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From the Principal

2016 School Tuition Schedule

Dear parent
I write to provide notification of 2016 annual tuition fees. Deciding the tuition for the upcoming year
is a complex process and the School takes considerable time modelling based upon all the
information available. The driving force is the importance to remain an affordable fee school
accessible to as many families who wish an education at Hume. Of equal importance is the need
to have the necessary funds to provide high quality schooling with all the benefits we offer. We are
fortunate to receive funding through government grants and this goes a long way to assisting in
keeping fee increases to a minimum. Nonetheless, we are faced with normal increases to running
cost that all schools experience.
I am pleased to say that due largely to sound financial management, the increase is on average
less than 3.25%. I am also pleased to announce that next year a new sibling discount schedule will
be introduced. This means that the third and subsequent child will receive a greater discount from
previous years. I know this will assist a large number of families and I am sure will be most welcome.
Child Number



You will notice this year there has been a change to the billing process. Enclosed with this letter is
your Notification of 2016 Annual Fees which details your total tuition for enrolled children. Soon, you
will receive your Term 1 invoice/statement for 2016, and next year separate invoices for Terms 2, 3
and 4.
More information regarding the tuition schedule for 2016 is outlined overleaf and within the
enclosed brochure. I draw your attention to the section regarding notice of withdrawal. It is very
important you provide the minimum of one terms notice if you are departing the School, otherwise
you will incur a terms fees in-lieu. If you intend to not return in 2016, you must notify us by the end of
the day on Monday, 5 October.
Alternatively, if you, or you know of others who intend to join Hume and have not had a position
confirmed, please do this now. We have waiting lists and unfortunately a number of families have
been left very disappointed as a place has not been available for siblings.
Yours sincerely

Bill Sweeney
Bill Sweeney Dip T, B Ed, M Ed, MBA, MACE, MACEL.
PO BOX 338, Craigieburn, Victoria 3064. Reg. No. 2052 ABN: 44125524405 CRICOS Provider No. 03304D
Mount Ridley Homestead. 100 Mt Ridley Road, Mickleham. 3064
Tel: 8339 6900 Fax: 8339 6999

2016 School Fee Schedule

Year Level

School Fees



Prep to Year 2




Year 3 & 4




Year 5 & 6




Year 7




Year 8




Year 9




Year 10




Year 11




Year 12





The only additional charges made to accounts during the year are for electives and distance
Sibling discounts will be applicable to the individual child as follows:
Second Child

5% discount

Third Child

15% discount

Fourth Child

35% discount

Fifth Child

50% discount

Sixth and additional children 75% discount

Fee Payment Options and Due Dates
Annually: 28 January 2016

28 January 2016, 28 March 2016, 28 June 2016 and 28 September 2016

Monthly: 28th day of every month from October 2015 to September 2016
A discount of 5% is offered on School Fees for annual payments made by 4:00pm on Thursday, 28
January 2016.
A remittance advice for School Fee Payment Options is supplied on the Notification of Annual Fees.
Please nominate your preferred payment method of the fees and set up direct payments from your
bank account or credit card. Forms are to be returned to the office by Friday, 9 October 2015.
Current payment authorities remain valid with ongoing yearly adjustments until written notice of
cancellation is received.
The School reserves the right to withdraw an enrolment where more than one terms fees become
Building Fund Donation
The School Board has nominated $400 as the amount of the Hume Anglican Grammar Building
Fund voluntary donation sought from each family.
We wish parents to recognise the role and significance of the contribution in meeting the Schools
development objectives of the school site. Any contributions to the Building Fund are entirely
voluntary and variable at the contributors discretion. The donation is tax deductible.
Notice Required when Withdrawing Students
A full terms notice of withdrawal of students from the School is required, or a full term fees will be
charged in lieu of such notice. Continuation of tuition for one year to the next is assumed - the full
term notice provision applies if continuation is not occurring.
Any queries regarding fees, please contact Amanda Gaudion at
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