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Adherence to values in Present Education System.

Values are subjective & dynamic.

What are values?

Values form the basis of the behaviour framework of individuals. A value is a behaviour that
an individual exhibits in his/her transaction with the world around him/her. To define a value
we do need a person in relationship with something or someone in contact with him/her.

'I value my health' so I pay attention to my physical needs in terms of nutrition and discipline,
readily spending quality time. My value system is the governing factor of my relationship with
my environment. Values are subjective in nature.

Values Change according to time and place. The life of Mahatma Gandhi evokes different
kind of values to different section of population according to age group and maturity levels.
What I thought of something valuable looses its value as I undergo repeated negative re-
enforcements. Values are dynamic in nature.

All mechanisms of education in evolving Societies are using both these aspects to groom
and shape individuals towards self-attainment while being active contributors to the
community and world.

Present Education System

Our Indian system of Education is the second largest system. Our Nation is distinguished for
its unique varieties of diversity. Currently our education system is in the verge of reformation
that would accelerate the process of sustained development of Human resources. This in turn
is expected to achieve the Millennium Development Goals we as a Nation have committed.

The current scenario of our education wherein we have good plans based on the researches
by National University of Educational Planning and Administration, enacted through National
Council of Educational Research and Training, the various Board of Education, University
Grants Commission and all other dedicated institutions working in the field of education is all
set for our Mission envisaged
Though our progress is remarkable we are a bit short in attaining the set target. All the
Policies, Programmes and Plans need to be harnessed towards a future where every child
born has equal opportunity for an overall growth and development viz. Physical, Mental,
Intellectual and Spiritual. Also the growth and development of the individual should avail
itself to the wellbeing of the self apart from environment, society, country and the world as a

One of the principles suggested by UNESCO in the post 2015 education agenda states '
Education is a public good. The state is the custodian of education as a public good. At the
same time, the role of civil society, communities, parents and other stakeholders is crucial in
the provision of quality education.'

Need for adherence to values

Now is the time We stand together and commit ourselves towards self attainment of the
system as whole. May we call this as the Paradise Regained in the light of the fact that the
Ancient Indian Education system being beacon of socio-cultural excellence through individual

John Milton in his Paradise Regained says:

.... thy heart is set on high designs,

High actions. But wherewith to be achieved?
Great acts require great means of enterprise;

And so do I, as responsible citizen of My Country need great means of enterprise. This is

important for me if I am part of the Education system. I may be a Student, Educator, Parent,
School Administrator, Staff in an Educational Institution, a Para-educator, A Government
Official under the Ministry of Education, A Public Servant elected and assign to serve in the
Field of Education OR just an Educated one as an Alumni of an Institution of learning.

So the Education system needs great means of enterprise.

From the 'Education for values in Schools - a Framework' of the DEPARTMENT OF

-The problem of declining values is multi dimensional arising out of combination of major
social forces such as globalization, materialism, consumerism, commercialization of education,
threats to humanity due to climatic changes, environmental degradation, violence, and
terrorism. These have led to insecurities, individualistic life styles, acceleration of desires,
misuse of science and technology, pessimisms, sense of alienation and other negative


I would like to recall the famous story of 'the Man and the Map'. A father wanted to keep his
little child engaged for a while took the map of the country and tore it into pieces and asked
the child to fix them back in place. He could not believe when the child came back not more
than a few minutes with the map fixed. He asked the child as to how it was possible for him to
fix it. The child showed the rear side of the paper and said 'Daddy, I don't know which state
goes where in the map of a country, but I definitely know which part of the face goes where
in the picture of the man.'

So what I know is, how I am, given the position and situations. If I understand, what I say
matters; what I do matters and of course what I think matters, I will definitely think, speak and
act appropriately making my existence worthwhile and exemplary, won't I?

This calls for the proper orientation of my value system. This is where I look up to the Value
Education as a prescription offered by the very System of Education I belong.

Values in our Education System

Values are learnt not only in school classrooms and curriculum. Whenever a person of higher
achievement presents him/herself to a group of individuals’ values get transferred.

Though we have optimised the facilities extended to the human resources in our present
education system we have completely overlooked the need for values upheld by the
individuals. The members of associations from various sectors get together only for demands
for more facilities but fail to address the misconduct of one of their fraternity!

Again from 'Education for values in Schools - a Framework'

'Teachers need to get training for their personal and professional development programme
focused on teacher’s own ethical and moral growth as well as their ability to guide student’s
ethical growth. They need to be given training in creating caring classroom, earning respect
and trust dealing with student’s problems and challenges etc. Teachers need emotional and
professional support from the administrators and colleagues.'--


When an institution establishes itself in providing right environment of values:

-Student will work more diligently in academic areas, attentive in class, responsibility towards
learning, show more cooperation among themselves, be assertive in their behaviour

-The school ambience will be of an inspirational kind, with love, respect, safety and care felt
by everyone in the environment, encouraging individuals towards creativity and higher

-The relationships among the students, teachers and other adults in the school will be more
of trusting one where each kind are willing listeners, responding with courtesy to concerns of
the other with fairness.

-In this kind of atmosphere students and teachers gain greater capacity for self-reflection and
self-appraisal, feel supportive and safe under strong leadership; understand and their roles;
and with confidence in their development, take on the opportunities and challenges.

This calls for the core value concerns suggested be manifest in the environment of the
educational institution.

-Swachch Bharat Abhyan, towards total sanitation and better hygiene which in turn will
reward good health, needs to be adhered by institutions meticulously.

-Responsibility towards self development, towards one's own work and towards society needs
to be adhered by every individual in the school/institution's environment.

-Love, care and compassion need to find expression in the attitudes of the adults among
themselves and towards the students.
-All the above can be created by effective collaboration of the creative core group of the
management and staff of the institution.

-When all the stakeholders are inspired and ready to take up the mission of living and
enlivening the values, the environment will naturally be a wonderful garden of life where the
future generations can find the full expression of life while the current generation can find
harmony within and without.

Education be duly Valued.

Value Education in the field of education should make individuals Value Their Education.
Education is a process of making an individual into a valuable asset to their environment. Any
individual who values this process will subject himself/herself more diligently to the process
with highest level of involvement.

In other words, unless each stakeholder is made to commit himself/herself to understand the
value of the process called EDUCATION and adhere to what needs to be served into the
curriculum no way the receiver will ever feel the importance of what is served and all research
and development work apart from the finances not necessarily yield the desired outcome.

So where do we start? The adherence of values should trickle from above through the
administrative hierarchy and seep in from the depth of the curriculum though day to day
experiences of the learners. We need to take the advice of the Father of our Nation 'Be the
Change you want to see in the world'.

Please Value 'EDUCATION'.