full release of their powers. I have also found
that the chief block is negative thinking and negative emotional ex
pression. What good does it do to wire a house for every type of
electrical device and not provide positive switches so that the current
can be turned on? Many people are literally hanging onto a ledge of a
cliff with nothing but disturbing emotions, thoughts and feelings that
can only lead to destruction below.
The Phil and Mary Miracle I Kept My Promise to Them and I Will
Keep My Promise to You
Every day, thousands of babies come into the world to become a
part of psycho-physical environments that represent various degrees
of desirability. This point was brought forcefully to my attention as I
talked to Phil. He was approaching a crisis in his life.
If I could go home from your office, Doctor, and tell my wife I
really love her, I know that many of my problems would be solved,
said Phil.
But, he continued, I cant do it. I respect her. She is a
wonderful woman, but during the past ten years, I have lost any love
I might have had for her,
I have four fine children and another will be born in a couple of
months. At about the same time, I will lose my job, Phil continued.
What are your plans for the future? , I asked.
Well, I have told her that I will stay with her until after the
birth of my child. Then I intend leaving her. I just cant take it any
longer, Phil answered.
Several days later, I talked to Phils wife. As she told me her ver
sion of the story, she cried continuously.
If he would only stay with me, that is all I ask. I dont care
whether he loves me or not. I want to take care of him and my
children. I want to be a good wife and mother. I know that I will not
do anything desperate if he leaves me for I have my religion, God just
cant let me down, and so Mary sobbingly told her story.
I could appreciate how both Phil and Mary felt, but I kept think
ing of the unborn child, the baby and the other children. How would
all this affect them? I knew the answer. It was not pleasant to con


How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life

Lets add up the score. Fifteen years of married life brought five
children. So far so goodbut now the husband and wife are at the
parting of the ways. Mary is becoming very nervous and overweight,
and she smokes too much. Her health is deteriorating. For some
time, Phil has been floundering from one job to another. If he leaves
his wife, he will have to support her and the children. He will not be
able to find happiness in a new marriage because of his financial
obligations to Mary. She will have to raise the children without the
help of a father. Because of her present physical and emotional con
dition, it is doubtful she can maintain adequate control of herself.
But perhaps the most disastrous result of this state of affairs will
be the negative conditioning that will be perpetuated in the minds of
the children. As they grow up in this undesirable environment, what
chances will they have of learning to adjust to marriage, occupations,
and even to life itself?
I hope that none of you will let a physical perception They
cant be helped slip into your mind. Do I hear someone say, It will
take a miracle? So, one miracle coming up!!
Phil and Mary solved this problem with the help of Astral
Power. They developed a love and understanding that made for a
nearly perfect marriage. Phil is now president of a company that
makes paper balers.
How To Begin and End Your Day
Just as the beginning and ending of a life are high points in the
time of an individual, so is the beginning and ending of a day in your
life. I have discovered two important excercises which, if performed
regularly, will remove stubborn barriers to progress and open up new
avenues of achievement in your life.
Before going to sleep and after you have relaxed your mind and
body, carefully review the events and actions of the day.
Let your mind travel slowly backward through all activities,
motivations, emotions and thoughts of the day. Remember your
negative reactions and thoughts as well as your positive functions of
the day. Look for the unbalancing parts of your day. Notice carefully
all of the activities showing understanding and good adjustments.
End this review with a careful evaluation of failure and achievement.
Do not let emotions associated with condemnation or pride enter the
picture. This review, if carried out regularly every night, will work
miracles in your character. It is extremely valuable.

How Astral Power Can Bring You a Ureat [New Lite

You are now ready for your regular nightly affirmation during
which time you build images of your going through tomorrow and
days to come, moving toward your goals in every phase of your life.
As mentioned before, your affirmations will vary nightly as your
emphasis is placed on various phases of your life.
Affirmations Set the Wheels of Progress in Motion
It is always best for you to form images and use words to your
own liking. Canned affirmations may not always completely fit your
situation. However, I will give you affirmations that I myself use.
Remember, picture-images as well as words must be used.
Continuing now and for days and years to come, I am moving
toward my cherished goals. My life is becoming rich with hap
piness, a better economic condition and full contentment. Every
action, enterprise or endeavor in which I wish to be involved is
bringing increasing rewards. Life is making its joys and hap
piness easier to come by. Good fortune is coming my way more
and more frequently. I am learning how to share my good for
tune by helping others along the way. I am truly moving closer
to oneness with God and full release of my inner self.
Many Benefits From Affirmations Are Yours
There is no better way to clear the decks for action, ridding your
mind of negative, wasted thoughts, disturbing emotions or ex
hausting inhibitions, than through this first exercise. It cancels the
hell in your life and builds up your conscience so that it will be dif
ficult to go wrong, but much easier to keep on the right track.
Your sleep will be deeper. You will wake up more refreshed, and
will create a better environment for your mind to gain understanding
and inspiration that restful sleep can bring. You have often heard the
expression Let me sleep on it. No good can come from sleeping
on it unless the decks are cleared, so that your Astral Helpers can
get through to you. Deep, relaxed sleep will do the trick.
Filling the Gap of Consciousness is Very Important
The second important exercise must take place at the very mo
ment you awaken. There is nothing important enough to make you
say that you do not have timetake time.
After awakening, you should try to remember your dreams and


How Astral Power Can Bring You a Great New Life

everything that happened during the night. Remember and write

down all that happened, no matter how trivial you may consider it.
With practice, you will find extremely valuable ideas and in
spirations, even precognitions of things to happen in your business or
other life activities. Your Astral Helpers can really get through to you
during deep relaxed sleepsleep from all the negative, emotionally
toned wasteland of previous days. It may be valuable for you to keep
paper and a pencil handy so that if you awake during the night with
valuable information at the conscious level, you can write all this
With these two exercises, you have an unbroken chain of con
sciousness for each 24 hours. The evening and morning review will
make it much easier to develop higher aspirations and achievements
in your work activities, home life and every activity or phase of liv
ing. You will begin at once to move toward oneness with the Astral
World and God. Your Astral Helpers will bring you first-hand
knowledge of the secrets of the universe. Your Astral Power will be at
its highest point.

2. Setting The Stage,

Phy sically And Mentally,
For Helping Yourself
To Astral Power
I greatly adm ire a well-know n coffee com pany for the way they
advertise their instant coffee. Y ou all know the usual blurb; better
than perk, w ho is kidding w ho, etc, . . W ell, this com pany stated
th at they were not going to tell you th a t their instant coffee was bet
ter th an the usual brew , but th a t it did m ake a good cup o f coffee.
Astral Power Puts Firefighter Back to Work
Recently, I received the following note:
D ear D r, M acN itt,
O n A pril 1st, a very d ear friend o f o u r family was very seriously
injured in a fire. His nam e is D u ane Lewis. H e has n o t been able to
return to w ork.
Is there any way th a t y our A stral H elpers can help him? . . . . O n
O ctober 29, his d o cto r will exam ine him again and pro b ab ly recom
m end a disability pension. This he does n o t w ant.

I sent my spirit
th a t his lungs were
th a t his h eart had
surely w ould never

doctor, D r, Tow nsley, to see D uane. H e reported

indeed dam aged. D r. Tow nsley also discovered
been seriously dam aged. W ithout our help, he
return to his job.


Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally

I received this note September 16. We had a little over a month

to repair all the damage. Please remember that Duane was not told
that we would help him.
On October 28, Duane's doctor was very much surprised to find
that Duane could go back to work.
The point that I wish to make in citing this interesting case study
is that you with your Astral Helpers can not only bring health, hap
piness and prosperity into your life but into the lives of very dear
friends without their knowing about it.
The Man Who Shook His Head in Disbelief
Fred always starts shaking his head every time I meet him on the
street. He still states that he does not believe it, but Fred knows that
it is true. His bank balance tells him so.
What force do you suppose made Fred dial that wrong number?
Why, Astral Power, of course. His Astral Helpers made his finger
Shortly before this happened, Fred started following my system.
All he was asking for was a better life with more financial rewards
and a place under the sun where he would be recognized as a man of
fame and fortune.
After Freds Astral Helpers got him to dial the wrong number,
their next problem was to keep the conversation going. Ordinarily,
when you find that you have dialed the wrong number, you excuse
yourself and hang up.
A mans voice at the other end of the line said, United Business
Oh, I must have the wrong number. I was calling my bank.
You sound like a knowledgeable man: we are having trouble
locating an attorney who is willing to take a chance on making a lot
of money.
Why, I am an attorney. Where is your office? said Fred.
To make a long story short, an inventor of a device for the com
puter field was having trouble getting started. His organization
needed an attorney willing to trade stock in the company. Fred took
that chance because his Astral Helpers told him to do so. Today his
name is well known in the computer field and his bank balance is well
known to quite a number of bankers.

Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally


How to Test Your Astral Helpers

Every time I look at To Tell the Truth on television, I have
fun trying to outguess my Astral Helpers. You know the program.
There are four judges who try to determine the one out of three
persons who claim to be an author of a book, winner of a contest, or
some other person of note. I miss the correct ones just as the panel
does, but my Astral Helpers never miss. Their batting average is 100
When you learn to call up your Astral Helpers you can use this
test to help make sure that you are in direct contact with one or more
Astral Helpers.
Try it on Treasure Hunt also. How easy it would be to pick
the box with all the prizes in it. Later, I will tell you about some who
have won as much as $25,000.
A Million Dollars For a 50-Cent Ticket
Freda was really down in the dumps when I first saw her. She
had five children to feed and clothe. Her husband did not seem to be
able to make much more than a hundred or so dollars a week.
Out of his meager income, he spent a dollar each week on the
state lottery. Freda showed me one ticket that she bought the day
Lets get to work, I said. I put her through my ritual and told
her to keep it up until the drawing.
Would it help if I went to church every day and followed your
formula? Freda asked.
Suregood idea.
Two weeks later, she won a million dollars.
I Will Give You My Complete Plan For Using Astral Power
It often happens that people come to me with one problem, only
to have several other problems handled successfully.
Such was the case of Hilda. I helped save her marriage. I also
told her how she could get many other benefits from my system of
Astral Power Release.
She answered the door of her apartment one night to be con


Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally

fronted with what might have been robbery and rape. She was fully
protected by my Astral Power Security Plan. As the man started to
force his way into the apartment, an intense flash of white light
barred his way. He fled for his life and probably reformed that very
Astral Helpers Work Hard to Get Through to You
Walter never intended to stop at the small town on his way to a
Chicago business trip. I knew about the trip, for I was helping him
succeed in his business.
While he was telling me about his background one day, he hap
pened to mention that he had lost track of his sister. He often wished
that he could locate her.
If you had asked Walter why he stopped at one small town on
the way to Chicago and consulted a telephone book, he could never
have given a good reason. He found himself looking up a number.
Why the name Helen Powell? If she was married, how would he
know her last name? Who put the name Powell into his mind? Why,
the Astral Helpers, of course.
One call, and a brother and sister were reunited, after over ten
years of wondering where each one was.
I Will Not Put My Name to a Lie
I am not going to tell you that all you have to do is repeat a few
lines and money will start pouring in from nowhere. I have more
respect for your intelligence; but most of all, I am proud of the fact
that I hold a Ph.D. degree from one of the great universities of the
world, the University of Michigan.
I have proven to you that I can help you release Astral Power to
gain everything that your heart desires, but you must prepare
yourself to make full use of my magic formula, R-C-C. The R stands
for Relaxation of the mind and body.
The Reason You Become Tense
There is a very good reason why so many people become tight
with tension and cannot relax. The body runs on tension. You cannot
raise your arm or do anything without using a certain amount of ten
sion. The problem is to get the right amount, for too much is just too
much and will not let the body and mind function properly. What

Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally


happens when you wind your watch too tight? It will not run, of
You do not need to go to your local yogi, work out in a gym or
health spa, or carry out any definite program, but you do need to
learn to relax.
Your Potential is Limitless
I will continue to repeat that the potential within your inner self
is limitless and that all that counts in life can be achieved if the instru
ment we call the body is free from excessive tension and functioning
somewhere near normally. Ambition, desire, truth, love, knowledge,
wealth, health, human values of the finest shades and many other
desirable qualities of living are then possible.
However, when you are not relaxed or free from too much ten
sion, the instrument you call your body cannot release the wondrous
power from the Astral World. A nervous person is neither free to live
successfully, nor to enjoy health, wealth or happiness. Fear, defensive
mechanisms, anxiety, suspicion, and hate, among other negative
forces, are always with them. It is a struggle to even stay alive.
Ninas Thirty Doctors Gave Up
Let me tell you about Nina. Her imaginary physical troubles
started 30 years before I first saw her. Her first serious round with
medical doctors and hospitals started with an appendectomy and
hysterectomy. A year later, the doctors wanted to remove her gall
bladder, but she refused to permit this operation. She finally had her
gall duct drained. She seemed better for almost a year, but more trou
ble ensued and she finally consented to have her gall bladder
removed. She never fully recovered her health after this operation.
Her condition worsened and the two years before I saw her were
spent in bed for most of the time.
She endured one series of treatments after another. Finally, the
last physician (she had over 30 in all) called her husband and told him
that he could not take his money any longerthat there was nothing
medical science could do for her. This physician referred her to me. I
hesitated before accepting her case because it appeared that irreversi
ble conditions had set in. It looked very much like over 30 doctors
had ruined the instrument she called her body. It was apparent that
none of those operations or medical treatments were necessary or did
her any good.


Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally

Nina came from a rather large family. Her parents were farmers.
Apparently, her father was a heavy drinker and strong disciplinarian.
The children were afraid of him. Ninas first marriage turned out
rather badly and she finally divorced her husband. She earned her
own living for a few years, working in a factory, and then remarried.
Although the second marriage may now be regarded as satisfactory,
it started out rather badly.
Medical treatments designed to relieve pain were continued by
her physician for a short time. The reverberating nerve circuits were
surely running at an increasing rate and spreading to every part of
her body. She could not control her thoughts. Normal sensations
throughout her body were the exception rather than the rule. She was
in constant pain from tension in nearly every part of her body. She
could not sleep. How she managed to keep going at all is still
somewhat of a mystery.
Nina Finds Astra! Power and Health
Now, let me ask you a question: What earthly good would it
have done for Nina to repeat a command or offer a prayer in her con
dition? The answer is obviousno good. She had made the rounds of
healers. She prayed to God every day for help that never came. She
was never healed by the healers and help never came until she made
use of my magic formula R-C-C,
Tension will not only kill you, but it will make your instrument,
the body, of little value in picking up Astral Power.
Nina, today, is enjoying normal emotional and physical health.
She has regained what may be regarded as good health and
emotional control.
The Advertising Man Who Could Not Swallow
Albert Campbells physician called me one Saturday afternoon
and requested that I come to neighboring city to see what I could do
for Albert. He had been hospitalized because of coronary throm
bosis. Mr. Campbell was being fed through a tube since he could not
swallow. His physician believed that the coronary thrombosis had
not affected the nerves controlling the esophagus.
Mr. Campbell was an advertising man. It was evident that he
had built up many resentments and hostility patterns. There were
many situations in life that he could not swallow. His esophagus
neurosis was the end result. This difficulty, sometimes referred to as

Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally


cardiospasm, appears when an emotional block becomes apparent.

Sexual, hostile, or self-punishment emotions are generally present.
This was true in Alberts case. Through my magic formula, R-C-C,
Albert very soon got over his difficulties.
The cases I have presented have been those where tension is very
obvious. Of course, there are many cases when tension has not
produced the disastrous conditions presented here. My files are filled
with hundreds of other cases indicating what tension does to the
body and mind.
Tension Blacks Out Positive Action
Tension reduces or eliminates the positive functioning of the
physical body. It makes you a slave to all that is negative. You can
not develop the higher sense of values made possible by the delicate
mechanisms of the brain. You cannot make choices. Your mind is
not a positive law unto itself. If no proper homeostatic action takes
place, inner tension mounts and mounts. The reverberating circuits
will run at an ever increasing rate until every part of the nervous
system is subject to their negative will. If the danger signals keep
breaking through to the autonomic nervous system, you develop
stomach ulcers, spastic colitis, heart trouble, malfunctioning of sex
and other glands and many other psychosomatic difficulties too
numerous to list.
The symptoms of tension may be confined to your central ner
vous system and be reflected in your involuntary thoughts and ac
tions. It may reduce your confidence, make you indecisive, create
restlessness, result in continuous anxiety and worry, make you
oversensitive, result in continuous meaningless thoughts running
through your mind, create boredom, make you lose interest, result in
strange and peculiar thoughts, make you touchy on many subjects, or
cause a dead center so that you cannot get going. You go on and
complete the list. Dont forget to include your own tensions.
Tension is mans worst enemy. It is the fundamental cause of
every deviation from normal living and the basic cause of all psy
chosomatic illness. It is the cause of unhappy marriages, makes mil
lions fail or not do their best on their jobs, and motivates crime and
delinquency. It can put you in a mental hospital. Tension enslaves
every phase of your life, making it difficult for the most powerful
force in the universe, Astral Power, to get through to you. But Astral
Power can get through in all but a very few cases where the person is
more dead than alive.


Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally

Dont Keep Kidding Yourself Concerning Tension

But Im not tense, said one of my patients recently, as he con
tinuously brushed imaginary dustor was it dandruffoff his suit
and the desk, wiggled continuously in his chair and smoked one
cigarette after another. Of course, I cannot sleep at night and
thoughts run through my mind continuously. I do some of my best
thinking at night. When it is time to get up in the morning, I find that
I cannot decide to put the product of my thinking to work. But Im
not tense. Of course, I have to sit in a hot tub of water every morning
to get the pain out of my back. I dont like my job, but I cannot make
up my mind to leave it. I dont get along with my father. I cannot
make up my mind whom I should marry. If a girl shows too much in
terest in me, I make plans to drop her. But Im not tense. I can relax
my mind and body.
Fulfilling the First Part of the Secret Formula
It should be quite obvious that to fulfill the first part of the
magic formula-relaxationsomething more than merely lying
down and resting, or making up your mind or thinking and grow
ing rich is necessary. I surely have convinced you that negative
emotional states controlled by the involuntary nervous system are the
forces which prevent getting the most out of life.
It is an established fact that all emotions have their fullest sway
when the activities of the external brain are at their lowest ebb.
Under hypnosis, there is a deep relaxation of the body, free play of
the emotions and almost complete surrender of the directions or con
trol of the thought processes. Natural sleep produces the same condi
tion to a lesser degree.
My secret formula, R-C-C, does not make use of hypnosis,
but a similar state of mind and body must be produced. Since the
goal of R-C-C is conscious control and full release of Astral
Power, hypnosis does not produce the exacting conditions necessary
to reach this goal.
There have been many books written on how to relax. All of
them make the same fundamental mistake. The authors of these
books ask you to use a system that requires you to surrender volun
tary attention, but at the same time increase attention on the results
you wish to achieve. This is a type of mental gymnastics that no one
could possibly do. Here is just one example: bend each foot, first
toward and then away from you while your legs remain flat on the

Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally


bedor bend your hands toward you, one at a time, while keeping
your arms flat.
I have promised you that there will be no long, drawn-out
method of learning to relax. I intend to keep that promise. However,
I want you to spend a little more time than is eventually necessary to
set the whole process in motion. This is the way you do it.
Fulfilling the First Part of the Secret Formula
Lie on your back with no pillow under your head. Your arms
and legs should be straight, legs never crossed. Your arms should be
resting beside your thighs. Lie this way for a minute or two, always
keeping your eyes closed during the exercise.
Ease thoughts out of your mind and let your attention be pas
sively concerned with the general purpose of the exercise. You will
notice that I stated that you should ease thoughts out of your mind.
This is easier said than done. If your attention is at too high a level,
and you try to force them out of your mind, you will find the
thoughts rather stubborn. They will refuse to move. Learning to ease
thoughts out of your mind is important in carrying out the second
step of the magic formulaconcentration.
Learn to Breathe Properly
Now, check your breathing to make certain that you are
breathing very deeply and slowly. Ideally, you should complete just
six breathing cycles a minute. Practice this breathing exercise until
you get it down to three a minute, while preparing your body and
mind for full release of the Astral Power.
Do not suck in air rapidly, expand your chest or raise your
shoulders. Do not blow out air, but release it slowly. What I mean by
deep breathing is to take air in very slowly, keep inhaling a moment
or two after you think you have all the air your lungs will hold. Then,
exhale very slowly; keep pushing air out for a moment or two after
you believe that your lungs are empty. This is what I call relaxed
breathing. Too many people just breathe off the top of their lungs.
After you establish deep breathing, you will find that this process
alone will help keep you relaxed all day.
I am taking you through a special exercise to help you relax. The
time will come when you will be able to let go on a moments notice
or, better yet, keep relaxed all day long. Now let us continue the ex


Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally

Learning to Concentrate
Keep easing thoughts out of your mind and passively attend to
the task at hand. Now think of your toes and feet as relaxed.
Through your mind, let go of these muscles. In an easy manner, put
your attention on your ankles. Now you are introducing the factor of
imagination. Imagine that you can see the muscles of your legs.
Beginning with your ankles, slowly follow or trace the muscles that
control your legs up to your thighs. Imagine that you can see the
muscles that control your legs sticking out of your thighs. Mentally
grab hold of the ends of the muscles and imagine that you are pulling
them up very tightly. At this point, you are conscious of tightness or
tension in the leg muscles. You are mentally putting them under load.
Hold them tight and take a deep breath. As you exhale, imagine you
see your legs dropping off. Then let go of all consciousness of your
legs and turn your attention to your hands.
Think of your fingers as relaxed and let go of your fingers and
hands. Lightly center your attention on your wrists. Imagine you can
trace the muscles up your arms into your shoulders, and visualize
these muscles through your imagination as sticking out of your
shoulders. Mentally grab hold of these arm muscles and pull them up
tight. See them in your mind as under load. Take another deep breath
and, as you exhale, imagine that you see your arms dropping off. Let
go of them and turn your attention to the muscles in your abdomen.
It is easier to relax your legs and arms than any other part of
your body, so the exercise becomes a little more difficult from now
on. Your attention is now on your abdomen. Think of the muscles of
your abdomen as relaxed. Let go of them. Move your attention up to
your chest and repeat the process as you continue to breathe deeply
and slowly.
After a little experience, you should begin at this point to feel
rather light. A drifting feeling should be coming into your mind.
Now spotlight your attention up and down your back from your
thighs to the back of your neck and let go of these muscles. You
should keep easing thoughts out of your mind and let this comfor
table, drifting feeling come in. As you let go of your body, you are
less and less conscious of it. Let your jaw go limp. Relax your cheeks,
mentally smooth out the muscles of your forehead and scalp. As you
learn to let go of your body and ease thoughts out of your mind, you
are learning to concentratethe second step in my magic formula.

Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally


Learning to Use Your Imagination

Now put your attention on your eyes. Remember, your closed
eyes have been visualizing this whole process. Now let the visualiza
tion of your eyes sense a moment out in space. Through your im
agination, let a mental image of some pleasant scene come into your
mind. Your attention is no longer on your body or your present sur
roundings. It makes no difference what the elements of the scene are,
so long as the scene is the product of your imagination.
Now repeat to yourself; I am lying here relaxed and breathing
deeply. I am on a mountain top. The sun is shining brightly.
Everything is peaceful and serene. I am lying in the shade in tall soft
grass in front of a beautiful mountain lodge. The lodge is made out of
logs. The brown logs are in sharp contrast to the green of the pine, fir
and spruce trees. These trees are tail and stately and a cool, refreshing
breeze causes them to sway slightly. This breeze is bringing the
beautiful smell from the pine trees and it makes me feel fresh, rested
and relaxed.
In the distance, I see mountain lakes, the surfaces of which are
as smooth as glass. As I look at the lakes, my mind becomes peaceful
and quiet like the surface of the water. My mind is becoming more
and more relaxed and a drifting feeling is increasing. Now, I am look
ing at the beautiful blue sky above. I see billowy white clouds lazily
drift by. Everything is becoming more and more peaceful and serene.
I am feeling a oneness with God and the total universe.
Mental Action Images Extremely Important
I have illustrated what is meant by a mental-action image. As
you become expert in forming these images, you will become more
conscious of the emotional tone associated with the image.
Years ago, I woke up during a rather dull psychological lecture
to hear the professor say, Ideas tend to work their way out into ac
tion. Since the professor told us at the beginning of the course that
all we would get out of it was two hours credit, I was a little shocked,
for this one concept made the course very much worthwhile.
The body will reflect what is going on in the mind; things first
happen in your mind before they become reality. I have just told you
about a woman who spent 50 cents for a lottery ticket that won her
one million dollars; she stated that she knew she was going to win
and win she did.


Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally

I have already made it clear that there is no limitation in time

and space as far as your creative power or power to change yourself is
concerned. I have called your attention to the fact that the only
limitation occurs in your thinking.
You keep putting mental-action images in your mind o f what you
want your life to be like and your mind will make it possible for you to
materialize these images into physical reality.
Your Mind Should Be Wishing at All Times
Your mind should always be wishing and your whole objective
should be to try to realize your wishes in fact. All your goals, all the
things you seek to do or be, whether negative or positive, are the
products of your imagination. As you move toward your goals, im
agination gives way to reality.
Yet, I have written thousands of reports on people who never
imagine anything for themselves. The men get a job; the women get
married. Years later, you will find the men on the same unskilled
labor job while the women have grown fat and unattractive. Union
leaders tell them to strike and they strike. It never occurs to them to
work toward higher level jobs that will automatically bring in more
money, security and satisfaction.
When Henry Ford imagined that he could produce a good lowpriced automobile, people said it could not be done. When he im
agined that he could pay unskilled workers five dollars a day, they
were sure he was crazy. The common perception of wages at that
time was about two dollars a day.
National Cash Register Company failed to recognize the out
standing ability of a number of their employees who moved on to
become millionaires and top executives. Kettering was one of those
men. He rented an old barn and went to work on a self-starter for
automobiles. The physical perception of the problem was that it was
impractical to put a large enough battery in a car that would turn
over the engine and start the car. Many thought that it could not be
done. Kettering did it. His imaginary goal was so strongly fortified
by a positive emotional tone that failure after failure did not stop
him. The Astral Helpers finally got through.
Magic Formula Explained
The cardinal principle of my magic formula is conscious relaxing
of the instrument called body, concentrating on mental-action im

Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally


ages that will open up all Astral Power channels and contemplating
oneness with God and the whole Astral World; then you may live a
truly fulfilled life as God intended you to do. It is only then that
wealth, health and happiness can be yours.
The Big Difference Between My System and Others
All the systems of self-help in print today end up by teaching you
to relax, think positively and have faith that God will help you. In
other words, they all keep you on the first two levels or dimensions of
the universe. They do not even tell you anything about the other five
I want you to experience the power that can come from all seven
dimensions of the universe. I want you to know where they are. I
want you to visit any or all of these seven levels at any time you wish.
I want to expand your consciousness so that you know the universe
and your relationship to it.
Where Is the Astral World?
I sincerely hope that you are not one of the great majority who
believe that when you die, your soul goes to some far-off place called
heaven or hell, and that never the twain shall meet. Dont ever get
the idea that they are going to roll out the red carpet for you and per
sonally escort you to the throne of God.
As an actual fact, when you die, you do not go anywhere. All
that happens is that your Astral Body leaves your physical body.
Your Astral Body enters your physical body at birth, giving you life
that would not exist without it.
The seven levels or dimensions of this earth plane are right here.
They are just differences in frequencies or vibrations. If you can un
derstand that the telephone company can send many messages over
the same wire at the same time, then you can understand the nature
of the Astral World. Many different stations come in over your radio
and television. They operate under different frequencies.
Some day, a great inventor is going to develop a TV with high
enough vibrations or frequencies to tune in all of the Astral World.
What a great day that will be!!
Your Astral Body Can Come and Go From Your Physical Body
There are authorities who claim that we never leave the upper


Setting the Stage Physically and Mentally

Astral World to return to the physical level. They tell us that every
night when we sleep, our Astral Body returns to its more familiar sur
roundings, friends and even duties. You can learn more about what
your Astral Body does while you are asleep by carefully remembering
your dreams. You will remember that I called your attention at the
end of Chapter 1 to the need to fill the gap of consciousness. Dreams
are a dead giveaway of the secret life of your inner self. So why dont
you resolve right this very minute to become better acquainted with
the total universe and the God within you?
It is unfortunate that so many people regard departed souls as
ghostssomething undesirable and to be afraid of. As an actual fact,
there are hundreds of spirits all around you this very minute. They
are probably not paying any more attention to you than you are to
Getting Your First Proof of the Spirit World
For a moment, look out a window and concentrate on what you
believe to be an empty space. If you could see, hear and apply all
your senses to all levels of the Astral World, you would be aware of a
great deal of activity in that empty space and all space.
You can easily get a little better idea of the activity above the
physical plane by carrying out the following exercise.
Get as relaxed as you can and concentrate on any space out in
the open. Just keep looking as though you were seeing something.
Space anywhere will soon be filled with silver streaks. These silver
streaks are left by the spirits as they fly or move rapidly about the
Astral World. Some of them will be your helpers very soon.
You may have to repeat this exercise a few times, but do not give
up. Keep at it until you see these silver streaks. To me it is quite a
beautiful sight as I drive down the street on a foggy morning to see
thousands of silver streaks darting in all directions. I know that my
friends are all around me.
The Astral World is but a narrow band around the earth. All
seven dimensions can coexist in the same area. This may be a little
difficult for you to understand. You do know that all frequencies put
out by a radio or TV station occupy the same space. Our spirit
friends operate on a different frequencythe higher the frequency,
the more advanced these spirits are. On the physical level, our fre
quencies are low.
You are learning to not only release Astral Power, but you will
learn to identify your Astral Helpersso take an inventory of your
childish beliefs and get rid of them right now.

3. Instant Contact With

The Astral Help ers
Through Psychic Space Travel
Helps You Gain Astral Power
This may well be one of the most exciting chapters of my book. I
have done an average amount of earth travel, but psychic space travel
is really something else.
Psychic Space Travel An Exciting Adventure
In one way, even more exciting is psychic space travel around
the physical world. It is so easy to go instantly to any part of the
worldLondon, Paris, Tokyoyou name it. One of my most ex
citing trips was to London to see the play concerning the last five
days in the life of Marilyn Monroe. Who do you suppose accom
panied me on that trip? Why, none other than Norma Jean herself.
She is here by my side as I write these lines.
Russia is now using psychic space travel to collect intelligence
from all over the world. In the future, our government will have to do
better than simply stamping top secret on its documents and lock
ing them up. Russian space spies will not be stopped by any physical
devicesyet our government is not spending a dime on psychic
Boredom Relieved By Astral Projection
Helens co-workers never could understand why she always went
into the rest room during her coffee breaks and took a nap. Helen
was not about to tell her friends that she was far, far awaythat only
her physical body was in the rest room.


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

Helen relieved the boredom of her job by taking shopping trips

or just visiting some far-off place. While on shopping trips, if she saw
something that she wanted, she would call the store and have them
hold it for her, mail it to her, or deliver it, depending on how far away
the store happened to be.
It goes without saying that clerks were often amazed by the girl
who asked them to deliver an article when they knew that she had not
been in the store. However, they usually just shrugged their shoulders
and dismissed their curiosity concerning the deal.
Did you have a nice nap? her co-workers would ask when she
Wonderful. I feel greatly refreshed, Helen would replyand
that was the truth.
Real Estate Broker Keeps on Running His Business While in Prison
I told Henry that he was headed for trouble if he did not mend
his illegal ways, but he would not listenso he got five to ten years
for his fraudulent dealings.
Henry wrote me a letter and wanted me to visit him soon. I dis
covered then that he did remember some of the things that I had told
him. He wanted to learn all about Astral Projection. He had figured
out that he could get out of prison and help his wife carry on his real
estate business.
So far as I know, there is no law that states that the Astral Body
cannot leave a prison cell. In fact, it would be a law that could not be
enforced if there was one. His wife had a real estate brokers license
also, so she could carry on without her husbands physical presence.
Henry and his wife, Clara, both learned how easy it was to engage in
psychic space travel.
The prison guards wondered why Henry spent all his spare time
sleeping. They did not know that his Astral Body was up and away
finding buyers and sellers for choice pieces of property.
Other real estate brokers did not resent Claras sudden out
standing success in the real estate field. They felt sorry for her
because her husband was serving time. Actually, he was making bet
ter use of his time than he ever had before.
I talked to Henry shortly after he was released from prison. I
was not surprised to learn that he intended continuing his astral trips.
They got him into places that he surely would not have been able to
get into as a physical person. Anyway, it would be some time before
he could get his license back.

Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel


Who was it who said four walls do not a prison make? Henry
asked as he waved good-bye.
Business Conferences Via Astral Projection
Donald and Winston were business associates who discovered
how vitally important Astral Projection could be in helping them
build their fortune and make all their dreams come true. These two
men were together because they made a good team. Each one contributed a vital part to the success of the whole organization. Each
was a highly specialized person who needed the other.
Until they learned psychic space travel, they depended upon the
telephone or quick trips to a mutual convenient place for a con
ference. Now, Astral space travel saves them the expense of
telephone calls or the time and expense of traveling by car or by air to
hold their conferences.
Regardless of where they may be, they can meet back at their
headquarters where all the material they need is available and com
plete understanding can be easily obtained. There is no energy shor
tage in the Astral World.
How Astral Travel Saved a Business From Failing
I watched Andrew climb the occupational ladder from a factory
worker to president of the General Gear Company. He did many
things right, but he had one weaknesshe could not delegate
Look, Andy, you are at the place where you must delegate
authority. You have a bunch of supervisors and administrators
around you who cannot make a decision on their own, I said on
more than one occasion.
Andrew would admit that I was right, but he never did anything
about it. When Andy was sick, all the top-notch employees had to
visit him at home to get instructions. Whenever Andy took a vaca
tion, he was on the phone constantly making decisions, directing and
doing the things that should have been delegated years ago.
One day Andrew got up, ate his breakfast and dropped dead.
Everything came to a standstill at the plant.
Several weeks later, Andrews son, Eddie, came to see me. What
should he do? He knew very little about the business. The vice presi
dents had tried to carry on as best they couldwhich was not good


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

Eddie, you have three options: one, sell the business fast before
it all slips away; two, fire all the so-called key people and build the
organization up as it should have been built in the first place; three,
get Andrew to help you until you can get things under control, I
But my Dad is dead. How can he help? Eddie replied.
We will both go up and talk to him, I answered, confusing Ed
die still more.
After assuring Eddie that I was not crazy, I explained Astral
Space Travel to him. I gave him a crash course, and we took off to see
At first Andrew was not pleased to see us. He thought we had
passed to spirit until we called his attention to our silver cords that
were still attached to our physical bodies on the material plane.
To make a long story short, Andrew helped his son until he
learned enough about the business to keep it floating. I helped him
get personnel who could handle the authority delegated by the son.
Stock Broker Makes it Big
I first knew Jerry when he was up one day and down the next.
You could almost tell how much money he had lost or won on the
stock market by looking at the expression on his face.
One day I said to Jerry, Why dont you let me help you get with
it? I am tired of seeing you up one day and down the next.
How can you help me? You are not even interested in stocks, or
money either, for that matter. A hell of a lot of good you could do
me, Jerry replied.
Want to bet? I kept the conversation going.
No, it would be like taking candy from a baby, Jerry kidded.
I taught Jerry the technique of Astral travel. He now visits cor
porations, getting first-hand knowledge of the company before in
vesting. Through Astral travel, he can learn the exact nature of all in
fluences that may result in the stock going up or down. He can
predict how far it will go and how fast it will change.
Jerry has become so successful that he is now an investment
counselor. He can select a portfolio of stocks that will be a winner.
Psychic Space Travel a Blessing For the Traveling Salesman
There are companies who send employees to Europe or South
America or on extended trips within the United States. Over the

Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel


years that I have spent working with individuals and companies, I

have found many persons who gave up good selling jobs to be with
their families.
Clark and Betty solved this problem by Astral projection. They
can be together at any chosen time anywhere or at home. Astral body
lovemaking is carried on by the same method as physical lovemaking. There is no problem.
Perhaps you are ahead of me on this use of psychic space travel.
The wife can check up on her husband and see whether or not he was
as lonely as he said he was when he returned home.
You Have the Method Now
1. Lie down on a bed or couch.
2. Get as relaxed as possible.
3. Develop mental-action images of where you wish to go and time
of return.
4. Raise your vibrations through contemplating oneness with God.
5. Be certain that no one will try to wake you up while engaging in
psychic space travel.
No Need to Wait For Advice From a Psychic
It is unfortunate that well-known psychics give the false impres
sion that they do not know how they do the things they do. They give
you the impression that their power is a gift from God. I would
like to put an end to that nonsense right now. You are just as much a
part of God as Jean Dixon, Edgar Cayce or any of the other famous
psychics. God shows no favorites. I know of one psychic who actual
ly believed that she could give her gift to her best friend when she
passed to spirit. She knows better now. Her name is Hazel Shephard
and she is one of my Astral Helpers.
You can tap just as much Astral Power as the best psychic the
world has even knownand dont you forget it.
When an announcement of the publication of a book on psychic
healing was made, the authors received over 10,000 letters asking for
help. This couple also state that they do not know how they do it.
This makes about as much sense as a famous baseball player,
violinist, inventor, actor or other outstanding person saying that they
do not know how they do it.


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

Peggy Fleming, the Gold Medal figure skater, will tell you that
she practiced six to eight hours a day for years. Thats how she did it.
Well, even if the great psychics are ignorant of the source of their
power, which I doubt, I am going to tell you how I do it and how you
can also.
You Can Travel All Dimensions of the Astral World
You will not only meet and talk to your Astral Helpers, but you
will be able to contact many others. I have talked to Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Benjamin Harrison, Benjamin Franklin, Bishop Pike,
Stephen Foster, Jacqueline Susan, Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn
Monroe), and many of my friends, relatives and teachers who are
now on the spirit side of life. You can do the same.
I do not want to receive 10,000 letters asking for help. I am tell
ing you how you can help yourself to more than any psychic can do
for you. When Edgar Cayce died, he was five years behind in answer
ing his mail. Do you want to wait that long to get an answer to your
The type of meditation I am teaching you will open the door to
the Astral World and everything your heart desires. You will be able
to travel to the third and fourth levels with ease. Your Astral Helpers
will guide you to the fifth, sixth and seventh levels. You will not see
God, but you will talk to many of his most important helpers. You
will feel the presence of God wherever you go on earth or the Astral
You will never hear me tell you that God is waiting for you in all
His glory and then you will be free from all responsibility. Dont look
forward to living a lazy life with God.
However, through space travel, you will discover the unity of
your consciousness with other consciousnesses. You will discover the
many faces of love and the energy that gives consciousness and life
eternal to all things.
God is With You Right Now
It is one of my purposes in writing this book to inspire you to
take a hand in the job of creating a better world as you feel the divine
presence of God within you and your lived ones.
I heard a minister recently say that God says to man, Hello
man, follow me, and man says to God, Hello God, I will follow
you. This is another illustration of the sort of childish stuff I want

Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Trave!


you to give up for good. God is hidden in His creations, so God is

what His creations are. In knowing His creations, you know God.
Actually, God is with you right now. You must learn to realize
this. You are learning to contact the spirits and Astral Helpers. You
do not need to die to find God: you are a spirit now. All avenues of
communication are open now. You can now set out to explore places
and environments that are not physical. I sincerely hope that this
book will increase the number of persons knocking at that invisible
door. There surely is no great rush now. Ministers are still telling
people about how wonderful it will be after death to meet God and
all your loved ones.
Spirituality Means Love, Joy and Happiness Now
The spirituality that I am talking about means joy and happiness
now. It means adventure surpassing anything that you have known
on a physical plane. Spiritual vitality is not dependent upon the
energy from your physical body or your youth. It sings and rings
through the whole universe and through your entire liberated per
sonality. There can be no real creativity without happiness and
healthful living.
As a boy, when my mother took me to church, I was led to
believe that spirituality meant being long-faced, listening to a
minister tell you how sinful you were. Spirituality is love, creativity
and happiness.
The First Step is to Put Your Mind in Order
The first step in developing the power to live in all dimensions of
the world is to put your mind in order. A housecleaning job is
needed. All accumulated rubbish must go, so that nothing will stop
the development of your latent powers. You must get rid of all inhibi
tions, indecisiveness, nervousness, false values and childish beliefs
about life and death. You have been learning to relax and this has
greatly reduced these negative factors.
Anger, worry, jealousy and fear create poison as strong as
arsenic. The poison associated with all negative emotions can not
only kill you but kill flowers, animals and even other humans closely
associated with you. Developing true spirituality as I have described
it eliminates all of these poisons. Fear and worry cannot exist when
there is complete faith. Real love eliminates envy, greed, hate and


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

At this point, it might be well for you to do a little introspecting.

1. Have you found it difficult to believe what I have written so far in
this book?
2. W hat do you really believe about life and death, your personality,
success and health?
3. Can you really face the truth about yourself now?
4. W hat do you really want out of this life?
5. Do you believe that overemphasis on possessive feelings produces
6. Do you believe that too much emphasis on bodily sensations
makes for selfish, self-centered gluttony?
7. Do you believe that too much emphasis on mental sensations
makes you a fanatic?
8. Do you believe that too much emphasis can be placed on the spirit
side of life?
9. Do you want to love deeply and unselfishly, develop under
standing and a forgiving attitude?
10. Do you really want to balance your emotions with your aspira
tions and set the stage for self-mastery so that you can become a link
with everything in the universe?

If you wish to evolve to something better on this earth, you

must use the tools that I am giving you to do so.
You have heard the expression still waters run deep and
silence is golden. The truly spiritual man is silent, calm and a
man of few words. Remember Lincolns Gettysburg Address?
Remember the silence that followed that address? One of the
first lessons that I learned when I was able to be near my spirit
friends was that just feeling their presence was very elevating.
You will find that the spirits do not talk much, but what they
say is of great importance.
Through Concentration, You Project Your Mind to Higher Levels
By means of the meditation I am teaching you, you will learn to
concentrate and project your mind straight to the third level or
dimension and then on to higher dimensions of consciousness. You
will bring back to the physical world all that you have learned as best
you can.

Instant Contact through Psychic Space travel


You will find strength and stability of character without even be

ing conscious of what happened to you. When I am in the presence of
my grandmother, who is on the seventh level of consciousness, she
does not need to say a word. She radiates everything that is good, up
lifting, just and fulfilling. Her love permeates your whole body.
The faith, that you have developed in the unknown and the
divine, changes. Now you know, for you have put yourself in tune
with divine reality.
What the Oriental Sages Knew About Breathing
Now lets go back to the development of the instrument we call
the body, so that all the wonderful things that you desire can actually
You breathe about 16 to 18 times a minute. In the last chapter, I
asked you to get your breathing rate down to about six per minute.
You should reduce your breathing during meditation to not more
than ten per minute six would be better.
The Oriental sages knew all the things I am telling you about
breathing. They believed that breathing properly alone was the key to
prolonging youth, developing clairvoyance and gaining access to
knowledge. It is true, that if you wish to control your health, wealth
or success in life, you begin by learning to breathe correctly.
By slowing your breathing down to ten long, deep breaths per
minute, you will find it impossible to feel irritable, nervous or ex
cited. By engaging in deep, slow, rhythmic breathing of no more than
ten breaths per minute for five minutes, your brain will clear up and
become ready for full application of the magic formula.
If you can drop your breathing to three per minute, all the bodi
ly activities will become very harmonized, less tense and quieted so
that psychic perceptions will easily come into the mind. Your intui
tion and inspiration faculties, the basis of all great achievements, will
be greatly increased. Yogis can slow down their breathing still more,
but I do not advise that you try this now. Keep your deep breathing
during meditation within the range of five to ten deep, slow breaths
per minute.
Do not take this exercise just after eating. Also, be careful to
breathe through your nose, silently, regularly and without any great
effort on your part. While breathing, you should clear your mind of
all negative thoughts. Concentrate on your high ideals or goals.
Remember, you are breathing in more than oxygen. You are
breathing in life, oneness with God and all that you aspire to be.


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

Setting the Stage For Meditation

In Chapter 2 ,1 suggested that you relax your body in bed before
reviewing your day, reciting your affirmation and then going to sleep.
I suggest that you carry on your meditation during the day,
either early in the morning or early evening. It is better to meditate
before meals. Your meditation period should last at least thirty
minutes. You may meditate twice a day if you wish. However, once a
day will suffice.
You should be seated in a straight chair with your feet flat on the
floor and your back straight against the back of the chair. I suggest
that you use a quiet room with practically all light cut off. It is best to
meditate with your eyes closed. I use a blindfold to cut out all vision.
After you have carried on your deep breathing for a minute or
two, repeat the Lords Prayer or one similar to it; then ask for protec
tion against evil forces. Say, Gods pure white light is protecting me
from all undisciplined spirits or negative forces of any kind. The
great importance of this procedure will be fully discussed in Chapter
How To Raise Your Vibrations Through Concentration
You are relaxed and breathing deeply. The next step is con
centration on a mental-action image. Imagine that you see a flower
garden composed of acres and acres of roses. In this garden are many
different varieties of roses sending out many different vibrations to
your conscious mind. Narrow the field until you concentrate on one
large beautiful American Beauty rose.
All the thoughts, sensations, memories and emotions aroused by
imagining acres and acres of roses are slipping away as your mind
becomes stilled and passive. Keep concentrating on this one rose. It
stands out more and more vividly. It is becoming more and more
beautiful. Now you can even see the morning dew on the petals and
Now you should imagine that you see a pure white light coming
out of the sky and spotlighting this beautiful rose. Your mind is filled
with the goodness of living. Repeat to yourself; Higher vibrations,
oneness with God; higher vibrations, oneness with God; higher
vibrations, oneness with God. Keep repeating these words over and
over again.
When you have established full concentration, meditation can

Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel


begin. Remember: you are learning to meditate to solve all of your

life problems and difficulties, and progress toward the type of life you
really want.
How to Reach the Higher Levels Through Contemplation
The third step in my magic formula is contemplation. You simp
ly think in terms of oneness with God and the total Astral World. As
you let the subject of contemplation speak, you become conscious of
a beautiful play of colors and forms that any artist would love to
materialize into physical reality. You are now ceasing to be just a
puppet on a string being jerked and pushed around by people, groups
or unknown forces. You are gaining control over yourself and gain
ing the respect of higher spirit forms in the Astral World.
Contacting Your First Spirit Friends a Thrill
Your next step is to invite your spirit friends to identify
themselves. They will do this by shining a light in your direction. You
will be able to see the light or the spirits themselves with a blindfold
on and in a darkened room. Their identifying lights are generally
white, but may be blue or any color. The more intense the light, the
higher the development of the Spirit.
Eventually, you will be able to see their auras. However, at first
you will probably see only an identifying light, which will come on
for just a second or two. Spirits communicate through thoughts. It
may be some time before you hear their voices. You will pick up their
thoughts as they tell you who they are.
You should make an effort to discover first the identity of your
spirit guidethe spirit that has been with you constantly since birth
and who will stay with you until you pass to spirit. Few people even
know that they have a spirit guide. They are surprised to learn that a
spirit tags along with them everywhere.
How to Apply For a Master Teacher
After you have contacted several spirits and have been able to
raise your vibrations more easily, it is time to make application for
one or more master teachers. I asked my present master teacher,
Ralph Taylor, a blacksmith who lived in Boston during the American
Revolutionary period, how to apply. He stated that you should ad
dress your request to the Hall of Master Teachers. Simply form the


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

following thoughts in your mind during your meditation period: It

is my earnest desire to learn more about the Astral World. I request
that I be assigned a master teacher.
While you are repeating this request several times, form a
mental-action image of an upper room with a table and chairs. See
your spirit guide at the head of the table and several other spirits
seated around the table. You are projecting an image of your master
teacher-to-be and some of your Astral Helpers-to-be.
You should keep repeating this request with the suggested
mental-action image. The time will come when a team of three master
teachers will appear. The leader of the group will get you started.
They may even put on a little ceremony as they did with me. Even
tually, one of the three master teachers will be assigned to you.
My master teacher comes in every evening at 6:45 and spends the
evening with us. He likes television and the atmosphere of home life.
If I travel to another city to attend meetings or give talks, he goes
with me. Every night after I retire, he carries on the training program
best suited for my needs.
Your program will depend very largely upon your goals and
what you wish to do with the Astral power now at your command.
You must remember that complete faith is necessary to open the
doors to the spirit world. Meditating once or twice will get you
nowhere. You must settle down to a program and carry it through
faithfully day after day. It is then that things will start happening and
you will find that your efforts have not been in vain. The night that
my team of master teachers came in and I saw them clearly was the
most thrilling time of my life. When you are ready, your master
teacher will appear.
Things You Need to Know Before You Travel the Astral Route
In Chapter 1, I called your attention to the fact that you have
physical perceptions of all of lifes activities, plans, philosophies,
health, success, etc. You now believe that you are solid and that
everything around you is solid. It is difficult for you to believe that
anything you cannot see or feel is solid. Actually, solidity is relative.
It is nearer the truth to say that nothing is solid.
For travellers on the Astral Plane, the scenery and everything
connected with it seems to be as solid as most physical material. On
my first trip, it was difficult to believe that I could touch the spirits
and they felt just as solid as a person on the physical plane. Of course,
it was my Astral hands doing the touching. It can therefore be stated

Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel


that the Astral is just as real as the physical in every respect.

You cannot see electricity, but you know enough not to take
hold of two live wires. An undisciplined spirit that you cannot see can
give you a shock as powerful as an electric shock. A loving spirit can
make you feel all the finer emotions of love with the greatest of ease.
The scenery in the Astral is just as real as the scenery in England,
China, or California, or on the moon. The inhabitants of the Astral
plane are just as real as any people on earth.
Things come and go on the Astral plane just as they do on earth.
Actually, the chief difference between the two is one of vibrating fre
quency of the substance in question. The Astral has its laws which
must be obeyed just as we have our laws. There is one difference. The
laws of the Astral are obeyed.
No Limits to Astral Travel
As you develop your psychic power, you can, during your
meditation period without leaving your chair, travel to all levels of
the Astral World, see its scenery and people and view their activities;
then return to the physical world. You can travel to any of many
dimensions of the Astral or any part of the physical world and then
return to where your physical body is resting. If that is not something
exciting to look forward to, then you had better throw this book
away. The trips that you can take are endless and they do not cost
you a penny.
First Step on Our Trip to Astral World
It is evening and quite dark as we start our tour of the Astral
World. As we raise our vibrations, we find ourselves on the third
level or dimension of the Astral. It is light all the time on the Astral
plane. The people need no sleep unless put to sleep for a specific pur
The landscape looks very much like earth. The first fact that you
notice is that the colors are bright, fresh and clean looking. They are
much more beautiful than earthly colors. The colors on the third
level are about the same in number as earth colors.
Of course, there are no streets, automobiles, airplanes,
telephones or electric wires, buses or railroad trains. The landscape
where we are now consists of rolling hills and valleys with beautiful
lakes, trees, flowers, houses and other buildings. There is no need for
stores or shopping centers. You even make your own clothes. The in


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

habitants of the third level are dressed very much like earth people.
The first fact that you notice is how beautiful they are. All seem to be
about 30 years of age. You will notice that the people swish along or
fly at high speeds. They can travel the speed of light.
We are approaching an English Colonial house. There is a girl
outside caring for the beautiful flowers. Her husband comes out of
the house and moves rapidly away. As we approach the house, the
girl (her name is Virginia) recognizes me. She was my wifes spirit
guide. She is a very beautiful English girl who lived in London
between 1820 and 1850. She died in childbirth at the age of 30. I in
troduce her to you and she motions for us to go inside. The living
room is furnished very much like it would have been in the early
1800s. There is a bright red rug on the floor, a wood burning
fireplace, a couch and overstuffed chairs. There are pictures on the
walls. She invites us to sit down. Of course, spirits do not need fur
niture, but they can make use of some household equipment.
During all of this time, not a word is spoken. We are picking up
each others thoughts. I then suggest that we talk, so we carry on a
conversation just as might occur on earth.
Your Pets Will Be Waiting For You
Virginia shows us the rest of the house, and you wonder what
use they make of some of the equipment. As we depart, we see the
dog that Virginia owned back in England, lying on the front lawn. He
greets us as he probably greeted many people when living on the
earth plane. Yes, animals, birds and all forms of life are immortal.
Actually, the so-called lower forms of life are much more psychic
than the majority of humans.
Your favorite pets will be kept for you on the Astral plane by
friends, relatives or in an animal shelter. If no one claims them, they
reincarnate and return to earth.
We now swish along like the rest of the natives enjoying the
beautiful scenery. But wait-what is that coming toward us? We are
surprised to see two beautiful white Arabian horses pulling the car
riage of a husband and wife out for a pleasant ride. They smile and
wave to us as they pass us. Undoubtedly, this couple have their
favorite team of horses with them here in the Astral World.
Things Come and Go on the Astral Plane Just As on Earth
We are enjoying observing the many different types of houses

Instant C ontact Through Psychic Space Travel


and buildings when we notice a group of churches. Yes, you will find
your favorite church here. Some of the older, outmoded churches are
disintegrating and disappearing just as things do on earth. The
modern churches still look bright and shiny. They are filled to
capacity for religious services.
The third dimension of consciousness is a playing out and
transitional level. You can find anything you want on the third level,
but it may not help you progress to higher levels.
There Are No Secrets on the Astral Plane
We are now approaching a group of buildings where counselors
hold forth. I am anxious to talk to Mrs. Spokes, who recently sent me
a woman for counseling. Mrs. Spokes is glad to see us and im
mediately asks how Ruth is progressing. She asks this question out of
courtesy, for she knows full well how Ruth is getting along. ESP is a
simple operation in the Astral plane.
Out of courtesy, also, I tell her that Ruth is progressing very well
and that my wife and I enjoy having her in our home. Ruth died of
breast cancer about three years ago. She was put to sleep for over two
years. Her life on earth was not a pleasant one: she was divorced and
tried to raise her two children on her own. My Astral Helpers
repaired the damage that earthly surgeons had done, providing her
with two new breasts and helping her change herself into a beautiful
woman. If you are minus a leg, arm, eye, toe, teeth or any other part
of your body when you arrive on the Astral plane, the part will be
replaced instantly.
Counseling and Teaching is Individualized
Counseling and teaching are all on an individual basis on the
Astral plane. You select your own teacher or counselor and progress
at your own rate. Your teachers or counselors are on a higher vibra
tion level, but they can reduce their vibration so that you can see and
work with them. The teachers also arrange the learning to fit your
level of advancement. Many of these teachers work on different levels
as they meet and help many spirit forms.
Now, I would like to show you a rest home. We are here at the
snap of your finger. I would like to talk to another Virginia who
passed to spirit about two years ago. She was asleep for over a year.
Upon awakening, she was sent to this rest home to recover from her
very rough emotional life on earth.


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

What a beautiful, restful place! There is a huge lake in front of

the cottages that make up the rest home, In the background is a
snow-capped mountain. The peace, beauty and quietness of this
place are unbelievable.
Virginia is coming toward us now. She is very beautiful. I know
her daughter* Suzanne, who is my typist. The second Virginia in
quires about her daughter, but does not mention her husband who is
now remarried. Before we leave this rest home, I make arrangements
for Virginia to stay with us in our home in Ann Arbor.
Fourth Level of Consciousness
Althouth it is difficult to leave this beautiful place, we must now
raise our vibrations a little higher so that we can land on the forth
dimension of consciousness. The landscape appears different. There
are fewer reds and greens and more blues and purples.
I would like to show you my fathers house. He built one on the
Astral plane that is exactly like the one he built in Ann Arbor. Lets
go in quietly. My father, mother, older brother and a friend I knew
when he was on the earth plane are sitting in the living room talking.
They are not surprised to see us; they knew we were coming.
Lets go out into the backyard. I would like to see all of our birds
that we loved so dearly while they were on the earth plane. My father
has them all. It is getting to be quite a bird sanctuary. My father built
bird houses for them, but they seem to like the nearby trees. Now,
they recognize me, hop around and chirp gleefully as they express
their joy in seeing me. But why am I feeling so sad right now? OhI
know. It is little Tammy who loved her life on earth very much. She
did not want to die. Seeing me made her sad. Even this little bird can
put out a very strong emotional feeling.
Colors and Form Noticeably Different on Fifth Level
We will need help to raise our vibrations to the fifth level. I send
a message to my wifes mother, Lenna, to come. She is here instantly.
Almost instantly, we find ourselves in the fifth level of consciousness.
The colors are still differentthe greens are blue-green, the yel
low is gold, the reds are rose color. There are beautiful violet, purple
and white colors. The architecture is difficult to describe in words.
Lenna is a free soul. She wants to show us where she lives. It is a
very tall building that seems to be at least 100 stories high. There are
no front entrances, halls or stairways. You fly right into your apart

Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel


ment. I see it so clearly in my mind as I write these lines, but I just

cant describe it for you.
Master Teacher Takes Us to Sixth Level
To visit the sixth level, it will be necessary for me to call in
Ralph, my master teacher. He will help us raise our vibrations still
higher in order to reach the sixth dimension of consciousness.
He appears and we are instantly on a strip of the sixth level
where it is possible to observe the whole universe. I now know what
our spirit friends mean when they tell us that their concepts of time
and space are different from ours. A more beautiful sight I have
never seen. It seemed that you could reach out and touch the planets
that are millions of miles away to us on earth.
There are planets in all directions: above, below, to the right and
to the left. As we swish along this strip, it keeps coming up. You
never come to the end of it. It looks like a narrow strip that you could
easily walk off.
I will not try to describe the architecture. The landscape does not
resemble the earth plane at all. The colors are beautiful whites,
violets, purples, and golds. The natives are dressed in robes. They do
not look old, but very wise.
There are very few houses or other buildings on the sixth level.
We will now go to another of my master teachers houses. George
and his beautiful wife greet us warmly. The house seems to be built of
white alabaster. The rooms are large but there is no furniture such as
you would find on earth. There are beautiful colors and forms all
over the house that are constantly changing, like a motion picture.
Georges and his wifes auras are a beautiful combination of purple,
white, violet and gold.
Now, let us return to the earth level where we find our physical
bodies resting where we left them. You will notice a silver cord con
necting the Astral and physical bodies. This flexible cord will stretch
any distance on the earth or Astral planes. When the cord breaks,
you are physically dead, and your Astral Body returns to the Astral
Now your Astral Body disappears into the physical body and
you awaken.
A Very Soul Searching View of the Seventh Level
I have had only one direct experience on the seventh level of con


Instant Contact Through Psychic Space Travel

sciousness. Of course, my spirit friends have told me a great deal

about it, so I feel that I understand something about the final stage
during which you satisfy all the requirements before returning to
Let me tell you of my one experience on the seventh level of con
sciousness. I was carrying out my daily meditation one evening and
apparently getting nowhere (so I thought). I kept trying to raise my
vibrations and repeatedly asked my spirit friends to come in. Nothing
happened. Suddenly, I found myself on the seventh dimension. I
found out later that they were giving me a chance to raise my
vibrations to the highest possible level before two of them finished
the job and landed me on the seventh level.
Nothing resembling the earth plane is in evidence. There are no
buildings or houses. It seems that you are on a huge white cloud. The
whites are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Violet and purple
colors are used to give form to the people and objects.
Shortly before this experience, two of our birds that we loved so
much died. Two of my spirit friends got the idea of surprising me
with a seventh level memorial service. So, here I was witnessing a
memorial service for two birds who sat up like majors on a perch that
appeared to have no support. In the background, noticeable only
because of the purple and violet colors that made you aware of it, was
a huge pipe organ. In front of the organ was a group of spirits sing
ing. They appeared to be standing on nothing, just rising up out of a
white cloud.
Seated around this singing group and the organ, but on a lower
level, were many spirit forms. In the middle was my grandmother
who is a seventh level dweller. She has reached the point in her
development where her features are just barely visible, since she is
growing away from the physical form as she moves closer to God.
However, the lights streaming from her person are really
something that must be seen to believe. They are totally in
I did not recognize any of the music as that heard on earth.
However, the organ music and spirit voices surely moved me
emotionally. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I realized that high level
personalities were taking the time to do honor to our little feathered
friends. I tried to comprehend the type of spiritual development
necessary to do what they were doing. I came away a better person.
The scene that I witnessed will be forever imprinted on my mind. I in
tend to have a spirit-minded artist materialize this scene on canvas
for my friends to see, with the hope that they will capture some of the
emotional tone generated on the seventh level of consciousness.

4. How Astra! Power Through

Astral Helpers Keeps
Evil Forces Out Of Your Life
I dont intend to get into a philosophical discussion of good and
evil in this chapter. There are authorities who will have you believe
that everything coming from God is good. These authorities tell us
that even a tornado is creative and good, while to our way of think
ing, it is very destructive. These persons would have us believe that
man is responsible for all evil forces in all dimensions of the universe.
There are also those who believe that we all get what we are
looking for. If we think that evil will beset us, it will. There are many
other ways of looking at the problem of good and evil, none of which
need concern us now.
Like It or Not, Evil Forces Are All Around Us
The fact is that evil exists now and probably always existed. We
read daily of many types of criminal, illegal and immoral behavior.
We spend a significant part of the tax dollar to combat evil forces on
the physical plane. Evil forces are even responsible for a large percen
tage of the patients in all types of hospitals.
But what about the evil forces in the Astral World above the
physical dimension? If you really and honestly believe that everything
in the total universe is good and that you are completely free from all
evil influences, then there is no problem. There surely would be no
need for this chapter.
However, none of us is 100 percent conscious of our complete
personalities, so we do not know what manner of evil may come our
way. We can perhaps understand that a reportedly religious man, a
pillar in the church and a leader in the community, can steal a million
dollars, but we cannot understand how a spirit personality can play
havoc with our lives here on earth.


How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life

Mary Did Not Ask For Protection

Mary read a book on how to become a psychic in ten easy les
sons. This book, and many like it that should not be allowed in cir
culation, did not tell Mary of the bypaths to psychic development
that might play havoc in her life. The authors of such books who are
only out to make a fast buck feel that the great majority will not
develop far enough to get into troubleso why be concerned about
this problem?
Mary was not instructed to ask for protection from evil forces as
she raised her vibrations to higher dimensionsso evil forces took
Mary over. For days, she could not move her arms without great ef
fort. She saw these evil forces in the form of evil faces on the curtains
and walls. Hideous-looking creatures stared at her all day and night.
She was literally thrown on her bed and raped repeatedly, day
after day. Dont ever get the idea that with death all sex disappears.
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Naturally, no one, including her husband, believed her story.
They did believe that she was insane. Her husband left her and finally
divorced his kooky wife.
It was several weeks before Mary finally stumbled into a method
of freeing herself from these evil spirit forces. Her earnest prayers
were finally put in the proper form and the evil forces left. Mary now
asks for protection every time she meditates, but the scars of her first
encounter with evil forces above the physical level are still there.
People Who See Evil Everywhere,
Not Ready to Receive Astral Power
I am certain that you know at least one person who sees evil
everywhere. As you listen to this person talking, you get the idea that
evil is much more prevalent than good. Such a person is not ready to
develop Astral Power. You may be aware of the possibility of evil but
the balance must definitely be in favor of the good.
You are not ready to receive positive Astral Power if you have
unbending, dogmatic beliefs about good and evil. You must have an
open mind, ready to study and learn and accept new ideas and ways
of doing things. You must not be dependent upon any group or
organization mouthing their crystallized concepts and way of life
long after these concepts are of no value to anyone.

How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life


Preparing to Meet Evil Forces on the Physical PlaneFirst Step in

Preparing to Avoid Evil From Higher Levels
Developing the type of personality that can cope with evil forces
on the physical plane is the best preparation for meeting evil forces in
higher dimensions. You must be capable of handling your life as it is,
using all of your resources. You must be ready for active exploration,
not retreat and the development of introversive tendencies. Cowards
never conquer evil forces or tap Astral Power.
As far as evil forces are concerned, it is true that you see what
you want to see. You do not have an objective view of the earth.
There are as many concepts of the earth as there are human beings
living on the earth, and none of them is 100 percent correct. If you
believe that all men are evil, you will never experience any goodness
in human beings. If such is the case, even your best friends will show
their worst sides to you. This is surely not the way to win friends and
influence people.
It may be difficult for you to fully understand that your past life
is the product of what you expected it to be. The unfortunate part of
this is that you carry all these negative traits in your life to the spirit
Do not believe in demons or devils or you will surely experience
them. Do not become obsessed with evil forces or you will find
yourself in the midst of an evil environment.
The Need to Houseclean Again Evident
In Chapter 3 ,1 called your attention to the need for mental and
emotional housecleaning. You should now be aware of the need for
eliminating all ideas of evil or you are not ready to receive positive
Astral Power.
I am fully aware of the fact that it is extremely difficult to believe
in the good and keep all thoughts of evil out of your mind. People
might call you naive or a fool. The great majority of people believe
that you should be on guard at all times against all forms of evil. June
opened the door to let in a man who wanted to use the telephone, so
June ends up being raped and robbed.
Beliefs in the good are more realistic than you may realize at the
moment. We hate crime, wars and injustice so we get more of each.
We need to love peace, honesty and integrity and those qualities will
become materialized.


How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life

Remember what Christ said to the people stoning a woman to

death? He who is without sin, cast the first stone. To the woman he
said, Go and sin no more.
Actually, a government that executes a man for murder commits
a greater crime than the original murderer. It is no accident that the
crime rate in states that had capital punishment was higher than in
those states not having such a law. It is unfortunate that the original
concepts of Christianity were not given a chance to help people.
Negative Forces Make Release of Astral Power Difficult
I know a businessman who has been trying for years to develop
Astral Power to no avail. He cannot understand why. He states that
he believes in its value, yet he questions the validity of every psychic.
It would be easier to convince him that a psychic was a fraud than to
convince him that they are really contacting higher dimensional
levels. It is his rigid concepts of good and evil that hold him back. He
is not spiritually and psychically flexible; he is like a dog on a leash.
This narrowness can follow you through many lifetimes if you do not
do something about it.
Negative Forces Can Bind You to Other Groups
and People For Many Lifetimes
Right now, I am thinking of two men who have been bound to
other men in lives past because of hate, resentment or evil thoughts
and actions in relation to each other. This may be a big world, but
believe it or not, these men will find each other to do battle all over
again. This may go on for hundreds of years until one or the other
frees himself from his rigid, inflexible ideas of good and evil. It is
sound advice to turn the .other cheek if you can realize that the one
wronging you is really only hurting himself.
Let me tell you a true story. I had an aunt who was anything but
positive in her thinking and actions. Her petty crimes are too
numerous to mention.
Aunt Clare ran a boarding house in Ann Arbor. My parents
lived next door to her. There was an old house in the back yard of her
new house. The old house should have been torn down, but it was
moved in back of the new house.
My aunt got the idea of raising chickens for her boarding house.
One day, the old house caught fire and all the chickens were killed.

How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life


My aunt told the story that I set fire to the old house (I was
about eight years old then) and was on the roof of our house with a
hose to keep the fire from spreading to our house. I did not set fire to
the old house. I had no way to get to the roof of a three-story house.
It was all a lie.
Many years later, after I had developed my psychic resources,
my Aunt Clare, who died many years before, came in one night at my
fathers suggestion during my meditation period. She asked for
forgiveness for telling the great lie about me. There was a dead
chicken tied around her neck.
Of course, I had forgotten the incident, but recalled it vividly
when I saw her in spirit form. I forgave her and the dead chicken dis
appeared instantly. She was instantly freed from that particular evil
that she had committed while living on the earth.
A Suggestion For Cutting the Negative Bonds
Before I go any farther with this discussiofi of evil forces, I
would like to suggest to you a way to free yourself of all negative
bonds to other people. To do so now will mean that you will not need
to do battle with them in some other lifetime. It must get a little
monotonous for entities to keep returning to earth because of the
many negative thoughts and actions during their past lives.
I suggest that you review your present life and recall as many in
cidents as possible in which some evil force made your actions
toward others negative in some way, so that hate, anger, resentment,
fear of jealousy was the end result. Perhaps your thoughts or actions
have unconsciously bound you to this person or persons. Prepare as
complete a list of the people involved as possible.
in your mind, or when possible in person, turn the other cheek
in order to free your mind from all narrow, negative, bigoted, rigid
thoughts, ideas and actions. If you do not do this during this lifetime,
you will be reminded of it laterso clean the slate now and develop
that flexible, open-minded personality so that it does not happen
You will not only free your soul from many disturbing in
fluences that keep piling up but you will create a better environment
for fully releasing your Astral Power.
You can set the stage for expanded love, health, wealth and hap
piness. Like attracts like, so you will find yourself with new friends
with the same positive qualities. Always remember, that positive,
creative accomplishments, joy, love, bits of truth gained now,


How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life

definitely make it possible for you to change the universe on all levels
or dimensions.
Auras an Indication of Good and EviS
Let us now both take another walk in space. I would like you to
see and become aware of many indications of good and evil all
around us. Even perfect physical sensory equipment is not enough
for you to become aware of what our Astral Bodies can pick up.
We leave our physical bodies, which now appear to be asleep, as
we step through the wall out into the street. Wait a minuteyou
walked right through the man and he never noticed you. See the bird
sitting up in the tree over there? He noticed us, as did the dog across
the street. I have already called your attention to the fact that animals
are very psychic.
Now lets stand here for a few minutes and observe the persons
passing us. Everyone has an aura, and their colors tell us a great deal
about the person. Notice the beautiful combination of white and blue
flowing from that man who just passed us. He is very spiritually
oriented. Contrast his aura with the muddy red and brown one of the
next man to pass. He is an evil man. See the beautiful flow of gold
and yellow from the man now standing right in front of us? He is very
intellectual and is basically a good man.
Seeing auras is another illustration of the fact that as we look
out on the physical world, we do not see one tenth of what is actually
there. Here comes a woman with a bright brick red aura. She must be
very angry at the moment-so angry that she could do bodily harm
to someone. Lets concentrate on her thoughts. Is her husband going
to get it when she sees him! She is looking down the street at a man
who is now approaching her. His aura is pale grey. He must be this
womans husband; surely he is filled with fear.
We must do this more often. It is a lot of educated fun to stand
on the street corner in your Astral Body and see what is going on in
the minds and bodies of other humans.
Notice a young couple strolling down the street. They cannot
take their eyes off of each other. Their auras are very bright and tend
to blend to make one aura that enfolds both of them. A generous
amount of pure rose color flows from their heads, shoulders, arms
and hands. This means unselfish constant affection. They are truly in
We cannot help but notice the sad, little woman coming our way
now. Her thoughts reveal that things are not going well with her. Her

My aunt told the story that I set fire to the old house (I was
about eight years old then) and was on the roof of our house with a
hose to keep the fire from spreading to our house. I did not set fire to
the old house. I had no way to get to the roof of a three-story house.
It was all a lie.
Many years later, after I had developed my psychic resources,
my Aunt Clare, who died many years before, came in one night at my
fathers suggestion during my meditation period. She asked for
forgiveness for telling the great lie about me. There was a dead
chicken tied around her neck.
Of course, I had forgotten the incident, but recalled it vividly
when I saw her in spirit form. I forgave her and the dead chicken dis
appeared instantly. She was instantly freed from that particular evil
that she had committed while living on the earth.
How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life

A Suggestion For Cutting the Negative Bonds

Before I go any farther with this discussioft of evil forces, I
would like to suggest to you a way to free yourself of all negative
bonds to other people. To do so now will mean that you will not need
to do battle with them in some other lifetime. It must get a little
monotonous for entities to keep returning to earth because of the
many negative thoughts and actions during their past lives.
I suggest that you review your present life and recall as many in
cidents as possible in which some evil force made your actions
toward others negative in some way, so that hate, anger, resentment,
fear of jealousy was the end result. Perhaps your thoughts or actions
have unconsciously bound you to this person or persons. Prepare as
complete a list of the people involved as possible.
In your mind, or when possible in person, turn the other cheek
in order to free your mind from all narrow, negative, bigoted, rigid
thoughts, ideas and actions. If you do not do this during this lifetime,
you will be reminded of it laterso clean the slate now and develop
that flexible, open-minded personality so that it does not happen
You will not only free your soul from many disturbing in
fluences that keep piling up but you will create a better environment
for fully releasing your Astral Power.
You can set the stage for expanded love, health, wealth and hap
piness. Like attracts like, so you will find yourself with new friends
with the same positive qualities. Always remember, that positive,
creative accomplishments, joy, love, bits of truth gained now,


How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life

definitely make it possible for you to change the universe on all levels
or dimensions.
Auras an Indication of Good and Evil
Let us now both take another walk in space. I would like you to
see and become aware of many indications of good and evil all
around us. Even perfect physical sensory equipment is not enough
for you to become aware of what our Astral Bodies can pick up.
We leave our physical bodies, which now appear to be asleep, as
we step through the wall out into the street. Wait a minuteyou
walked right through the man and he never noticed you. See the bird
sitting up in the tree over there? He noticed us, as did the dog across
the street. I have already called your attention to the fact that animals
are very psychic.
Now lets stand here for a few minutes and observe the persons
passing us. Everyone has an aura, and their colors tell us a great deal
about the person. Notice the beautiful combination of white and blue
flowing from that man who just passed us. He is very spiritually
oriented. Contrast his aura with the muddy red and brown one of the
next man to pass. He is an evil man. See the beautiful flow of gold
and yellow from the man now standing right in front of us? He is very
intellectual and is basically a good man.
Seeing auras is another illustration of the fact that as we look
out on the physical world, we do not see one tenth of what is actually
there. Here comes a woman with a bright brick red aura. She must be
very angry at the momentso angry that she could do bodily harm
to someone. Lets concentrate on her thoughts. Is her husband going
to get it when she sees him! She is looking down the street at a man
who is now approaching her. His aura is pale grey. He must be this
woman's husband; surely he is filled with fear.
We must do this more often. It is a lot of educated fun to stand
on the street corner in your Astral Body and see what is going on in
the minds and bodies of other humans.
Notice a young couple strolling down the street. They cannot
take their eyes off of each other. Their auras are very bright and tend
to blend to make one aura that enfolds both of them. A generous
amount of pure rose color flows from their heads, shoulders, arms
and hands. This means unselfish constant affection. They are truly in
We cannot help but notice the sad, little woman coming our way
now. Her thoughts reveal that things are not going well with her. Her

How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life


dark grey aura mixed with brown and red indicates that she is very
depressed. She is very close to the psychotic level and needs help.
Here is an interesting observation. See the man following that
attractive girl who is dressed to reveal her sexual charms? He has it all
spelled out in his mind. We pick up pictures from his mind of a
bedroom scene with two naked bodies. His aura is deep red mixed
with brown. There is also a lot of carmine red in it. Lets pick up the
girls thoughts. She knows that she has the man on her hook. Her
aura has a lot of greenish and reddish brown, indicating pure
selfishness. She will take him for every cent he has.
Here comes an evil man. See his green and gray aura mixed with
reddish brown? He would make a good con man. At any rate, he is
very deceitful.
Now look at an older couple coming our way. The mans aura
has a lot of white and lavender in it. His wifes aura is violet and
white. Here we find complete spiritual dedication. Both have a high
degree of spirituality.
Auras May Soon Be Used to Diagnose Illness
The colors of this next mans aura are very dull. There seems to
be a lot of dark gray,-almost black,and brown. He must be on his
way to the doctors office. At least he should be, for he is very ill and
may not make it.
The Meaning of Thought Clouds
As we swish along down the street, we notice clouds of thought
vibrations. If we could only fully understand them, we could under
stand the composite thinking of many people. Thoughts are things
and every thought you ever set into motion is still moving
somewhere. Reading these composite thought vibrations would be a
more accurate poll than any other.
These thought clouds become forces, like attracting like. All of
us have our own thought atmosphere that attracts others who think
as we do. Do I need to tell you what evil thought composites can do
to you?
See the composite of thoughts that we are coming closer to? I
can tell by the colors and general nature of this composite that it is
made up of depressed feelings. Lets swish right into its path and
prove a point. You now feel depressed but you do not know why.


How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life

Randolph Hearst called the Symbionese Liberation Army kid

nappers of his daughter, Patricia, cruel. He believes that his daughter
was brainwashed or she surely would not have announced that she
would stay with her captors. From my preceding discussion, you now
know what happened. Patricia was subjected to great clouds of the
composite thoughts of these radicals until the time came when she ac
cepted these men as having a worthy cause.
We Need Protection From Physical Evil Forces as Well as Evil on
Higher Levels
We know that we must seek protection from evil forces above
the physical level. However, you must now realize that we also need
protection from these clouds of composite evil thought patterns that
exist on the physical plane. We can avoid reading or listening to the
propaganda put out by groups or individuals, but what about the
thought clouds that our physical senses cannot become aware of ?
One of the most interesting side trips of our space walk will be to
become aware of individual thought forms that can be seen easily by
our Astral senses. Many of them are very beautiful, colored designs
that have powerful meanings. However, we must protect ourselves
from the ugly, dark thoughts that come from evil minds or groups of
minds. I surely do not need to call your attention to the magnetic in
fluence of these composite evil thought patterns that could draw us in
if we are not careful.
Protection Necessary When Traveling the Lower Astral Levels
Before entering one of the lowest divisions of the Astral plane, it
will be necessary for me to surround both of us with protective
forces. We might otherwise suffer some terrifying consequences, as
was the case with Mary. Do not be afraid. You will be taught later
how to get the needed protection.
We do not need to raise our vibrations very high, for we are still
close to the physical pull of earth. It appears that we are in a foul,
foggy, dense atmosphere that makes it rather difficult to move
around freely. This is where the depraved, vulgar, immoral, dis
honest, criminal spirits live. It is the place most people think of as
There is no feeling of peace, quiet, love, rest or anything positive
here. People here just wander around helplessly. Many of them are
very repulsive to look at. Some are so far down the scale that there is

How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life


littie hope of saving them. These personalities are finally destroyed

and their souls sent back to God. We would find the most hopeless
on still lower levels which we will not visit.
As we look into the background of this place, we can still see the
material world. These souls have died but have not made any
progress on the Astral level. They have been sent here to think about
their sins.
If we look more closely, we will notice that the earthly scenes are
not of a highly desirable type. The beautiful earth, with all of its
many worthwhile activities, is not available to these depraved souls.
Person Not Interested in Psychic Development Also in Danger
There is still another danger of evil from these lower levels to
people not interested in raising their vibrations to the Astral level. I
have already called your attention to the fact that the composites or
collective atmospheres around undesirable evil persons, areas or es
tablishments are very strong. Persons on the earthly plane who have
had too much to drink, have been taking drugs, or are just very ner
vous, tense and negative in their thinking lay themselves open to the
disastrous influences of these wicked souls. Unfortunately, death
does not keep evil forces from taking their toll.
The people in a night club, bar, gambling palace or other places
low on the accepted morality scale are apparently having a good
time, drinking, making or losing money, dancing, going to bed with
their best friends wife or what have you.
Right now, we are out of body and observing more than what
the majority of people would agree is going on. We see these evil
souls from the places previously described hovering over many of the
people in the physical plane, egging them on to greater immoral, il
legal, lewd activities. Not being able to engage in these undesirable
activities on a physical level themselves, they get their kicks by in
fluencing others to follow their evil ways.
I notice that you are becoming a little nervous about leaving
your physical body for so long a time. We will swish back so that you
can see that all is well. Our physical bodies appear to be asleep.
Observing a Few Spirit-Physical Activities Through Astral Projection
It is late at night and most humans are in bed. It is true that all
but the evil spirits respect the privacy of humans in bed asleep or


How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life

engaging in sexual relations. However, we will be one very uncom

mon exception to the rule. I will let you be the judge as to whether or
not you believe that what you see is evil.
I have called your attention to the fact that death does not
preclude sex. If anything, the lovemaking urge is increased. Several
volumes could be written on this subject, but I will need to limit my
discussion to just a few observations.
Here is an interesting scene. There is a man asleep in the living
room sitting in front of the television set. The TV is on but this man is
sound asleep.
Lets move into the bedroom. Here we see a woman enjoying sex
with a man from the spirit side of life. It is obvious that she is receiv
ing the maximum emotional pleasure from the experience. It goes on
and on, lasting much longer than the average sexual encounter.
Now, we hear the man in the living room moving around. He
turns off the television set and goes into the bathroom. When he gets
into bed with this woman who is his wife, she appears to be asleep.
He wakes her up and proceeds to engage in the love act which is over
in a short time. The woman appears to get very little out of it.
Who was the spirit whose performance was so very fine? He was
her first husband who died several years ago. Good or evilyou be
the judge.
Well, this night appears to be very fruitful. In that apartment
down there is a couple engaging in a very heavy petting. Lets stop
and observe. It is the mans apartment and the girl is his choice for a
wife. He has determined to go the whole way tonight, but she has
other ideas. He plies her with drink, but she still holds out.
Finally Ted decides to take his girl Judy home. When they arrive
there he tries again to no avail. Judy finally agrees to let Ted put her
to bed. Seeing her beautiful body drives him out of his mind, but she
will not give in.
Ted is back at his home again, hitting the bottle. Suddenly he
has an idea. He has been studying about Astral projection. Ted
quickly takes off his clothes and jumps into bed. He goes into medita
tion and thinks of his Astral Body at his girls apartment.
Ted finds her in deep sleep dreaming about him. His Astral Body
takes it from this point. She responds beautifully. At last he has gone
the whole way. Finally, both are in each others arms, fast asleep. In
the morning, he wakes up at home with a full realization of what hap
pened. Should he tell her? Better not, he finally concludes. Again, I
ask the question: good or evil? You be the judge.

How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life


Beware of Imposters From the Spirit World

Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe), who has been a great
help in writing this book, tells me that while on earth, she was con
scious of the fact that she was the sex object for thousands of men
every night as they dreamed of having intercourse with her, or very
consciously masturbating.
Since she has been on the spirit side of life for 12 years, it seems a
bit surprising to her that she is still the sex object for many men who
dream of sex with her or masturbate.
Being a fifth level inhabitant, she has no intention of answering
their requests, but the lower level females are more than willing to
impersonate Marilyn Monroe.
Would-be psychics who are able to raise their vibrations a bit
and do not have worthy goals often request a night with Marilyn or
some other well-known sexy female. Sure enough, their request is
answered, and a female falsely claiming to be the one requested
serves up the wanted sex or perverted act. The would-be psychic does
not know the difference. Girls can do the same thing with the same
This leads us directly into another problem for my readers. Evil
spirits will impersonate anyone, even your sainted grandmotherso
dont get too excited if you believe you have contacted a friend or
relative or any person until you are certain that the real person really
shows up.
But now lets get on with our space walk in the private lives of
earth people. One of my students recently reported that she had con
tacted a young man in spirit who offered to help her with her
astrology lessons. I sensed his presence during one our meetings and
asked his name. He replied that it was none of my business. That
answer in itself would be enough to cast suspicion on him.
Lets swish over to Joans apartment and see what is going on.
Joan is sound asleep, but this young man is fooling around with her,
being careful not to wake her up or even let her dream about him. He
is now having sexual relations with her. He will probably try to gain
her confidence and then let her be conscious of his nightly visits. I
will advise Joan to protect herself against this evil spirit.
Volumes could be written about the evil forces of the Astral
World. Mahatma Gandhi is quoted by a psychic who interviewed
him as saying that it is just as bad over here as it is there.
I am sure that you are not ready to resign from the earth because


How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life

of evil forces. You surely do not depend upon the forces of law and
order. There is three times as much crime as reported. Most of us
have faith that we will live another day, month or year. The Astral
world seems to survive fairly well also.
Black Magic is the Wrong Use of Powerful Astral Power
If we very carefully study this problem of evil on all levels of the
universe, we have to come to the conclusion that a very evil entity can
also be potentially a very good one. For example, black magic and
satanism are simply the use of powerful energy for the wrong pur
pose. Good and evil are both creative.
I am almost ready to conclude that all things going on today in
the universe are a mixture of good and evil. If you understand this,
you will work your way through it all with G ods protection and your
own pure motives.
We Must Learn to Adjust to Both Good and Evil
It is true that sometimes the greatest help comes from the faulty
people. This is true whether they exist on the physical or Astral
planes. It is also true that many good people cannot be of any help to
anyone. One of my philosophy teachers once stated in class that there
could be no good without evil or evil without good. Many religious
leaders tell that the good comes from God and the evil from the devil.
I called your attention to composite thought and emotional pat
terns that are everywhere. No one can avoid the evil and disturbing
ones. It is equally true that if we can love people regardless of their
faults, and if we can keep from sitting in judgment of other people,
we will be better persons ourselves. Like attract like; our own
honesty, open-mindedness, charity and basic goodness will draw us
to all that is good. It works the other way also. Our faults and
weaknesses attract more of the same. We must never let a negative
thought get started because it will multiply so rapidly that it will soon
take over. Labeling this condition as evil or devil forces does not
Several times I have mentioned the need for mental housecleaning if a positive basis for psychic developments is to exist. Let me put
it another way: there is no evil force or person, no type of satanism or
black magic, no low level spirit that can have any effect upon you un
less there is some negative potential of the same frequency within

How Astral Power Keeps Evil Forces Out of Your Life


Rid Yourself of Evil Traits and Protection

Will Not Be as Vitally Necessary
In general, the best preparation against evil, no matter where it
comes from, is to rid yourself of dishonesty, fear, jealousy,
selfishness, hatred, doubt or ulterior motives. To do this will bring a
tight band of protection around you that evil cannot penetrate.
Commands For Protection Against All Evil Forces
Since none of us are perfect and probably never will be, a prac
tical solution to the problem of evil as you develop your psychic
power is to appeal to God for help.
After you have relaxed your body and, through concentration,
prepared your mind for higher vibrations, repeat this statement of
Gods pure white light is protecting me against all undisciplined
spirits and evil entities.
A tight band of security against all evil forces exists around my home
and family. Gods helpers are protecting me from all physical,
emotional or mental harm.

Repeat these statements at least three times, concentrating

on the positive nature of the protection. One of these commands
should be repeated every night before going to sleep. If you are
in the habit of praying at this time, add the protection statement
to your prayer.
You should ask for protection every time you meditate.
Let us suppose that an evil spirit is plying his trade with you
now. How do you get rid of this evil force?
In as strong thoughts or spoken words as possible, state:
In the name of Jesus Christ (or Jehovah), begone instantly.
Keep repeating this statement until the force disappears.

5. How To Use The Magic Formula,

R-C-C, To Bring Forth
A Flood Of Riches
If you have learned your lessons well, you are now ready to ap
ply what you have learned. I suggest that you keep reviewing the first
four chapters until your Astral Power is well established.
In this chapter, we are concerned with many types of riches.
Most of us need to work for a living, so we are necessarily concerned
with material riches. There are mental and emotional riches as well,
however; one should like what he is doing. Your life is not complete
unless you have finally experienced spiritual riches. You are on earth
to learn and advance toward oneness with God; spiritual riches are
your crowning achievement.
As you advance in your meditation skills, you will learn the full
meaning of these three words: RelaxationConcentration
Contemplation. They will become your magic formula.
Alex Manoogian, Edward Forey, Bill Davidson and Richard
Riobel would have to spend $13,000 a day for 20 years to squander
their personal fortunes. Each of these millionaires took a small com
pany and built it into a gold mine.
Each would tell you that money as such has little effect or mean
ing to them other than making it possible for them to control the
companies in which they are interested. Each will tell you that he
worked 12 hours a day six days a week, and thought about business
seven days a week. If this is not concentration in action, what is?
Each, and many others like them, will tell you that success
means a sacrifice of other things. Each will tell you that you have to
select good people to build a sound organization and then know how
to manage them. People must like their work and do it joyfully.

How To Use the M agic Formula R-C-C


There Must Be Real Dedication

Each of these men will tell you that you need to feel real dedica
tion to the job. Every rich man or woman will admit that wealth is a
state of mind. They achieve as much satisfaction in giving money
away as they do in making it. Many wealthy people do give away
huge fortunes.
Charles S. Mott of General Motors must have made good use of
the magic formula relaxationconcentrationcontemplation, Peo
ple were surprised when they discovered that he held only General
Motors stock. He concentrated on one corporation, working hard to
create wealth for it. He did not play the stock market.
But he also contemplated oneness with God, for he gave millions
for education in the Flint, Michigan schools. He made it possible for
the University of Michigan to build a branch of the university at
Flint. He gave money to build one of the finest childrens hospitals in
the world at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Ar
bor. His philanthropic activities were numerous.
A person must be relaxed and free from tension to do all the
things Charles Mott did. You must develop concentration, not only
for successful meditation, but for all of your activities. The crowning
achievement comes when you contemplate oneness with God as you
go about relieving the burdens of your less fortunate brothers.
What Happens When the Magic Formula Is Not Used Wisely
Let us see what happens when you do not make full use of the
third factor of your magic formulacontemplation of oneness with
Richard Clayton was a successful high school physical education
teacher with a wife and two children. He became interested in playing
the stock market. His goal was to make $100,000 and then quit. He
told himself that too many people are not satisfied and keep on
building up a financial empire. He was going to be differentor so
he thought to himself.
He reached his goal without too much trouble, but he did not
quit then. He thought, I will run my winnings up to $500,000 and
then quit the market and my job. I will retire before the age of 30.
He concentrated on the market, but since he was in a hurry, he
took more chances on stock that certainly was not blue chip.
Within a year however,Richard had his $500,000, on paper at least.


How To Use the M agic Formula R-C-C

He quit his job but he did not quit the market. Said he, I will run it
up to $1,000,000 and then quit for sure.
Richard was concentrating, but at this point even if he had asked
for Astral helperswhich, of course, he knew nothing abouthe
would not have received their help. You must have an honest,
honorable goal to win the support of Astral helpers.
Bit by bit, Richards fortune grew; however, he was also taking
more chances on the stock market. Many of his friends warned him
to slow down and use better judgment, but he did not listen. He told
himself that he would surely quit when he reached $1,000,000.
As he approached his last goal, his luck changed to misfortune.
He became panicky and used poorer and poorer judgment, until it
was too late to save his fortune.
The motor of his Cadillac was still running when they found him
in his garagedead. In his zeal to amass material wealth, he had not
contemplated oneness with God.
If you wish to reach any of your goals in life, you must put all
three factors of your magic formula to workre la x a tio n concentrationcontemplation.
How The Astral Helpers Can Get You a Job
One of the least successful methods of getting a job is to start out
with the classified section in your hand. You go from one employ
ment office to another asking for a job, and fill out dozens of applica
tions which will never be considered or even looked at by anyone. At
the end of the day, you go home tired, discouraged and feeling very
low on the totem pole.
You should formulate in your mind an image of the type of posi
tion that you want. Picture the type of employer for whom you wish
to work. Evaluate carefully your own qualifications. Above all, do
not sell yourself short to yourself or anyone else. You are better than
you think you are.
During your meditation period, present the picture you have
formulated in your mind to your Astral helpers. Actually, vividly and
realistically see yourself on the job that you want. Give your Astral
helpers the task of coming up with suggestions as to where this job is
located, if it exists or can be created.
After a few meditation sessions over a period of a few days,
listen carefully for suggestions from the Astral world. Follow up on
these suggestions until you find your ideal job. You may even get
calls from unexpected sources offering you a job. Your job will be
waiting for you and you alone.

How To Use the Magic Formula R-C-C


One of my college teaching jobs was secured in this way. The

University Placement Bureau sent my credentials (by mistakeso
they thoughtmy Astral helpers will tell you that it was no mistake)
to a midwestern college. As far as anyone knew, there was no job
available at this college.
Within a short time, I received a letter from Dr. Collins, presi
dent of this college. He stated that he would be passing through my
home town on a certain day and that he would like to talk to me.
I kept that appointment. Dr. Collins told me that he had no
opening in the field of psychology, but he was interested in my
qualifications. We kept on talking and before the interview was over,
I had a job. I was to report for work in two weeks.
Astral Helpers Actually Created a Job For Me
It does not take any great amount of imagination to realize how
very busy my Astral helpers were. They actually created a job for me
where none existed. They must have been in touch with many col
leges before finding a college where they could create this job. They
influenced someone at the University Placement Bureau to send my
credentials to Dr. Collins, who had not requested them. They in
fluenced Dr. Collins to not send my qualification report right back,
but to read it. They must have known that Dr. Collins would be com
ing my way soon. They kept putting ideas in his mind until he wrote
the letter. They kept hammering away at him until he saw the need
for a new job and that I was just the person to fill it.
I stayed on that job for ten years, until a better one came along
the same way.
More Evidence of How Your Astral Helpers Work For You
After my experience with the Air Force, I decided to open up an
office and devote my time to helping others. I did not know at that
time how best I might help. I opened the office on pure faith. It
would be about one year before my name was even listed in the Yel
low Pages; however, I kept busy for a while thinking up new ideas.
One day, out of the blue, a Mr. Ryan walked into my office. He
apologized for not making an appointment. I already had an offer of
a job with the state mental hospital; the superintendent called me
several times. Three guesses as to how he knew I might be interested.
I turned down that job, however.


How To Use the M agic Formula R-C-C

Mr. Ryan wanted me to write psychological reports for a human

engineering firm of which he was part owner. That was over 25 years
ago; I am still writing these reports with the aid of my Astral friends.
Five years later, another human engineer from Chicago walked
into my office. I have been writing his reports for over 20 years.
I was fired from the only job I sought out on my own. I have
never been fired from any type of work in which my Astral helpers
have been involved.
I could give you illustrations of dozens of cases where good jobs
come out of the blue to people who had only faith in God that their
services would be used for the benefit of all.
Why should anyone be unemployed? The answer to this ques
tion is that they shouldnt, but you just cannot stand around waiting
for a job to come to you. You must make use of your magic formula;
you must set the stage for the utilization of your assets. You must ask
for help.
Astral Helpers Are EverywhereYet Many Do Not Use Them
There is plenty of evidence in the business world of thousands
who never, even unconsciously, make use of Astral power. They quit
school before graduating from high school. They go out and get a
jobany job. They get married and have kids. They can stay on the
same job for 20 years and know no more about the job or anything
else than the first day they walked in. When laid off, for a variety of
reasons, they head for the unemployment office, making little or no
effort to get a jobjust collecting their unemployment benefits.
However, there are a few in this group who wake up. When the
workers are called back, they have found a better job.
As unlikely as it may sound, the chances of advancing from of
fice boy or machine operator to president of the company are still as
good as they ever werebut you must use your Astral power to do
this. There is no other way.
Regardless of the job, you must set higher goals. You must learn
everything there is to know on the job. If you do not have a college
degree, you must keep on taking special courses that will help you ad
The office boy who becomes president leaves no stone unturned.
He learns the business from the ground up. He establishes a base of
experience from which to advance. He takes advantage of every op
portunity to show interest and concern for bettering the company.
He is a vital part of the organization from the time he takes his first
job. He identifies well with the company.

How To Use the Magic Formula R-C-C


You may or may not realize fully why you advance, but if you
do get somewhere in the business world, you have consciously or un
consciously tapped Astral power. But always rememberyou do not
need to take the chance of stumbling into it. This book was written to
help you make a beeline to Astral power.

Hiring By First impression Not Good

Earl Jackson got by two personnel experts and was hired. They
ignored the advice that I received from my Astral helpers.
I told Dr. MacNitt that I could see nothing during my personal inter
view that appeared to be detrimental. All Dr. MacNitt said was Look
It is true that with his degree, he should be much farther along. I can
see some of the things which Dr. MacNitt criticizes,

One of the personnel experts wrote to the personnel expert at

Stearns-Foster Co.
My long, detailed report was summarized as follows:
Earl Jackson has a fairly good order of intelligence with fairly good
supervisory ability. He is dependable in that he will be there.
I predict that his likely performance will be average at best. He has
trouble keeping up his confidence. He needs more self-sufficiency and
less dependency.
It seems to me that this man has been satisfied to give a good first im
pression, making others believe that he is good and hoping that they
will not find out otherwise. You are headed for trouble if you hire him.

This is the company for which I have been writing reports for
over 25 years. They have stated on more than one occasion that my
reports were uncanny in their accuracy; yet this prospective
employee did such a good selling job for himself that they bypassed
my report.
Earl Jackson not only passed inspection from two highly skilled
personnel men, but he passed the objective tests given him also.
Scientists are always talking about psychic phenomona not being ob
jective. W hat could be more objective than a report based on my
Astral helpers findings? My Astral friends found out the truth about
this man.


How To Use the M agic Formula R-C-C

Not Hiring Because of Poor Interview Impressions Is Not Good Either

This phenomenon works the other way too. During my long
years of personnel evaluation for many large corporations
throughout the United States and Canada, I have recommended
persons who did not sell themselves well in interviews. The first im
pression they gave was a rather poor one. My clients have come to
the conclusion that in such cases, they should get my evaluation first
before turning these applicants down.
Having the potential capability and the personality to do a good
job in some fields of activity does not always depend upon selling
yourself to a personnel interviewer. Also, because an employee has
failed on one job or does not receive a good recommendation does
not necessarily mean that he cannot give a good account of himself
on another job. You always need to take into consideration the com
bination of personalities that will either help or hinder a new
employee from making good too.
James Brown had great difficulty getting and holding a job.
After talking to him, you did not get the impression that he had even
average intelligence. He was so quiet, so much a loner that he had no
friends. It was difficult to believe that he had a degree in electrical
My Astral helpers indicated to me that he could do a fine job if
given the right opportunity. I finally found him a job doing research
in radar on a classified project. He was locked in by himself in a
research laboratory. This job was just what the doctor ordered. He
came up with much more original material than was expected. Best of
all, he was happy and contented. Since many of his findings were of a
very creative nature, I suspect that he, at least unconsciously, had a
few Astral helpers himself.
There are too many companies whose policy is simply to hire
workers and place them on probation for a few weeks or months. If
they do not work out, they let them go. This is a very costly process
not only from the standpoint of the need to replace the fired workers,
but to spend time training them. Other factors all the way up the
companys structure may result in additional costs simply because
one or more persons did not work out well.
What Your Astral Helpers Contribute to the Hiring Picture
Your Astral helpers can evaluate the total situation with a high

How To Use the Magic Formula R-C-C


degree of accuracy. They not only can point out personal habits that
are good, bad or indifferent, but they can tell you if the prospective
employee will identify himself well with the company and have the
necessary leadership traits, confidence, dominance, etc., to succeed.
Will his personality clash with those of other employees? Does he
have a well enough adjusted personality to assume more and more
responsibility? If it is a job where there is little opportunity for ad
vancement, will the prospective employee be willing to stay on such a
job indefinitely?
Suppose you have an employee on a higher occupational level
who will be retiring in a few months. It is your desire to hire a person
for a rather minor job now, with the hope that the new employee can
be moved up to the retired employees job. Will the new employee be
able to handle the higher level job? Will he be satisfied with a job
below his capability as he waits to move up?
I could name any number of businesses and industrial organiza
tions which might have had a fine future, but are now out of business
because they failed to consider the problems that I have raised
problems best solved by Astral helpers. Too many companies hire in
discriminately because of a time factor, a poor selection of appli
cants, or the lack of know-how in fitting an employee to a job. An
organization can be no more efficient than its employees; this is true
on all levels of operation.
I am now thinking of a department store that failed in a certain
location. Another almost identical department store is succeeding in
the same building. Why? The new corporationss source of supply is
the same. Their business organization chart shows the same standard
set-up as far as distribution of authority is concerned. Why, then is
one succeeding while the other one failed? Because the new' store has
developed teamwork so far as their employees are concerned: each
person is carefully screened and placed where he can do the most
good for the company and at the same time be able to adequately
release his own potential for a deeper satisfaction from his daily

Astral Power Builds a World-Wide Franchise Business

A donut franchise operation was perhaps the most outstanding
example of the use of Astral helpers. Perhaps millions of dollars were
saved by able handling of expansion in an organization which grew
very rapidly.
It was evident to Bill, owner of several donut stores in the


How To Use the M agic Formula R-C-C

Boston area, that his method of merchandising would be successful

only if handled properly. He wisely called in the human engineer with
whom I have been associated for over 20 years.
A survey of the organization was set up and carried out. This in
cluded evaluation of all personnel in the present organization. It was
Bills idea to expand with his present staff, adding new personnel as
the demand indicated.
Bill was a hard-boiled, down-to-earth, no-nonsense businessman
with exceptionally fine foresight and imagination. Bill had no small
ideas; they were all big ones. He wanted to sell franchises, construct
their buildings and sell the franchisee everything it needed to operate
a donut store. He also wanted to carefully supervise all activities.
We first evaluated all of the present staff to determine whether
or not they could grow with the company. Could they assume everincreasing responsibility? Would they delegate authority adequately?
Could they develop into top-notch executives, administrators and
supervisors? Could we find, within this group, all of the specific
capabilities needed to do the jobs well?
The completed survey indicated that none of the present
employees could fit into the type of organization Bill had in mind. It
was apparent that a completely new organization had to be
developed. This included vice presidents of various areas, controller
and staff, buyers, field supervisors, architects, draftsmen, construc
tion supervisors, real estate men to buy property in the best locations,
etc. Each of these specialized persons was hired on the basis of
whether he could do the work now and continue to grow with the
My Astral helpers surely had their hands full on this assignment.
Hundreds of people had to be interviewed, tested and evaluated.
Standards had to be set up for each. Qualifications for franchises had
to be established.
Some franchise organizations make the mistake of assuming
that if a man has $20,000 invested in a franchise, he will worry about
making good because of his fear of losing his money. Such a business
philosophy is false and negative in its approach and will not work. It
takes more than money to run a successful business operation.
This franchise donut operation is today the largest in the world.
It is even teaching the Japanese how to make and merchandise
donuts. These franchises cover the entire United States, Canada,
England and several European countries, and Japan. Although few
people within the organization know it, Astral power built this
organization and Astral power keeps it financially sound.

How To Use the M agic Formula R-C-C


How To Get the Help of Your Astral Friends in Selecting Good People
For Your Business
Your attention has been focused on the fact that you do not
need a quiet place to meditate. Once you have developed the skills of
relaxation, concentration and contemplation, you can meditate in
your office or anywhere else. You should, however, cut off the phone
and see that others do not command your attention.
After the forces of meditation have taken over, review the per
sonnel data form of the person you are considering for a definite
place in your organization. You could also use their letter of applica
tion or submitted resum.
List, in your mind or on a sheet of paper, your requirements and
the personal information you believe important. Be certain that all of
these are clearly in your mind; then, in one simple sentence, ask your
Astral helpers to come up with the answers you need. Repeat this
process for each person you are considering as an applicant for a new
job or a promotion to a higher level job. Use the same procedure for
a person who may need to be fired.
Put all of these papers aside for at least 24 hours. Your Astral
helpers work fast, but they may need at least 24 hours. Do not let any
thoughts concerning these persons enter your mind for 24 hours.
Return to a meditating situation with all forms or other papers
in front of you after 24 hours. The answers to your questions will
then come into your mind. Make the necessary noteswrite the
reports or whatever is necessary to hire, fire, promote or transfer the
person in question. It is just as simple as that. Believe what your mind
tells you. Do not say, Oh! Its just my imagination. Believe and act
accordingly. Your reports will be right in over 90 percent of the cases.
Here Are Some of the Answers Your Astral Helpers May Give You
1. Excellent potential capabilitywell motivated for the jobwill
expect to advance rapidlygood personality adjustment
recommend hiring.
2. Good potential capabilitynot well trainedwill need more
experiencedoes not follow through wellhas no specific goals
better think twice before hiring.
3. Information on personnel data form is not accuratecheck
former jobs carefully.


How To Use the M agic Formula R-C-C

4. Has bad personal habits does not handle money wellnot 100
percent honestnot recommended.
5. Will do a wonderful job for a few weeks and then disappear.
(Note; This man was hired. He actually did disappear, leaving his wife
and children.)
6. Excellent family mangood marriage-average capabilitygood
for routine activities and limited supervisory work.
7. Puts up excellent front, but when you get to know him you realize
how shallow he isgood one-order salesman.
8. Very introvertedgood for researchvery creative but needs
some supervision does not make good first impression but will do an
excellent job if in the right place.
9. Should be able to advance to top-notch managerial activities
fine personality and characterexcellent education and experience
good potential capabilitygood employment risk.
10. Very negative thinkergood potential but does not wear w e ll other employees will not adjust well to him do not hire.
11. Promotion not recommended at this time added responsibility
will be hard for him to assumeis already forcing himself to keep up
with his present job.
12. This man is not a good occupational riskhe should be ter
minated at once.
13. This prospective employee needs counselinghe has a serious
emotional problem that must be brought out into the openhe may
work out if his emotions are straightened out.
14. This man will not work out well on the proposed jobhowever,
he has fine potential for a job soon to be available in another field-
keep in touch with him.
15. You may have trouble holding this man. He is destined for great
things in the business worldhe is overqualified for the proposed job.

How Your Astral Helpers Can Build Morale

No one can deny the value of morale. If a football team does not
have it, they lose games and the coach gets fired. Many corporation
presidents or department heads get the axe if they cannot build
morale. Hundreds of companies go down the drain every year
because of morale problems. You cannot have teamwork without
high morale.

How To Use the Magic Formula R-C-C


What are the common methods of dealing with this problem? I

am sure that very few people would turn this problem over to the
Astral helpers. There are two rea'sons for their not calling in the
Astral helpers. First, most people never heard of the Astral helpers;
second, the great majority would not believe their help possible if
they had called them in. About as close as a few come to solving the
problem is through prayer. This is a start, but is not properly
If there is a so-called clash in personality, someone gets
transferred or fired. There is plenty of evidence of the need for better
morale. Among workers, we see their constant griping, lack of the
full use of their capabilities, resentments, wildcat strikes, constant
warring between management and labor, slowdowns, sloppy work,
poor placement of workers, discrimination, playing favorites, and
loss of money to the company. This is sufficient proof.
Let Your Astral Helpers Do the Whole Job For You
By applying your magic formula, relaxation, concentration,
contemplationyou can find the most useful part you can play in
building better morale regardless of your status as a worker.
During your meditation period you can ask your Astral helpers
to influence for good those of your department who are negatively
contributing to the morale problem. The higher you are on the
organizational chart, the greater part you can play in eliminating the
causes of poor morale. But do not let the fact that you are not high
on the occupational totem pole discourage you.
Recently, I was asked to find the instigator of a wildcat strike.
Several notices were posted on the bulletin board calling the men out
on strike at a tool and die company in the midwest.
Management selected the ten possible suspects. I was given their
last production report and their personnel data form. For the Astral
helpers to do their job, it is necessary that you have something that
has been in the hands of the person or persons whom you need to in
I read all of the material given me and then put it away for 24
hours. My Astral helpers did the investigating and gave me the name
of the man who posted the notices and instigated the strike.
Of course, the guilty man denied that he had anything to do with
it. The management then called in a handwriting expert who worked
over the same papers, including the notices. Of course, he was look
ing for the person who wrote the notices. He came up with the same


How To Use the M agic Formula R-C-C

name, but his fee was $500.1 charged them $50. The guilty man final
ly admitted that he was the one. This was the first step in bringing
about better morale within the plant.
A laboratory technician was convinced that he had found a good
job. His boss turned out to be a thorn in the side of the whole
research organization. On more than one occasion, the president of
the company had considered firing this man. The department head
was constantly looking for another job. The laboratory technician
knew about my work and decided that he would ask his Astral
helpers to take over. He was told what he might do to help out.
As the weeks passed, it became evident that unseen forces were
at work. Personal relations improved so strikingly that it was obvious
that some force outside the persons involved was at work. Of course,
the laboratory technician knew where the positive influence came
from. Apparently his boss did not realize how much he had changed.
I have made it clear that your Astral helpers can change per
sonalities, develop leadership qualities and promote better labor rela
tions. Those eager helpers have plenty of time to study your
problems. They will tell you when to expand, diversify, close out or
move to other locations.
As an employee or an employer, you owe it to yourself to release
the best within you. Your Astral helpers will be there if you want
them. You can tap their endless power, ideas, intelligence, sugges
tions and plans, I know-for I have put my Astral helpers to work
for over 25 years and they love it. They never let me down and they
will not let you down either.
Are You Flooded With All Types of Riches?
Unfortunately, the only riches many people collect during their
work life relate to money. I have tried to make it clear that that is not
enough. Actually, your magic formula will bring more money than
you need easily and promptly.
However, your life is not complete without mental, emotional
and spiritual riches. These are even more important than material
benefits. A full life cannot be created without Astral Power. It is there
for you to useso use it.

6. Helping Yourself
With Astral Power
Can Make You A Leader,
Dominating Your Business
And Social World
As a college teacher, I was often called upon to give talks before
service and other community groups. Until I knew better, I followed
the usual pattern of preparing my talk and reading it word for word,
or preparing copious notes that I referred to constantly.
I got away with this method for some time, just as the great ma
jority of speakers do. However, one evening my speech fell flat and I
was very embarrassed. Did you ever see any really good speaker use
notes or read his speech? No! Of course not.
I have given hundreds of talks since, but I have never fully
prepared the talk before going before the group. Now I get up and
make a few preliminary remarks while my mind becomes tuned to the
needs and wishes of the group. You will be surprised to really be able
to tell what your audience is thinking. You can actually point out any
person who is thinking funny things about you. I often stop my
speech and point them out, making a joke out of the occasion rather
than making anyone angry. You can pull surprises on your audience
just as I do many times. Astral power and my Astral helpers make all
of this possible. I can now give the type of speech my audience wants
to hear. If I have their undivided attention, the words flow out
without effort and I have no fear. I am not nervous and no one in my
audience keeps looking at his watch or is glad when I quit talking.
I generally feel the need to talk longer than planned. No one gets
up and walks out. I literally have to walk out on my audience or the
questions would keep coming for a long time.


Astral Power Can Make You a Leader

Expert use of my magic formula will not only make it possible

for you to pick up the thoughts of your Astral friends, but of anyone
on the physical plane. ESP is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
As I later listen to a tape recording of what I said, I am amazed.
I always ask myself, Did that come out of me?
Good Leaders Are In Tune With Their Community
The residents of Elliotts community regarded him as very for
tunate. He did not have to work because he had a large income made
possible by reading a book on how to get rich. He was often called
upon to speak or be chairman of committees. He always accepted
reluctantly and seldom did a good job.
Elliotts life was truly impoverished. He was bored. He could not
lead. The community knew all of this, but did not know why. I got
him on the right track.
What a change has come over Elliott! people would say. We
really enjoyed his last talk, others would say. Elliott seems so hap
py and contented with his life now, still others would remark.
The World Is Now Ready For the Full Release of Astral Power
While we respect and appreciate all forms on the tree of life, we
know that humans have the most unique possibilities. We no longer
need to work long hours to keep the elements of nature from destroy
ing us. We have finally harnessed many of these elements for con
structive use, directing their power for our good. Man has the possibilty of being freer than he ever was, yet millions are still not
Over the past ten thousand years, there have been many wars
and social revolutions. They are still going on today. However, the
greatest revolution of all is about to take place. You can become a
charter member of that revolution, The readers of my book have dis
covered that only through removing the sheath and freeing your in
ner, God-given self, can we have instant wealth, health and those
qualities that make us leaders in our business and social world.
I am revealing to you how it is possible for extraordinary power
and ways of life to become reality for you. It is now possible for you
to rise from the rubble caused by negative physical forces. Some
would call these forces that we do not want the work of the devil.
Your outer life can now truly be a direct reflection of your inner
self through Astral power skillfully applied by your staff of Astral

Astral Power Can Make You a Leader


A Successful Businessman Becomes a Leader

Out of the thousands of cases that I have seen, Ronald now
comes to mind. He was a successful businessman with a nice home, a
beautiful wife and two children. He had all the material wealth he
needed. His animal nature was well cared for. I taught him how to
release his spiritual nature.
I revealed to him how to apply my magic formula so that he
could put meaning into his life. He now is looked up to and respected
by all who know him. it goes without saying that his happiness is
Like Ronald, all of us live in a physical world subject to physical
and man-made laws. You can live your life this way if you wish. No
one will stop you. One day, you will die and be buried. W hat has such
a life accomplished? W hat part of such a life lives on as a guide to
those who follow? You know the answer to that question.
Recently, I saw on a television show the devastation caused by a
tornado at Xenia, Ohio. Over half the town was destroyed. Natural
ly, there was much to do to bring some kind of order out of the
almost total destruction. Yet, the pictures indicate many just finding
a place to sit down. Others even had to bring them donuts and coffee.
To live a full life, you must live in a multidimensional way. You
must release the power within your self and not just live in the
physical dimension with its five senses.
Let me repeat that the vast majority live in only a physical
dimension. Even those who regularly do not get above
the purely physical. They hear their minister talk about G od and the
afterlife, but it means nothing to them. As one person once told me:
Ill wait and take my chances when I get there. Actually, they do
not even know where they are going. While in a meditating situation,
I have viewed hundreds of such people on the spirit side of life,
wandering around after death, still not knowing that there is
anything above the purely physical.

To Feel, Taste, Smell and Hear on a Physical Level Is Not Enough

Since learning my formula, you know that the preceding is true.
You can relax, concentrate and raise your vibrations above the
physical level. Your Astral helpers have let you see them at least
once. You can pick up their thoughts. At times you can feel them or
you may be able to hear thembut all of these are sensations above
the physical level.


Astral Power Can Make You a Leader

If, in a meditating situation, you should hear one of your spirit

friends tap on a table or if he or she should let you see them momen
tarily, that does not mean that anyone not in a meditating situation
could hear or see on the Astral level.
Jackie Susann is with me now. She is one of my Astral helpers
helping me write this book. How can I prove that she is here? I have
seen her. I have picked up her thoughts. I have heard her talk to me.
How can Jackie prove that she is here? The answer is that neither one
of us can prove it to the scientific mindbut we both know that it is
true. We both know that we are in each others presence. I know that
she is putting thoughts into my mind. She knows that these thoughts
are influencing my thinking and writing.
Dont try to prove the existence of Astral power or Astral
helpers to anyone. Tell others to prove it to themselves. That is the
only type of proof that means anything. And while I am at it, let me
tell you never to become a part of any experiment conducted by
Doubting Thomases. All you need to do is prove what I have told
you to yourself. Your bankbook, increased happiness, better health
or protection from the criminal forces of the world are all the proof
you need.
Mental-Action Images Can Make You a Leader
Did you know that the Astral force, that can be measured in a
scientific laboratory around a tadpole, is in the exact shape of the
frog that it will become? Developing mental-action images, while in a
meditating situation, of you as you desire yourself to be, creates an
Astral force around you that will result in your becoming that
person, just as the force around the tadpole creates a frog.
Billie Jean King, the well-know tennis star, uses mental-action
images to rehearse for every match. She imagines vivid pictures of
hitting perfect strokes over and over again. She claims that this exer
cise helps her repeat perfect strokes on the courts. If she would only
use my complete formula, she really would be a tennis star that no
one could beat.
Margaret created mental-action images that put meaning, pur
pose and majesty into her life as she applied my magic formula. She is
no longer just a good housewife and mother. She took up a cause
truth in advertising.
Today, Margaret is a leader and an authority who has done
much to clean up false advertising. First, her perceptions of this type
of leadership were purely mental. God said, Let there be light [men
tal] and there was light [physical]. Now Margarets perceptions are
a valuable reality of her life.

Astral Power Can Make You a Leader


Now You Can Know You Know

As you become more skillful in releasing your inner self, you are
becoming attuned to the universal storehouse of knowledge. Your
more complete self now knows that it knows.
All great people, international statesmen, inventors, leaders in
all walks of life, can now understand each other. All of our modern
methods of communication become insignificant by comparison.
The Political Leader of the Future Will Know
William has all the material things he wants. He got them by ap
plying my Magic Formula. But he felt the need for something else. As
his inner self unfolded, he began more and more to understand what
was needed in the political field.
During his meditation period, he formed images of himself at
the next political meeting. He would say to himself, Tomorrow at
8pm, I will be at the headquarters. At that time, it is the deepest wish
of my mind that ideas come into my consciousness so that I can really
make a contribution. I want to really know.
From then on, whenever he was in a political situation, ideas
flooded his mind. Others began to have faith in him. He created a
political path for himself, a path that did not become filled with rub
ble and weeds, but one that led him straight to a seat in Congress.
Why Many Doctors Diagnoses Are Incorrect
It is an actual fact that post-mortems prove that 75 percent of
doctors diagnoses are incorrect.
Dr. C. is a well-known surgeon whose services are in great de
mand. He is called a natural doctor. He always seems to know what
to do. Eminent diagnosticians also know. They may look at all the
charts, lab reports, x-rays, etc., but it is that extra something that
comes from the inner self that makes them great.
This is equally true for a salesman. He is told what the product
will do, but he does not stop there. He tunes in on his prospective
purchaser in such a way that the sale is easy.
Exercises to Help You Know
The next time your phone rings, try this experiment. Let it ring a
few times as you center your mind on the caller. What kind of a
person is calling? Is it someone you know? What does he or she want?
Is the caller a man or a woman, a child or an adult?


Astral Power Can Make You a Leader

You will need to answer the phone before you can try to pick up
all the things that might come into your mind. Use a different set of
questions each time. Is the caller in a good or an angry mood? Is it a
social or business call? Exactly what is the message that the caller will
give you? Is it Mr. Smith? Is it your husband or wife? Is it the in
surance man? Is it your next door neighbor?
Here is another exercise that you will find valuable. Before you
go on a shopping trip, spend a few moments asking questions and
getting the answers.
Who will you see that you know? Will you see someone that you
would rather not run into? Will you be able to get. all the items you
have on your list? If the weather is threatening, will it rain before you
get back?
Your Inner Self Is Filled With KnowledgeRelease It
Your personal, business and social life will all benefit if you will
be able to say that you know. You can acquire knowledge without
using reason or gaining experience. To know will make you a leader
and will result in your commanding the respect of others. To know
puts you at the top and keeps you there. This power can come only as
you learn to apply my formula, R-C-C.
Review of First Six Chapters
Astral Power is the most powerful force in the universe.
Through this book, you are learning to release your inner self so that
you can tap this great power to bring you wealth, health and hap
Whether it is a hard-to-sell house, changing business failure into
business success, creating a rich sex and home life, protecting
yourself and property, or maintaining good health, your fully opened
inner self will make you realize all of your hearts desires.
You are learning to dial all frequencies within your mind so that
there can be communication back and forth to all levels of yourself.
You are no longer tuned to one small physical station of life. You
have already changed the highly limited idea that you had of
yourself. Remember: there are no limitations to your inner self.
There are no boundaries to enclose it or deny freedom.
There is plenty of evidence in the Bible that God did not intend
us to live in poverty or ill health, or miss out on any of the grand
things that can take place on this earth, including the greatest of all

Astrai Power Can Make You a Leader


love. So stop being little old you and move out of the little corner
of life that you now occupy,

Exercise to Open Up Your Inner Self Important

I want you to keep performing the exercise I told you about in
Chapter 1 until you can really sense Astral power flowing through
your body. There is so much of this power that it is flowing out of
your hands, feet and body like the rays of the sun. Keep telling
yourself that this is real; it is not your imagination. Keep repeating to
yourself that this all-powerful Astral power is yours as God intended
it to be.

Your Inner Self Is Ready

The abilities of your inner self have been ready since your birth.
You did not even know that they were there. They have been ready to
produce miracles for you and your family. All the wealth and good
things in life have been yours since birth, but you now realize this for
the first time because I have told you so.
Fortunately for you, some of this power has slipped through in
spite of your attempt to block what you thought was a leak. Open the
dam and let the Astral power flood your whole life.

All Perceptions Are First Mental

God said, Let there be Light and there was light. I am
teaching you how to change thoughts, mental-action images and feel
ing tones into physical reality. You surely do not want to be like the
farmer who was still using kerosene lamps when electricity was
available. This farmer did not see electricity as a reality.
Your bank balance is $55. Make a mental image of it being
$55,000 and apply my formula-and it will be $55,000, You want to
Medical doctors cannot understand how Astral power and
Astral helpers can cure bone cancer or any other disease. Your inner
self does not follow the laws of physics or principles set up by man.
The physical is only a small insignificant part of the universe. Your
inner self s perceptions are mental and not even dependent upon time
and space, as the majority of people believe them to be.
If God should say Let the earth, except for one small area and
six men and women, cease to exist, it would disappear. The men left


Astral Power Can M ake You a Leader

would start looking for the wreckage. There would be none

When an Astral helper sees a normal bone in the body of a
person with bone cancer and then changes it into an actual physical
bone, the cancer is cured.

How to Begin and End Your Day

Please turn back to the last part of Chapter 1. It is very impor
tant that you carry out these instructions. They furnish a base for the
successful functioning of my magic formula.

My Magic Formula is R-C-C

The R stands for relaxation. Please learn to relax your mind and
body as directed in Chapter 2. It is much easier to release Astral
power if the body is relaxed. You will very soon be able to let go very
quickly, but first get the idea of how to let go and relax your mind.
Breathing is very important, so read these pages carefully and
follow the instructions in them.

Learning to Develop Mental-Action Images is Vital to the Success of

My Magic Formula
You have reached the desired goal when your images seem so
real that you are totally unaware of your physical surroundings, in
cluding your own body. You do this by learning to concentrate. I
have given you the necessary excercise to help you learn to con
centrate in Chapter 2.
Remember that it is the mental-action image (perception) that
becomes physical reality.

How Not to Concentrate

Doorbell again, mailman I hope. . .
Must get this skirt done soon.
Wonder if it will rain today?
My violets are in bloom.
Wintertime will soon be here, . .
Gee, but this day is long.
The kitchens in a mess again,
The cat, where has he gone?

Astra! Power Can Make You a Leader


I wonder where K ates going. . .

So, its chicken again for dinner.
Jim is working much too hard.
Gee, I must be getting thinner.
W hos going in next door?
I used to like to swim.
The leaves need raking today,
The bathroom lights too dim.
Forgot to pay the electric bill. . .
Is that womans skirt too tight?
Why cant I get this done?
Yes, its T V again tonight.
Thinks shes smart, but I. . .
Should it be green, red or blue?
A nns probably in Detroit by now.
Wheres my cigarettes and glue?

It is important for you to remember that putting mentalaction images in your mind of what you want your life to be like
will result in these images being materialized into physical
reality. Your mind should always be wishing and your whole
objective should be to realize your wishes in fact.
All of your goals, everything you seek to do or be, whether
negative or positive, are the products of your imagination. As
you move toward your goals, imagination gives way to reality.
Most people get what they expect, not what they really want.
Think about that statement for a moment. Do you really want a
lot of money or do you expect to be poor? Do you really want to
marry a beautiful girl and have a wonderful love life, or do you
expect that you will take what you can get and try to make the
best of it?

Getting Your First Proof of the Spirit World

I suggested in Chapter 2 that you keep working at the exercise to
see silver streaks all around you, especially out-ofdoors. These silver
streaks are your spirit friends or persons on the spirit side of life.
Space everywhere is filled with Astral helpers. As you meditate, you
will momentarily see them. They are all young and beautiful.
Everything is a matter of frequencies or vibrations. Physical
things, whether it is your body or the chair you sit on, vibrate at a


Astral Power Can Make You a Leader

lower rate. As you visit your spirit friends through Astral projection,
you will discover that they are just as solid as you are.

Psychic Space Travel Exciting

I hope that you have had at least one Astral space trip by the
time you read these lines. You can go anywhere on the earthly plane
or the Astral plane. I suggest that you have one of your Astral helpers
show you around until you become a veteran at space travel.
All you need to do is get relaxed, form a vivid mental-action im
age of yourself going somewhere and your Astral helper being with
you. and then take off. Leave your physical body in a safe place until
you return.

Applying the Total Magic Formula

The first step: is to put your mind in order. Clear out all negative
thoughts and emotions. Check your faith. Do you really believe what
you have read so far?
The second step : is to check your breathing. While meditating,
reduce your breathing to a deep six to ten times a minute. Make cer
tain that you can let go quickly and relax without going through the
total relaxation exercise. Do not meditate immediately after your
The third step', for Astral Projection and general relaxing and
meditation, lie down on a comfortable bed or couch. For specific
meditation to develop mental-action images that can be materialized
into reality to bring you wealth and health, sit in a straight chair with
your feet flat on the floor. Always use a good blindfold to cut out all
The fourth step: concerns protection against evil spirits. Always
ask for it (see Chapter 4). In the third factor of contemplation of
oneness with G od, you are raising your vibrations so that all con
sciousness of the physical is gone. You are now ceasing to be a pup
pet on a string being pushed and jerked around by people, groups or
unknown forces. You are gaining control over yourself and gaining
respect of higher spirit forms in the Astral world.
The fifth step : concerns developing a staff of Astral helpers. Find
out who your spirit guide is first. He or she has been with you 24
hours a day since you were born. It is time you gave him or her a
break and start paying some attention to your guide. Later you can
apply for a Master Teacher.

Astral Power Can Make You a Leader


Please review carefully the information I have given you in

Chapter 3 concerning developing your staff of Astral helpers. One
thing is certain: your Astra! helpers will want to take you on a trip
through the Astral world. By all means, go.

Evil Forces Are All Around Us

Being afraid of the evil forces on the earth does not solve any
problems for you. Fear does not solve the problem of evil forces on
the Astral level either.
in Chapter 4, I have told you all about evil forces. I have told
you how to keep them out of your life. Later, you will learn how to
keep the criminal element away from you here on earth.
Your first job is to stop thinking about evil anywhere in the uni
verse. If you believe that all men are evil, you will never experience
any goodness in humans. D ont believe in the devil or you will surely
find him.
I have written what I consider a very complete account of evil
everywhere. I have told you how to keep it out of your life. Please re
read this whole chapter to make certain that you have freed yourself
from any forces that may make your positive application of my
magic formula difficult.

Suggestions For Full Use of My Magic Formula

1. Meditate at least once every day. Start your meditation period
with a prayerthe Lords Prayer is a fine beginning. Aiso, remember
that you can apply the formula at any time without notice. However,
one quiet meditation period a day will bring wonderful results.
2. Adjust your mental-action images to fit the need. If it is a job you
want, picture yourself actually in the job. If you are an employer hiring
people, picture the details on the application blank and ask for
If you wish to bring in a spirit friend, picture this friend vividly in
your mind. Use a photograph of the person if you have one. Ask them
to come in.
If it is wealth or health that you desire, picture yourself with
wealth or perfect physical health.
3. In carrying out the third factor of the formulacontemplation-
put your attention on the middle of your foreheadthe third eye loca
tion. See a shaft of white light ascending from this third eye straight

Astral Power Can M ake You a Leader

up to God. Keep repeating to yourself higher vibrations, oneness

with God; higher vibrations, oneness with God. Keep holding this
image in your mind and repeating these words until all awareness of
the physical world is held in abeyance.
4. Your meditation period should last about 30 minutes.
5. Asking questions from the Universal Mind is very valuable. It is
best to ask these questions while meditating, but the time will come
when you can close your eyes and contact the Universal Mind instant
Universal Mind, please come in. I would like to know whether or not
I should change jobs in the near future.
You will hear a voice or pick up thoughts as follows:
The answer to your question is no. You should not change jobs
now. There are no better jobs available for you at the moment. Stay
where you are.
The Universal Mind will give you sound advice; however,
to create a new situation of better health, more wealth, etc., use
mental-action images.
If you do not hear a voice or pick up thoughts, you need to
learn to meditate better, The time will come when your vibra
tions will continue to be on a higher level at all times.

7. How To Use Your Magic

R-C-C Formula
To Reach Your Most
Cherished Goals
You are now well qualified to move toward your most cherished
goal in life. Just like all the famous persons in history, you are going
to move toward great achievements. The path ahead will be clearly
visible and most appealing to you.
Your first step is to find out if whatever you are trying to ac
complish is right for you. You now have at your command all the
powerful forces you need to light the best road ahead for you. You
are ready to move down that road at high speed.
Peter Received Rewards Beyond His Greatest Expectations
Peter was not unlike most boys. When he grew up, he wanted to
be a fireman. In the old days, it was the fondest desire of boys to be a
railroad engineer. Now many boys dream of becoming a pilot on a jet
But Peters goals kept changing. He went from one job to
another, but was never satisfied. The grass always looked greener on
the other side of the road.
One night, after 1 had talked to Peter and explained my system,
he had a very lifelike dream, it seemed that his whole life passed in
review. However, the best part of the dream pointed toward a goal
that he had often thought about, although he never did anything to
move toward this goal. He went back to college. Peter is now a very
successful patent attorney.
There is no system in print today or any psychic who could help
you as much as my system helped Peter. I have told you that all new


How to Reach Your M ost Cherished Goals

and creative ideas, images or perceptions come exclusively from the

Astral world. Thomas Edison knew this. Few persons in the history
of the world ever made a greater contribution to life on earth.
Peter is now a great help to his clients because he can contact ex
perts in the Astral world who put the finishing touches on the item to
be patented. Thus, months and even years of research on the earth
plane are not necessary. Have you any idea how much money is spent
on research per year in this country? The University of Michigan
received over 60 million dollars last year to carry on research in many
areas, in most cases, all research has been completed on the Astral
plane years ago.
Do I need to tell you that Peters greatness includes more money
than he can possibly use in his lifetime?

I Am Very Proud of William (Dr, C.)

Many people in all walks of life are very happy with their ex
istence because they are doing what they want to do. I am very proud
of the fact that I have helped so many turn on Astral power. (Its
free never another utility bill.)
William, as a high school graduate, did not have the faintest idea
of what he wanted to do with his life. He is now president of the most
renowned university in the East. He never ceases showing his ap
preciation to me for helping him select a goal and move toward it.
Many types of wealth came into his life through Astral power.
You were born into this physical world for a specific purpose.
Unfortunately, you cannot possibly know what that purpose is unless
you live a more complete life than the earth by itself provides. Your
inner self holds the key to your life goal. You must tap Astral power;
you must call upon your Astral helpers to discover why you are here.
It is only through Astral power and Astral helpers that you can
achieve your full life purposes and most earnest desires. You must
live on more than the physical dimension of the universe.
William was made to understand that he would some day be
president of a great university. He had enough faith in my system to
accept the findings and move toward this goal. He was told to take
one step at a time and then the next step would be made clear to him.
His Astra! helpers did not let him down and they will not let you
down either.

How to Reach Your Most Cherished Goals


How Gladys Became a Great Artist

Many young people have goals that they would like to move
toward. However, innumerable physical blocks get into the way.
Many parents discourage or forbid their childrens efforts to move
toward a cherished goal.
Gladys always wanted to be a great artist. Even as a little girl she
dreamed of painting pictures that would inspire large numbers of
She finally persisted against all the criticism of her parents,
friends and teachers. Her pictures were good, but not great. She was
about to become convinced that perhaps her critics were correct.
Perhaps, she thought, she should forget the whole thing.
It was then that I came into the picture. I told her how beautiful
the Astral world is. I sold her on the idea of following my formula so
that she could learn Astral projection. I told her that she could then
visit the Astral world and paint what she saw.
If only someone would invent a camera that could be used to
photograph the Astral World! I am certain it will become a reality
Today, Gladys has just about the whole Astral art field to
herself. She not only has very little competition, but her pictures are
attracting world-wide attention. The Astral quality that she paints
into her pictures has made her famous and wealthy. She has reached
her cherished goal.

Get What You WantNot What You Expect

The power to get what you want resides within you this very
minute. For too many people, it has waited all their lives, never being
used to make the work of their hands more perfect, the words of their
voices more vital to the good life or the ideas within their minds a po
tent reality. Some people dont want anything, so they expect and get
Once and for all, let me tell you again that you should fully
realize that you are a part of God. You can throw open the gate of
consciousness and realize that God put you here on earth to repre
sent Him. You have a cherished goalso get on with the work of
finding out what it is and fully realizing that nothing can stop you


How to Reach Your M ost Cherished Goals

from getting what you want. You have all the power o f God within you
and don't you ever forget it.
How often have I heard people say, W hat's the useTom,
Dick and Harry get all the breaks. You do not need to be president
of the U nited States to use the physical, mental and spiritual qualities
God gave you. You are a million times better than you think you are.
You are here to do G ods work. This does not mean that you must
suffer the tortures of the damned. It means that you can release
power to provide health, wealth and happiness while moving toward
your cherished goal.

Clifford Now Has Something to Be Proud Of

Clifford had a cherished goal. It was to be a good businessman,
providing a worthwhile service to the ordinary man.
Clifford always hated to go to reunions of any kindschool,
army, or what have you. He always had to listen to others bragging
about their great prosperity.
Clifford is an insurance salesman. He was a success but not out
standing. My magic formula did the trick. He can now tell all his
friends that he has made the five million dollar club.
M y Formula Is So Simple to Use

A few days ago, I was repeating some nonsense syllables that

were supposed to bring forth great things instantly. I never could
make any of them work. One of my Astral helpers suddenly appeared
and said:
W hat in the world are you doing? Forget all that rubbish or
you will have no Astral helpers at your beck and call. We are real
people with real names, the same names you knew us by when on
earthwe are not symbols or impersonal forces. So stop reading all
that garbage. Stick to your magic formula.
There is no hocus-pocus about my system. D ont be misled by
the tons of trash on the market today. The forces other books talk
about just dont exist.
Under my system, I have talked with Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Stephen Foster, Edgar Cayce, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin H ar
rison (he is one of my Master Teachers), Bishop Pike and many other
friends and relatives. Norm a Jean Baker and Jackie Susann are on
my staff of Astral helpers. I have my own personal physician, a man
we knew when he lived on earth. He was our family doctor. His name
is Dr. Townsley.

How to Reach Your Most Cherished Goals


Isnt ail this worth a lot more than mumbling a lot of nonsense
symbols and trying to call in hocus-pocus forces with weird names?
How to Find Your Ultimate Goal in Life
If you have progressed to the point where you have been granted
the services of a master teacher, finding your ultimate life goal is
easyjust ask your teacher and he will tell you.
If you do not yet have a master teacher, call in one of your
Astral helpers. Your helper will take you to the plane where there is a
reflection of the Akashic Records. The official, permanent Akashic
Records are on a rather high Astral plane, but you can easily reach
the reflected Akashic Record level through Astral projection.
When you arrive, your Helper will find someone to interpret
your records. You will be told what your ultimate goal should be and
what you need to do to get on the right track.
Living With Your Astral Helpers is a Very Fulfilling Experience
Every friend of ours who has developed any psychic awareness,
notices the wondrous feeling tone that permeates our home. This is
because several of our spirit friends are always with us. There is never
a lonesome feeling in our home. We always feel that we are sur
rounded by forces of love, empathy and deep devotion. Right now, as
I write these lines, many colored dots of light are momentarily ap
pearing on the paper. Norma Jean, Jackie and Virginia are near me.
When we need a doctor, it takes less than ten seconds to get Dr.
Townsley here. There is no need to call a doctor, wait days for an ap
pointment and wait hours in his office. Our spirit doctor is here in
less than ten seconds. He has also helped many of our friends.
At least four of our spirit friends stay with us while we sleep.
They see to it that we get the rest we need. They provide us with love,
comfort and understanding.
As we sit in our living room, we know that several of our spirit
friends are with us. Sometimes, they enter into the conversation. For
example, one evening we were trying to remember the name of the
leading actors wife in the television show. We could not think of it.
Ralph Taylor, who was my master teacher then, spoke up in his slow,
low voice, Natalie Wood. You are right, Ralph, we replied. I
am not as dumb as you think I am, was Ralphs reply, as we all had
a good laugh.
Your spirit friends will be with you on trips. They will even go
shopping with you. Recently, I bought a pair of shoes. In attempting


How to Reach Your M ost Cherished Goals

to decide, I narrowed my selection down to two pairs. Which one

should I buy, I wondered? A white light appeared on one pair, so that
was the pair I bought.
If you have trouble locating some item in a shopping center, just
close your eyes and ask for help. One of your helpers will tell you
where it is or guide you there. If you forget an item, you will suddenly
remember where it is.
Suppose you are on a trip. The thought comes to your mind that
you could use a cup of coffee and a roll, or lunch or dinner. Just keep
driving down the highway. When one of your helpers locates a
suitable place, he or she will flash a light at the place where you
should turn in.
If you come to a fork in the highway and are not sure whether
you should bear right or left, don't worry, A bright light will appear
on the right road. Even if you know exactly where to go, you will see
bright lights in the trees or on bridges as you go down the highway.
Your friends keep telling you that they are with you.
Some of your spirit friends will ride in the car with you. Some
prefer to fly on ahead and make sure you get where you want to go.
You Can Make Friends With Many Fine People Whom You Have Not
Met Before
I never knew Jackie Susann before she passed to spirit. I did en
joy reading her books. I never met Mary Jo Kopechne. We know her
very well now. She is with us most of the time.
We always liked Norm a Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe), but
never met her until about one year ago. She is right here now as I
write these lines telling me to say Hi to you and sending her love.
She is a very lovely person.
Just stop for a moment and think of all the wonderful friends
you can have if you use my formula and live on more than one
dimension of the universe. The time will come when your vibrations
will stay at a rather high level so that you can always be conscious of
your many Astral friends and the power they can bring to you.
Be Careful to Select the Right Helper to Bring in
Important Spirit Personalities
I have been most fortunate in this respect. My wifes mother,
Lenna, contacts all the spirits that I wish to have on my staff or those
I wish to interview. She is really good. I believe that she would bring
in Winston Churchill if I asked her to. She seems to really know her
way around. That is important.

How to Reach Your Most Cherished Goals


Be careful to select a helper who can really bring in important

people to help you live a full life and gain prosperity, health, wealth
and happiness.
Learn to identify Your Astral Helpers
Until you are able to see your helpers auras, you will need to
learn to recognize their identifying lights. The great majority use a
white light. Some of them use a blue light. Norm a Jean sprays you
with thousands of pinpoint lights.
When I meditate, all my spirit friends flash their lights in the
same location every time they come in. For example, Virginia flashes
a blue light directly to my right; Phyllis, to the upper right; Mary Jo,
farther to the right; Jackie, to the lower right. There are others to my
left, far left, above and below, etc.
You will generally pick up a name as they flash their light. Even
tually, you will see their beautiful auras and occasionally, you will see
them standing right beside or in front of you. You see all of this best
with a blindfold on. The more physical light that you shut out, the
brighter the Astral lights, auras or images.
Be Satisfied With Only the Best
Churchill once made the remark, I am easily satisfied with only
the best." I often feed the outside birds slices of bread. I break them
up into small pieces, but some larger pieces slip through. It is in
teresting to watch the birds. Some will fight over a few crumbs while
others grab a large piece and fly away.
If there is one thing that you should be able to do now, it is to see
your whole life as it should be and not dwell on little unimportant
bits of your life. I have known of men who actually refused prom o
tions because they did not want to assume responsibility.
Christ Turned Water Into Wine
As the story goes, Christ was attending a wedding. They ran out
of wine, so pots of water were brought before Christ and he turned
the water into wine. Until recently, scientists would have told you
that this would be impossible. Modern scientists are not so sure that
it cant be done. A knowledge of Astral law indicates that it can be
done very easily just as Christ did it.
I once had a college student who did not like water. She was
brought up in a community where the drinking water tasted terrible.
I put her in a hypnotic trance and told her that water would now taste


How to Reach Your M ost Cherished Goals

like her favorite soft drinkCoca Cola. I saw her several years later
and she told me that water still tasted like Coca Cola to her. Think of
all the money she saved.
Another hypnotic subject of mine wanted to reduce her intake of
sugar. I told her while she was in a trance that her coffee would taste
sweet just like it did before the hypnotic suggestion was made. She
was well pleased with the results. However, one day, she forgot and
put sugar in her coffee. W hat do you suppose happened? Why, it was
so sweet that she could not drink it.
1 had another student who suffered from the heat every summer.
While she was in a trance, I told her that she would always feel com
fortably cool no matter how hot it was during the summer. W hat I
actually did was air-condition her. Many years later, she told me that
she no longer suffered from the heat.
You can do these same things and many more for yourself or
others through meditation, mental-action images and full use of my
magic formula. If the water of life does not measure up, you can
change it through the release of Astral power. Through the use of my
formula, you can direct your consciousness from a lower to a higher
level. You can release that inner potential which has been idle for
years. Moving toward goals, making money, overcoming health
problems, living on a high dimensional level, experiencing love and a
beautiful relationship in your marriage or becoming a leader in your
communityall become easy.
Christ turned water into wine. You can turn a purely physical
existence into anything your heart desires. You can reverse emotions
from hate to love, nervousness to calmness or sadness to happiness.
You can change your whole personality.
The laws of the physical world will keep you in bondage. The
laws of the Astral world will set you free.
Concentrationthe Key to Success
Hypnosis is simply a high degree of concentration. I have told
you how pin-point concentration can change you physically. If you
tell a person in a hypnotic trance that he is coldhe will literally be
cold. If you tell him to see a beautiful scene while he is looking at a
slum area, he will see beauty. Hold a dollar bill in front of him and
tell him that it is now a $100 bill, and it will be a hundred dollar bill.
The images that you put in his mind are materialized into reality.
You can show a person in a trance blank cards and tell him that

How to Reach Your M ost Cherished Goals


they are colored pictures of himself or scenes in Mexico, etc., and he

will see just what you said they pictured. Years later, he will still see
the same pictures on the blank cards.
The lesson to be learned from hypnosis is that concentrating on
mental-action images (C in the formula) produces reality. This is true
whether or not your desires are for a healthy body, a beautiful wife, a
million dollars or to move toward a cherished goal.
Concentration is also very important in raising your vibrations
so that you can tune in your Astral helpers and Astral power.
Actually, when you meditate successfully you put yourself in a
light trance, eliminating all awareness of the physical environment
around you. Your mental-action images then become so real that
miracles can happen, you can take off through Astral projection and
your Astral helpers are in there pitching for you.
A Beautiful True Story of a Cherished Goal
There were probably many beautiful women living in the Holy
land at the time of Christ. However, there was one who was more
beautiful than any of the others because of her God-like qualities that
radiated from her physical body.
She was very much interested in the healing that she saw Jesus
accomplish. She was present on many occasions when Jesus healed
the sick or restored life to those who had apparently passed to spirit.
It was her cherished goal to be able to do just a few of the things
that Jesus did. It seemed so easy for Him. She concentrated on that
goal, it was always in her mind.
This very divine woman returned to earth several times after liv
ing in the Holy land at the time of Christ. To be able to heal the sick
was always her goal. She often wondered why she was so strongly
motivated to work with the sick and all unfortunate people. Of
course, she did not know where this cherished goal originated. All
that she knew was that she must work to bring people to Christ and
help them, physically mentally and spiritually.
About 80 years ago, she again appeared on earth. This goal was
stronger than ever. Even as a little girl, her thoughts were of healing
the sick.
She was born into a poor family, but that did not stop her. At an
early age, she started out preaching the gospel, leading people to
Jesus. How easy this must have been for her, for she at one time had
lived in the presence of Jesus.


How to Reach Your M ost Cherished Goals

She was an itinerant minister for years, going from place to

place, always bright with hope and never losing faith in herself or
what the teachings of Christ could do for people.
She was often hungry. She slept in hay lofts or out in the open.
She had no money and very few earthly possessions, but she had
Jesus and her goal, She had complete faith in G odthat was all that
she needed.
Finally, she was able to settle down in one place with a con
gregation of her own. One Sunday, she noticed that several of her
members had been healed of rather serious diseases. As the weeks
passed, more and more persons were healed, in just the way Jesus had
healed people 2,000 years before. The word spread rapidly until
hundreds were seeking her help. Although she is probably still un
aware of how all this healing art started, she had reached her
cherished goal.
Today, dressed in a different physical body, she is the same
beautiful woman who followed Jesus 2,000 years ago as he healed the
i am certain that you can fully understand that this true story
could never come to light unless someone lived and communicated
on more than one dimension of the universe.
My Master Teacher told me this story the day this now famous
follower of Christ appeared in Ann Arbor before 15,000 people to
heal many of a wide variety of illnesses, including terminal bone
cancer cases.
As I sat in meditation at the Chrysler Arena while the healing
was taking place, I saw 12 Astral helpers going about the business of
healing. This now famous woman calls the healing force the Holy
Spirit. 1 call it Astral power.
During this revelation my master teacher told me that she now is
the symbol of Christ. Her Astral helpers are the symbols of the twelve
disciples of Christ. She is now doing what Christ did 2,000 years ago.
At that time, she wanted the power to heal. Today, she has that
power. She has reached her cherished goal. Unless she reads this ac
count, she will probably go on not realizing that she has Astral
helpers. She has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that my system
works best with the help of Astral helpers. I am certain that you have
all heard of the now famous Kathryn Kuhlman.
A Tip From a Famous Author
I thought that I had finished this chapter. However, I am pleased

How to Reach Your Most Cherished Goals

1! 1

that I have the opportunity to bring a message to you from a very

famous author and one of my Astral helpers.
Jackie Susann was beautifully materialized a few mornings ago.
1 never cease marveling at how beautiful our spirit friends are, and
Jackie is no exception. She has a very original idea that she wants me
to tell you about. Better yet, let her tell it herself:
If I had only known what I know now, I would have written the
first spirit-oriented novel. It is too late for me, but not for the readers
of Dr. M acNitts book.
My suggestion is for any persons who have writing ability to
write the first novel based on characters from the Astral world. What
a powerful plot you could develop! I became so excited when I
thought of this idea that I had to materialize myself and tell Dr. Mac
Nitt about it.
Follow the doctors magic formula. Learn Astral projection
and see for yourself what an original and most wonderful novel you
can write. I will be glad to help you if you are really serious about
writing this novel. You can find me at the Mother Bacon Astral
Configuration.Jackie Susann
I Have Reached My Cherished Goal
With the aid of my master teachers, Astral helpers and Astral
projection, I have learned a great deal about several of my former
lives on earth. You can do the same with the full use of my magic for
I have regressed to my life in Boston during the American
Revolution. I was a businessman. Paul Revere woke me up the night
of his famous ride.
I have regressed to a former life in Scotland. I built a castle at
Donderave on Loch Fyne. My name was John MacNauchtan and I
married a girl by the name of Ann who is now my spirit guide.
I have regressed to Rome about the year 900. I was a Roman
general. I have regressed to Greece where I found that I was in the
shipping businessan ancient Onassis.
I have regressed to the year 500 in Arabia. I was an Arabian
prince with a harem. My job was to keep the early Christians from
killing each other. I myself was killed at the age of 50.
I have regressed to the time of Christ. I was an Egyptian
businessman living in Jerusalem. I have regressed to the time I was a
Brahman priest several thousand years ago.
Through Astral projection, I have visited many places where I


How to Reach Your M ost Cherished Goals

formerly lived and loved. Donderave Castle is still there. It has been
restored by an English businessman and is now 300 years old.
My master teacher recently showed me a copy of my book.
Dont try to figure out Astral time. Just remember that everything is
now. Although I have a great deal of writing yet to do, the book is out
in the Astral world. Over 200,000 copies have been sold, so they tell
me. Just to confuse you still more, when my publishers put this book
out, it will be exactly, word for word, cover and all, like the one
already available in the Astral world.
1 have reached my cherished goal. This book is my crowning
glory. Dozens of Astral helpers have put its concepts into my mind.
With the complete use of my magic formula the things that you
can do are limitless. It is truly great to live in many dimensions of the

8. How Your Astral Helpers

Can Protect You Against Robbery,
Theft, Muggings, Rape,
Vandalism, Even Death
The history of man has been the history of war, criminal and
selfish behavior of large numbers, willful destruction, rape and
murder. That man has survived at all is a miracle in and of itself. It
indicates that the inner self of a few was at work keeping man from
destroying himself and all forms of earth life. Total destruction
would have otherwise been inevitable.
We are particularly conscious of all of these problems now. Will
we survive the year 2,000 A.D.? It seems to even be unsafe to go out
at night or even in the daytime in some locations. Man has to literally
go into his home and board it up for the night.
This situation of murder (over 800 in Detroit in 1974),
fraudulent and criminal behavior, arson, etc., will continue unabated
until a large enough group of people start releasing Astral power by
my formula.
A New Type of Guidance Needed
I am offering you a new type of guidance that very few humans
have accepted in the past. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, in which
spiritual development will come into its own, there is hope that
greater Astral power will change human behavior for the better.
We hear ministers talk about the power of prayer. This is their
solution. Prayer never stopped the Second World War or any war in
the history of man. Prayer never stopped the criminal from commit
ting crime.
In the introduction to my book, I told you about the great

How Your Astral Helpers Can Protect You

civilization of the Mayans in Central America 10,000 years ago. They
tapped Astral power to provide all the good things fn their lives. But
they never developed an Astral protection plan, so eventually they
were destroyed by Spanish hordes who killed them off and stole or
destroyed all of their earthly possessions. The Spaniards brought
friars (religious men) with them. These so-called religious men could
not understand the Mayans superior way of life; they actually
believed the Mayans to be uncivilized savages.
Even Christ paid with His physical life because the people of His
time did not understand His mission and would not change their
purely physical, but largely negative, ways of living.
For many years, I have often wondered how any man could take
the life of another human being. It would not take much for me to be
a vegetarian since I respect all forms of life. It really does stir your
emotions when you read of people being forced to give up their
physical life for a few cents.
I never could understand how any man could rape a beautiful
woman and then kill the one who gave him physical pleasure. My
questions are many and I still do not have the answers. However, I do
know that you can protect yourself and your loved ones through full
application of my magic formula.

David Found the Way

His friends were always warning David about the area he passed
through at night to his home from work. There were muggings, rape
and even murder in this area.
David was not afraid. No one ever bothered him. If they ever
did attempt any criminal act, a flash of white Astral light would scare
the hell out of them. Davids Astral helpers were on the job.
Recently, I answered the door to find a man with a piece of
paper in his hand. He wanted to talk to me about something. As he
started to enter our apartment, a startled look came over his face and
he turned and ran out of the building.
My Astral helpers read his mind. They knew that he was up to
no good!
The Answers to Crime, Wars and All Negative Behavior Are Not Founa
in the Physical
Our trouble is that we measure everything by our physical
senses. We insist on better police and fire protection. We sign treaties

How Your Astral Helpers Can Protect You


with other nations thinking that this will bring peace. We spend bil
lions getting ready for war and kid ourselves into thinking that this is
the way to bring peace.
We tell a woman not to go out alone at night but provide herself
with a weapon. Millions of hand guns and rifles are being sold. For
important people, we provide bodyguards and secret service men
who follow their charges around night and day. W hat a way to live!!
We pass thousands of laws for the purpose of controlling
physical behavior. We control mans driving and tell him where he
can and cannot go. We even tell him what shows and other forms of
entertainment he can see or feel. We also tell him who he can or can
not marry.
Yet, with all of these physical controls, crime and illegal
behavior abound.

The Answer Must Come From the Inner Self

We will never find the answers to problems of any kind in the
purely physical realm. The answers must come from the God within
youyour inner self.
it is through my formula,meditation, concentration and
contemplationthat you become aware of this Astral power and the
Astral helpers who can give you the answers to your problems. Astral
Power makes it possible for you to cope with anything you may be
called upon to face on the planet earth.
However, it is up to you, in every phase of your life, to make use
of this great force and the Astral helpers. The force and helpers are
there: They have always been there, but billions of people have never
found them, it is up to you to tap this wondrous power.
God never stopped war and never will. If each person found
peace as a result of releasing his inner self, there would be no war. If
every person made full use of his Astral helpers, there would be no
crime, poverty or sickness.

Alice and Fred Walked Away From a Highway Accident

When Alice and Fred walked away from a tragic highway acci
dent caused by the morning fog and a pile-up of cars, it was un
believable to many of their friends. Several were killed and many in
jured. All available ambulances from several nearby towns were
called to carry the injured to hospitals. The car in which Alice and
Fred were riding was practically destroyed, Their secret? My Astral
power protection plan.


How Your Astral Helpers Can Protect You

Albert Did Not Believe Me

Albert did not believe that there could be a protection plan from
the Astral world. He looked at me like he thought I was touched in
the head"a kook. However, he was willing to give it a try. He told
me later that he thought he would be able to prove me wrong. I told
him that he would need to be 100 percent for the plan or it would not
Over a period of 30 days, he left his car unlocked. He walked
through dangerous areas with over $100 on him. He gave thugs all
the chance in the world to perform some illegal act. He even dropped
his pocketbook on a main street with $50 and nine credit cards in it.
The pocketbook was returned. Nothing was missing. He could do
nothing else but admit that I was right.
Rose Finds the Answer

Her friends were always asking Rose why she wasnt raped or
robbed. She would even leave her apartment door unlocked. She
always left the keys in her car. Nothing happened.
Rose did not bother to explain my plan. She simply showed the
questioners a lucky charm that she bought in a novelty store. Of
course, the real reason was my Astral protection plan.
It Is Up To You

More policemen, more firemen, more laws, more government

interference with your life, larger prisons, capital punishment, more
organizations for the rehabilitation of the criminal, stiffer fines, etc.,
are definitely not the answer.
For millions of years, man has tried to find a physical answer to
his earthly problems. He still depends upon his physical senseshe
never seems to learn. He tries to stop war by stockpiling war material
and building huge armies, navies, and air forces.
If a man destroys your home and kills your wife and children,
the court, after spending thousands of dollars and many weeks, sends
him to jail if they can find him.
God will let anyone persecute you, push you around, steal from
you, destroy your property, put you in the hospital or even kill you
for no reason at all. It happens millions of times every daybut
dont blame God. He has a plan that you never followed in the past.
All of the crime and destruction in the world is unnecessary and

How Your Astra! Helpers Can Protect You


useless. It is up to you to protect yourself from all the wickedness of

the planet earth.
W hat is Not the Answer
Wearing seat belts, having your car equipped with an air bag,
carrying a that you can kill the other fellow before he kills
you, teaching a girl karate to save her from rape, staying home every
night because of fears, providing extra locks, hiring bodyguards,
depending upon prayer that will not reach above the house-top, go
ing to church, etc., are not the answers. They never have been and
never will be the answers. The real answer is to release spiritual
forces, not physical forces.
Fine Tuning of the Magic Formula
It is especially important that you do some fine tuning of my for
mula for best results. However, before I tell you how to tune in Astral
protection, I should like to discuss two events that I read about in the
morning paper.
You have no trouble finding cases like the ones I am about to
relate to you. The daily papers are filled with criminal happenings.
Out of the many reports that day, there was the one of the police
switchboard operator hearing two people being murdered but
naturally, she could do nothing about it.
It appears that a husband and wife had been Christmas shop
ping. After they returned home and entered their house, they became
aware that a robbery was in progress. Undoubtedly, the first thought
that came to their minds was to call the police. However, it never oc
curred to them to walk softly out of the house and over to a neighbor
to make their phone call to the police.
The three robbers heard the wife making the phone call and shot
the pair dead just as the police station answered the call.
When the police arrived, they found that the house had been
ransacked from top to bottom. The couple were dead beside the
Now, if this couple had been protected by my Astral protection
plan, there would have been no robbers in their house. There would
have been no need to call the police and the couple would have en
joyed Christmas and many years to come.
To date, the police have no idea who committed this atrocious
crime. Even if the police did apprehend the killers, what good would


How Your Astra! Helpers Can Protect You

it do? Sending the robbers and murderers to prison would not bring
this couple back.
The second case concerns the family of a top General Motors ex
ecutive. They had a party the night before this tragic event. About
1:30 the following morning, the whole $125,000 house was in flames.
The executives wife threw herself through the living room win
dow and rushed next door to call the fire department. She is now in
critical condition in a hospital with first degree burns all over her
body and many cuts due to flying glass.
The charred bodies of the father and his two children were found
at the front door of their beautiful home. Why didnt they all escape?
They could not get the front door open.
Being conscious of several robberies in his exclusive suburb of
Detroit, Mr. Executive had extra locks put on the doors. These locks
did not show from the outside. The inside locks needed a key to open
the door. Mr. Executive thought he was protecting his family by
purely physical means! As I have already told you, this is practically
no protection at all.
When found by the firemen, the father had the key to the extra
lock in his hand, but could not use it fast enough to save himself and
his two children. The end results of depending upon physical means
of protection were three deaths and one critical injury.
By the way, the fire started from a cigarette butt that smoldered
for several hours on the living room couch under a pillow.
If this executive had used my formula, he would not have needed
extra locks that resulted in three deaths and total destruction of the
house. One of his Astral helpers, if he had had sense enough to use
one, would have told him to check the couch before retiring for the
in addition to all of this, think of the emotional turmoil this ex
ecutives wife will be under if she lives. I surely would not want to
carry her burden.
Every unfortunate situation that I read or hear about could have
been avoided by the full use of my formula.
I have called your attention to the fact that it is up to you to find
the answers for your problems, it is up to you to release this powerful
force that will get you somewhere. God never imposes on your free
Actually, while you are going through the motions of shifting
your problems onto someone else, you could find the answers to your
problems yourself. Dont expect God or your friends or the govern
ment to make you rich, healthy or wise. Depend upon your own
released inner self, Astral helpers and cosmic consciousness.

How Your Astral Helpers Can Protect You


If you need two thousand dollars, fire protection, protection

from all the evil forces of the world, develop the appropriate mentalaction images. See yourself with money. See yourself enjoying your
home and environment without destruction of any kind. Women
should see themselves going about their daily activities without being
raped, beaten up, or molested in any way.
Put the actual blueprint into your subconscious mind during
your meditation. Reduce your awareness of all consciousness to the
lowest point possible. Under no condition should you give any in
dication of how this solution is to come about. By all means, give
your Astral helpers and your creative consciousness the full oppor
tunity to find the answers. Why should you care how the solution
comes about? You shouldnt.
After you have formed the correct mental-action images and
made them very vivid to your mind, forget about them. Your Astral
helpers will find the solution and your mental-action images will
become reality.
if you do not picture what you want in a full meditating situa
tion, you will never get it. To picture safety, prosperity, happiness
and health results in your inner self releasing the Astral power and
helpers. Your blueprints of life situations that you desire become
The reason that you should not think about all of these
blueprints during your conscious life is that fears, doubts and other
negative emotions will creep in and cancel you out.
Getting your conscious mind mixed up with your meditation
mental-action images can even result in your getting just the opposite
of what you want.
When you meditate, you set the stage. Afterwards you should
forget it and let your Astral helpers find the answers to your
problems or point the way to the complete satisfaction of your
desires. This is fine tuning.
Fine tuning is especially necessary for protection from all evil
forces, because it is difficult to keep fears, doubts, nervousness, ten
sion and all negative emotions out of your mind. Set the stage and
then wait for the results. They will exceed your greatest expectations.
Affirmations Designed to Protect You
Generalevery day at your regular meditation period:
I wish to thank all of my Astral friends again for protecting our
home and ourselves. I know that G ods pure white light will always
be on guard no matter where we are.


How Your Astral Helpers Can Protect You

Thanks to my Astral helpers, there is a tight band of security

always around my car or other possessions, my home and my loved
ones. I know that it will always be there.
Special situations:
As we start our vacation (business) trip, we again ask our dear
spirit friends to protect us at all times and provide a safe journey to
and from our destination. We are eternally grateful for this protec
For the girl who wants to avoid being molested:
I am placing my complete faith and trust in my Astral helpers.
With the aid of Gods powerful Astral force, I will be safe no matter
where I may be walking, riding or seeking the comfort of my home.
Of course, the necessary mental-action images must go with
these affirmations. It is well to repeat them quite often. It is necessary
to repeat those for special trips or situations.
These affirmations are suggestions; you can write your own if
you wish. You can develop specific affirmations for specific situa
How well do I remember two occasions when my Astral helpers
saved my life!
I was driving my car along a street near our home when another
car came down this street at high speed. I was not aware of this car
until I saw it shoot in front of my car and hit a tree. The young man
driving this car was thrown out of the car as it hit the tree, coming to
a stop standing on end. This young fellow suffered only a bloody
nose. All that he could think of was what his mother would say when
she saw the car. I would have been killed instantly if it had not been
for my Astral helpers.
On another occasion, I had tickets for an afternoon flight to the
west coast. My Astral helpers suggested that there were things that I
needed to do at home, and to postpone my trip until the evening
flight. I have long since learned never to question the suggestions or
method of solving a problem that comes from my Astral helpers. I
postponed the trip.
The afternoon flight ended disastrously. The plane exploded
over the mountains. There were no survivors.
I am certain that you read about the 193 Moslems who were
making a religious pilgrimage to Mecca. The plane crashed, killing
all 193. They did not reach Mecca; they undoubtedly woke up in the
Astral world.
Please do not take this chapter lightly. Following my formula
will protect you from all of the evil, criminal and destructive forces
on the earth plane.

9. How Astral Power And

Astral Helpers Can Build
A Protective Psychic Wall
Around You And Solve Many
Of The Mysteries Of Life,
Criminal And Otherwise
Thousands of years ago all earth people functioned on ail levels
of consciousness. Recently, Jean Dixon, the world-famous psychic,
predicted that the time would come when the secrets of reincarnation
and ESP, extra-sensory perception, will be known by everyone. She
did not state when that time would be, but for the readers of my
book, the time is now.
The inhabitants of the spirit world cannot kid each other. When
they come into each others presence, they know all about the other
person. They read each others minds so completely that they do not
ever have to talkjust think. There are no con men in the spirit
You do not need to go on living in the lower vibrations or fre
quencies of life. You can rise above the purely physical pleasures and
vulgarities of life.
The great majority of people have returned to the earth plane
thirty or more times. The only way that you can be certain as to why
you returned is to find out who you were in other lifetimes and, most
important, why you came back or were sent back.
This does not mean that you need to spend all of your time
learning the lessons of God-like behavior. You can learn to become
prosperous. You can have your fill of the physical pleasures of life,


Build a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life

including sex, but you can also develop character and personality and
really prepare yourself for a higher type of spiritual living, Most im
portant for the future, you can develop the know that goes with a
mature, well-guided life on earth.

A Few Kept the Lights Burning

Fortunately, after man largely lost his ability to live and love on
all dimensions of the universe, a few brave souls carried the torch of
true enlightenment through the ages. Although they were cursed,
burned at the stake, put in prison, called kooks, outlawed, laughed at
and even called the work of the devil, a few high souls kept the lights
of spirituality glowing.
Even just a few years ago, excellent psychics carried a heavy
burden. One of my Astral helpers, Hazel Shephard, is a glowing ex
ample of what I have just tried to make clear to you. Early in her life,
she had to make a choicedevelop and use her psychic power or be
what her husband considered a good wife and mother.
Hazel tried to do both. This resulted in great conflict in the
home. Her husband claimed that he could not gain promotions to
high-level managerial jobs because he was married to a kook. The
steel company for which he worked would not promote him to a
high-level job because executives needed to do a great deal of enter
taining. They told him that Hazel was not an acceptable wife for
presence at their social events.
The very distressing part of this true story is that both Hazel and
her husband are now on the spirit side of life, but Hazel never sees
her husband. He is still very resentful and does not see how wrong he
was. Sooner or later, he will need to come to grips with this problem
that he himself created.
Today there are many still living who would not be living a suc
cessful life if it had not been for Hazel Shephard. She is now a great
help to me as well as being of help to those who have passed to spirit.
Very soon, she hopes to dictate the story of her earthly life to my
wife, it will appear in book form with the lovely title of Peaceful Mis

Astral Helpers Keep Trying to Get Through to You

! am sure that many of you read the account of a famous Fifth
Avenue jewelry store that was left open on New Years Eve. Robbers
could have scooped up thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and

Build a Protective Psychic Wail and Solve Mysteries of Life


walked out with the greatest of ease. Apparently the security officers
were so anxious to celebrate the New Year that they forgot to lock
the front door.
The president of this company was home trying to take a nap
before going out on the town New Years Eve. Every few minutes, he
would awaken with a start and the thought, they left the front door
open, would come into his mind.
Not knowing anything about Astral helpers, this man brushed
these thoughts off and did nothing about them. One would think that
after being awakened several times, he would have at least called to
check it out. Finally, the police called the next day and told him what
had happened.
Astral helpers can build a protective wall around you if you let
them in.
Eric Keeps On Paying His Insurance
Eric often wonders why he keeps on paying his insurance
premiums on his home, car, place of business, health and accident
policies. He often feels like saving all that money.
Eric has never filed a claim and probably never will as long as he
keeps his Astral protection plan going. This plan does not cost a pen
The Law Answers Part of This Question
You are forced to pay insurance premiums on your automobile,
your home in most instances, and your place of business. If you work
for a company, it probably carries health and accident insurance for
you. Many persons are now even getting dental care insurance.
I have paid out thousands of dollars in insurance premiums on
fourteen automobiles, four homes, hospital and health, accident, etc.,
insurance and never collected a penny. In fact, I have never been in a
hospital except to visit friends or relatives. I know that I never will be
confined to a hospital.
My answer to this question is to keep your insurance payments
as low as possible. At least you will be helping some poor soul who
never read my book.
Ask For Protection Every Time You Meditate
It only takes a few moments to reinforce your Astral protection


Build a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life

security plan. Ask for protection for your home, your automobile,
your property, and your trips, as well as against robbery, assault,
rape or any other criminal offence.
Always be certain that you thank your Astral helpers for all of
the protection that they give you. They like to know that you ap
preciate their help, they are human in this respect. They like to hear
you say, Thank you, dear ones. Never command your Astral
helpers to do anything for you. All that does is to keep your in
feriority complex going. A simple request is all that you need.
When making your request, make certain that you indicate com
plete confidence in their ability to help you. Above all, keep fear and
all other negative emotions out of your mind. You must have com
plete faith that your Astral protection plan will work.
Everyone Likes to Play Detective
Surely, the thought has crossed your mind by now that the law
enforcement agencies are greatly in need of Astral helpers. The crime
rate seems only to go up.
The mistakes that the courts make are truly a disgrace. Did you
ever stop to consider how many people are in prison today for crimes
that they never committed? I often wonder how many persons have
been executed for crimes that they never committed. He received a
fair trial, they say. There are also thousands of crimes or accidental
happenings that go unsolved.
A Few Personal Experiences
I find that I just must stop and tell you of a few personal ex
periences that indicate the great value of Astral helpers.
One Sunday, we visited the new Briarwood Shopping Center in
Ann Arbor. It has over 100 stores, including H udsons, Penneys and
Sears, several restaurants and two theaters. You can walk for miles
in this place.
After we had been in and out of many stores we stopped for
refreshments. When we arrived back home, my wife said, Where are
my glasses? I must have dropped them somewhere at Briarwood.
I closed my eyes and called in N orm a Jean. I knew that she was
with us for she loves to go shopping with us. N orm a Jean said, Call
Himelhochs. Mildred not only dropped her glasses at this store, but
also her gloves. My wife had not yet missed her gloves, but when she
called this store they had found the glasses and gloves.

Build a Protective Psychic Wall and solve Mysteries ot Lite

This may seem like a little thing to you, but what was the alter
native? Call all the stores that we had been in, if we could remember
them all? Run back out to Briarwood and spend hours retracing our
steps? The problem was solved in minutes without worry or wasted
Some of you are thinking, Why didnt N orm a Jean call
Mildreds attention to it when the glasses and gloves were dropped?
A good question. The answer is that we were both so interested in the
physical side of life that we would not have heard her tell us that they
were lost.
The First Try Succeeds
I have told you that for many years, I have written psychological
reports for business and industry helping select new employees or
determining if and when an employee should be promoted or fired.
One human engineer firm that I have helped out for over 25
years is located in Chicago. Recently, they hired a new secretary.
Many of my reports have to be telephoned in for they are always
in a hurry. The new secretary got interested in how I operate. My
Astral helpers do all the legwork for me, telling me all about the
person in question.
She wanted to try Astral Projection, so I told her how over the
phone. She carried out the proper formula before she went to sleep. I
told her that Norm a Jean and Jackie would come to get her at about
3 AM Chicago time, and bring her to my home in Ann Arbor.
Please remember that I had never seen this girl. Her name is
Doris. Her Astral Body arrived at 3 AM; I saw her clearly. She looks
very much like Dinah Shore. She has reddish-brown hair, neck
length, and blue or hazel eyes. She is 5'6" tall and weighs 120 pounds.
I called Doris on the phone the next day and described what I
saw. Every detail was 100 percent correct, even to the 120 pound
weight. She says that her eyes do look blue sometimes, and
sometimes they look hazel.
Doris told me that she felt wonderful. It appears that she has
been suffering from a pain in her neck and shoulders for several
weeks that made her nervous and tense. Now the pain is gone and she
is very relaxed. Evidently, one of my Astral helpers (I bet it was Phyl
lis) realized that she needed help to overcome a few physical pains
and aches, and solved the problem for her without being requested to
do so.


Build a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life

A Neighbor Incident
I woke up with a start recently. This sudden awakening was
caused by a loud thump next door to our apartment. It was
about 3 AM.
I asked my spirit guide what happened. Virginia said that the
woman next door kicked her husband out of bed. This man is about
6'6" and must weigh at least 250 pounds. His wife is also a large
Why did she do it? I asked Virginia. To put meaning into her
answer, I will need to tell you that this couple have a three-year-old
child. They call him Champ. The father plays with the child con
stantly when he is home, running, jumping, throwing balls, etc. Ap
parently he wants to make an athlete out of his son.
Virginia told me that his wife shouted at the top of her voice. She
must be getting tired of her husband overdoing the father role.
One evening when this man was making an unusual amount of
noise, I asked Hazel, another one of my Astral helpers, to do
something to stop the noise. Hazel knocked a few dishes off of their
dining room table and broke them. Their apartment became deadly
quiet and stayed that way all evening.
I understand they told other neighbors that they could not un
derstand how those dishes could just fly off the table and break into a
thousand pieces.
I do not advocate being too nosy or destructive about your
neighbors, but you surely can find out what is going on if you want to
do so.
Get Going, Boy
One morning, my spirit guide, Virginia, nearly knocked me out
of bed and told me to get up at once. It was wash day and my duty
was to adjourn to the basement and do the weekly wash. At the time
of this rude awakening, I did not understand the reason, for I had all
morning to do the job.
Well, at 8:20 AM, I was in the basement doing my duty when in
came another couple with a huge load of clothes. It looked very much
like they had waited until everything they owned was dirty. They
would have tied up the washers and dryers all morning or perhaps
Then the big light lit up. I realized why Virginia had jolted me

Buiid a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life


out of bed. She knew that this couple would be there early and hold
me up if I did not get on the ball early.
My Master Teacher Said, He Is Lying

Several months ago, we w'ere listening to the television at the

time then-President Richard Nixon went before the American people
to tell them that he had nothing to do with the Watergate affair. All
of you remember that night.
I have told you that one of my Master Teachers comes in every
evening and sits in the living room. He sometimes takes part in the
When it became evident that Nixon was proclaiming his in
nocence, George, my Master Teacher, said He is lying. George
then proceeded to tell us the true facts, which you all know now.
Many people expected as much, but Nixon had his loyal group who
believed him.
I suggest that when you listen to a political speech, you have an
Astral helper evaluate it.
Shopping a Store

Do you know what shopping a store means? Since the majority

of people do not know the meaning of this business expression, I will
tell you. All stores have problems with dishonest clerks, supervisors
and managers as well as shoplifters.
There are business organizations that send shoppers into stores
to observe the clerks, cashiers and others. They actually buy things. I
know of one organization that has a large warehouse in Colum
bus, Ohio, where the shoppers leave the goods to be returned to
the various stores.
When dishonesty is spotted, a report is made and an interviewer
sent to solve the problem. There are two options: getting a confession
and having the person repay the amount stolen, or turning the person
over to the police.
The best shopper organizations prefer the first option. In this
case, the person may not even lose his or her job, but must repay the
amount stolen. The major problem is to find out how much is stolen.
I have helped solve this problem many times. I simply sit in on the in
terview. The person is questioned concerning his dishonest activities.
Various amounts are mentioned.
My Astral helpers can easily tell whether or not the person is ly


Build a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life

ing or telling the truth. I will give just one illustration that comes to
my mind at the moment.
The head of the meat department of a supermarket was being
questioned about the sum of money he had stolen over a period of
ten years. He would admit to only a few nickels and dimes, and stated
that the sum could not possibly exceed $100.
I signaled to the interviewer to keep raising the am ount until I
gave him the signal to stop.
The question was, Did you steal as much as S100? The answer
was yes. Did you steal as much as $500? The answer was no. This
was a lie. The question was repeated over and over again until the
sum of $37,000 was reached. Above that amount, his answer no
was the truth, according to my Astral Helper.
This man finally signed a note promising to pay back $37,000.
His other option was going to jail. He preferred to pay back the
moneyalthough he had to sell his home in order to do this.
I do not believe that I need to tell you how grateful top manage
ment was to get this case solved. It was difficult for them to believe
that the total amount stolen was so great.
Astral Helpers May Be More Useful T hao
They Were on the Earth Plane
Can you possibly imagine how wrong it is to believe that because
a person has departed to the spirit side of life that he or she can be of
no further service to earth people? In most cases, their value to us has
increased tenfold. They can do many things that they could not pos
sibly have done while living on the earth plane.
The most important point to remember is that your Astral
helpers love to help you. They want to maintain contact with the
earth. Unfortunately, the majority of people wrongly believe that
these departed souls are gone forever. W hat a pity, they say, that
these great men and women could not have continued to live and
guide us. I hope that by now you can fully understand how far from
the truth such a statement is.
The great scientists, writers, artists, educators, statesmen and
ministers are still available to you and are much easier to contact
than they were while living on the earth plane. They have not left the
earth plane in any sense of the word, and dont you forget it.

Build a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life


Mary Doesnt Like Me

For several months now, M ary G. has been coming in about
every two or three weeks, generally on a Saturday afternoon. Mary
lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is the wife of a president of a large
corporation in that city. She is an alcoholic and a source of great em
barrassment to her husband and daughter. Their one child is married
and lives in Chicago. She has two children.
Mary is seldom sober. My wife knew her for many years before
we moved back to Ann Arbor. In many ways, Mary is a very talented
person. She is interested in the opera and is a very fine interior
decorator, but her liquor bill is fantastic.
The first time that Mary came in through Astral projection, we
thought that she was dead. We later found out that she was drunk
and that her physical body was sprawled on the living room couch
back in Indianapolis.
Im looking for someone to tell me the way to hell. I know that
I am going to hell, but I cant find it. Where is hell, anyway? Mary
began the conversation.
I assured her that if that was where she wanted to go that one of
my Astral friends would take her there. At this point, however, I
spotted her silver cord and knew that she had not passed to spirit.
Mary now started observing some of our spirit friends. She saw
Norm a Jean and addressed this question to her:
How the hell did you get here?
Norm a Jean ignored her question. M arys dull gray and red aura
indicated clearly what kind of a person she was. N orm a Jean was
aware of the fact that Mary had tried to break up my own marriage
several years ago,
You did him dirt!! said N orm a Jean with great emphasis on
each word. You drink too much and you go to bed with too many
men, she continued.
You are a fine one to talk about men. How many hundred have
you gone to bed with? These two kept on throwing insults at each
other. Finally, two of my Astral helpers took Mary back home. She
immediately woke up and reached for a bottle.
The last time that Mary came in, I was enjoying a bowling tour
nament on television and did not pay any attention to her, although
she tried to get my attention over and over again.


Build a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life

Later, during my regular meditation period, my spirit guide,

Virginia, toid me that she had talked to Mary. She asked if Norm a
Jean was still with us. Virginia told her that she was, and that Mary
Jo, Jackie Susann and Inger were also with us.
I dont believe it. D ont hand me that, said Mary. So, at this
point, all of my noted helpers came in.
Mary looked directly at Jackie Susann and said, I never read
any of your books. They are just trash.
Mary asked Virginia if Mildred was still married to that
stinker. Virginia informed her that she was, and also invited her to
stay until the regular meditation period later.
Mary refused to stay, saying as she left, I need a drink.
Our spirit friend, Hazel told me that M arys husband goes on
vacations and to see his daughter and her family alone. Mary is not
allowed to go. Apparently, the daughter avoids embarrassing situa
tions by keeping away from her mother.
Hazel also told us that Mary had been arrested for drunken driv
ing and that she may well end up in a fatal auto accident some day.
The dullness of M arys aura clearly indicates that she is in poor
Mary knows nothing about Astral projection or any of the other
psychic material you have read in my book. It is true that the Astral
Body can and does take off frequently while you are asleep. It could
easily take off while a person is dead drunk.
If I had not developed Astral power and established a group of
Astral helpers, I could never have known that Mary came to see us.
There are many activities going on all around you right now. As a
result of reading my book, you can become aware of them. It must be
a very sad and disturbing experience for the people who knew you on
the earth plane not to get through to you now that they have gone on
to greater things.
Perhaps you are sitting in your living room, aware of only the
emptiness of the house. The room may be full of important people
for all you know. Even meeting people like Mary can be a worthwhile
Some of you might be asking the question: Why didnt you
cure Mary of her alcholism? I would have, but my Astral helpers
told me that it was not to be. Mary has a karmic debt to pay. Every
time she drinks too much or violates her marriage vows, she feels
remorse and mental anguish. All this was reflected in her asking us to
show her the way to hell. She feels that she is very sinful and must be

Built! a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life


No one can interfere with karma, I might be able to soften the

blow or make her marriage a little more livable, but otherwise it is to
her best interest to go on the way she is. Many years ago, during a
former life, she set the stage for the type of life she is now forced to
live. G ods permissiveness gave her the option. She chose the wrong
path, so she was forced to return to earth to settle the account made
perhaps several hundred years ago.
An Orphan Locates Her True Parents
A few months ago, I read the following article in a Sunday
Janet Raymond, 21, is an orphan. She was born in a Los Angeles
hospital during the same period that (a well known movie actress) was
(supposedly) an appendectomy patient there. According to sources,
her appendix was not removed. A friend of this actress has met Janet
and is amazed at the strong resemblance to the star. Ironically, Janet
even won a look-alike contest a few years ago. She was also inter
viewed on a TV special relating to this star.
For Janet, however, the resemblance is not much help. There is no
way she can prove that she is this stars daughter. Janet, who worked
as a secretary in Santa Monica Hospital, is a member of the Screen Ac
tor's Guild, and is determined to follow in her mothers path to star

This case was easy to solve because Janets real mother is now on
the spirit side of life. Her mother has admitted to me that Janet is her
daughter and that a former husband is Janets father. Her father lives
in San Francisco.
Many times it is considered best for an orphan not to know who
the real parents are. You have undoubtedly read in the papers of
many unfortunate court battles over children. If, however, there is a
good reason to locate the real mother and perhaps the father, you can
help solve this problem. All you have to do is ask one of your Astral
helpers to find the parents. The date and place of birth will be useful
to your Spirit helper. Provide your Helper with all the information
you can get. In most cases, the Akashic Record will provide the
answer to the problem.
The Truth Need No Longer Escape You
How often have you heard someone say, I wonder what hap
pened to Mary? Why did Jim leave his job? Who did you sup


Build a Protective Psychic Wall and Solve Mysteries of Life

pose killed that man? I wonder who I really am? Where is my

mother now? Did he really steal all that money?
I wish I knew where to get hold of a new something-or-other.
They seemed so happy together; why are they getting a divorce?
We were recently invited out to dinner. A couple there seemed to
be quite devoted to each other. It was a pleasure to spend an evening
with them. I never will forget what a wonderful cook the husband
was. His turkey dressing was out of this world.
On our way home, N orm a Jean, who was with us all evening,
said, They will be divorced before Christmas. It is not a good m ar
We later got a Christmas card from the wife saying that she was
staying with her parents and would be married again in January.
Your Astral helpers are priceless.

10. The Fabulous Astral Ticker tape

Predicts The Future To Lead
You To Greater Riches
And Happy Living
Since the beginning of time, there have been fortune tellers,
mystics and prophets who have claimed that they know the future.
Apparently, they were all aware of some kind of psychic power.
Many frames of reference were developed by these so-called
predictors of the future. Even today, we still have astrology,
numerology, phrenology, palmistry, graphology, crystal balls, etc.
The list is long, and the more you try to understand what each one
has to offer, the more confused you get. Many authorities call them
all pseudo-sciences.
Man creates his own terrible economic and social problems;
then he spends billions of dollars trying to find out what the future
has to offer him. It most certainly is true that we all want to be reas
sured that we will make it, money-wise and occupation-wise.
Although the list is long, I have studied most of these systems,
including black magic, witchcraft, rituals, charms and chants, and
find them all wanting. It is all too evident that many people will try
anything that they are led to believe will help them better their future
physical, mental and emotional lives. Those who claim that they can
predict the future never want for clients.
At the moment, there seems to be an unusually large number of
psychics getting their names in the papers by predicting future events.
Some of these prophets are fairly accurate; others are good guessers.
Many are out-and-out frauds. All of these people give you the im
pression that they have an unusual gift from God that makes all of
this possible. I am going to prove to you that predicting is as easy as
A-B-C, and you can do it.


The Astral Tickertape Predicts the Future

You Do Not Need Any of These Future Predicting Systems

It is high time that people stopped throwing their hard-earned

money away on most of the prediction systems advertised today.
Even astrology cannot hold a candle to my magic formula. All you
need to do to predict your own future is to apply my magic formula.
You also need to understand the Astral concept of time. Think
of what has, is, and will happen in the universe as a play going on
now. You are not only observing this play but you are also a part of
it. Everything is happening now. The entire past, present and future
is now.
You can do anything that the greatest prophet can do. You do
not need to bow and scrape to any prophet. You do not need to look
with awe to a seer or psychic and wish you were like him. You can
know yourself and your future better than anyone else. You are on
the inside looking out. You have the edge on any fortune teller or
psychicand dont you forget it.
You Can Be Your Own Seer of the Future

I surely have made it clear to you over and over again that you
are equipped with the highest and most powerful force in the uni
verse. You can become aware of events to come and predict more ac
curately than the world famous psychics.
You can set in motion the mental-action images that will change
the future for you and others around you. Your help and the help of
thousands like you is needed now, for the future of the earth plane is
in doubt. We must all not only better our own future but we must
help set in motion images that will better the world and pull us out of
the present disastrous conditions.
A Simple Method of Insuring Your Financial Future

I have told you that I write psychological reports for human

engineers. These reports help place workers on the right job, measure
their potential for advancement and give an objective reason for fir
ing an employee.
Naturally, like any business, the demand for my work increases
or decreases from time to time. The problem is to keep the demand
up regardless of business conditions. I now know how to keep the de
mand up.

The Astral Tickertape Predicts the Future


During my meditation period, I develop a very vivid mentalaction image of my mail box being full of the material sent to me by
these human engineers. This is the material from which my reports
are prepared. I keep repeating this image in my mind, adding a sim
ple sentence to the effect that this image is becoming reality now.
Remember, God said, Let there be light and there was light. I have
repeated over and over again that all- reality starts as a mental image.
Within a few days, my report business takes a turn for the better
and I am busy again. This method has never failed me in over 25
yearseven during business recessions.
Mr. E, Eases His Way Into Retirement
I have been writing reports for Mr. E. for many years. I believe
that I know and understand him better than he does himself. For
several years, he has been talking about retiring at the age of 65. He
said he wanted to spend m ore time with his children and
grandchildren. He also wanted to write for business journals.
Mr. E. is so stubborn that when he makes up his mind to do
something, no one can convince him otherwise. When you try to
change his mind, he becomes very angry and is more convinced than
ever that he is right. Many years ago, I learned to cope with his stub
in spite of all of his weaknesses, Mr. E. did make a significant
contribution in bettering relations between management and labor
for a large number of corporations throughout the Midwest, It was
my opinion that he should continue to do this, but I did not dare tell
him this for fear of provoking his stubborn streak.
I have mentioned the name of Hazel Shepard before. While on
the earth plane, she was a very well-known psychic. Mr. E. respected
her opinions and gained a great deal of sound advice from her in spite
of his stubbornness. Hazel Shepard is now one of my Astral helpers.
When I talked to Hazel, she agreed with me that Mr. E. should
not retire at this time. We both agreed that his $1500 a month
overhead for an office and secretarial help was too much, but came to
the conclusion that Mr. E. could ease his way into retirement by
moving his office to his home. He could then continue to function at
a slower pace.
The result of our planning was never mentioned to Mr. E. He
was set on giving up the whole business at 65. I was not surprised,
however, when I recently received an announcement stating that Mr.
E. was moving his office to his home where he would carry on as
usual. The only change was in his telephone number.


The Astra! Tickertape Predicts the Future

Here is a beautiful illustration of how you can influnce others by

making use of your Astral helpers. I am not advocating that you pull
any tricks or illegal or immoral tactics on others, or misuse them in
any way, however.
There is no question that if you plan every detail of the change
that you wish to make in a husband, wife, friend, business associate,
politician, etc., you can lead them down a path that will make for a
better life for all concerned. After the change is made, ask them why
they changed. They will not be able to give you a good reason.

Programming Others to Do Your Bidding

If those who have passed to spirit could not keep in touch with
earth people and influence them, there would be no point in every
human being on the face of the earth having a spirit guide. Very few
people are aware of the fact that a guide is with them from birth to
God would not permit this involvement of billions of spirits if
some value was not forthcoming. In England, they call spirit guides
door keepers who guard souls and keep them from harm. That
they do not always succeed is very evident, but the service is
worthwhile overall.
Your spirit guide and/or other Astral helpers can influence or
actually help not only you but others as well. You can literally do ex
tensive programming of another mind so that that mind can be of
service to you.

Ray Gets His Girl

I met Ray on the street a short time ago.
When are you going to marry Rose, Ray? I said, opening the
conversation. You have been going with Rose for several years now.
People are beginning to talk.
Honest, Doc, its not my fault. I want to marry Rose, but she
will not set the date. I have tried everything I could think of. I even
dated Louise for a while and Louise wanted me to marry her. but I
love Rose. I told Rose that Louise wanted me to marry her. You
know what Rose said to me?
I bet I could guess. She told you to go ahead and marry
Louise right?
Yea, aint that something?! Ray answered.
I can help you get your girl, I said.
Uh! It would do no good to talk to her. She would resent your

The Astral 1 ckertape Predicts the Future


Who said anything about talking to her? Come over to see me

tomorrow, I replied as we parted.
After Ray had learned my system, 1 suggested that he build, dur
ing his meditation period, vivid images of Rose finally consenting to
marry him and setting the date. I also suggested highly emotional im
ages of both enjoying marital love together.
His Astral helpers did the rest. They put the idea in Roses head
that she should marry Ray. They helped her dismiss her fear of m ar
I also suggested to Ray that he start dating Louise again and
stop seeing Rose. He was to make it look as if he was going to marry
1 assured Ray that Louise really understood that he would not
marry her. However, she did enjoy dating him. They always had a
good time together.
It worked. Ray and Rose are now happily married.
John Gets His Promotion
John had been with the same company for ten years. Since there
were top-level jobs available there, he believed that this was the best
way to advance.
Although John got a few raises, he never was considered for a
really good promotion in line with his goal. He wanted a job with
more responsibility and less purely routine work.
John told me his story one day and asked me, W hat am I doing
wrong? I assured him that his employer was in errornot him. I
taught John how to use my formula. During meditation, I told him to
see himself on the job that he had pictured as his goal. He saw himself
succeeding and being appreciated by the management.
John also brought in an Astral helper who was given the job of
influencing the mind of the man who could do the most good when it
came to helping John move up. John was not surprised when this
man appeared more frequently to observe John at work. It was not
long before the whole process was working beautifully. John got the
promotion he needed and wanted.
Programming Others Is an Exclusive With My Formula
I have given you only two actual cases of how your Astral
helpers can influence others for your benefit. Play around with this
idea for a while and you will be able to think of hundreds of ways in
which your life can be made more productive. Getting people to do
what you want them to do is easier than you ever thought possible.


The Astral Tickertape Predicts the Future

You now have a method of increasing your chances of success in

getting a job, a wife, money or a trip around the world.
There are many systems that use positive thinking as a way of
changing your life for the better. However, my system is the only one
that makes use of your spirit friends (Astral helpers) to make certain
that your positive thinking becomes reality. Your Astral helpers will
remove all the blocks to success, health and happiness.
Your Astral Helpers Can influence the Thinking and Actions of Even
People in High Places
I have often thought of writing letters to the President of the
United States and/or other famous people in public life including ac
tors and actresses. I have still to write that first letter, because I
realize that the important person will never see or read it.
The only way most of us could get into the White House would
be to join the groups of conducted tours of his famous home of presi
dents. Your Astral helpers, however, have no trouble going anywhere
or influencing the thinking and actions of even important people in
high places.
Not too long ago, I helped a man reach his cherished goal. He
was an excellent attorney who wanted to become a Federal judge.
That meant that he would need to be recommended by the President
of the United States. Mr. W. asked for and received my help.
The presentation that Mr. W. prepared included the complete
story of his life, education, experience, important cases successfully
handled, family, letters of recommendation, etc. Naturally, political
party endorsements were included as well as letters from well-known
people on the political scene. It surely was an impressive package for
the President to review. Mr. W. even managed to arrange a very brief
personal interview with the President.
After Mr. W. learned my system, he developed vivid images of
himself on the job, carrying out all the duties of his judgeship success
fully and with great emotional satisfaction. He literally lived these
images during his meditation periods.
W hat could an Astral helper do? There were several equally
qualified men seeking the job. Which one would the president recom
mend? I should like to make it clear right now that with my system
there is no need for dirty tricks or any other shady political device.
The Astral helper does not even need to refer to any of the other can
didates or make any comparisons.

The Astral Tickertape Predicts the Future


Astral Helpers Radar Comes Into Play

A!! persons on the spirit side of life have an awareness of many
things. It is more all inclusive than ESP. The higher the spirits

development, the more extensive his radar system becomes.

it goes without saying that all of our spirit friends do not want to
be aware of everything in the universe or even on the earth plane.
They program themselves to pick up what they need and want. Let
me give you two very special illustrations of this technique.
When I start working on this book or prepare reports for
Human Engineers, at least two and sometimes three of my Astral
helpers come in and identify themselves so that I know they are here
helping me.
Two of my Astral Helpers are Japanese. One is a very beautiful
girl whom I have known over several lifetimes. The other is a
Japanese exorcist. He is very talented and speaks 17 languages. Our
association is quite a long story, but let me illustrate Astral radar
with just one episode.
Santo, the Japanese girl, approached me one day and attracted
my attention although I was not in a meditating situation. She said
that we were in danger from evil forces. She told us that she brought
Tryko, the Japanese exorcist, with her. Both of these spirits were in
the Japanese area when they detected evil forces around us in Ann
Arbor. Santo had her radar programmed to pick up evil forces
around us. This was probably just one of the many conditions that
she was aware of as far as we were concerned. Santo comes to see us
frequently and is always on call when needed.
Tryko set a trap; the evil force was caught and permanently
removed. We were very grateful.
Now let me return to my story about Mr. W. The Astral helper,
working on this project to get the President of the United States to
endorse Mr. W., adjusted his radar so that he knew when the Presi
dent was considering each candidate for the job.
At the proper time, the Astral helper built up a pleasant, com
fortable, this is the one for the job emotional tone within the Presi
dent as he reviewed the qualifications of Mr. W. The Astral helper
made Mr. W .s good points stand out in the Presidents mind. When
the time came to make a decision, the President had just one person
in mind: Mr. W.
Mr. W. is now a Federal judge, a position that he will hold with
honor until it comes time for retirement. He will be a good judge.


The Astral Tickertape Predicts the Future

The Fabulous Astral Tickertape

I have told you that everything is happening now. The Astral
Tickertape has a complete record of every event. Comparing the
tickertape you see in your stock brokers office with the Astral
Tickertape is like comparing a computer with the human brain.
There is really no comparisonfor the Astral Tickertape tells you
the whole story, not just the past and present. The Astral Tickertape
will give you the answer at any point.
The Astral Tickertape tells you how the event ended before it
started. Think what this means if you like to bet on the horses or a
football game. All that your Astral helper has to do is tell you how
the race ended at the time you place your bets. You cant lose. It is
best for you to let your Astral helper read the Tickertape. I have seen
all forms of Astral records and must tell you that they are not easy to
read. Edgar Cayce could do it, but his radar while in a hypnotic
trance was all inclusivehe could really read out of the Big Book.
For you it will better to do as I do, depend upon your Astral
All Astral records, including the Tickertape, go far beyond
anything you will find on earth.
Does this mean that nothing can be changed? For such events as
horse racing, the majority of athletic contests and elections, the
answer is yes. However, if you do not like what Astral records say is
going to happen to you next week or next year, you can change it
through the full application of my magic formula.
Jim Makes a Bundle At the Race Track
Betting on the horses really had Jim by the tail. Fortunately, he
did not lose too much. He did not win much either until I sold him on
my system. Learning my magic formula was also a lucky break for
him for another reason, for his boss was ready to fire him. He quit his
job and is now making a good living at the race track.
I got Jim an Astral helper who, while on the earth plane, also
liked to bet on the horses. Now, on the Astral plane, he stills like to
watch the races, and he can easily find out how they will end before
they start. He welcomed the opportunity to help Jim make a good liv
ing at the track, Jim can now travel to many parts of the country and
the world, too, for that matter. When he needs money, he heads for a
race track.

The Astral Tickertape Predicts the Future


Many people ask Jim how he does it. He is wise not to tell them,
for the majority would think he was some kind of nut. He has been
advised to write a book about his system, but Jim just shakes his head
and tells them that he is satisfied the way things are now. Who can
blame him?
Gloria Wins On TV Shows
When people ask Gloria why she is so lucky on TV game shows,
she just tells them that she listens to her inner voice. The answer she
generally gets from others is that when they listen to their inner
voices, they generally lose. W hat her friends dont know is that her
inner voice is an Astral helper who puts the correct answers into her
The master of ceremonies of one game show was greatly sur
prised when she won $25,000,
Warning : Do not misuse the power of knowing the future. It is
fine for you to win at races, games and contests, but do not overdo
this. Take your fair share and then go on to something else. To not
heed this warning may result in your losing the use of your Astral
Arthur Changes His Future
Arthur did not like what the Astral helpers told him about his
future, so he made up his mind to change it. The invention of a new
machine that he knew nothing about would do away with his job.
His Astral helpers told him the type of training he would need to
get an even better job when the machine was finally introduced. He
met this challenge, and is now a skilled inspector of the machine that
could have put him out of a job.
Real Estate Development Made Easy
John is a real estate developer. He came to see me one day
wondering whether or not I had any suggestions that might improve
his lot in this field. I taught him my system.
He would drive out to a proposed land development site, sit in
his car and apply my formula. First he would get a clear image of the
area in question. He really concentrated on this until he had a very
strong image. He would then ask his Astral helpers to put a picture in
his mind of this same area five, ten, or more years later.


The Astrai Tickertape Predicts the Future

His Astral helpers, after consulting the Astral Tickertape, would

project a picture of the area that John believed would make a good
housing and/or business development project. To Johns surprise, he
was not always correct. Some areas would show little or no develop
ment. In others, the development was of a different sort. Some
developed faster or slower than John would have thought possible.
The greatest value of this use of the Astral Tickertape concerns
development. There were areas where vast sums of money were to be
invested, resulting in a possible total loss years later.
Do I need to add that John is now a millionaire land developer?

Becoming Knowledgeable of the Future Insures Successful Living

There are people who do not want to know anything about the
future. They want only to live each day as they find it and be sur
prised if they wake up tomorrow. They want to take their chances
with the future. This book is not for such really stupid people.
You came back to the earth plane for a purpose. The great m a
jority do not even know what they came back for. Many believe that
this is their first and only trip to earth.
You are not one of the stupid ones, or you would not be reading
my book. Knowing the future is a must. There are many ways you
can use the Astral Tickertape:

1. You can find out about your past trips to earth. You can become
knowledgeable about your mistakes and the things that you did right.
2. You can learn why you came back and whether or not you are
making any progress in fulfilling your mission.
3. You can know what the immediate future has in store for you. If
you want to play the horses, you can pick the winners with great ease.
4. You can learn what the long range future has in store for you. If
you don't like what you find out, you can change it and become
anything your heart desires.
5. You can learn the future of your city, state or nation and, through
the democratic system, help change the future for others as well as
I did not like it when I found out that I was to pass to spirit
February 20, 1972. If I had not learned this fact, I would not be
sitting at my desk writing this book. I have greatly enjoyed life
since then, and expect to enjoy many more years.

The Astral Tickertape Predicts the Future


Inger Stevens is with me now. She is telling me that if she

had known me and my work, she would still be on the earth
plane. At the moment she took her life, that seemed to be the
thing to do. She is now deeply sorry that she did, but is grateful
for the opportunity of helping me bring a more perfect earthly
life to thousands.
The future is yours to make of it what you will.

11. Amazing Astral Power

Can Locate Hidden Treasure
And Lost Articles
Treasure hunting is really just coming into its own. Today, it is
big business. Man now has the necessary equipment to go after the
billions of dollars of hidden treasure. Psychics are telling the treasure
hunters where to find it. Of course, I do not need to tell you that with
my magic formula you can locate many types of treasure.
I am certain that many of you recently read about the recovery
of gold, silver and jewelry as well as historic artifacts that were part
of a six million dollar treasure on the Spanish galleon sunk off the
coast of Florida in 1622. At the time this discovery was reported in
the newspapers, over 1500 items had been recovered. Its going to
take a long time and a lot of hard work to bring in the rest of it, for
we have just started, one of the workers was quoted as saying.
We All Dream of Finding Hidden Treasure
I am certain that as a child, you dreamed of finding a shipwreck
filled with millions of dollars of gold and silver coins and jewelry. We
all read about the many ships that have gone down to a watery grave.
Until recently, they stayed down. I hope to tell you about hundreds
of ships to be found at the bottom of the Great Lakes.
But first, let me tell you about a type of buried treasure that you
can find with little or no expense. The discovery of this treasure may
not be as dramatic or historic but it surely is profitable.

Son Finds $250,000 Burled in Milk Cans

Mr. A. was a very wealthy owner of a flour mill in Ohio. I
remember driving by his mill many times as I returned to my home
state of Michigan. Today the freeway bypasses his well-known mill.

The Astral Tickertape Predicts the Future


Inger Stevens is with me now. She is telling me that if she

had known me and my work, she would still be on the earth
plane. At the moment she took her life, that seemed to be the
thing to do. She is now deeply sorry that she did, but is grateful
for the opportunity of helping me bring a more perfect earthly
life to thousands.
The future is yours to make of it what you will.

Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles


In the old days, the mill was known for the quality of its flour
and other products. Today it is remembered as the place where the
old m an buried $250,000 in milk cans and did not tell anyone
about it.
Mr. A. died leaving nearly a million dollars to his wife and
children. One son made himself available to continue operating the
mill as it had been run for many years.
No one seemed to know very much about Mr. A s financial af
fairs. The family was well taken care of, so no one suspected that
there was any more money to be found outside of his bank accounts,
stocks, bonds and real estate.
However, thoughts about hidden money began to come into the
mind of the son who was carrying on the work of the father. The
thought that there was hidden money around the plant kept occur
ring in his mind. He told himself over and over again that his father
would never do such a foolish thing as bury money. Mr. A. was not
known as a miser but as a good businessman who was rather
generous with his money.
Finally the son came to me. I will call him Adam. He told me
that he could not dismiss the idea of money hidden somewhere
around the mill. He jokingly stated that perhaps he needed a psy
chiatrist and not someone to help him find money if indeed it did ex
ist. I reassured him by stating that we would use a psychiatrist as a
last resort.
I gave Adam two options. Either I would find the money for him
or I would teach him my system so that he could find whatever was to
be found himself. He chose the second option,
As soon as he was able to raise his vibrations to the Astral level,
he called in his father. If anyone could help solve this problem, surely
his father could.
Sure enough, it was his father who was trying to reach him. His
father told him that five milk cans filled with $250,000 in five-tenand twenty-dollar bills were buried near the mill. His father gave him
the location, but could give no reason as to why he had buried all of
this money. His father did tell him that he had intended to dig up the
money since he really believed that he would live several more years.
The money was found exactly where A dam s father said it was.
It was removed to the bank and counted. Of course, Uncle Sam
would take his share.
Would you have kept this find a secret, taking the money home
instead of to a bank? Would you have justified such action in order to
protect the reputation of your father? Would you have justified
secretly keeping the money to keep the news out of the papers?


Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles

Adam chose to make the whole story public, letting others think
what they wanted to think. He was sure that the stories that would
circulate would not be true.
The money was found, but the reason for its being buried in the
first place was as remote as ever. I decided to find out why a man who
gave no indication of having a personality trait that would result in
his doing such a thing should bury $250,000 in milk cans, it could
have been invested in nontaxable bonds or a trust fund for his
Many questions came to my mind. How did he keep others from
knowing that he had all of the money until the time he buried it? it
was all buried at the same time. Why did he forgo all the interest or
profit this money would have brought by taking it out of circulation?
It just did not make sense. As far as the family members were con
cerned, they were willing to close the book on the whole mysterious
We have all read about or heard of cases where thousands of
dollars are found after a person passes to spirit. I just read about a
woman from Florida who died of malnutrition. She begged for food
from the neighbors. After her death, the authorities found $800,000
cash in safety deposit boxes, many stocks and bonds and $3,000 in a
checking account. In most cases, we can discover a personality trait
that accounts for the miserly action. Mr. A.s actions just did not
make any sense any way you looked at them.
Astral Helper Finds Reason for Mr. As Action
One of my Astral helpers found the reason for Mr. A.s action.
In a former incarnation, Mr. A. was an innkeeper in England. He
owned an inn at a sort of a half-way station between two English
towns. He had a very profitable business except for the fact that he
was robbed too many times. While many handled this problem by
hiding or burying their money, Mr. A. never did. Robbers not only
took all of his money but his liquor as well.
This happened so many times that Mr. A. was a very poor man
during the later days of his life. In retrospect, he came to the conclu
sion that he would have been a rich man if he had handled his money
Now we see why Mr. A. buried $250,000. He was making sure
that he would have enough for the later years of his life. If the banks
failed and all of his stocks and bonds became worthless, he would
still have plenty of money. Apparently, he was not fully conscious of

Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles


the fact that the environmental conditions present during the two
lives were very different. He did provide proof that we are the
product of all that has gone before, but in this case, the United States
government was the big winner.
Millions of Dollars Are BuriedNever To Be Recovered
Since our government was established 200 years ago, millions of
dollars have been hidden, buried or burned. The U.S. government is
always the big winner.
How many times have you read or heard about children playing
in old houses or construction workers remodeling buildings who find
valuable articles and/or large sums of money? There seldom is any
record of how these treasures got there or why.
Your chances of stumbling onto such treasure are rather remote.
It would also be a waste of time to go aimlessly searching for hidden
or buried treasure. You can, however, alert one of your Astral
helpers to be on the lookout for this type of treasure. Through their
Astral radar, they can tell you where to find such treasure.
The same technique applies to lost articles. You can save time by
simply asking one of your Astral helpers where the lost article is
There is nothing dramatic about finding a bundle of old stocks
or bonds, bank books showing large sums of money still on deposit
drawing interest, letters from famous people, antiques that have been
collectors items or plain old dirty money in the form of bills, silver or
gold coins. However, the amount of cold cash you can recover is
often amazing.
Experts Find Buried Treasure in Outhouses
Several years ago, many business leaders were making public
statements concerning the vital importance to Detroit of the
proposed Renaissance Center along the Detroit River front. This
multi-million dollar project would be composed of stores, offices, a
hotel, apartments, convention center and even an auditorium. Since
it would be one of the tallest complexes of buildings in Michigan, it
would be necessary to dig a deep foundation. You remember me call
ing your attention to the fact that construction workers often dis
covered hidden treasure.
The hidden treasure so far found at the Renaissance site has
caused Mr. Weeks, Director of the Detroit Historical Museum, to


Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles

state, one of the richest if not the richest early nineteenth-century

archeological digs in this country has been discovered.
It seems that people S50 years ago did not have garbage dis
posals, trash pickups or other modern ways of getting rid of un
wanted stuff. W hat did they do with such things? Why, they threw
them in the outhouses, known as privies or necessaries then.
Among some of the items already on display are clay smoking
pipes, earthen chamber pots, some 1830 British Staffordshire ceramic
bowls, 150-year-old duck eggs, dishes, utensils, letters, account
books, etc. Mr. Ebeneezer Beechs chamber pot was found in nearly
perfect condition. Mr. Beech was a maker of hats. Some of his
records indicated that he had financial troubles too.
You may not agree, but the scientists involved in this project,
financed by the Ford M otor Company, believe that the most impor
tant find of all is what the nineteenth century people called night
soil or fecal matter. Because of the high water level around Detroit,
this night soil is still very much as it was when it left a human
body. However, the smell seemed to be intensified. Of course the
hard hats thought that the scientists were nuts to be interested in
this stinking stuff.
This fecal matter is under observation in nitrogen tents in
private laboratories. The scientists have been able to keep alive cer
tain bacterial growths from this night soil that dates back to the
time it was discarded in the outhouses 150 years ago.
From all of this study you may ask, what has all this to do with
buried treasure? The scientists hope to gain insight into the health
and eating habits of these people. Also, by testing and comparing the
fecal matter of 150 years ago with that of today, the scientists hope to
show how different modern bacteria are as a result of the use of an
tibiotics. This result could be medically significant. you still dont think it is hidden treasure. Would you
settle for calling it hidden history?

Three Sisters Create Hidden Treasure Galore

Three sisters lived in an eighteenth century family home until
they passed to spirit. They never married or had any serious love af
Their father was, at one time, a well-known industrialist. His
home was always a showplace and probably will be for many years to
come. Posing in the middle of six acres of beautifully landscaped gar
dens, this lovely place was guarded by a white picket fence. All heads
turned to admire when passing the Wade home.

Locate Hidden Ireasure and Lost Articles

m y

Mr. Wade evidently wanted at least one boy. He gave up after

the third girl was born. However, he raised his three daughters as if
they were boys. He taught them gardening, painting, masonry,
carpentry, decorating, mechanics and even plumbing. After the girls
reached maturity, it was not an uncommon sight to see them mowing
the lawn, weeding the garden, painting or even fixing a leak in the
roof. They did all of the interior decorating, including wallpapering,
refinishing furniture, remodeling the home and other odd jobs such
as unclogging a sink.
The three sisters were school teachers. One taught history,
another, mathematics, and the third, English. After their parents
died, they hired a housekeeper and a handyman. One often wondered
what the hired help did except to take care of the place while the
sisters were traveling, since they did most of the work.
Early in their adult life, the three sisters became interested in
famous paintings and antiques. As the years rolled by, this lovely
home really did become a showplace. The city W om ans Club had it
on their list of homes that were open to the public a few times each
There was always excellent attendance at the time of open
house. The three sisters then displayed original paintings by Van
Gogh, Rembrandt, Picasso, Raphael and others. The French marbletop tables, amber glassware, hobnail lamps and dishes, milk glass,
pewter and dozens of other types of antiques made small talk for
days to come for all who had the opportunity of visiting this beautiful
home. Most of the furniture and decorations had an interesting
history as well.
After the three sisters retired from teaching, they spent more
time picking up rare antiques. The Wade house became extremely
well known.
Then things went into a reversal. The antiques and famous
paintings gradually disappeared. It soon became very noticeable;
people began asking if these items were being sold. Some offered to
buy them. This question was always answered with a polite smile.
After a few years, the Wade house became just a nice home with
tasteful furniture and a few conversation pieces. The original
paintings had been replaced by excellent copies put in the same
frames, interest in the Wade home was greatly reduced. The general
conclusion that the majority of the townspeople came to was that the
three sisters were short of money and had to sell some of the
Finally the last of the three sisters passed to spirit and the will
was read. They had left their home to the city with the understanding
that it would still be open to the public at least several times each


Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles

year. The city was to be held responsible for the care and upkeep of
the home as well as security against theft and vandalism.
As the members of the city council toured the Wade estate, their
first reaction was that they had a white elephant on their hands, it
was just a nice old house and nothing more.
Mr. Strong, one of the council members, had made numerous
trips through the house over the past 30 years. He had noticed both
the increase and decrease in the number of very valuable paintings
and antiques. He asked himself many questions concerning the
reasons for this fact. He just could not believe that the three sisters
became short of cash.
For several weeks, Mr. Strong kept trying to find the answer. He
carefully searched the house, thinking that perhaps many valuables
had been stored somewhere. The thought came to him that perhaps
the three sisters could not take proper care of those things as they
grew older, so they stored them away for safekeeping. But where? He
searched and he searched but found nothing.
My Magic Formula Reveals the Secret of the Three Sisters
Mr. Strong knew a patient of mine who had developed con
siderable skill in the field of ESP. He asked my patient to go with him
to the Wade home to see if he could pick up any clues as to what hap
pened to several hundred thousand dollars worth of antiques and
original paintings.
Mr. C., my patient, found the answerand what an answer! I
have since contacted the three sisters in the Astral world and asked
them why they did it. They all laughed and told me that they had the
time of their lives providing all of this hidden treasure. They did not
expect that it would be found so soon.
I put another question to them: Suppose this hidden treasure
had never been found until the day the wreckers came along? All
that I received in the form of an answer was a sweet smile as they said
We took a chance.
Here is the true story of what Mr. C.s Astral helper found. So,
fasten your seat belts and put cotton in your ears!
After Mr. C. had toured the Wade home and returned to the liv
ing room, he produced a blindfold from his pocket, sat down in a
comfortable chair and asked Mr. Strong to close the curtains. Mr. C,
told Mr. Strong that he could either stay during the meditation and
revelation period or return in about 30 minutes. Mr. Strong elected
to stay.

Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles


Both men got quiet and Mr. C, put on his blindfold and started
the meditation process going by relaxing, breathing deeply, and then
repeating the Lords Prayer. He then called on his Astral helpers
through thoughts in his mind and presented the problem in detail.
Continuing his deep breathing, Mr. concentrated on his
favorite flower as he repeated to himself Higher vibrations, oneness
with God: higher vibrations, oneness with G od. He kept his con
centration and oneness with G od technique going for some time. He
knew that when his Astral helpers had the answer, his vibrations
would be high enough so that he could hear their voices or pick up
their thoughts. He wanted his vibrations to be as high as possible, for
his Helpers might also project pictures into his mind to help him un
derstand the solution to the problem more clearly.
After about 20 minutes of this meditation, Mr. C. heard one of
the Astral helpers say, Your friend is sound asleep, but no matter.
Mr. C. then saw clearly in his mind a vivid picture of the
stairway to the second floor. He was told that the answer to the
problem was to be found under the carpet and pad of each step and
rise for the 18 steps in the stairway. He was told to ask Mr. Strong for
a carpet tack remover and a very sharp paperhangers knife. Other
tools would be needed later.
Mr. C. thanked his Astral helpers, concluded the meditation
with a prayer of thanks and then woke up Mr. Strong.
We will need a carpet tack remover and a sharp knife to start
with. We may need other tools later on Mr. C. began.
The three sisters had every imaginable tool. As I looked at
these recently, I wondered what they used them all for. I sense that I
am about to find out, said Mr. Strong.
Indeed you are. Lets go up to the top step, said Mr. C.
Mr. C. waited at the bottom of the stairway until Mr. Strong
returned with the tools. As they slowly ascended the stairway, Mr. C.
called attention to the fact that on the sides of the step and rise the
rug had been very carefully tacked down. Whoever put the stairpad
and rug down used many more tacks than usual.
Hidden Treasure Sees the Light of Day
Mr. C. removed the tacks from the rug and pad on the top step
and rise. He lifted up the rug and pad to find five plastic envelopes
each containing a hundred-dollar bill. As he pulled down the pad to
reveal the step-rise, another larger plastic envelope came into view. In
this envelope was a parchment paper that looked yellow with age. He
unfolded it to reveal to the startled eyes of both a treasure m ap.


Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles

This authentic-looking treasure map gave complete directions

for finding the first hidden treasure, We were to turn right so many
feet and then left through a door and straight across the room to a
wall, then up the wall 4 feet. With a sharp knife, the map indicated
that we should cut away a rectangle three by five feet,
Mr, C. cut away the heavy wallpaper. The three sisters had
removed the plaster and built shelves between the two-by-fours. On
these shelves were small, carefully wrapped antiques. Attached to
each antique was a complete record of the item date, and place
bought, price and a complete history of similar items.
The two men had to stop, go find chairs and sit down. Thoughts
raced through their minds, words tumbled out of their mouths. Their
first reaction was to run and tell everyone about the great discovery.
They quickly discarded that thought. It would not be wise to
publicize the find at this point.
Finally, after their minds slowed down a little, and without un
wrapping any more of the packages, they returned to the stairway
and removed the carpet and pad from the next step and rise. There
they found 10 plastic envelopes, each with a hundred-dollar bill. On
the rise was another beautifully executed treasure map leading them
to another location and more surprises as they cut away the heavy
Again, these treasure hunters found it necessary to sit down in
order to let their minds quiet down. Then Mr. C. observed that there
were 18 steps. If the amount of money increased with each step and
the number and value of the antiques to be found by means of
treasure maps, how much could it all add up to?
Lets see what the bottom step has to offer, said Mr. Strong as
he held the guard rail firmly while descending the stairway. So, they
removed the rug and pad on the first step from the first floor. Nine
plastic envelopes were found, each containing a thousand-dollar bill.
From the rise, they pulled out the eighteenth treasure map.
This map lead the men to the master bedroom. It pointed direct
ly to a large wardrobe. The instruction said to push the wardrobe to
one side and remove the wallpaper over a door. The corners of the
door had been marked by red dots on the wallpaper. Of course the
doornob had been removed. Such a fine job had been done that no
one would suspect that a large dressing room was behind that door.
In this dressing room were all of the original paintings and the
larger and more valuable antiques. They were all carefully wrapped
to seal out dust and dampness. All had complete information about
the article-history, value and interesting stories not generally
known by the public.

Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles


Some of you may remember that most houses built before the
turn of the century did not have walk-in closets or any place to store
clothes. They used wardrobes. The Wade master bedroom did have a
walk-in closet and dressing room.
This last find caused Mr. Strong and Mr. C. to come to the con
clusion that they had had all of the excitement they could handle for
one day. What should they do? Mr. C.s announcing that there was
$85,500 in bills on that stairway did not help any.
Now thoughts of fear were taking over. Why in the world did the
women do it? Suppose the house had burned down? Mr. Strong sug
gested that they should first bring in an insurance man. They needed
at least $100,000 worth of insurance at once. Mr. C. did not tell Mr.
Strong about the Astral protection plan. He would do that later.
Mr. C. excused himself and went into the bathroom. He im
mediately went into a meditating situation and asked his Astral
helpers to provide an Astral protection plan for the Wade home. He
then returned and convinced Mr. Strong that they had better call it a
day. No need to call in an insurance man or anyone else now. Mr. C.
suggested that they both tell no one, get a good nights sleep and meet
at the Wade home at 9 AM the next morning. At that time they could
make plans and bring the proper people into the picture.
The Wade Home Today a Symbol of Hidden Treasure
Its a long, wonderful story of how the Wade Home of Hidden
Treasure came into being. Mr. Strong first called a special meeting of
the city council. Mr. C. told them the beautiful story. It was decided
at once to set up a special board to handle this project created by the
revealing of thousands of dollars worth of hidden treasure.
Today, as you enter the Wade home, you are handed a beautiful
ly bound book authentically describing all of the antiques and
original paintings. This book contains the whole story of the finding
of the treasure, including pictures of the 18 treasure maps as well as
pictures of sections of the home where the treasure was hidden.
This book was so well documented by the English teacher sister
that it is in demand from antique dealers and art museums. She sure
ly could not have left a more worthwhile legacy.
As you tour the home, you can see where the treasures were hid
den. A few have been left in their hiding places to give you an idea of
how it was done. Even the special walls have been left as the three
sisters built them.
Many friends of the three sisters have tried to understand why
those talented ladies did what they did. Did they long to find hidden


Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles

treasure somewhere, but their dreams never came true? I like to

believe what they told me: We had the time of our lives doing it.
However, no one can say it was not an original idea, it surely
lends excitement and romance to the happenings. N o medieval
stories of the activities of chivalric heroes or tales of extraordinary
and mysterious events can top the true story of the three sisters as
they traveled the worlds highways seeking valuable items to be hid
den in their ancestral home for others to find and enjoy after they had
passed to spirit.
Sunken Treasure on the Great Lakes
There are at least 2,166 sunken ships in Michigan waters. Some
are considered to be of great historic and financial value. For exam
ple, the Pewabic, built in 1865, was then the largest, most luxurious
passenger ship on the Great Lakes. It sank, with a load of copper
from Michigan mines, on Lake Huron near Alpena.
Divers are now reporting that property from sunken ships in not
more than 40 feet of water is disappearing very rapidly. Often
everything of value is taken-there are not a few treasure hunters on
the Great Lakes.
The State of Michigan, as has the State of Florida, is passing
legislation protecting this sunken treasure. The chairman of the
House Conservation Committee is quoted as saying, Property from
many sunken ships is of great historic value. Anything taken from it
should end up in a Michigan museum, not on somebodys mantle or
attic or in a museum in New York. However, if you brought up the
copper from the Pewabic, I am sure that it could be sold at a profit
for you.
In most any library, you will find a number of books concerning
ships that have gone down to a watery grave. While these books may
motivate you to go after sunken treasure, you really do not need
them. Your Astral helpers will tell you where it is.
If a Dog Can Predict the Future and Locate
a Sunken Ship, So Can You
At a port on Lake Ontario, a friend of Captain Bill Brian, of the
ship Kamloops, presented him with Ginger, an affectionate rustcolored puppy that was said to have the disposition of a happy
Irishman. Ginger loved life on the freighter and quickly adjusted to
being on shipboard. She became the ships mascot. However, Ginger

Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles


was always with the Captain as he carried on the ships business on

board or in port. She slept under the Captains bunk at night. She
always shared the watch in the pilot house.
The Kamloops was scheduled to leave for Ft. William on
December 1, 1927, with a load of wire and machinery for the
Thunder Bay Paper Company. Before leaving Courtright, Ontario,
the Captain, with Ginger at his side, went ashore to see old friends.
When Ginger and the Captain returned at midnight, Ginger
refused to go aboard the Kamloops. She outwitted all attempts to
catch her. This went on for an hour until the Captain could not hold
up the departure any longer. It was the first pilot house watch that
Ginger had missed in two years. Friends called out that they would
look after Ginger,
To make a long story short, the Kamloops was last seen battling
a violent storm near Isle Royale on Lake Superior. After the storm'
several ships, including a Coast G uard cutter, searched for the
Kamloops. It was never found.
The following spring, the friends of Captain Brian put Ginger
aboard another frieghter bound for Ft. William. While Ginger made
it plain that she missed Captain Brian, she seemed to enjoy the trip as
she did in the old days. However, when they came to Reweenaw
Point Ginger ran under a bunk. As she huddled and shivered, she
started to whine as if trying to tell all around that she knew where the
Kamloops was.
Many would agree that God had given this dog a wonderful but
mysterious talent. However, if someone had told Captain Brian that
his dogs actions indicated that he should stay in port, would he have
done so? Probably not.
Edgar Cayce the famous psychic, was walking into the post of
fice at Virginia Beach one day. Several girls came out of the post of
fice. He stopped them and advised them not to make the trip that
they had planned. Although Cayce had never seen these girls before,
he predicted a tragedy in which all would be killed. One girl did not
go; the other three went and were all killed.
Saving Treasure From Becoming Lost, Buried or Sunken
Captain Charles M ohr saved many a ship from going down to a
watery grave. His own ship was the William Nelson.
On the particular occasion that I am about to relate, he was car
rying a load of sand down Lake Michigan to South Chicago. As he
passed through the Straits of Mackinac, bad weather developed. His


Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles

first reaction was to head for a port and wait out the storm that he
knew would be a bad one.
However, he heard himself ordering the course of the William
Nelson altered drastically. He ordered his men to take the ship down
the east shore of Lake Michigan, through the dreaded Manitou Pas
The seas, building up the whole width of Lake Michigan, began
to punish the William Nelson unmercifully. She rolled, smothered
with white water. In the galley, dishes left their racks. In the firehold,
the men were hard put to keep their footing. The crew could not un
derstand why Captain M ohr had changed course. It didnt make
At three o'clock the next day, the William Nelson came upon
Our Son Ship, its distress flag snapped taut in the howling wind. The
crew had given up and were simply waiting for the end to come.
All of this really did not surprise Captain Mohr, for he had been
a hero many times. Through his psychic power, he seemed destined
to be in the right place at the right time. He had saved two men, two
women and three children from a sinking yacht in Georgian Bay. He
saved three men on a disabled yacht in Lake Erie. He had also
rescued the crew on the yacht Mildred in a Lake Erie snow storm. He
rescued four men and two women after their yacht capsized on Lake
Erie near Kelleys Island.
As a result of all of Captain M ohrs fearless actions in rescuing
so many persons, he was given a Congressional Medal of Honor for
what was termed one of the most daring pieces of seamanship in the
history of navigation. The medal, awarded by the U.S. Department
of the Treasury, by authorization of Congress, was presented to Cap
tain M ohr with suitable ceremonies, in the club rooms of the Inter
national Ship Masters Association in Cleveland. It was the only such
medal ever awarded to a Great Lakes shipmaster.
Captain M ohr never really understood his psychic power, but
you can. In all probability, someone from the Astral world alerted
Captain M ohr to the need to save a ship and its crew or rescue those
who had been shipwrecked. He literally kept human and physical
treasure from becoming sunken treasure.
You Can Guide Yourself or Others To Sunken or Buried Treasure
It is not at all uncommon today to read about treasure hunters,
following the directions of psychics, reclaiming sunken gold and
silver from 300-year-old watery graves. How would you like to find

Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles


an eight foot goid chain valued at $200,000or ingots of gold and

silver, diamonds and other jewels?
While the coast of Florida seems to be the most popular place to
go treasure hunting at the moment, buried or hidden treasure can be
anywhere. As Captain M ohr knew where he was needed to save lives
and ships, so you can find out where you are needed as well as dis
covering many kinds of treasure and objects of historic value which
are now out of sight.
Mother Bacon Comes to Visit March 19, 1974
This was a memorable day for us. My grandmother Bacon an
nounced that she would like to visit us in our home. Many of our
Astral friends heard about this and came at our regular evening
meditation time.
Try to picture our living room for this occasion. Also present
besides Mother Bacon were Phyllis Bacon, Mamie Bacon, N orm a
Jean Baker, Kathleen Bergler, Benjamin Harrison, Virginia Jagger,
Mary Jo Kopechne, Seward and Flora MacNitt, Lenna Moon, Hazel
Shepard, George Stanton, Jackie Susann, Albert Wilmet, Inger
Stevens, Paul Starr, Hilda Bland, Ruth, Santo, my wifes grand
parents and several others whom we could not identify.
Mother Bacon had a message for our readers:
May God go with you.
I am standing here beside my grandson. My granddaughter has
been playing the organ. She plays beautifully. It seems good to return
to an earth home for a little while.
You are now reading about hidden treasure. I know that you
have found it a very fascinating subject. Over 100 years ago on our
farm in Pennsylvania, I remember dreaming about finding hidden
treasure. All we ever found were Indian arrowheads and a few other
artifacts, but they were hidden treasure and meant a great deal to us.
Of course, all this is nothing in comparison to what you have been
reading about in this chapter.
I was about ready to return to God when I became interested in
the magic formula that was developed by my grandson, so I turned
my thoughts again to earth that I might help. I had fully intended to
return to God and become a part of that all-powerful G od Force. I
had lost practically all human body characteristics but after I became
interested in the work of my grandson, I reversed this condition so
now I am standing beside my grandson with my body fully returned.
I will stay with this project until the wonderful ship Helping


Locate Hidden Treasure and Lost Articles

Yourself With Astral Power is launched and the earth lives of tens of
thousands are made more prosperous, healthy and happy.
I often wondered if I, while living on our farm in Pennsylvania,
would have read my grandsons book if it had existed and would
have believed it to be true. I like to think that I would have believed
every word of it, for I now know that it is true.
While I wish you, the readers of this book, good fortune in
finding hidden treasure, increasing your material benefits and m ak
ing the most of all that the earth offers, I want to call your attention
to another type of hidden treasure that the magic formula can open
up for you.
You know that you have returned to the earth plane many
times. You have had thousands of experiences; you have learned
many lessons and when you came back to earth this time, all of these
experiences and lessons were hidden treasure within you. The magic
formula will help you locate this hidden treasure, so that you can
really live in all dimensions of the universe. I want you to find that
hidden treasure. Deeper yet within your innermost self is the most
wonderful hidden treasure of allGod.
I notice that my grandson calls his spirit friendsand most of
them are here tonightAstral helpers. That name was well chosen.
They are Astral helpers, just helpers. The great power to release this
hidden treasure, to live life to the fullest, is within you. All we can do
is help, but that help may be the ounce that tips the scales toward a
prosperous, successful life.
I hope that hundreds and thousands of you will form as
wonderful a group of Astral helpers as my grandson has at his com
May God bless you.

12. Helping Yourself To Regain

Your Youthful Figure And
Look And Feel 20 Years Younger
With Astral Power
I recently read Natalie W oods secret for staying slim. She states
that she avoids the punishment and reward routine. She seems to
feel that people on a diet consider themselves being punished. So,
after they punish themselves for a while, they go off the diet feeling
that they deserve a reward. I conclude from what she says that she
went on a diet and stayed on it.
Over the years, you have seen dozens of advertisements claiming
that you can regain your youthful figure. After people get wise to the
fact that these systems are rip-offs, new ones appear and the suckers
fall in line again.
Fabulous new lazy way to trim your hips, flatten your tummy
and get back into shape! Use our ten-minute body cycle.
Here is the headline of another ad: Look Younger Overnight.
Still another How to Eliminate Those Unsightly Orange Peel
Bumps and Bulges called Cellulite,
Lose 30 Pounds in 120 Days with Wine Diet.
The other day, I noticed that a drug store had all the systems
that are supposed to make you beautiful in body and mind lined up
on one shelf. I lost count after observing 15 attractively boxed
systems. Most of them include vitamins, some form of excercise and
a diet.
The most unusual reducing system that I noticed stated in bold
type that you could regain your youthful figure through sexual inter
course. I assume that this suggestion was meant for married
couplesbut suppose only one of the married partners needs to
reduce. This system included some pep pills and instructions for


Helping Yourself Look and Feel 20 Years Younger

prolonging sexual intercourse (no quickies) and increasing the fre

quency to up to four times daily.
This might be a good come on for the popular massage
parlors. We all know that the majority of such places are fronts for
prostitution. If word got out that the overweight could reduce by en
joying sexual intercourse, I am sure that business would pick up.
Health Spas Are Popular
reads one ad.
They do have fine equipment and their rates are generally
reasonable. However, the National Research Council is demolishing
the diet and excercise myths. Health departments are closing some of
the spas down because of their claims. They may be fun, but dont ex
pect too much from any health spa program.
Astral World Sets the Standard
I have already told you that all persons in the spirit world look
young. There are no overweight or underweight people there. There
is only one conclusion that you can draw as far as the earth plane is
concerned: that we are all supposed to be healthy, with youthful
Lets Take a Trip to Tibet
Before I tell you how my magic formula, R-C-C, can bring you a
youthful figure, let me take you on a little trip three thousand years,
back in time, during one of my incarnations. I was a Brahman priest
in Tibet.
Recently, with the help of Santo, my beautiful Japanese Astral
helper, I regressed myself back 3,000 years. I wanted to see what I
was up to at that time. Mary Jo, who was my wife during the time I
was a Brahman priest, went with me.
The first article that came to our attention after we arrived at the
temple where I carried on my activities, was a hand-written book in
Sanskrit. In this book were my conceptions of God and the universe.
From the worn condition of the first page of this holy book, it
was apparent that I had turned to it many, many times. It was a

Helping Yourself Look and Feel 2U Years Younger


prayer that began with the syllable that is still used today by many
during their meditation period:
OM OooooM mm mm
With our ears, may we hear what is good.
With our eyes, may we behold thy righteousness.
Tranquil in body, may we who worship Thee find rest.
O ooooM m m m m Peace Peace Peace.
O ooooM m m m m Hail to the Supreme Inner Self.

I am sure that you will all agree that this prayer is as modern as
the day it was written. I am certain that you will want to memorize it
and use it many times, as I did 3,000 years ago and will from this day
I discovered that Brahman priests, through contemplation, saw
within themselves the ultimate reality. They believed that God dwells
deep within all creatures, hidden from sight.
As I continued to read from this holy book, I suddently became
aware of the fact I was a Brahman priest. I became aware of my
physical self and that of my wife as we were then. I saw a narrow, thin
face with high cheekbones, a dark pointed little goatee and a thin
fringe of hair across the upper lip which traveled downward to each
corner of my mouth. A Chinese gentleman, I thought, but no, as the
picture became clearer, the narrow little black pill box hat, the hint of
white around the neckline and what appeared to be a dark robe were
those of a Brahman priest. My hair was pulled back tightly against
my head in what was probably a braid.
My face was ascetic, kindly and the eyes were gentle but the gaze
was direct. My frame was small, but there was a feeling of strength
flowing from it.
Then I looked at Mary Jo, my wife during this incarnation. At
first the outline of her face was indistinct, but gradually it became
crystal clear and I saw before me the face of a beautiful Hindu
woman. Her dark hair was piled high on her head and a small mantle
of filmy material covered the top of her head. Her nose was rather
large and prominent but well shaped. Her lips were full, and her eyes
were so dark and luminous that they were almost madonna-like in
their depth. Her eyes contained the softness and innocence of youth
and the maturity of womanhood. They looked out on the world with
a direct, honest gaze and there was just the suggestion of humor
Her skin was dark and petal-smooth, with color around the high
cheekbones. Her robe was made of a fine white linen-like material


Helping Yourself Look and Feel 20 Years Younger

trimmed with gold and purple braidobviously, the dress of a

woman who belonged to the first of five great classes of Hindus. I
became fully aware of the fact that she was one of the women chosen
to become wives of Brahman priests.
Lookwhat is this? I spoke to my wife as we both read.
Sit upright, holding the chest, throat and head erect. Turn the
senses and the mind inward to the lotus of the heart. Meditate on
Brahman with the help of the syllable Om. Cross the fearful currents
of the ocean of worldliness by means of that raft Brahman. With
earnest effort, hold the senses in check. Control the breath, regulate
the vital activitiesmeditate in a quiet place.
As you practice meditation, you may see crystals, silver streaks,
fireflies, dots of light, beautiful colors in beautiful forms. These are
signs that you are on your way to the revelation of Brahman.
As you become absorbed in meditation, you will realize that
the inner self (Astral body) is separate from the body and not affected
by age, disease or death.
The first signs that you are making progress are better health,
cleanness of the complexion, a beautiful voice, an agreeable odor
from your body and freedom from all craving.
As I read these words, 1 instantly knew where my magic formula
R = C = C came from. I had used all of the elements of this formula
3,000 years ago.
! knew that I must read on quickly for Santo would soon want to
have me progress rapidly through my many lives up to 1975 and
return my Astral body to my physical body. Through all of this
process, a silver cord emanating from my head had spanned the thou
sands of miles from Michigan to Tibet and back to Michigan. Lets
go on.
The vast universe is like a wheel Upon this wheel are all
creatures who are subject to birth, death and rebirth. Round and
round it turns and never stops. It is the Wheel of Brahman. As long
as a creature thinks that he is separate from Brahman, he revolves on
the wheel in bondage to the laws of birth, death and rebirth. But
when through the grace of Brahman, the person realizes his oneness
with Him, he revolves upon the wheel no longer. He achieves oneness
with God.
Know God and all fetters will be loosed. Ignorance will vanish.
Birth, death and rebirth will be no more. Meditate upon God and
you transcend physical consciousness. Thus will you reach union
with the God of the universe. Thus will you become identified with
Him who is without a second. In God, all your desires will find fulfill

Helping Yourself Look and Feel 20 Years Younger


The truth is that you have always been united with God. But
you must know this. There is nothing further to know.
We must go back, Santo spoke gently. There is no more
Let me read a little more from this wonderful book that I knew
so weli 3,000 years ago. Just give me a few more minutes, I pleaded
with Santo.
To realize and release the God within you, first control the out
going senses and harness the mind then meditate that the inner self
may be revealed behind the physical appearance.
Great is the glory of the self-luminous being, the inner reality.
Control the vital force. Release the inner self by the practice of
meditation. Be drunk with the wine of divine love.
Brahman is the one God, present in the North, the East, the
South and the West. He is the creator. He is within all persons as the
vital part of the Inner Self.
We must go now, Take this precious book with you, said
Santo. As you meditate, it will be available to you. Come, lets
hasten back.
As we took our leave of Tibet as it was 3,000 years ago, we could
not help but notice the healthy, youthful-looking people who made
up the population. It was then that I fully realized that I, as a
Brahman priest, had put the same elements that made up my magic
formula to work. It was very evident that these people lived and
loved on more than the purely physical level of the universe. It was
equally true that all of their desires were fulfilled through their
release of the all-powerful inner self. I saw no poverty-only wealth,
health and prosperity.
It was Jackie Susann who insisted that I make this trip to Tibet.
She felt that I should pinpoint the source of my magic formula.
Jackie was not available to me when I developed the formula or
wrote the first six chapters of this book.
I am pleased that it worked out this way for I believe that now
was the proper time to make this trip.

Transfiguration Made Easy

The equipment needed to learn more about your past lives is all
within your reach. Locate an old box camera that is about five inches
long, three inches wide and four inches high. Make it easy to remove
the back of the camera. Install an electric socket in the middle of the
inner back of the camera. Put in a small red light bulb, the kind that
is used in photographic dark rooms.


Helping Yourself Look and Feel 20 Years Younger

Remove the lens but keep the rim in place so that red filters can
be attached if needed. You are now ready to produce transfigura
You will need an absolutely dark room and at least one other
person who can successfully meditate with you. Seat your subject
next to a wall of neutral color. Place the box camera with the red light
attached about six to eight feet from the subject. Direct the red light
on the face, head and shoulders of the subject. Use a red filter, if
needed, to tone down the light to a soft glow. Experiment with this a
little to get the light just right.
Briefly go into a meditating situation as you observe what is
happening. It may take a little while before you see any transfigura
If all goes well, you will soon see the subjects face, head and
shoulders change. The persons who appear are the subjects former
incarnations. With the aid of your Astral helper you may get the
transfiguration to slow down or stop when ordered so that you can
observe them more closely.
This whole process is proof of the correctness of the Brahman
teaching that the universe is like a wheel with all persons subject to
birth, death and rebirth until they realize their oneness with God.
If you just sit and watch the transfigurations of the subject go
by, you will notice that after they have presented the total number of
(count them) times the subject has returned to the earth plane, they
start all over again. That process goes on continuously.
Of course, someone else will need to observe your transfigura
tions and tell you about them. You will need someone who under
stands and believes what you are doing. The higher you can raise
your vibrations, the more control you have over the transfigurations
of another person, so that you can stop them or slow them down at
any point for better identification of the time and place of the incar
It is very evident that by this procedure, you can prove reincar
nation and the fact that you are influenced in your present life by all
the other lives you have lived.
Transfiguration by my method is easy. All it takes is the equip
ment I have described, a dark room and one or more (but not more
than four) other people working together to learn more about
themselves. You may not get excellent results the first time, but keep
trying. It will pay off soon.

Helping Yourself Look and Peel 20 Years Younger


Many Children Are Ashamed of Their Overweight Parents

I have had a number of cases where the children of overweight
parents have come to me for help in getting their parents to do
something about this problem. These children are literally ashamed
of their parents. Susan is a case in point.
Not only were her parents very much overweight, but they did
not keep themselves looking their best. This is understandable, since
dragging 50 to 100 pounds of unnecessary fat around all day is no
easy task. Then, too, it is difficult to get proper fitting clothes. The
cleanliness problem is equally important.
Susan would not bring any of her friends home. One look at
Susans parents and the boys never dated her again. They assumed
that she would eventually be a mountain of flesh just like her parents.
Susan brought me a picture of her parents on their wedding day.
I had trouble getting her parents to come to see me. They insisted
that they had no problems and that there was no need to see a psy
chologist. I finally got them to come in by stating that their daughter
had a problem that she could not discuss with her parents.
I showed them the picture of themselves on their wedding day. I
told them bluntly that their daughter was ashamed of them. I con
vinced them that they had an obligation to their children, to
themselves and others to look like healthy, attractive human beings,
not like tubs of fat. They got the point immediately without offering
any senseless excuses. The rest was easy. R-C-C did the trick.
Overweight People Are Literally Killing Themselves
I once read a book by a medical doctor with a very appropriate
title. It was Stop Killing Yourself. You would think that people would
get tired of going around trying to get their breath. Just the thought
of carrying all that excess baggage around should motivate
overweight people to do something.
i have also had quite a large number of adults who have been
warned by their doctors concerning their overweight problem. It has
been called to their attention that heart and other organ changes are
beginning to show. How can any intelligent person say to his doctor
No one lives forever, as many do?
Phillip is a case in point. His doctor told him to reduce or die.


Helping Yourself Look and Feel 20 Years Younger

He reduced. His heaith is not only better, but he was also advanced
occupationally and financially.
I have even had cases where persons were told to reduce or lose
their jobs. It would be interesting to know how many marriages are
wrecked by an overweight partner.

Men Should Shape Up As Well As Women

it seems that men like their women to be in good form. But men
do not seem to realize that they should also keep off excess pounds of
flesh. I often wonder why good-looking, shapely women put up with
fat, sloppy men. Some of them dont.
Joyce insisted that her husband shape up or ship out. He tried
several reducing methods to no avail. He likes to eat, period. John
finally came to me and reluctantly started my program of no dieting
and no special exercises. Mental-action images did the job, reducing
him about five pounds a week until the unwanted 52 pounds were off
and the altered clothes were on.
f hope that by now you have learned how to take trips into the
Astral world. As I mentioned earlier in this chapter, you will discover
that all spirits are beautiful. All look about 30 years of age except the
children and those who wish to look older. They look healthy,
without a pound of excess flesh. Those who were thin while living on
the earth plane are now shapely also.
But why wait until you get on the spirit side of life? My system
will not give you a new arm or leg, but it will put you in good physical

Skinny Ones Can Also Shape Up

Nancy came to me certain that her lack of feminine curves was
keeping men out of her life. She did want love and marriage. I could
have told her things about her personality that did not attract men,
but she did have a point as far as her shape was concerned.
She had always been skinny, with a form more like a boy than a
girl. I could not use the mental-action image technique right away.
I had an artist come in during one of her appointments. He
sketched a picture of her and came back several days later with a
painting of Nancy and how she could look with a little more flesh,
beautiful breasts and shapely legs.
She used the painting to form mental-action images of herself in
applying my formula. Nancy is now a very attractive woman, wife

Helping Yourself Look and Feel 20 Years Younger


and soon-to-be-mother. Her Astral helpers also changed her per

sonality a bit.
Always Remember: Mental-Action images Work
Their Way Into Reality

People who get anywhere on the earth plane concentrate on

what they want. They form many mental-action images and through
my formula, those images become reality.
God said, Let there be light, and there was light. Thomas
Edison said, Let there be light through the use of electricity, and
this came into being through the light bulb. Every millionaire once
said I am going to be a millionaire, and so a million dollars in the
bank became a reality. A sick person says Let my body be healed,
and it is. Fatty says, I am losing 100 pounds of unwanted flesh and
his mental-action image of himself without this excess baggage
becomes a reality.
God, through my Astral helpers, make it easy for me to eat
properly. Charge my body with the eternal force and fill my mind
with spiritual power. Eternal youth of body and mind, abide in me
OooooMmmmm. Hail to the Supreme Inner self.

13. Helping Yourself To Stop

Smoking, Cure Emphysema
And All 111 Effects Of Smoking
With Astral Power
Again, I would like to use myself as proof that my system works.
I smoked for more years than I care to remember, I smoked cigars,
cigarettes and a pipe. I was almost a chain-smoker. But one day, six
years ago, I decided to quit cold turkey.
Outside of a cough, I noticed no ill effects except that smoking
greatly reduced my sense of smell and taste. I loved to smoke.
However, I quit because smoking is a messy habit. I was always burn
ing holes in my clothes, furniture and rugs and there were always ash
trays that needed cleaning. Even with my reduced sense of smell, stale
smoke smelled terrible.
By my system, you quit coldjust stop smoking, period. You do
not substitute anything for smoking. You do not follow any of the
hundreds of so-called ways to stop smoking. My Astral helpers must
receive full credit for my success. W hat worked for me will work
equally well for you.
I have no intention of getting into any arguments as to whether
or not smoking is harmful. I have known of heavy smokers who died
of lung cancer. I have also known of persons who never smoked in
their lives who have died of lung cancer.
Doctors present us with a long list of the detrimental effects of
smokingfrom yellow fingers to cancer and heart failure. I know of
a medical doctor who tells his patients to quit smoking. He himself is
a chain smoker. Anyway, I will not argue the point. However, if you
have what is to you a good reason for kicking the habit, then my
system will do the job for you. It makes no difference why you wish
to discontinue the habit or how long you have smoked.

Stop Smoking and Cure Its III Effects


My Wife Tried Several Systems Without Success

My wife is further proof that my system works. She tried several
of the so-called plans for kicking the habit over a period of ten or
more years. None of them worked. I kept telling her to quit cold like
I did. She finally put my method to work. My father-in-spirit was her
Astral helper. He made it possible for her to quit cold turkey. It has
been over two years now since she smoked her last cigarette. She has
no desire to smoke and did not gain weight. She has stopped
spending money for cough syrup. She smoked for over 30 years.

Ted Thought Up His Own SystemIt Did Not Work

I have discovered some smokers who developed their own plans
for discontinuing smoking. Ted is a case in point.
He started out his day with one cigarette in his coat pocket.
When the urge to smoke would hit him, he told himself that he had
only one cigarette so he had better save it until later. He generally
ended up smoking the one and bumming from others to get through
the day. His system did not work; my system does.

What To Do When Physical Conditions Can Be Traced To Smoking

Sam had already stopped smoking when he came to me. It was
his doctor who provided the motive for not smoking. Said his doctor,
Stop smoking or die from emphysema. He decided that he wanted
to live, so he stopped smoking.
However, he still had a bad case of emphysema. The same is true
for hundreds of smokers who have kicked the habit. They stop too
late for medical science to do anything for them. It is never too late
for my magic formula unless you are actually at deaths door.
Helen had a strong but too-rapid heart. Her doctor did not
believe that smoking would kill her, but it would shorten her life.
She attended classes using scare techniquesmotion pictures
showing the terrible conditions of your body caused by smoking. She
religiously followed the instructions put out by several well-known
plans. None of these worked; her heart kept on beating too fast.
Today, there is a new Helen. She did not even gain weight by my
system. Her heart has slowed down to normal. She can smell and
taste again. Even her frequent nosebleeds have ceased.


Stop Smoking and Cure Its III Effects

Women Do Not Find it More Difficult To Stop Smoking Than Men

Under My System
I have read that women find it more difficult to stop smoking
than men. N ot so with my system.
Paul and Pauline, as a husband-wife team, both decided to stop
smoking. Paul kicked the habit by quiting cold turkey. Pauline tried
to quit cold turkey but was back smoking after two weeks.
Now both are off the weed for good. Paul went along with my
system to keep his wife company and make sure that he was off for
good. It also made it possible for both to discuss their progress.
These are the factors necessary in my system:
1. Quit cold turkey
2. Get help from one of your Astral helpers
3. Do not substitute food, candy or anything else for smoking.

Never Permit Any Physical Matter To Control You

Dean Martin is a slave to a three-inch roll of tobacco. He cannot
get through one song without smoking a cigarette. There are millions
who are slaves to tobacco. It is ridiculous for anyone to let anything
physical control them. The material things around us are to fulfill our
needs and desires, not to push us around.
The alcoholic is a slave to alcohol; the drug user to drugs. These
people have no control of themselves, It is equally ridiculous to let
people push you around. Many people are just as much slaves as if
someone had bought them at a slave market.
Perhaps the most undesirable type of slavery today is being a
slave to money. Many millionaires let money push them around. I
have already called your attention to the man who read a book on
how to get rich. He was rich and miserable until he applied my magic
There is nothing wrong with smoking, drinking, gambling, or
making money as long as you stay in the drivers seat. You must be in
control of the physical; never let the physical control you.

Let A Mural Of The Parade Of Life Come Into Your Mind

Picture your life from the very beginningI mean from your
first incarnation hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago. Picture
the beginning as the source of a river, gradually increasing in size as

Stop Smoking and Cure Its III Effects


you live each life, increasing in strength as you move to the sea or
oneness with God.
The sea is made up of many other rivers or individual lives which
form the Sea of Life. Picture yourself becoming more and more
aware of your place in this great stream of life and flowing into it.
I hope that I have succeeded in telling you that your life and all
individual lives are aiming at something. I know not the ultimate goal
of the creator, but it is an inspiring thought to feel that each of us is
an expression of life and the great intention. If you view life in this
manner, you cannot help acquiring a sense of responsibility and a
desire to make yourself culturally valuable.
As you let this mural unfold in your mind, your total life seems
similar to a relay race in which you are given the opportunity of car
rying on and adding to the contributions of past generations. You
will become aware that the race of life is becoming accelerated. Your
past lives and the past lives of all humans have given much that you
may carry on.
As you come to the end of this mural that you are picturing in
your mind, ask yourself these questions:
What am I doing with my own personal life?
Have I allowed runners from past generations to cross the finish line
while I watched indifferently?
Am I leaving achievement to others?
Am I a slave to one or more physical things resulting in my getting
Have I all the things that bring prosperity but still do not have hap
piness and the feeling of fulfillment?
Or am I getting the supreme thrill that comes with counting myself in
on all that is important in the total universe?

Does Your Goal Release Astral Power?

Recently, a patient of mine stated The girl I love is too good for
me. I have no future. I think that I will marry a girl who demands
nothingwho will not expect me to be a success.
I said, I suppose you will stay home and vegetate while your
wife is out earning a living.
This young man has taken his place in the groove of failure.
He is too lazy to even watch the miracle of mental-action images


Stop Smoking and Cure Its 111 Effects

becoming reality. He will not act aggressively and fearlessly when it

comes time to move toward the type of goal that will free him from
the birth-slavery to the physical death-rebirth cycle.
My formula will give you a balanced physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual life that makes not only for health, wealth
and happiness but movement toward oneness with God.
My Astral Helpers Agree That a Balanced Life Goal is Needed
When I first started teaching psychology in college, I told my stu
dents that to understand themselves, they needed to trace every
aspect of their lives back to early childhood. I now know that that is
only a small part of the truth. You need to trace every aspect of your
life back through all of your incarnations to your very first trip to the
earth plane. Your balanced life goal must take into consideration
everything that has happened to you for hundredsor even
thousandsof years.
Astral Helper Howard Townsley, M.D., Reports
Dr. Townsley was our family doctor while we lived in Ohio. He
was killed in an auto accident in California. He is now again our
family doctor. He is the one who made it possible for me to continue
living on the earth plane. 1 have already told you that I was scheduled
to pass to spirit on February 20, 1972.
I remember how surprised we were to hear the news of his death.
We had heard part of the story but did not know about the auto acci
dent or why he was in California.
Part of Dr. Townsleys success and failure story can now be told.
He was a very successful general physician with many patients who
developed a great love and respect for him. He regularly took his turn
as head of the osteopathic hospital in this Ohio city. He not only was
a fine physician but a good business manager.
However, he and his wife did not get along well. I do not know
all the details, but I feel sure that Dr. Townsley was not the primary
cause of the trouble.
Dr. Townsley made the biggest mistake of his life when he
decided to just disappear from his home town, wife and family,
friends and associates. He now knows that he should have divorced
his wife rather than walk out on his whole life situation. To this day,
he does not know why he decided to give up all that he had worked so
hard to get.

Stop Smoking and Cure Its III Effects


No one in this Ohio town knows what happened to Dr.

Townsley, and may never know. There were rumors that he went to
Mexico, but no trace of him has ever been found. They do not know
that he is now on the spirit side of life. If disappearing from the earth
plane without a trace can be called a success, then he was successful.
A doctor friend of Dr. Townsley prepared false documents that
made it possible for Dr. Townsley to identify himself with a Califor
nia hospital. Dr. Townsley will not tell me the name that he used.
When Dr. Townsley was killed, his doctor friend did not dare
reveal the truth and send the body back to Ohio or he would have
been in deep trouble, so he took care of the burial and closed the
door on his friends practice of medicine in California.
Dr. Townsley now sees his big mistake. He tells me that he is
very sorry that he did not use a better method of handling his familys
If I had had a balanced life goal and the traits necessary to
move toward that goal, I would never have done what I did. I had
everything anyone could ask for: all the money I needed, and the
respect of my medical associates and patients. Why did I do it? I just
felt that I had to get away from it all, Dr Townsley told me this and
much much more about the terrible mistake that he made.
I do not suppose that anyone knows how many people try to
solve their problems by disappearing. Do they really solve anything?
Dr. MacNitt and his wife had confidence enough in me to let
me handle their medical problems. I did not believe that I needed a
psychologist. I thought that I could handle my own problems. How
wrong I was! You who read this book are lucky. You will not make
the mistakes that I and hundreds like me made, Dr. Townsley con
cluded this discussion of his disappearing act.
One more question, Doctor. Should I inform your wife where
you are? I asked.
Please dont, was his simple reply.
Well, anyway, we are glad that Dr. Townsley reappeared and is
with us to help in any way he can.
Astral Helper Inger Stevens Reports
Inger tells me that if my book had been available to her, she
would still be on the earth plane.
I had everything anyone could want. I had $50,000 in the bank,
was scheduled to start a new T.V. series, and had many true friends.
Why did I do it? Why did I decide that I did not want to go on living?


Stop Smoking and Cure Its 111 Effects

Why did I keep my marriage a secret? Inger talks reluctantly about

her life on the earth plane.
I asked her why she married a black man. She told me that she
thought that color made no difference when you were in love.
However, she was not ready to face the world with her marriage or
she would not have kept it a secret. Why?
inger can ask many questions, but she still does not have all of
the answers to her own questions.
She is happy to be a member of our Astral helpers team and ful
ly expects to receive as much help as she gives. I sincerely hope that
by now you fully realize that through my book you can help not only
yourself but also many on the spirit side of life. They need our help
Later in this chapter, I will tell you about Ingers very valuable

Astral Helper Norma Jean Baker (Marilyn Monroe) Reports

I have been in contact with N orm a Jean for some time. She is as
beautiful now as she was on the earth plane. She is with me now as I
write these lines. She throws little dots of silver and gold light on the
paper to let me know that she is here. I have seen her in gorgeous
color several times. I can feel her presence. She is also very close to
my wife. They were good friends 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem.
Norm a Jean wants the world to know the true story of her pass
ing to spirit. She returned the last time to learn a few lessons from be
ing an illegitimate child. She tells me that the various accounts of her
early life are reasonably accurate. She did indeed learn many
valuable lessons. N orm a Jean was not murdered, nor did she commit
suicide. She will tell you exactly what happened.
I was very depressed all day Saturday, August 4. These feelings
had gotten worse ever since 1 was released from my last picture. Dr.
Greenson spent several hours with me Saturday, but it really did not
help. 1 really needed my good friend Ralph Roberts, but since Mrs.
Murray was planted in my home by Dr. Greenson, I did not see him
very often. His massage treatments could have helped me that fatal
night. I called him, but could not reach him.
It is little wonder that Mrs. Murray took an extended trip to
Europe. She must have felt very guilty. I was not really ready for Dr.
Greensons plan of getting rid of my dependency upon others.
I did not eat very much that last day. The informal dinner at

Stop Smoking and Cure Its 111 Effects


tended by Peter, Pat, Bobby and Mrs. Murray was not a happy occa
sion because threw a blanket of despair over them. I asked Bobby to
stay with me, but he refused. Eventually, the party moved to Peters
beach house. Naturally, Mrs. Murray did not go.
When the party got under way, Bobby called and wanted me to
change my mind. Others had joined the party and it became a free
wheeling event. Bobbys asking me to join such a party only greatly
increased my feelings of depression. I thought that he had more
respect for me. Jack always treated me with great respect.
I never did like those Hollywood parties and was refusing to
take part in them with greater frequency. I loved to be loved but I
never considered these actions love.
My depressed feelings after Bobby called were really getting me
down. went to the bathroom and got rid of what little food I had
eaten. I then started taking the pills that Dr. Engelberg had
prescribed the day before.
Then I took off all my clothes and lay nude on my bed. My
mind was a whirl. My whole life seemed to come into my mind for me
to view. It surely was not a pretty picture. Yet, there was Joe whom I
really did love and still do. He was my greatest love and the only one
worth mentioning.
As my life passed in review, I kept taking the pills. I then
realized that needed help, I called Ralph, but could not reach him.
It seemed that I could not keep my hands off that bottle of pills. Soon
they were all gone and I was slipping away fast. I made one more ef
fort to reach someone on the phone but it was too late.
My Astral Record indicates that I passed over at 11:35 P.M. I
have also discovered that a higher spiritual force decided that my life
on earth should be terminated. The future would have created only
more problems. After all, my mission on earth had been completed.
You can call it suicide or an accident. It makes little difference
to the spirit world how you label it. I had completed my mission on
earth and there was no point in my staying longer. Over the hundreds
of years, I had advanced to a really high level of consciousness. This
record was now in jeopardy. Now you know the truth; may God
bless you all.
Norm a Jean has told me many times that she wished she had
known me while on the earth plane. She is sure that I could have
helped her. It is apparent that her psychiatrist did not help her.
Norm a Jean is now a very valuable member of our Astral
helpers team. She has promised to stay with us for as long as we need
her help.


Stop Smoking and Cure Its III Effects

Astral Helper Lenna Moon Reports

Lenna, my wifes mother, was the first contact that I made with
persons on the spirit side of life. She had been trying to get through to
us for years.
She has brought in nearly all of the persons from the Astral
world that I have contacted. She has even brought in such famous
persons as Edgar Cayce and Bishop Pike,
Lenna is a free soul on the fifth level of consciousness. She has
been extremely valuable to us and surely is one of the most important
members of our Astral helpers group.
I am certain that you realize how important I consider your
book. Even on the earth plane, I must have realized the importance
of a balanced life goal, for I read and reread your My Creed' many
many times, Lenna told me.
The My Creed poem came to me one day many years ago
when I was in a very disturbed emotional state. I have no idea where
it came from but I do know that my wife was not surprised to find a
copy of My Creed in her mothers Bible after she passed to spirit.
Here it is:
I seek no honor whereer I go
That I, through service, have not won;
N or plead that any good shall flow
Into my life, if I, to none
Have given joy.
None questions but the voice within.
Judge and accuser is my soul.
My mind is that stern discipline
That ever seeks to keep me loyal.
I must be true.
My Savior, the deeds that I have done
From these alone, my faith is grown.
My crown, the love that I have won;
And deep within is God, enthroned
In all His glory!

Stop Smoking and Cure its II! Effects


Astral Helper Santo Reports

N o group of Astral helpers is complete without at least one from
the Far East. N orm a Jean brought Santo to our group. She was the
wife of a Japanese banker and passed to spirit about two years ago.
Everyone of our group deeply appreciates the fine contribution
that Santo and Tryko, a Japanese exorcist, have made. Santo is a
very wonderful person to have around.
I believe that many copies of your book will be sold in Japan. It
might be well to translate it into several languages. Each and
every one of the members of Mother Bacons constellation of Astral
helpers knows that you have pictured the truth more correctly than
many writers have done. I am very proud to be associated with this
fine movement to get people to really understand and live fuller lives
while on earth. It pleases me greatly that at last we in spirit are not
considered dead or ghosts but that we can continue to live and con
tribute to a better life for our earth friends.

Astral Helper Virginia Jagger Reports

As reported earlier in this book, I found Virginia in an Astral
rest home. She passed to spirit as a result of a massive cerebral
hemorrhage at the age of 50. She is a very beautiful redhead.
Virginia was married to the same man three times. She divorced
him twice. She now knows that she should never have married him
even once. It was all a big mistake.
If I had known Dr. MacNitt, I would still be on the earth
plane. A better balanced life goal would have resulted in a very dif
ferent approach to my physical life. I also now know that I had many
far better times on earth than the last one. I surely messed this one
u p .

Astral Helper Hazel Shepard Reports

Hazel was a well-known medium in Middletown, Ohio. Many
business executives contacted her regularly. Her predictions were ex
tremely accurate.
Now that Hazel is on the spirit side of life, she is helping me in
the business world. My wife will soon be writing her book, Peaceful


Stop Smoking and Cure Its Hi Effects

Many persons tried to contact me through some rather famous

mediums after I passed over. I never responded to any of those calls.
I came in the first time Dr. MacNitt tried to contact me
because I like what he is doing. I now come in regularly every evening
when our gang gets together.

Astra! Helper White Cloud Reports

Every group of Astral helpers should include an American In
dian. White Cloud is a medicine man. Dr. Townsley says that he is
a very fine doctor. White Cloud will come in when we call him.
You have good doctor. You dont need me, White Cloud tells
us. You call, I come running, he adds.
White Cloud has given me treatments several times. I felt better

AS! of Our Astral Helpers Believe in My Magic Formula

Our other Astral helpers are just as important to us as the ones I
have just mentioned, There is Mamie, a wonderful blond beauty;
Hilda, an English gal with a salty tongue; Phyllis, whom Mother
Bacon describes as having a healing touch; Albert, a former medium;
Ruth, a willing helper; Kathleen; my father, who has given us
priceless help; Jackie and Mary Jo, whom I have written about in
other chapters. We love them all but the greatest of all is Mother
Get busy and get your own group of Astral helpers. They are
Well-Known Surgeon Tells How To Stop Smoking
Dr. Arthur Weaver, a Detroit surgeon, states that he probably
saves more lives in his smoking clinic than in the operating room. I
like his advice concerning how to stop smoking, or I would not quote
him in my book.
Dr. Weaver states that the only way to successfully stop smoking
is to quit cold turkey. You have to choose to stop smoking, and you
have to mean it to the core of your soul. It doesnt make any dif
ference how miserable you will feel if you have chosen to stop smok
ing and you mean it. There is nothing in the world that can stop you
from being a non-smoker, insists Dr. Weaver.
Dr. Weaver suggests that you eat plenty of fruit and drink lots of

Stop Smoking and Cure




water. If you crave a cigarette, drink a glass of water and say to

yourself, Bye bye nicotine.
There are other parts of Dr. Weavers program that I do not
agree with. I do agree that you should quit cold turkey. The one big
difference between Dr. Weavers program and mine is my magic for
mula. You also need an Astral helper to get you off the weed.

Doris Kicks the Habit

Doris is the secretary for a human engineering firm in Chicago
that I write reports for. I frequently talk to her over the phone. One
day she mentioned that she had tried unsuccessfully many times to
stop smoking.
I offered to help. She has not even read my book. I gave her in
structions over the phone. I loaned her one of my Astral helpers, who
has been with Doris for several weeks now. It is evident that Doris is
off cigarettes for good this time.
Here is what Doris has to say, The last time I tried to stop
smoking was eight years ago. I started back after three months of
agony. My weight increased from 120 to 131 pounds. That made me
start to smoke again. I did not want to get fat.
When I stopped this time, it did not seem so difficult. I feel that
someone is helping me not to eat as well as not to smoke.
During the day, it is most difficult of all not to smoke or eat
because I am sitting at a desk and not moving around. When I am at
home, S am moving around and dont think about it. It is becoming
less difficult as the weeks go by. I have not gained any weight.
When I want a cigarette, it seems that someone is talking to me
telling me all the advantages of not smoking and encouraging me to
stick it out.

Four Steps to Stop Smoking

1. During your meditation, build mental-action images of yourself
going through your day without smoking.
2. Stop smoking cold turkey.
3. Substitute'nothing for smoking.
4. Get an Astral helper to stay, with you and help you. This is very
importantyou must have an Astral helper.

14. How To Use The Magic Formula

R-C-C To Give Immediate Relief
From AH Aches, Pains,
Nervousness And Tension
There are four and one-half million people involved in health
care throughout the United States. They work in over 600 job titles.
Apparently it takes more than doctors and nurses to keep us from dy
ing. There are even 3,700 cytotechnologists who specialize in examin
ing tissue slides for warning signs of cancer.
These professionals have had from two to 12 or more years of
training for their work. With all of this, we build bigger and better
equipped medical research centers. They keep telling us that there is
still a shortage of doctors.
Then there are thousands of quacks who tell us that they can
cure everything from ingrown toenails to cancer. The pills and bot
tled cures and metal and plastic contraptions are endless. However,
let me tell you about just one, for the rapid invigoration of human
beings when sick or fatigued or debilitated from any cause. It costs
$20.50 and consists of a metal contraption called an oxydonnor
which is connected by a long tube to a bottle of tonic. The user straps
the oxydonnor around his ankle and lets the tonic flow through the
tube against his leg. This magic tonic was found to be 90 percent

Your First Health Mental-Action Image

During meditation, the first mental-action image that you must
form and dwell on is to picture yourself going through each day,
week, month and year without using any drugs. Drugs kill thousands
of people every year. Make sure that you are not one of them.

Immediate Relief From Aches, Pains, Nervousness and Tension


It is understandable why many insurance companies will no

longer insure doctors against malpractice suits. The damage that
some physicians and surgeons cause is tremendous, yet they keep
coming up with even more dangerous methods of treating our health

Agnis Gets a New Grip on Life

Agnis became a very beautiful girl at 18 when my formula gave
her a new grip on life. She was sixteen when she ran away from home
and headed west. She joined up with a young man who had also left
home. They lived together as they continued to make their way west.
He picked up odd jobs and she was a waitress.
When they reached Los Angeles, she was pregnant and ready to
deliver. At this point, her boyfriend disappeared. A social agency
found a home for her. She put the baby up for adoption. Naturally,
her social worker tried to get her to go back home. This she would
not do, but she did consent to let them contact her uncle in Ohio. He
was a medical doctor.
Her uncle agreed to provide a home for her, so she headed back
east. When she returned to Ohio at 18 she was still nervous and tense,
with feelings of guilt and uselessness. She also had many fears. The
only help that her doctor uncle gave her was to provide her with
sleeping pills. Over the weeks, she accumulated a stock of sleeping
pills and then one night swallowed all of them.
Two doctors worked on her for 24 hours to save her life. It was
after she had recovered from her suicide attempt that her uncle sent
her to me for help. The first time I saw her, she was more determined
than ever to end her life on the earth plane.
Perhaps you are wondering where to start in a case like this. This
is never a problem with my system. As with all cases, I started by
teaching Agnis how to meditate. With tongue in cheek, I told her that
since she was determined to die she should learn to meditate, raise
her vibrations and through Astral projection take a little trip over on
the other side to inform them she would soon be there. I told her that
she ran away from home and that did not turn out so well so now she
wanted to run away from life. I know that she did not believe me but
she did agree to learn to meditate. I knew that meditation could clear
her body and mind of tension, nervousness, pounding heart, dizzy
spells, frequent headaches and feelings of uselessness.
Of course, you could guess that when I first saw her, she was not


Immediate Relief From Aches, Pains, Nervousness and Tension

beautiful. Adding an overweight problem to all her other psy

chological and physical conditions did not spell beauty.
One of the most satisfying results of my work with people has
been to see the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change that
comes over them as the days go by. Of course, all of this comes about
through the full release of your inner self and all of the Astral power
that goes with such release. If you have a group of Astral helpers, all
the better.
My magic formula gave Agnis a new grip on life. She is now a
more beautiful girl than she ever has been. She has decided to take a
rain check on passing over to the spirit side of life. She radiates all
of the positive qualities that come to you when you enlarge your
world and get out of those dark corners of fear and uselessness.
Do you have any idea how many people shorten their brief stay
on earth because dangerous drugs are available to them? Do you
realize that thousands of persons are today hooked on drugs? The
first such drug may have come to them through a prescription from
their own personal physician.
Do you know how many weeks or months it takes to get rid of
drugs in your system after you stop using them? There are places in
the U.S. where you can go to have your body detoxified. It takes
weeks of special treatment to produce a healthy condition in your
organs again. Deaths caused by the accumulation of drugs are all too

Mr. E. Goes Back to Washington, D.C. a Changed Man

Mr. E. came to me from Washington, D.C. tight with tension.
Physically, all that he needed was dental work, but he complained of
headaches, dizzy spells, pains in his chest, burning urination,
tiredness, insomnia and a long list of other aches and pains.
Occupationally, he was a microfilm supervisor. Apparently, he
had been nervous all of his life. He told me that at 21 he was
hospitalized for a nervous breakdown. He had another nervous
breakdown at the age of 26. He had attempted suicide twice.
Month after month, he went from one doctor to another. For
tunately, he had sense enough to refuse shock treatments and a
After arriving in town, but before he came to my office, he had
another complete physical examination at another doctors office. He
still believed that he had heart trouble, cancer and several other con
ditions. My first job was to keep him from spending more money
with medical doctors.

Immediate Relief From Aches, Pains, Nervousness and Tension


At this point it must be made clear that symptoms, aches and

pains are not necessarily caused by germs, a virus or other disease
conditions. The sensory endings reporting this negative condition are
touched off by emotionally toned, very negative mental-action im
ages. Mr. E. was forming mental-action images galore, but they were
the wrong kind. Mental-action images can kill as well as cure you.
They can make you a poor man or a rich man, make you happy or
miserable, put you on the highest Astral level or keep you locked in a
small dark corner of the physical world. Dont blame anyone else.
You set the stage for all your life activities and dont you ever forget
My job was to get Mr. E. to realize that his mental-action images
were all wrong. He himself brought on all of his symptoms that were
producing aches, pains, dizziness, insomnia, heart pains, headaches,
My magic formula solved his problem in less than a week. His
sister called me from Washington, D.C. after he returned to tell me of
the great change in her brother.
Mrs. F. Dumps Her Basketful of Emotional Problems
Mrs. F.s family physician thought that she was suffering from a
coronary insufficiency; She was surely tight with tension and had
many fears and feelings of insecurity. Before Mrs. F. married, her
mother filed suit for divorce from her father 14 times. The court
finally ordered her to stay away from the county court house.
Mrs. F. was in a constant state of anxiety for as long as she could
remember. Her parents arguments were so violent that she, as a little
girl, often hid under her bed for hours.
Mrs. F. had a complete nervous breakdown a short time after
her marriage. She was literally tense from head to toe. Her mind was
filled with fears and anxieties. The smallest disturbing situation
would touch her off for hours or even days. She was very poorly ad
justed to her husband sexually. She had no friends or social life.
Here again, we have an illustration of the need to kick the doc
tor and drug habit. Her medical bills not only kept her husband
broke but heavily in debt.
Many doctors will finally tell such patients that there is nothing
medical science can do for them. However, there are doctors who will
find something wrong and keep the patient coming for years. I did
not work with Mrs. G, but her husband told me that his wife spent
over $40,000 with one doctor. While visiting her daughter in another
state, Mrs. G., at the urging of her daughter, had a complete physical


Immediate Relief From Aches, Pains, Nervousness and Tension

examination. The daughters doctor found nothing wrong with the

mother. She was told that she had not needed any of the treatments
that had been given her for the past 20 years.

Dr, A. Finally Sees the Light

This physician knew that he was tight with tension. Several years
before his complete nervous and physical breakdown, he called me
one day and said that he was going to put himself in my hands. He
failed to do this until the breakdown came. At that time, his blood
pressure was 220 and he was losing his sense of reality.
It would have been easy if he had learned my system earlier.
However, conditions are never really hopeless, as far as the Astral
helpers are concerned. The doctor still hates to admit that modern
science had no answers for him.

Eliminating Aches, Pains and Nervousness a Breeze

With My Magic Formula
Just spending a few minutes each day meditating according to
my formula will by itself make you a different person. There is no
reason in the world for anyone to suffer from tension or pain of any
kind. There is no reason why anyone should spend vast sums of
money buying pain killers, sleeping pills or chemical relaxers. This is
true whether or not the cause of the symptoms is emotional, mental
or physical.
True self-knowledge and understanding is absolutely necessary
for health, wealth and happiness. You get this through meditation
according to my formula. You must find the truth about yourself and
must become fully aware of what you think about yourself.
If you have a positive image of your potential, build on it. If you
do not like the image that you have of yourself, then become fully
conscious of this fact and proceed to change it.
I have already called your attention to the fact that most all ill
ness symptoms are the result of negative images. M ake up your mind
and keep telling yourself that you will respond only to positive con
structive, thoughts. Negative thoughts must be erased or they will
produce negative conditionsheadache, despondency, lack of con
fidence, fears or pain.
If you have pain or aches, form an image of this condition being
in the past and of yourself already beginning to feel better. In this
way you are not telling your body to keep producing the ache or
pain, tension or negative emotional condition.

Immediate Relief From Aches, Pains, Nervousness and Tension


How many times have you heard people keep saying, I have a
headache, or The pain in my legs is terrible; it will not let up. I
know of people who seem to delight in having a dozen or more bad
physical conditions. My pleurisy is worse today. I have skin cancer,
arthritis and indigestion. My head aches all the time. These people
keep all of these complaints in good working order by negatively con
firming them every time they talk to anyone and many times to
When you erase negative thoughts, do not repress them. They
will go underground and keep on causing physical symptoms. Force
these negative thoughts out and replace them with positive images.
Please remember that if you direct a negative thought toward another
person, you hurt him. If you bury this thought, you hurt yourself and
it will reappear as a symptom of some kind.
Always remember: your body will be healthy automatically and
continuously if you do not build negative mental-action images and
project them on your body.

Illness is Not Always Bad

Any individual who is determined to change himself for the bet
ter may become ill in the process. Changing attitudes, habits or your
philosophy of living requires many changes in your personality. All
of this requires energy. As you expend more and more energy to car
ry out the changes in your personality, your resistance to all the
negative forces around you is lowered, so you develop symptoms and
actually become sick.
This point is most clearly illustrated by the expression that you
have all heard: The operation was a success but the patient died.
Any operation and many medical treatments are a shock to the whole
nervous system and personality. An increased flow of energy to the
area being treated by an operation and drugs takes away needed
energy from all vital organs that need even more energy to overcome
the shock to the total nervous system. If great increases in energy are
not forthcoming, the patient dies.
Now you can see the value of prayer for those suffering grave il
lnesses. Astral power can provide an increased flow of energy in
times of great need during a physical crisis.

Helen Nearly Gave Up Her Fight To Stop Smoking

One day when Helens personal physician was reviewing the
results of his examination of her, he suggested that she stop smoking.


Immediate Relief From Aches, Pains, Nervousness and Tension

Helen resisted the idea. She loved to smoke. She had smoked for
over 20 years. However, she agreed to stop smoking by gradually cut
ting down the number of cigarettes she smoked.
Within 36 hours, Helen became a nervous wreck and developed
many symptoms of illness. Her doctor gave her some medicine and
assured her that those symptoms had nothing to do with her decision
to stop smoking. He told her that all of her symptoms were common
among his patients at the moment.
But Helen kept getting worse. She literally had to take to her
bed. Finally, her doctor told her to go back to smoking. Within 24
hours, all of her symptoms disappeared.
Helen is just one of thousands who have had similar experiences.
One illness after another or a very nervous condition is the lot of
many who try to stop smoking, drinking or changing any habit or
way of thinking.
I knew that Helen had tried to stop smoking on the advice of her
doctor. I asked her one day if she really did want to stop smoking?
Was she fully convinced that smoking was bad for her? She answered
yes to both questions, so I agreed to help her.
For the second time, Helen stopped smoking. I told her that the
illness symptoms would probably reappear, and they didright on
schedule. However, Helen was ready for them this time. She had
learned the basic principles of my magic formula. She knew how to
form mental-action images.
I told Helen to admit that all of the illness symptoms were pre
sent, plus all the pain and nervousness that went with them. After
recognizing their presence, Helen was instructed to think of herself
during hermeditation period as moving away from these symptoms
to better health and freedom from smoking.
Helen was also instructed to ask her unconscious mind and/or
her Astral helpers to find the cause of these illnesses and her ner
vousness. Once the buried problems were raised to full consciousness
it would be that much easier to eliminate the symptoms and get on
with the business of never smoking again.
It appears that Helens parents objected to their daughters
smoking. In place of telling her parents that it was her desire to
smoke and that they might as well accept this fact, she smoked but
never let her parents know that she was smoking. Her buried resent
ment against her parents was still a part of her personality and
produced nervousness and illness when she stopped smoking.
Helen also uncovered several other problems that had never
been solved and were directly related to her 20 years of smoking. She

Immediate Relief From Aches, Pains, Nervousness and Tension


freed herself from the negative effects of those problems. It thus

became easier for her to carry forward her resolution to stop
The withdrawal symptoms connected with the use of alcohol
and drugs can be explained in the same way. Find or expose the con
ditions that started the excessive use of alcohol and drugs in the first
place, and you are well on your way toward solving the problem.
i was once asked to talk before a group of Alcoholics
Anonymous. I made them angry when I told them that alcoholism
was not a disease. I told them that if they could locate the emotional
problems that caused excessive drinking in the first place, they could
control their drinking. For several weeks after my talk, I received
telephone calls telling me that they agreed with me but did not dare
say so. Several also stopped me on the street to tell me that they
agreed with me. I still feel that what I told them is true.

Illness is Always a Part of a Growing, Changing Personality

How well do I remember how puzzled I was years ago when I
heard a philosophy professor state, You cannot have good without
bad. It was many years before I could really accept this as true. We
might also say that you cannot have health without illness. You can
be good because you were bad. You can be healthy because you were
Illness can be a healthy reaction if the personality problems in
volved are solved. Illness represents a new unifying system within the
For example: In the case of Helen, who wanted to stop smoking,
illness made her face her problems concerning smoking. A new un
ification of the personality without the need to smoke was the final
Your body and mind are always changing, growing or declining.
There must be a unifying action to keep the personality functioning
at all. Illness may therefore help maintain a balance of the elements
that go to make up the personality, while at the same time pointing
out that you have problems that need your attention.
In the majority of instances of illness, you are not held up in the
positive process unless the illness continues for a long time without
any problem solving occurring. Unfortunately, there are too many
people who use long illness to give them a sense of security.
Let me repeatphysical sickness, when not critical or terminal,
and when it does not involve the loss of a leg or arm, invariably


Immediate Relief From Aches, Pains, Nervousness and Tension

represents problems that are in the process of being solved or

problems that need to be brought out into the open.
I am now thinking of a company that appears to be a wonderful
place to work. The physical environment is as near perfect as one
could hope for.
However, because of poor management and unusually low
morale, sickness is the order of the day. This establishment has its
quota of alcoholics and drug users. The majority of the employees
are picking up all the viruses and disease germs that love to camp out
in this building. For them business is good.
Since the only answer that the president of this company ever
gives to any constructive suggestions is no, the only solution to an
employees problem is to recognize this state of affairs and adjust to
it or, better yet, get another job.

The Contribution of Your Astral Helpers To Meeting

the Problems of Illness
Through positive mental-action images applied by my magic
formula, you can successfully handle the problem of illness on your
own. However, do not discount the great importance of your Astral
helpers. They can eliminate minor aches and pains instantly, help you
locate your emotional problems that need solving, find a spirit doctor
who has specialized in what you may need, and give you comfort and
encouragement as you meet your illness problem head on.
But remember what M other Bacon told you: They are
helpers. It is up to you to find and release the great God-force
within you. If you do this you will never be sick.

15. How The Astral Helpers

Bring Healing
For Hopeless Ailments
With Astral Power
There have been thousands of books and articles written about
supernatural healing or healing without benefit of drugs or other
forms of traditional therapy. This type of healing is generally called
divine healing or faith healing. I call it healing with Astral power.
Healing By Supernatural Power is a Fact
Supernatural power healing is not only a fact, but it can be less
and less disputed by scientists, doctors or other groups of doubting
Thomases. Healing takes place by the Holy Spirit, as some say. I
will prove to you that healing comes through the application of
Astral power through your Astral helpers or by yourself.
People who have been healed by supernatural means describe
the process in many ways. Some say that they were cured instantly.
Some talk about the intense heat in the healing area. Some talk about
healing over a period of days and weeks. Others talk about healing
that makes an operation more successful. It is apparent that there are
many ways in which the Holy Spirit or Astral power, with or without
helpers, can heal.
There Are a Few Excellent Divine Healers
I have already told you about Kathryn Kuhlman. I have wit
nessed the Holy Spirit at work in two of her services and received
beneficial healing from one of them. She loves to come to Ann Ar


Healing for Hopeless Ailments

The point that I would like to make now is that using my magic
formula while attending one of these healing services will result in
your receiving more positive benefits from the service. Your Astral
helpers will know their way around.

Ideally, You Can Handle The Whole Healing Process For Yourself or
Others By Yourself
Healing has become big business for Kathryn Kuhlman. Her
voluntary contributions amount to over two million dollars a year.
Hundreds of grateful people have also sent her valuable gifts from all
parts of the world. It is estimated that the value of these gifts which
have accumulated over the years is well over one million dollars,
Kathryn Kuhlman has at least 12 Astral helpers who do healing
by applying the Holy Spirit or Astral power. There is nothing to stop
you from doing the same. There is no question but that the words
health, happiness and prosperity apply to Kathryn Kuhlman. She is
rich, famous, the picture of health, and divinely happy in her work.
Although Kathryn Kuhlman adheres to old-fashioned fun
damentalist religious beliefs, she sees no evil in making money or en
joying all the physical pleasures available in the earth plane. She
loves beautiful clothes and spends large amounts of money on look
ing her best physically.

My Magic Formula Kept Me From Passing To Spirit

Again, I should like to prove that my magic formula really
works, through my own experience of not dying when I was supposed
to. As I write these lines, it has been over three years since I was sup
posed to pass to spirit.
I did realize that my strength was slipping away. I had to rest a
great deal. It appears that I had a respiratory problem that would
have pulled down the curtain on my present journey to the earth
By the time you read this chapter, you should have several
Astral helpers, including your own personal physician. I have already
told you about Dr. Townsley, my personal physician who saved my
life. He was our family doctor while he was on the earth plane, and
was killed in an automobile accident in California. If you do not have
a spirit physician, ask for one. There are plenty available. Most of
them are doing research in the Astral world.

Healing for Hopeless Ailments


I suggest that you develop a strong realization of all the money

you can save. Spirit doctors know what they are doing. They use no
deadly drugs or ray treatments that have done more harm than good.
If your spirit doctor believes that you need help from an earthly doc
tor, he will tell you so.

How Do Spirit Doctors Work?

Spirit doctors do not carry bags or use any mechanical devices.
They use no drugs. They write no prescriptions. How do they cure? A
good question.
Dr. Townsley used the wall socket in our bedroom to provide
the energy for a beam of white light.
John was too ill to undergo an exploratory operation. After Dr.
Townsley visited him, John was up walking around the hospital the
next morning. I really do not know' how Dr. Townsley did it.
Our own Indian medicine man, White Cloud, uses a bright
cream-colored light that enfolds the entire body.
Recently, I had severe muscle pains in my stomach. I asked
Santo, our beautiful Japanese Astral helper to bring in Dr. Yoko
from Japan. I was in bed when he came in. I saw him clearly. He was
making clockwise movements with his hands over my stomach. I did
not feel his hands, but within a few minutes, the pain started leaving
my body. Within thirty minutes, the pain was all gone and I felt
greatly relieved. Exactly how he did it I do not know.
I have been told by some of my spirit friends that these healers
use energized mental-action images. Remember? God said, Let
there be light, and there was light. I believe that these spirit doctors
see clearly the changes that must be made. They provide the blueprint
for a more perfect condition, plus the Astral power to make that
change instantly or within a short period of time.

If You Ever Needed To Release the God-Force Within You, It Is Now

Let me repeat again that the third part of my magic formula,
contemplating oneness with God, is of vita! importance. Stop pray
ing to a God in the sky. God is within you. Mother Bacon told you
that this God-force within you is the greatest of all hidden treasures.
Your highest goal must always be oneness with G od. There is
no God sitting on a throne up in the sky. God is within you and
always has been through all of your incarnations. This God-force
(Astral power) is your key to health, wealth and happiness.


Healing for Hopeless Ailments

Another First For the Magic Formula

Jackie Susann, who has been helping me write this book, really
put the pressure on me to include the true account of Dr. Townsley
helping a cat deliver her seven babies. Said Jackie, Every
veterinarian will want to learn how Astral power can save the lives of
or cure the pets that mean so much to their owners. Surely you, doc
tor, must know that Astral power is available for every form of life.'
How well do I remember visiting an animal clinic one day where
the people with their pets waiting to see the doctor looked like they
needed attention more than the dog or cat in their arms. They were
deeply worried over the health of their pets, evidently. I have talked
to quite a few veterinarians and they all agree that there are many
cases where they do not know what to do for the pet.
Anyway, I was talking to Anna one day and she happened to
mention that her cat was about to deliver again. The thing that wor
ried Anna was that every time her cat had babies about one half of
them were born dead. I have forgotten the cats name. I will call her
Alice. To make conversation, I told Anna that I would send our spirit
doctor over to see what he could do. I know that she thought I was
When I talked to Dr. Townsley about the problem, his answer
was, So it has come to thisdelivering a bunch of kittens. Dr.
Townsley, while on earth, was a general practitioner, so he had
delivered many human babies.
I called Anna two days later and asked her how the seven new
kittens were getting along. She was very surprised and asked me how
I knew. I told her that Dr. Townsley had delivered all seven kittens
Anna told me that Alice had trouble giving birth and sometimes
took two days. Some of the kittens were strangled during the process.
Dr. Townsley made it possible for Alice to deliver all of her babies
within a short time.
Alice has had several litters since and has had no trouble. Her
difficulty was permanently overcome through Astral power. I fully
intended to leave this account out of the book. Jackie Susann con
vinced me that veterinarians could learn to use my magic formula
and have a high percentage of success in treating the pets entrusted to
their care.
If a veterinarian sets up a meditating situation for himself, I am
sure that he can add a veterinarian from the spirit side of life to his

Healing for Hopeless Ailments


staff of Astral helpers. In this way, a healing situation for the beloved
pets of thousands can be achieved. The doctor does not have to
reveal his secret. However, I am certain that his business will grow
because of his great success in keeping life and health going within
the pets that now mean so much to their owners.
Jackie just shined her identifying light on the paper and said,
D ont forget to tell your readers that any of them can bring the heal
ing Astral power to their cat, dog, bird, horse or what have you.
Right you are, Jackie.
As I write, I generally have my desk radio tuned to some relax
ing music. A short news summary just came on. The announcer is
telling us that the famous race horse who broke her leg during the re
cent race between her and Foolish Pleasure is being buried today.
She was put to death because they did not want her to suffer any
more. How easy it would have been for Astral power to have restored
this famous horse to the race tracks. Ruffian, when you come again,
we will take better care of you.

Jenefer and John

I received a call one night to pray for a man who was near death
at a hospital in a distant city. This m ans name was John. His wife,
Jenefer, called me.
She finally spilled out the details. None of the doctors knew
what was wrong with her husband and his condition was too poor for
an exploratory operation. I told her that I would do my best.
I asked my spirit doctor, Townsley, to see what he could do for
John. The next morning, Jenefer called me again and stated that her
husband was up and walking around the hospital, much to the sur
prise of the doctors. She seemed to be very grateful for my help.
I contacted Dr. Townsley and he stated that John had ab
dominal adhesions and that he would take care of the problem.
Since John was feeling so much better he wanted to leave the
hospital. This he should have done, but the doctors talked him into
having an exploratory operation. W hat do you suppose they found?
Adhesions, of course.
A few months later I received a call from John. His wife Jenefer
was in the hospital. She was suffering from difficult breathing, slow
pulse and poor functioning of her entire digestive system. Could I
help her? I suggested that she come to see me.
Her doctor told John that she did not have time to see anyone.


Healing for Hopeless Ailments

He believed that the potential for a mass cerebral hemorrhage was

present. She might sink into unconsciousness any moment.
So, 1 alerted Dr. Townsley again and told him the story. He went
to work on Jenefer immediately. I gave John the necessary instruc
tions so that he could help his wife apply my formula. This would be
a great help to Dr. Townsley.
A few days later jenefer was released from the hospital. Her doc
tor did not know quite what happened but he was more than willing
to take the credit for saving Jenefers life.
On the advice of her doctor, Jenefer promised to return to the
hospital for a complete examination within four to six weeks. In the
meantime, Jenefer made full use of my system.
Five weeks later her doctor became convinced that she did not
even need the gall bladder operation that he had suggested before the
sudden illness that brought me into the picture.
Now that my book is out, hundreds of similar cases will be cured
without my personal intervention. They will have their own Astral
helpers to keep them healthy. It goes without saying that with
hospital rates the way they are today, this book will save many peo
ple thousands of dollars.
Healing Made a Family Affair
The first time that I saw Alice, she was flat on her back in a
Jackson, Michigan hospital. An automobile accident created this
condition. She was completely paralyzed from the waist down. Doc
tors, drugs, physical therapy and hospital bills were costing the fami
ly well over $2,000 per monthan amount that the family could not
Alice was 41 years old and the mother of four children. Her hus
band was a car salesman.
What could I do? As usual, I suggested that the whole family get
involved. They had heard good things about me; I was their only
hope of restoring their mother, wife and wonderful companion to her
normal self. The doctor said that she would never walk again. He
told me, however, that I was free to help Alice in any way I could.
I had a meeting with the husband and children in my office to
discuss how best to approach the problem. All of them were very
anxious to help, so I taught them to meditate and apply my magic
formula. The doctor gave me permission to spend up to two hours a
day with Alice. I used my alotted time to teach her my system. Our
plan was a simple one. All of the family would meet at the hospital

Healing for Hopeless Ailments


every evening for a combined meditation and projection of mentalaction images that pictured Alice back home, happy, healthy and
walking again.
Since there was not enough time to develop a team of Astral
helpers, I asked Dr. Townsley to put together a staff of spirit
specialists who could repair the nerves in Alices back. I was in
formed that the time would come when earth doctors would be able
to repair nerves. The research in the Astral world was completed in
this field. However, earth doctors have not yet advanced to the point
where they can handle the job of nerve repair.
Carefully following my suggestions, Alices husband and
children meditated every morning, projecting mental-action images
of their mother back home, her old happy self. I made it clear to them
that they must keep all of their thinking positive. If a negative
thought came into their minds, they should replace it immediately
with a positive thought. I suggested that they make signs and tack
them up around the house- Our mother will be walking soon,
Astral power is working miracles for our mother.
A week passed; the doctors saw no change for the better in Alice.
The doctors were absolutely certain that Alice would never walk
again but would be confined to a wheelchair.
On the eighth night, Alice woke up during the night feeling in
tense heat in her back. It seemed that her whole body was extremely
hot. This lasted for a few minutes and then her body cooled down to
normal. She knew that she was healed. However, she decided to go to
sleep again and get a good night's rest. In the morning, she would
surprise her family and all of the doctors by getting out of bed and
walking. Alice was enjoying her surprise plan as she worked out
every detail until sleep finally overtook her.
When her family came into her hospital room in the morning
after their meditation period at home, Alice asked them to round up
as many doctors as they could find w'ho had been interested in her
After all were assembled, Alice pushed back the bed covers and
gingerly arose from the bed and walked for the first time since the ac
cident. Naturally, her family was overjoyed but not surprised. They
knew it would happen. The doctors just stood there in disbelief and
then quickly left the room for a hurried consultation. The doctors did
not try to hazzard a guess as to how the healing happened. Alice was
released the next day, not a cripple, but in perfect health, to return to
her family who loved her so much that they would not let her become
a helpless cripple.

Healing for Hopeless Ailments

Charles Nearly Cashed in His Checks

When I first saw Charles, his blood pressure was way over 200.
His doctor had warned him that he must lower his blood pressure or
die. He was put on a diet to get rid of 50 pounds of fat, too much of
which was around his heart.
Charles believed in my system but his wife Nettie did not. She in
sisted that he return to his doctor and forget all of my foolishness.
Two weeks later, Charles car would not start because of a dead
battery. He tried to push his car out into the line of traffic so that
some kind soul could push his car to get it started. He collapsed with
a heart attack, was rushed to the hospital and nearly passed to spirit.
After Charles was released from the hospital, he came back to
see me. He still had high blood pressure and was still in danger of a
severe heart attack which might well finish him off. He told his wife
to do what she would do, but that he was going to stay with my
Today Charles blood pressure is 138. His heart is in fine shape.
He lost the excess 50 pounds of fat and looks wonderful.
I often wonder if those stupid people who are so free with their
poor advice ever feel guilty when death takes a dear one or their con
dition is made worse. I have heard those poor fools say, It was
Gods will. This is absolutely false. God wants you to live a happy,
healthy, wealthy life. My secret formula makes all this possible.
Larry Would Rather Die Than Keep On Suffering
Larry was a 13-year-old boy who had suffered from diabetes for
several years. His many trips to the emergency ward of the University
Medical Center were getting him down.
It seems that the standard insulin treatment that keeps so many
diabetic patients going did not work for Larry. Larrys body actually
rejected any diabetic treatment that the doctors used. The doctors
were at a loss to know why. They concluded that there must be an un
known factor present. But what was it?
Larry decided to use prayer, not to solve his problem, but to free
him from all the suffering. He prayed to die. He did not want to live
any longer.
I did not know Larry or anything about his condition until later.
It was during one of my meditation periods that I picked up Larrys
urgent prayer to God to take him away from this earth. I heard him

Healing tor Hopeless Ailments

i f'

repeat this prayer at night. I was awakened by the emotional appeal

that went with it. I later learned that one of my Astral helpers made
me conscious of Larrys prayer. This was not the first time I have in
tercepted a prayer.
Last winter, my wife and I took a little trip to Petosky, Michigan
to get the feel of winter at its best. During my meditation period the
first night before going to sleep, I received the urgent prayer of a
woman in that area. I have no idea who she was but she surely had
wisely taken her problem to God. I picked up her messagethrough
ESP, if you likeor give it any other explanation you care to.
Her thought patterns concerned the return of her husband. He
had left her and their five children. She had no money and little food
in the house. I was deeply moved by the strong emotion that came
with her thought patterns. It was a combination of fear, hope and
desperation, but complete faith that G od would help her.
I prayed that my mind would locate her husband, wherever he
might be. My mind finally located him at a bar in Sault Ste. Marie. A
girl was giving him a sales pitch on spending the night with her. They
left the bar and went to her room. She removed her clothes and
gestured him to do the same.
I had never experienced anything like this before during my
meditations. So I prayed for guidance as to what to say to this man.
Could I really influence his mihd?
I delivered the strongest thoughts I could, stating that I was
G ods messenger and that his wife and children needed him at home.
He looked startled as my thought patterns hit him. He put on his
clothes and left the girls room, much to her consternation.
The following night, during my meditation period, I intercepted
this wom ans prayer to G od again. She was thanking G od for the
return of her husband and stated that he seemed to have changed for
the better. The emotional climate of her thoughts was one of hap
piness and relief. She was truly grateful that G od had answered her
But to return to my account of Larry. Where is he? Why, he is
right here at the University Medical Center. His name is Larry Col
lins. G o and see him, an inner voice told me.
It must have been Virginia or Phyllis, but no matter. Larrys
prayer was channeled into my mindso I must help him.
Did you ever try to get in to see a very sick patient when you do
not even know him or her and are not a relative? I wonder what
would happen if I told the desk clerk that G od sent me in answer to
Larrys prayer?


Healing for Hopeless Ailments

Do you know Larry? the clerk would ask.

N o, I would reply, I picked up his prayer by ESP. He needs
He is a very sick boy. How can you help? the clerk would say.
Astral power can cure him, I would reply.
Follow the red line and turn left to the psychiatrists office,
the clerk would tell me.
I did finally find Larrys father, Bert. I told him who I was and
that I might be able to help his son, Larry. At this point, his family
was willing to try anything.
Well, to make a long story short, I finally did get to see Larry.
He admitted praying and believed that I had heard his prayers. He
learned my system. His family cooperated and within two weeks,
Larry left the hospital with his diabetic condition well under control.

Fear of Serious Disease Need Not Exist

A simple request during your meditation for a complete physical
examination from your Spirit Doctor will result in your knowing in
stantly whether or not you have any diseased or malfunctioning con
ditions that need your attention.
If your spirit doctor gives you a clean bill of health, fine. If not,
set up the necessary mental-action images to correct the condition. It
is as simple as that.
It is to be hoped that you have developed complete faith in your
Astral helpers whatever their specialty may be. The crowded condi
tion of our hospitals and doctors offices indicates clearly that fear
and other negative emotions and mental conditions are in control.
I was recently talking to a couple who attend church regularly
and give lip service to the fact that Christ is the great physician. We
were discussing the miracle healing during Kathryn Kuhlm ans ser
If we could only talk to someone who has been healed, we
would believe, said the husband.
You are looking at one who has been healed by the Holy Spirit
or Astral power, I answered.
I have given you many case histories to prove that you cannot
only be healed from all diseases but that you can keep yourself well
and free from all doctor bills for as long as you remain in the earth

Healing for Hopeless Ailments


A Day To Remember
I recently had a birthday. 1 knew that my Astral friends would
remember this day, but I did not realize what a wonderful job they
would do.
Of course, you are always blindfolded during your meditation
just as I am, to provide a dark screen for our Astral friends to work
The first beautiful scene that I was aware of was a huge number
in beautiful color indicating how young I was. Then appearing as if
written by a sky writer were the words Happy Birthday. This was the
work of my beautiful Japanese Astral helper, Santo. She then
proceeded to put on the screen, in living color, cameos containing the
pictures, one by one, of my spirit friends who were present. One after
another, these beautiful cameos appeared and drifted across the
screen stage. As each cameo appeared, I heard the spirit say Happy
Birthday. I could see their lips moving and their facial expressions
were lovely. There were about 20 present for my birthday celebra
tion. I have mentioned the names of most of them before.
How do they produce all of these wonderful happenings? Why
by mental-action images, of course. If one of the girls wants a new
dress, she just thinks about it, sees a picture of the new dress and
there it is on her.
The next act involved composite thought patterns in beautiful
color. Of course, the color rose was very much in evidence for this
color means love and deep devotion. These thought patterns express
ed the combined good wishes of the whole group. It was a most im
pressive and beautiful sight to see. The meaning became very evident
since I was constantly picking up all of their thoughts.
Hazel, a former medium, likes to sing. She has a very beautiful
voice. She asked my wife, Mildred to play Happy Birthday on the
organ. My wife always plays during my meditation periods. She
knows the favorite hymns and love songs of all of our spirit friends.
As my wife played Happy Birthday , Hazel led the singing. All of
their clear, beautiful voices combined to make a marvelously happy,
emotional feeling run through my body.
Then I saw ail of the auras of the 20 present. The beautiful
violets, purples, gold, blue, white and rose colors blended to make a
very impressive sight.


Healing for Hopeless Ailments

This wonderful birthday greeting ended with a blessing from

Mother Bacon and bursts of Astral light as N orm a Jean sprinkled
gold and silver dots of light all over the screen, just as she is doing
this very minute as I write these lines. Jackie Susann is also shining
her white Astral light as I write words that meet with her approval.
If anyone reading my book does not really believe that this was a
marvelous, wonderful, inspiration, emotionally uplifting, glorious,
divine, beautiful experience, return my book and I will personally
return your money.

16* Astral Power To Heal Is

Yours For The Asking
Spiritual healing is nothing new. It has been with us in many dif
ferent forms for tens of thousands of years. Millions have made
pilgrimages to sacred places or shrines in search of cures from dis
ease. Edgar Cayce received thousands of letters from all over the
world asking for healing help. He was five years behind in answering
his mail at the time of his death. There are hundreds of psychics to
day who have the power to heal. Such religious leaders as Oral
Roberts and Kathryn Kuhlman are famous for their work in the field
of healing. Spiritual healing without the use of drugs or surgery does
exist and is an established fact.
The Whole Universe Functions Through Mental-Action Images
You do not need to go to a medium, psychic or religious healer
or what have you. You have your Astral helpers to do the job.
Kathryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts do not even know how it is
done. You do, for I have told you. You do not depend upon hocus
pocus, nonsense syllables, chants or any other crazy stuff that many
go through. You do not need to follow the insane doings that many
books advocate today. God said, Let there be light, and there was
light. He did not do a special dance or sing a special chant. He just
stated what he wanted to happen. Christ did not mutter a lot of non
sense syllables. He said, Pick up your bed and walk. He raised the
dead and healed the sick through mental-action images.
Everything that our spirit friends do is by mental-action images.
If they want new clothes, mental-action images provide them. If they
want to go anywhere, mental-action images get them there in a hurry.
If they want to build a house or building, mental-action images do
the job. You can do the same.
You simply learn how to relax, concentrate and raise your vibra
tions to cover a greater area of the universe than the majority of peo201


Astral Power is Yours for the Asking

pie think possible. You come face to face with your Astral helpers.
They do the job or make your mental-action images reality on a
physical plane.

Helen Gets Rid of Her Tumor For Good

Helen and Henry came to me to get help for the building of a
better relationship in marriage. Henry was a law school graduate,
practiced law for a while but did not like it. Helen was the daughter
of wealthy parents who had not lived together as husband and wife
for many years.
Within a short time after I talked to this couple, I discovered
that Helen had a uterine tumor about the size of a grapefruit which
was getting larger every day. The tum or was made up of dried blood
that was not expelled during her monthly periods. In other words,
she had sex problems also.
She had undergone two operations during the past ten years for
the removal of this tumor. Now it was back again and she did not
want to go through a third operation.
Like the old fashioned country doctor, I accepted a m onths sup
ply of the vitamins that Henry had been selling since he quit the prac
tice of law. They cost $50 for a m onths supply. You not only had to
take vitamins when you got up in the morning, with each meal and
before you went to bed, but during the day also. As I remember it,
there were seven different types of vitamins. I followed the plan for
two days and became very sick. Henry told me that this was a good
sign, becasue poisons were being driven from my body. I always
thought that getting sick was a bad sign. I knew that all this was non
sense, so I stopped taking the vitamins. I have nothing against
vitamins. They serve many useful purposes, but all of this was just
too much.
However, I taught Helen and Henry my system and helped them
develop the right type of mental-action images. Helens tumor went
away for good without surgery, and Henry went back to practicing
law. I get a Christmas card from them every year. They are getting
along just fine in their beautiful new home.

My Secret Fromula Catches the Mouse in Spencers Knee

I am sure that all of you are aware of the large number of people
who are the victims of arthritis. I had one patient once who took 27
aspirin tablets a day to keep the pain down. Millions of dollars are

Astrai Power is Yours for the Asking


needlessly spent by people with arthritis. Even the crippling arthritis

is easy to get rid of with my formula. I will tell you of just one of the
hundreds of cases that I have had.
Spencer had to use a cane to get around. His doctor told him
that he had a mouse in his knee. Just two days after I first saw him,
the mouse in his knee joint was gone for good.
Arthritis is one of the easiest diseases to handle through mentalaction images. In many cases, just learning to relax will do the job.

Walter Solved His Heart Problem Before it Caused Serious Trouble

it is amazing to realize that thousands of people let the first
symptoms of heart trouble go without doing anything about them.
Oh! It is just a little pain in my chest something I ate, no doubt,
they say.
I often wonder why a great many people return to the earth
plane. It is very evident that they are trying to kill themselves by get
ting fat, by negative thinking, by the type of food they eat, and by liv
ing it up and burning the candle at both ends. If they are so anxious
to get back to the earth plane, why dont they do the things that will
keep them here for a while?
It is easy to understand why so many die of heart failure before
the age of sixty.
Walter did something about the few pains in his chest. He
checked in at a hospital and was told that he might have a heart at
tack at any time. He then came to me, and learned my system
relaxation-concentration-contemplation. He found out through his
Astral helpers why his heart was in its present condition. He cleared
his mind of all negative thoughts and potential actions. He changed
many of his present living habits.
About a week later, he felt what appeared to be an electrical jolt
in his chest. A few days later, another complete check-up of his heart
revealed it to be in nearly perfect functioning order. The possibility of
heart attacks was gone forever.

Astral Power Removes a Cataract

Restored hearing and vision are among the minor miracles
produced by Astral power and the Astral helpers.
Charlotte noticed that she could not see clearly out of one of her
eyes. An eye specialist told her that she had a cataract and an opera
tion would be necessary. It is unfortunate that the great majority of

Astral Power is Yours for the Asking


Santo, my beautiful Japenses Astral helper tells me that if you

can raise your vibrations high enough, you can physically see and
hear through Astral sight and Astral hearing. But regardless of
whether or not you can get your vibrations up to a high level, your
Astral helpers will be as valuable and probably more valuable than
your seeing eye dog.

There Are No Obstructions in the Astral World

We live in an obstructed world. I have already called your atten
tion to the fact that the Astral world is an unobstructed world.
Blindness and deafness add two more barriers to full physical con
Remember my description of the birthday party that my Astral
helpers put on for me? I was completely blindfolded. I could have cut
off my hearing also.
I saw all of the beautiful and meaningful activities of the party,
heard the clear astral voices singing Happy Birthday, and was
completely conscious of the full meaning of this happening.
Every blind and deaf person in the world could have experienced
the same wonderful happening.
Remember the chapter in which I told you about Astral projec
tion? All of our handicapped people can go anywhere in the earth
plane or in the Astral world by Astral projection. They will not be
blind, deaf or crippled. They can see, hear or experience any of the
many wonderful sensations and emotions, including love. They can
travel with the speed of light.

A Few of the Things That the Blind and Deaf Can Do With Astral
Sight and Hearing
While in a meditating situation, you can have one of your Astral
helpers put a picture of you on the Astral screen so that you really
can see yourself. If deaf, your Astral helpers will make it possible for
you to hear your own voice.
You can look at television. You can enter into conversation and
see all of your friends around you. You can hear and see the world as
it really is. You can store up images so that when youre out of a
meditating situation, these images will serve you well in your think
ing and actions.
In a meditating situation, you can contact one or more of your
Astral helpers and let them teach you many things. They can read to


Astrai Power is Yours for the Asking

you or, if you are deaf, they can make you familiar with any sounds
that you might need for a full understanding of the earth plane.
As a blind person, you will no longer need to go around feeling
faces and objects. You will know what others look like. You will no
longer need to learn sign language. Whether or not you are blind or
deaf, you can put your hands to other uses.

Linn and Larry Now Do More Than Just Help Each Other
Linn is a very attractive blind girl. Larry is totally deaf. These
two fine people grew up in the same neighborhood. Naturally, they
became acquainted because of their handicaps. Love came into their
lives and they were married. Larry promised to be the eyes for Linn
and Linn promised to be the ears for Larry. They would both help
each other and develop a wonderful life together. It was a great idea
and it worked. They could have gone through life with their hand
icaps, happy and contented.

Then Came the Magic Formula

Can you really imagine the great change that has come over
Linn and Larry since they developed Astral sight and hearing? Their
life was beautiful before they discovered my magic formula. They
were completely happy and well adjusted. It is difficult to realize that
their lives could be any better, but they are.
The one great lesson to be learned from Linn and Larry is that
no matter how healthy, successful, happy or wealthy you may be, my
magic formula will bring greater abundance and a more thrilling ex
istence on all levels of consciousness. The big secret to perfect living
is removing all of the barriers that keep you from doing or experienc
ing anything that your heart desires. If you are sick in bed, it cuts off
many of lifes activities, if you have no money, many doors are closed
to you, and so it goes. My magic formula opens all of the gates to a
glorious life on the earth plane.

The Human Body is Tougher Than You Think

Since Americans made 650 million office calls to doctors in one
year, too many people must believe that the human body is a frail
machine in need of frequent repairs and less reliable than the
automobile. This is not the case. Your body is a remarkably efficient
and trouble-free machine that makes all of its own repairs, which is
more than we can say for most machines.

Astral Power is Yours for the Asking


In nearly 90 percent of all illnesses, the body will take care of the
situation without any help from doctors, drugs, or even Astral
helpers. It must always be remembered that the body must cure itself.
All that doctors do is make you more comfortable while your body
fights off the disease. Your Astral helpers can do a better job of mak
ing you comfortable than a doctor and it costs you nothing.
When a serious disease strikes, the doctor is helpless except
through surgery, drugs and therapy. It is in this area that Astral heal
ing is so very important and this costs you nothing also.
Why Do People Go To Doctors?
Here is a list in order of frequency of why people go to doctors:
Leg pains, pregnancy, sore throat, shoulder and arm pains, back
pains, cough, abdominal pains, colds, headache, fatigue, chest pains,
fever, allergic skin.
Do you see any condition on this list that your Astral helper
could not handle? Of course, we have to add to this list those who go
for regular examinations or an examination required for work or in
If you go to a doctor who is practicing alone, he is more likely to
prescribe drugs. If you go to a clinic, you may be in for costly X-rays
and various forms of therapy. This does not always make sense. The
majority of highly trained and skilled doctors are spending most of
their time treating minor illnesses that would take care of themselves
without the attention of a doctor.
It is very evident that people need to develop a high regard for
the human machine. It is asked to do many things and it does them
well. Somewhere along the line, doctors made people believe that
they were dependent upon them to keep the human machine going.
Nothing could be farther from the truth. Kick the doctor and drug
habit. Transfer that great faith that you have in the medical profes
sion over to the God-given Astral power within you.

17. A Lifetime Of Astral

Power Prosperity
You have learned your lessons well and are now prepared to
become a citizen o f the universe, rather than an unimportant person
living in an obstructed physical corner of the earth plane. You can
now join hands with persons on all levels of consciousness, You can
have many friends and associates that you never thought possible
before. You know and understand what Astral power can do for you.
Before this book was written, people thought that they had to go
to an Astral specialist and a variety of doctors. Even President Lin
coln and President Roosevelt had their favorite mediums. I have
given you the key to living and traveling on all dimensions of con
sciousness, a key that provides you with wealth, health, a happy
family life and successful living without the expenses of doctors, psy
chics or any other authority. You deal your own winning hand.

A Lack of Prosperity Is No Longer a Virtue

To be poor financially or in any other way is no longer a virtue.
You have learned how to tear down the sheath within, revealing
God. You now see that great abundance in everything is possible and
meant to be. You are no longer one of those who refuses to accept all
of this as fact.
Poverty does not purify the soul and prepare you for life after
death. The will of God is for full abundance and prosperity for all of
us. I have taught you to think in terms of fullnot limited

Astral Power Will Never Fail You

Your local power and light company fails you occasionally.
Astral power never fails to bring you bountiful prosperity if you keep
the lines of communication open to all areas of the Astral world.

A Lifetime of Astral Power Prosperity


Please dont worry about being drowned in a flood of prosperity. It

might lift you up to the peak of spiritual consciousness instead.
Contemplation is a Vital Part of My Formula
Many of your problems that set up barriers to health, happiness
and success are easily solved simply by applying the first factor of my
magic formularelaxation. A relaxed body is a healthy body, ready
for work or play. A relaxed mind is a healthy mind, ready to steer
your life course through all levels of consciousness. Add the second
factorconcentrationand you will go farther down the highway of
life than the great majority of people.
Applying the third factor, contemplation, satisfactorily
guarantees that you can do anything I have written about in my
book. Contemplation is primarily for quieting the physical senses as
completely as possible. You cannot get the most out of meditation if
your physical self is clamoring for attention. Contemplation makes it
possible for you to find and release the greatest hidden treasure in the
whole universe, the God-Within-You.
In contemplating oneness with God, you reflect on the goodness
and unlimited power of God that is now yours for the asking. You
make it clear that it is the deepest wish of your mind to move toward
oneness with God, so that this unlimited power can flow within you.
You are aware of the fact that God is within you. You have stripped
away the sheath that keeps this all-powerful force from permeating
your body and mind. You constantly express supreme faith in God
and in G ods willingness for you to have all of the prosperity that
your heart desires. You keep reassuring yourself that it is true, for it
is true.
But you should not end your meditation at this point. After you
have stilled your physical body, you now keep absorbing these great
spiritual forces until your mind slows down, human thought and
bodily sensation fade away and you become fully prepared for all
spiritual experiences and real oneness with God. It is a tremendous
experience as the light of your inner self comes out to show you the
way to supreme prosperity, health and happiness.
Your Supreme Goal Must Be To Arrive in the
Consciousness of Your Upper Room
You are now fully capable of dwelling in the upper room of your
consciousness. Remember God said Let there be light? Now you


A Lifetime of Astral Power Prosperity

have the ideal condition to form mental-action images that will

become reality and make you truly a citizen of the universe.
You do not speak to God, but you listen and listen and listen un
til you hear your Astral helpers speaking to you. You realize that
they are speaking for the God within you, and that Gods power
within you (Astral power) will now never be dammed up again. You
have released it and it gushes forth like a newly drilled oil well. You
realize that G ods power (Astral power) within you will make a
crooked path straight and a rough road smooth, and you now truly
sense the presence of God. it is like removing the stopper from a
sweet-smelling bottle of perfume. You now fully realize that the
Kingdom of God is truly within you, as it is within every living thing.
It is at this point that you realize that the spirit of God has been
creating your world as you desire it to be. No more anxiety, tension,
heartaches or failure. They all seem to melt away. Your diseases have
been healed. Your activities move you into the type of prosperity that
you desire, but at one time, before you read my book, did not think
OoooooMmmmmm, Peace, Peace, Peace
OoooooMmmmmm, Hail to the Supreme Inner Self.
My Magic Formula Helps You Influence Others
I have given you several case studies to prove that you can in
fluence others to do as you wish them to do. Remember the case of
the attorney whose Astral helpers influenced the President of the
United States? He is now a federal judge. Or the man who finally
convinced the girl he loved to marry him through the influence
created by my formula? Or the cases of persons getting the jobs that
they wanted? It can be done.
Our Neighbors Finally Moved Out
I told you about Hazel, our Astral helper, knocking dishes off
the neighbors table and breaking them. This neighbor was out to
make a great athlete out of his son, who is now only three years old.
Can you imagine any parents actually naming a child Champ?
Well, they did. The father played football and basketball with his son
for hours at a time.
Our apartment is one of the finest in Ann Arbor. However,
when a three-year-old starts screaming and his 250-pound, six-footsix father starts running and jumping in his living room with only a
wall between, a minor earthquake is the result.

A Lifetime of Astral Power Prosperity


S decided that a Cham p should be created somewhere else.

This couple had no intention of moving. They had spent several
hundred dollars changing things to suit their tastes. It would be
necessary to put the apartment back the way it was if they moved.
My Astral helpers and I went to work on them through pro
jected thought patterns. They not only moved out of this apartment
but out of Ann Arbor. They now live in a far less attractive town
house. I wonder what their new neighbors think of the Champ
training program? My ESP tells me that they do not like it any bet
ter than we did. But what a relief; we are now enjoying peace and
quiet again.
influencing Others Through Astral Power Is More Vital To Your
Success Than You Realize
It is fine for you to set in motion mental-action images concern
ing the things that you wish to happen to you. But can you always get
them to happen by yourself? It is fine to imagine yourself driving
down the highway at high speeds to get someplace in a hurry. But
what about all the blocks that you find in your way? You did not
plan on road repair crews, detours, accidents that tie up traffic, etc.
You will get farther in life and reach your objectives quicker if
you can activate all of the forces that can be recruited to smooth your
W hat is the magic of a family name that can get a person elected
to office regardless of how little his life justifies public trust? W hat is
the magic for a restaurant that has excellent business without half
trying? Many business places are an instant success while others, put
ting the same business principles to work, fail. Why? W hat is the
magic of success on the stage or in the movies? Many very fine actors
and actresses get nowhere.
You can always find someone who will give you an answer to
these questions that I have asked. I am certain that I would not agree
with their answers, for I have an answer of my owncomposite
thought patterns.
During my development of psychic capability under the direc
tion of my master teachers, I was greatly impressed with the constant
use of patterns as a method of teaching. As you raise your vibrations
to higher levels of consciousness, you will notice the increasing use of
thought patterns of colored light in place of our methods of com
munication through talking and writing.
It is my studied opinion that you must make use of these psychic
patterns. If you are seeking public office you need to appear on the


A Lifetime of Astral Power Prosperity

public platform, travel over the territory from which you will get
votes, get write-ups in the papers, etc. However, if you really expect
to get elected, you need to add magic to your name and your public
images. Naturally you will have a few staunch supporters. Your
Astral helpers can create composite thought patterns out of the
thoughts of your supporters and set them in motion over your
political territory. Suddenly, your name will stand out from the
others. Your assets will expand sky high and the public will feel that
they cannot get along without you. When this happens, you have it

Composite Thought Patterns Are the Key to the Magic of Getting

Recognition in the World of Business, Politics or the Professions
If you lived in a strangers home, part of a town or political unit
for a few hours or days, without anyone talking to you, you would
find yourself thinking as the people around you. These composite
thought patterns that represent the ideology of the persons involved
are the reason. Composite thought patterns are very powerful Astral
forces that you should learn to recognize, control or set into motion
for your own advancement. They can make you or literally destroy
You have heard the expression When in Rome, do as the
Romans do. How can you do otherwise without fighting off the in
fluence of Astral thought patterns?
There are many common expressions that point to these invisi
ble forces. How can anyone fall for that line They must be kid
ding to think that anyone would believe that. Who does he think
he is anyway, God?

Dr. Cleary Sends Out Composite Thought Patterns To Rebuild a

Burned-Out School
Dr. Cleary was a superintendent of a rural consolidated school
system. Before he knew of my system, he worked hard to get the peo
ple in his district to build a new school. He finally succeeded in get
ting them to okay a new building, but it was not fireproof. Also, it
really did not meet the needs of the communitybut it was the best
he could do.
The new building was practically completed when one night it
caught fire and burned to the ground. The total investment was lost.
However, Dr. Cleary had heard of me and learned to use my magic

A Lifetime of Astral Power Prosperity


The dramatic part of this true story relates to what happened

while the building was burning. Dr. Cleary rounded up all of the
members of the school board and, by the light of the burning
building, held what to them was a prayer meeting. To Dr. Cleary it
was a meditating situation. They were praying; he was applying my
magic formula.
The mental-action images that he formed in his mind related to a
much more complete and satisfactory building, fireproof, with plenty
of money to operate it. He raised his vibrations to the point where he
was not conscious of the burning building or the crowd that had
gathered to watch. His Astral helpers also went to work forming
composite thought patterns that were set adrift.
Many newspapers, radio and television stations carried the
story, it was a dramatic one-a new, almost completed school
building burning to the ground.
By noon the next day, several very wealthy men throughout the
United States had offered to help rebuild the school. So much money
poured in that a fireproof building with plenty of endowments to
help operate it was available. Dr. Clearys salary was doubled.
I know what some of you are thinking. Did the Astral helpers
get a head start and accidently burn the new building down? Could
bethey could do it without any troublebut lets just look at the
final results.
Are the positive, creative, wealth- and health-giving forces
within your mind being burned down by frustration, fear,
hostility , resentment and acrimonious forces? If so, it is time that you
made your mind fireproof.

There Are Many Astral Roads To Prosperity

Nothing new, creative or original ever comes from the physical
world. All of the advances that have been made in the fields of art,
music, medicine, science or even religion have come directly as gifts
from the Astral world.
A cancer cure is waiting for some bright doctor to introduce to
the medical profession, in the mean time, your Astral helper, just as
mine did, can make use of this cure. Many other medical innovations
are available.
In the field of engineering, thousands of new ideas are yours if
you can prove that you can handle them. Your Astral Helpers will
help you find the new idea that is right for you.
Jenefer, who was cured of cancer, is now painting Astral thought
patterns. She recently had an exhibit of her oil paintings at the


A Lifetime of Astral Power Prosperity

University of Michigan Commons. A whole page in the daily paper

reviewed her work with high praise. This was especially gratifying to
me, for i have wanted someone to put those beautiful Astral colors
on canvas for the public to see, appreciate and enjoy.
I am sure that many of you have read about Rosemary Brown, a
London widow with two children who has been writing music which
is being dictated to her by Liszt, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Brahms,
Schubert, Grieg, Schumann, Debussey and Rachmaninoff. Mrs.
Brown has received over 400 compositions. Authorities in the field of
music say that each work bears the flavor and style of the com
poser. Each is an absolutely original composition.
When the composers appear, they are all in the prime of life, as I
have already told you, about 30 years of age. Of course, Beethoven is
no longer deaf, Chopin is no longer suffering from tuberculosis,
Shubert does not need glasses any longer and Liszts hair is blond
Two Beethoven symphonies, one with massive choral work, are
awaiting Mrs. Browns attention at this time. If you are interested in
music, wouldnt you love to have the opportunity that Mrs. Brown
Whether you are just an ordinary employee whose only chance
of getting recognition for a new idea is through the suggestion box, or
the president of a billion-dollar corporation, new and better business
ideas are available to you if you apply my formula.
Research is big business now, yet the majority of those employed
in research centers are so oriented to the physical that they would not
recognize a new idea if it knocked them down. People in the field of
scientific research, music, art, writing or religion need to become
citizens of the universe. They cannot do their jobs well without hav
ing contact with the Astral world.
I dont care who you are, where you have been or where you
think you are going-you need Astral power. So come and get it:
there are many Astral roads to prosperity.
One Final Word
The courage, resourcefulness and initiative necessary to progress
toward higher levels of personal living can be yours through Astral
power, and by accepting the help of your Astral helpers.
I have given you, in this book, a technique which, when properly
utilized, will command an increasingly high standard of that state of

A Litetime ot Astral Power Prosperity


mind and body which makes not only for good health but wealth,
prosperity and success in every way through Astral power.
I have traveled the Astral roads through time and space and
found the source of my magic formula 3,000 years ago in Tibet,
where I was a Brahman priest. My Astral helpers have contributed
greatly to the writing of this book. Even my seventh level helpers
agree that what you have read is true. They should know.
OM OoooooM mm m mm
With our ears, may we hear what is good.
With our eyes, may we behold thy righteousness.
Tranquil in body, may we who worship thee find rest.
O oooooM mm m mm Peace, Peace, Peace
OoooooM mm m mm Hail to the Supreme Inner Self.

God Bless.