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Motors and generators for marine industry

Reliability and energy efficiency at sea

We provide motors and generators,

services and expertise to save energy
and improve customers processes
over the total lifecycle of our products,
and beyond.

2 Motors and generators for marine business

Motors and generators for business at sea

The total share of ships using the diesel-electric propulsion

technology is expected to increase from todays 8 percent
to 20 percent in 2014. ABB serves the marine industry with
the electric motors and generators the electric backbone
of these highly reliable, energy efficient and environmentally
friendly diesel-electric propulsion systems.
The benefits of electric propulsion
In diesel-electric propulsion, a diesel engine drives an electric
generator, which in turn feeds an electric motor used for propulsion. The technology offers superior safety, reliability, flexibility, operational economy and environmental performance.
These are the driving forces behind the growing number of
customers and vessel types investigating the advantages of
diesel-electric propulsion.
No compromise on safety and reliability
Operational reliability and maneuverability are vital at sea.
Motors involved in vessel propulsion and maneuvering are
classified as essential service. Personal safety and economical performance depends on maximum reliability and con
tinuous 24/365 operation. An unplanned stop at sea or in a
harbor can cost millions of dollars. ABBs standardized electric motors and generators proven in hundreds of thousands
of on and off shore industrial applications offer the reliability
necessary at sea.

Reduced emissions
The shipping industry is facing tightened environmental
regulations, as emission limits are being imposed worldwide.
IMO has proposed emission limits that start in 2016 for ships
operating inside ECAs (emission controlled areas). Europe has
also launched emission limits for ships operating inside ECAs
beginning in 2016. ABB motors and generators offer significant environmental benefits and high efficiency to meet these
tightened regulations.
High motor efficiency
ABB motors offer maximum energy efficiency. Increased efficiency reduces the power required to operate a motor. Reduced
power requirements allow use of smaller generators and less
fuel. These advantages combine to reduce the customers initial investment cost and reduce ongoing operating expenses.
High efficiency motors, combined with variable speed drives
provide optimum speed and torque control. This helps customers in the marine industry to further reduce energy consumption, operating expenses and harmful emission levels.

Motors and generators for marine business 3

A tradition of innovation

ABB delivered the worlds first marine AC electric propulsion

system in 1983. Today, ABB has the largest installed base
of marine motors and generators in the world. The number of
vessel types and customers preferring diesel-electric propulsion
systems is continuously increasing.
Well positioned to meet growing demand
Key to ABBs success is our ability to respond to increasing
demands of high energy efficiency, reduced emissions and
low life cycle costs. 60 years of close cooperation with ship
builders, operators and designers has given us the experience
necessary to deliver premium quality motors and generators.
This puts ABB in a favorable position to meet the growing
demand of electric propulsion systems, backed by a global
support organization.

A wide range of marine applications

The number of vessel types and customers preferring electric
propulsion is continuously increasing. Today, ABB synchronous
motors and generators are used for electric propulsion in a
wide range of vessel types including cruisers, car and train
ferries, ice-breakers, multi-purpose tankers, LNG tankers,
ice-going vessels and offshore supply vessels. Our induction
motors are used in marine applications such as pumps, blowers, compressors, thrusters, winches and cranes.

Generators tailored for ships

ABB uses advanced design methods such as 3D design and
FEM (finite element method) simulation to optimize generators for marine applications. Our generators have consistently
demonstrated the ability to meet the electrical challenges
facing the industry including voltage drops, posed by other
diesel generating sets used in island operating mode. Vibration
and mechanical noise typical of piston engines are efficiently
reduced by the FEM simulations during the design phase. ABB
is doing in prehand the FEM (Finite Element Method) simulations for his generators and the piston engine supplier is taking these results in consideration to reduce the vibration levels
for a better comfort of the passangers.

Energy savings
The ship will save approx. 5 percent of fuel consumption by
using frequency converters with high efficiency motors for
auxiliary equipment such as pumps, compressors, winches,
cranes, etc. The ship will be environmentally more green.

4 Motors and generators for marine business

Innovation keeps us in front

The trademark Azipod (very well known inside of shipping
industry) uses the synchronous motor technology. Compact
Azipod includes the latest innovation of low voltage permanent magnet motor. The benefits are small size, excellent
efficiency, energy savings and robust construction. Further
innovation is made by the reluctance synchronous motor that
is powered by a frequency converter. This drive package has
a very high efficiency (IE4).

Marine motors and generators


1 LNG carrier | 2 Icebreaking offshore supply vessel | 3 Cruiser | 4 Ferry boat

Vessel type:

LNG carrier

Vessel type:

Icebreaking offshore supply vessel




Sevmorneftgaz, Russia


Gaz de France

Scope of supply:

2 x 883 kW tunnel thruster motors

Medium voltage power systems to 73 ships, 33 of

Year of delivery:


Vessel type:

Passenger ferry


Shin Nihonkai Ferry (SNF)

Scope of supply:
Year of delivery:

which equipped with diesel electrical propulsion


Vessel type:



Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas


Royal Caribbean International

Scope of supply:
Year of delivery:

3 x 20 MW Azipod Propulsion, electric power

generation, electric power distribution

CRP Azipod, MV Drives ACS 6000,

Scope of supply:

AMG Generators, AMA Thruster motors,

Transformers and Switchgears

Year of delivery:



Motors and generators for marine business 5

ABB marine motors and generators

ABB has a long history of design and manufacture of high

quality marine motors and generators. We produce about
50,000 marine motors annually in the range from 0.055 kW to
70 MW, and 3000 marine generators in the range from 11 kVA
to 5000 kVA. Our products are designed and optimized to
support the vessels overall performance and are used in a
wide variety of marine applications.

1 Synchronous motor | 2 Low voltage induction motor | 3 Synchronous generators | 4 High voltage induction motors

Synchronous motors
Our synchronous motors are used as propulsion motors in
many different ship types.
Power range: up to 50 MW
Speeds: 01800 rpm
Frame sizes: AMZ up to 2500 (IEC)
Number of poles: 420
Synchronous generators
Our synchronous generators are used as main, auxiliary and
shaft generators in marine power plants.
Power range: 11 kVA to 5000 kVA
Frame sizes: AMG up to 2500
Number of poles: 4, 6, 8 or 10

6 Motors and generators for marine business

Low voltage induction motors

Low voltage motors are used on deck and under deck in
pumps, fans, deck cranes, thrusters, winches hydraulic
power packs and compressors.
Power range: 0.095000 kW
Speeds: 03600 rpm
Frame sizes: 56630
High voltage induction motors
High voltage induction motors are used in compressors,
pumps, winches, fans, blowers, propulsion systems and ship
Power range: up to 18000 kW
Speeds: 03600 rpm
Frame sizes: AMI 4001000

A world-class service organization

To meet higher standards and enhance vessel performance,

todays equipment has become more complex and sophisti
cated. To maintain equipment integrity, service personnel must
understand these complex systems and their interaction with
other systems to which they are connected. To support our
customers, ABB has a global organization that provides a
broad range of specialized services and support.
Preventive maintenance
ABB offers tailored service agreements, condition monitoring
services and maintenance support.

ABB offers modernization and upgrading of all electrical
rotating motors and generators.

Planned repair and dry-docking

ABB service can provide major and minor repairs as well as
overhauls and reconditioning worldwide.

The ABB Motors and Generators provides standard and
custom courses, safety courses, onboard training, e-learning
and classroom training.

On-call services
ABB provides 24-hour telephone support, technical support
from system specialists and onboard service from our expert
service engineers.
Together with the project team, our service engineers are
actively involved in commissioning to ensure a successful
start-up and to get acquainted with the vessel and the future
operating crew.
Spare parts
To minimize downtime of any critical function, ABB provides
spare parts recommendations, local spare parts handling and
fast global shipping.

ABB marine motors and generators are designed for fast
repairs and maintenance. For example, the rotor of a large
synchronous motor can be repaired on site. All services are
backed up by a truly global service network.
ABB products are certified by global classification societies.
For example, our motors and generators are classified for
marine application, along with compatible variable speed
drives compatible with the latest international standards.
ABB continuously monitors these societies to ensure all our
products meet or exceed their standards.

Success story Marine service

Vessel type:



Deepwater Pathfinder
Large maintenance of five main generators

Scope of supply:

HSG 900 including preventive maintenance parts,

large maintenance of eight AMB710 motors
including preventive maintenance parts.

Year of delivery:


Motors and generators for marine business 7
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