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HR managers and their staff are there to provide professional support in handling

people matters as prime responsibility is to contribute actively to the quality of HR

management throughout the organization by proposing adequate policies, ensuring
their consistent application and coherent implementation with fairness.
The company has formed a HR tools to support HR management and a policy with
the aim of enhancing the efficiency and productivity levels by rewarding and
compensating the deserving employees who have put their extra effort towards
significant contribution for the organizational progress.
Some of the HR plans and policies of Parakhi are as follows:
1. Recruitment and selection:
The long-term success of the Company depends on its capacity to attract,
retain and develop employees able to ensure its growth on a continuing
basis. Parakhi policy is to hire staff with personal attitudes and professional
skills enabling them to develop a long-term relationship with the Company. At
the time of selection, they look candidates potential for professional
development as an essential standard for recruitment. They believe each
new member joining the company was about to become a participant in
developing a sustainable quality which implies a commitment to the
organization, a sense of continuous improvement and leaves no place for
complacency. The HR policy, principles and values of employment are
explained through the recruitment policy of the company itself. Only relevant
skills and experience will be considered in employing a person and no
consideration will be given to a candidates origin, nationality, religion, race,
gender or age. Even when promoting employees intensively from within the
organization, it is the role of management and HR to keep an eye on valuable
candidates from outside and to benchmark internal skills with external offers.
2. Training and development:
Each employee, at all levels, is conscious of the need to upgrade continuously
his/her skills and knowledge. Parakhi believes that the willingness to learn is
a non-negotiable condition to be employed. First and foremost, training is
done on-the-job through Guiding and coaching. Formal training programs are
organized in the framework of individual skills development. Mostly training
programs are based on action learning. The company endeavors to offer the
opportunity to progress for those having the determination and the potential
to develop their capabilities. Recently, Parakhi has sent two of his employees
to US for training and development purpose.
3. Remuneration:
Parakhi favors fair remuneration structures offering competitive and
attractive compensation package. Remuneration in Parakhi involves salary,
rewards and other benefits. The company addresses the performance of the
employees and various rewards are implemented to the best employee such

as employee of the month awards, food coupons, increment in salary, or

bonus. Other reward and incentives that Parakhi favors to their employees
are flexible working condition, attractive overtime payment, increment in
salary, etc whenever possible and encourages its employees to have
interests and motivation.
4. Performance Appraisal
Each employee is in charge of his/her own professional development. In
Parakhi, it is the role of each manager to assess progress achieved as a result
of training programs as well as from their work. But at the time of evaluation,
manager as well as peers grading was used along with a feedback. Thus, 360
degree method was followed providing each and every employee with an
equal opportunity to judge as well as receive feedback. The performance
appraisal was also transparent as all the peers can see who graded what
along with the managers grading. The objective is to retain and motivate
employees by offering attractive but realistic career moves. Counseling and
guidance are there for improving performance and for helping people to
develop skills. The company also allows to correct errors for those whose
grading are low.