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25 THERE’S A FINE, FINE LINE from the Broadway Musical Avenue Q Music and Lyrics by ROBERT LOPEZ and JEFF MARX, Moderate Folk Rock G ort Em? op cs Disus D7 G pyre Em AmT tne tren ae en ee D 6 prt en? on. cm And you nev-er know till you reach. the top_ if it was worth the up - hill climb, eer © 90 Ony or Now: nan Fates Come Tena y RAH Mi) Copyright Secured Al Rights Rese farmer ns aboat ene tt enero bF Disus 6 on omg? bs opt fine line And there's @ fine, Em Am Dsus D7 G pet be-tween“‘you're won-der-ful” and “good-bye.” I guess if some-one does - n't love. ar Em? B/D maj? cm —3— G pyre it’ is-n't such. a crime, but there's a fine, Em? Gp Cmaj? Disus G op be - tween love and a waste. of your maj? D pyc GB ‘And [don'thave the time to waste. on you an-y - more. GD Em oD act D 6 Idon’t think. thatyou © = ven know whatyou're look-ing for. — GDFe Em? oD E ED chm For my own san - Fim Faye D pyc Bm and walk a - way, eo Di(n03) G pyre Em Am be-tween to - geth -er Am? om And there's a fine, be-tween what you want-ed and what you Em? op Cai? want _ while roe Broader Feb oF G ort There’s a fine, you're still in__ your prime. Em? Cmaj7 Eb F/Eb maj? eb