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Introduction to the topic o be discussed

With the advancement in technology, communication has grown. It is now

easier and
cheap to communicate and connect with people across the world. The
issue of distance is no
longer an excuse for lack of communication.
A social networking site is an online platform that is used by people to
build social networks and social relations with our friends, family members
and other people who share similar personal and career interests
activities and backgrounds. In terms of technology, it is a web - internet
based application which helps people to interact over the internet such as
by e-mails and instant messaging. For example: Our mentor of basic
electrical engineering gives us the assignments as e-mail to every one of

Social networking sites allow us to communicate with family, friends and

the masses of
the world. Social networking platforms like facebook, twitter, pinterest and
allow us contact known as well as unknown people.Sites like linkedin and
useful in work

and business.

Humans are essentially social animals. And these social networking sites
allow us,
humans, a platform to socialise with people around the globe. Its an age
old saying that
humans cant stay in isolation. We think that the modern day equivalent of
this saying is that humans cant stay without social networking sites.

Ban the social networking sites?! Says who?

I bet the people saying this are the ones who have done something wrong.
government policies, coalgate, aadarsh, fifa or some other scams,
everything that catches
public interest will be discussed on these platforms

Banning social networking sites is like muting the voice of 7 billion

people.Any injustice
in any corner of the earth faces strong criticism on the social networking
platform. For
some people, social networking is the only way to express their views,
ideas and
resentment against their day to day life experiences. Consider places like
Syria, Iraq and
Saudi Arabia, where females are considered as the secondary citizens,
how do you think,
women express themselves? How do you think they challenge oppressive
society and law? It

is through the social networking sites which allow the users to remain
anonymous, and at
the same time allowing them to express themselves. Banning social
networking sites will
be like throttling the voices of so many people.

Social networking sites provide a worldwide connectivity , allowing people

to find old
friends, colleagues , teachers without much difficulty. These sites help us
to find people
with common interests and hence are an effective way of advertisement,
helping in
business. However these social networking sites also have privacy policies
which helps
users to protect their private details and information.

According to
study conducted in 2015, 60% of users of facebook and twitter in the
consider these networks to be the main source of news , with
news being seen the most. These social media sites have changed the
way we
interact with each other .Sites like face book , twitter, LinkedIn , Vine
and many more make it simple to connected in peoples lives. We can
catch up with friends, photos, videos they post.*

As it is important for personal life, it is more important for business or

anyone trying to develop professional network or look for a job. When it

comes to our business, it is important to be on as many social networking

sites as possible. This sites offer many different options to share
information and have different users on each one .As a result, the more
sites our business is on, the more eyes will see it. As mentioned before,
there are different benefits of different sites, and it is important that
we are comfortable using each one.*

Socially connecting applications like facebook allows us to get know our

business more intimately. We can communicate through status updates,
photos, message and more. The key to
being successful with Facebook is interaction. If someone post a question
on our page, the more we respond and interact with the people who LIKE
page, the more they will talk about our business to others and share our
page ,getting us more LIKES. This course will help with a starting our
business on Face book. Using Twitter, we can share our news about
quickly. Similarly Instagram ,it utilizes hastags to make it easier for
like-minded people to discover our business and follow us .This social
media platform is great for those in the retail business because we can
it to show off new arrivals. Companies have found that social networking
sites such as Face book and Twitter are great ways to build the brand
image. These links helps to expand our future connections. Social
networking sites are also important, if we are in a search of job or about
to dive into our field. *

*Even some companies with mobile workers have encouraged their

workers to

use social networking sites to feel connected.*


Social networking sites, a household name,is the most popular online

platform used by the masses to build social networks and relations with
friends,family members and the world at large.
Humans by nature are social animals and social networking sites are just
another outlet for the social instint of humans. It is an age old saying that
humans can not stay in isolation. We believe that the modern day
equivalent of this saying is that humans can not stay without social
networking sites.
In this world of complexity, it is the social networking sites like facebook,
which help us to keep in touch with our friends and family.
Physical distances have been bridged through sites like facebook, twitter
and linkedin. Sharing exciting news and day to day happenings in the
world through statuses and posts are a common trend and add spice to
an otherwise monotonous life.
Social networking sites also helps the business houses connec t more
intimately with their customers. Thanks to the social networking sites
even the small scale business people can attain visibilty for their products
and creations without having to invest much in the advertising sector. The
social networking sites are a cheap and convenient advertising source and
they also have a worldwide reach.
These platforms also allow global interaction among people with different
backgrounds. This allows intermixing of cultures. Through social media,
we often engage in discussions and interactions wih people who are
different from us. It ahs rightfully been said that world has become a
village. A village where connection is possible only through the social
networking sites.
Some social media even facilitates people meeting face to face. For
instance, couchsurfing allows us to live for sometime with people whom
we have never met.
Social networking sites allows people living even in the remote corners of
the world to express their views and opinions. For example, the people
and more importantly, the women living in the middle eastern countries
like syria, iraq, iran, libya and saudi arabia have to stand the opressive

society rules everyday. These women are speaking out and raising their
voices on the social networking sites because other than being visible at
a global level, the social networking platforms also allow you the choice of
being anonymous . You can express your views to the world And at the
same time ptotect your identity.
The social networking sites like facebook have privacy policies which
allows its users the choice of deciding their audience.

(some laws if possible)

We would like to end by saying that nothing is perfect. Evreything has its
advantages and disadvantages. Its upto the user to decide if its right or
wrong, because we do not live in a utopia.
But banning something is never the solution. Its human nature to do
whats prohibited. Banning will only encourage the social networking sites
to bloom illegaly. Its better and more realistic to regulate social
networking sites through some laws which will make it more safer.
Thank you.