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A Study of Comparison between Egg Carton and Foam as an Alternative

Soundproofing Material

An Investigatory Project

Presented to

Mr. Ronald De Leon

As a Final Requirement in Science and Technology 10


Galang, Allaine
Labung, Chrincess
Pontillas, Romina
10 Corinthians

MARCH 16, 2016

A Study of
Comparison between
Egg Carton and Foam
as an Alternative

Background Information
Soundproofing will be the transform for blocking heartless waves utilizing a
sure medium. Techniques on effectively absorb callous would the following:
expanding those separation the middle of a sourball and receiver, utilizing callous
baffles, initiating anti-noise callous generators, What's more utilizing heartless
Those said procedure originated at once or in front of those 1970s. It might have
been an issue then should control resonances particularly for live exhibitions.
Then, Dr. Manfred Schroeder entered that picture. He intended a presentation
clinched alongside which heartless is scattered as opposed wiped out. In as
much process, As opposed to manipulating the space to general, he utilized an
arrangement identified with crowd control.
Quite some time after the swarm control process, absorption might have been a
transform they utilized. They were equipped on absorb callous Eventually Tom's
perusing introducing fiberglass batts for burlap covering. Schools after that used
to paste acoustical tile or rug of the dividers.
Following absorption, diffusion got to be well known particularly "around
prevalent stars. They utilized components called polycylindrical diffusers. This
improvement might have been fleeting for introducing such needed a
considerable measure from claiming run through Also work. Sometime, it
jeopardized a installers existence.
Since dissemination wasnt concerning illustration sheltered concerning
illustration they possibility it might be, discos began to utilize drum platforms
loaded for sand. It might have been after that decoupled of the floor.

Quick advance to our time, today's mechanical transformation advancements, a

considerable measure for materials were processed will make An effective sound
sleeping. Acoustic foams, honeycomb air chambers, and the like; need aid only a
portion samples about these advancements At By what means would we
accomplish this soundproofing wonder utilizing family materials?. Egg cartons
need aid popularized Also broad materials. Concerning illustration the sake
suggests, egg cartons need aid used to hold eggs. These egg cartons need aid
empty on state Furthermore could make produced from: mash transformed will
papier-mch, polysterene froth and plastic. Specifically, papier-mch egg
cartons were officially used to obstruction certain clamor. It might have been best
rejected due to its flammability.
On the different hand, elastic foams otherwise called cellular, sponge, alternately
extended elastic were likewise marked concerning illustration an compelling
soundproofing material. It comprises from claiming primarily polyurethane
alternately latex foam, it may be a porous substances Furthermore air filled grid.
Regularly utilized Likewise an padding medium for a considerable measure of
furniture, foams were recently utilized as An soundproofing gadget in the
promptly phases from claiming soundproofing.
Both family materials were said will be soundproof-able, through this experiment,
we will check whether which of the two might worth of effort exceptional similarly
as a substitute sound slumbering.

Statement of the Problem:

General Objective:

1. To compare the difference between egg carton and

foam as alternative for soundproofing material
Specific Objectives:

1. Does cardboard keep sound inside of the container

surrounded by cardboard?
2. Does foam keep sound inside of the container
surrounded by cardboard?
3. Which of the two categories is more efficient for sound

1. Cardboards are good sound proofers. They can keep

sounds in but not as well as foam does. It is not that
thick or dense.
2. Foam is one of the best soundproofing materials
because of its thickness and density.
3. If cardboard does not have enough thickness and
density then foam is a much better alternative for

Significance of the Study:

Real soundproofing materials for example, acoustic foams and baffles
require materials that are mind boggling and tough on discover. Through this
study, those scientists might accomplish Furthermore substantiate an elective
soundproofing materials not just decreased living alternately workstation wastes
as well as aides in the reduce, reuse, Furthermore reuse attitude will also
assistance in the backing against natural corruption. For these motivations alone,
those researchers study is genuinely paramount whats more noteworthy.




Observation and Interpretation






Egg Carton


Large Box













Small Box
Egg Carton


As might have been seen in the experiment, the decibels recorded starting with
the little boxes are higher over those decibels recorded from the substantial box.
Those decibels recorded starting with those boxes for froth is bringing down over
the boxes for egg container. Also, Similarly as the volume might have been
increased, the measure for decibels recorded Additionally expanded..

Materials and Procedures:

Egg Carton
Egg Foam
Speaker with Bluetooth
Wooden Box (8 x 8 x 8)
Wooden Box (15 x 15 x 15)
Phone with music and Bluetooth
Phone with Recorder/ Recording Device
1. Get ready those materials.
2. Interface your telephone of the speaker.
3. Disguise those two boxes internally for egg foam.
4. Spot the speaker inside the box.
5. For to start with box secured with egg foam, utilization An telephone recorder
to record those callous and on focus its power that point set it will 75% volume
What's more record it; Ultimately situated it will 100% volume Also record it.
6. That point does those same for the second box.
7. Then afterward recording, progress the egg froth disguise of both boxes on
egg container.

8. For To begin with box secured with egg froth. Use An telephone recorder with
record those heartless What's more will figure out its force level At that point set it
on 75% volume What's more record it; Ultimately set it on 100% volume Also
record it.

9. After that do those same with the second box. 10. Analyze those callous
waves or recurrence from that information assembled in the two setups. 11.

We researchers, finish up whats more confirm that we bring met those
necessary destinations of this analysis. It may be proven, that the
conservativeness of the material used, might it make egg container or foam,
influences incredibly on the soundproofing ability; An thicker layer outcomes on
An more excellent soundproofing capacity. The measure of the zone additionally
influenced. A bigger region came about will thats only the tip of the iceberg
soundness nature's domain. For the exemplification about our investigate we
need discovered crazy that froth meets expectations exceptional as a
soundproofing medium over egg container for An lining for froth offered us An
recording about lesquerella decibels, thus, lesquerella heartless.

1. The specialists propose the utilization from claiming helter shelter limit
recording gadgets something like that that the decibels recorded will a chance to
be All the more exact.
2. Those scientists suggest that you use diverse sizes about froth Furthermore
egg container As far as thickness to get that's only the tip of the iceberg particular
3. Those specialists suggest that you utilization diverse foams about interesting
material will check whether there is An distinction in the add up from claiming
decibels recorded.

Phone or speaker placed in the

large box

Decibels being recorded with a use

of another phone and. Sound
controlled by the tablet