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I.Choose the correct answer.

each carry one mark

1 . What is the freezing point of water?
a. 1000C

c. 2120F

d. 2000C

Resistance of Pt100 RTD at 00C is ______

a. 100


b. 00C

b. 114

c. 200

d. 210

Sight glass is used to measure______

a. Flow

b. Level

c. pH

d. Temperature

4. ___ consists of two plates separated from each other by an insulating material called


b. Capacitor

b. Capacitance type

c. Sight glass

b. resistance

b. Temperature

c. Pressure

PH value of the pure water?

a. 0


c. ampere

d. capacitance

Mechanical pressure sensors convert __________ into mechanical motion

a. Voltage


d. Ultrasonic type

The output of a strain gauge is _______________

a. volt


d. Transistor

Which of the following is a direct level measurement?

a. Conductivity type


c. Diode

b) 7

c) 14

d) 1

Thermocouple Works on ____Principle

a. Bernoullis Theorem
c) Pascals Law

b) Archimedes principle
d) Seebeck effect

10. The atmospheric pressure is

a) 760mm of Hg
c) 750mm of Hg

b) 760 cm of Hg
d)None of these

d. Level

11. The pressure below atmosphere is termed as

a)Absolute pressure

b) Vacuum c) Gauge pressure

d) Static pressure

12. What are the standard output of an electronic transmitter

a) 4-20 mA

b) HART or Field bus protocol

c) 1-5 V

d) Both a & b

13. Color Code for Type K thermocouple is?

a) White and Red

b) Blue and Red c) Yellow and Red

d) Black and White

14. Cells are connected in series to

a)Increase the current output

b) Increase the voltage output

c) Decrease the internal resistance

d)Decrease the amount of power

15. Group of cell is called

a) DC source

b)AC source


d )Signal generator

16. Inverter is used for converting............................

a)DC to AC

b) DC to DC

c) AC to AC

d) none

17. Whetstones bridge is used to measure ________________


b) resistance

c) ampere

d) capacitance

18. Zero error in bourdon tube pressure gauge is rectified by adjusting

a) adjustable link
b) pointer
c) dial
d) bourdon tube
19. _____________ is an example of visual level sensor
a) float
b) displacer)
gauge glass
d)level troll
20._____________ are used to protect pressure gauge from the effects of pulsating pressure.
a) diaphragm seal

b) siphon

21. 14.223psi= ----------------------kg/cm2

a) 1.8

b) 2

c) 1


c) snubber

d) isolation valve

22. . Barrier potential of Ge is




d) .9v

23. convert 2120F = ---------------0C

a) 32




24.Hair spring in a pressure gauge is used to ______________

a) to eliminate any play in between the linkage
b) to create a counter torque
c) to increase the service life of the gauge
d) both a & b
25. Brass is an alloy of copper and ______________
a) aluminum

b) zinc

c) tin

d) steel

26. calibration is done in dead weight tester by comparing the test gauge output with _____
a) pressure gauge reading

b) master gauge reading

c)dead weights d) all of the above

27. what is the output of a pressure switch



c) contact open or contact close

d)none of the above

28. shape of water meniscus is _______

a) concave



d)none of the above

29.which among the following is a level switch

a) capacitance type

b)gauge glass

c)conductivity type

d)level troll

30. The impurity added in p type semiconductor is_____

a) penta valent

b)tri valent


d) none of the above

II.Give short answers each carry 5 mark


What are the two main types of glass level gauge? Explain?
Define Pascals law?
State Boyels law?
Explain the working of rotameter?
What are the three types of orifice plates?
State ohms ;aw?

III.Write essay each carry 5 mark

1. Explain the working of turbine flow meter?
2. Write the working of an air regulator with a neat sketch?
3. For using high temperature and cryogenic services what are the special feature added to a
control valve?
4. What are the main classification of valves according to the method of controlling?