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Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice

Review, Evaluation and Analysis of

Apple Incorporation
Equality Policies and Practice.
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Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice
1.0 Executive Summary
Studies have shown that having a diverse workforce helps organisations to tap into a
wider pool of talent as well as promoting the image of the company. Equality in the
workplace helps to promote equal pay and prohibits discrimination in the payment of
wages and benefits. An organisation that practices, diversity employs individuals
from various races, ethnicities, religions and genders or irrespective of the protected
characteristic. A diverse workforce leads to an increase in creativity because
individuals from different backgrounds approach problem solving in a different way.
This report will focus on Apple Incorporation diversity and equality policies and
practice, the researcher will review how the policies are embedded in their through
analyse and evaluation of the effectiveness of the airline policies and strategy in their
work environment. In addition, the researcher will use the opportunity to reflect on
own personal values, beliefs, attitudes and emotions and my understanding of
equality before and after this research will be noted

2.0 Introduction
Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company founded in 1976, it is
Apple is the world's largest information technology company in terms of revenue and
also by assets (Apple, 2016).The company is committed to bringing the best
personal computing and music experience to students, educators, creative
professionals, businesses, government agencies, and consumers through its
innovative hardware, software, peripherals, services, and Internet offerings(Apple,
2016).Apples vision statement to constantly change the face of the earth by making
great products and not to settle for anything less than excellence in every group in
the company. And the technology company current mission statement is to make
Apple designs (Macs) the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X,
iLife, iWork and professional software. Apples vision statement and mission
statement are the bases of the companys success as one of the most valuable
companies in the world, the firm has become a symbol of innovation and elegance in
design (Apple, 2016). These characteristics are linked to Apples mission statement
and vision statement, which continue to motivate the companys employees to
support and contribute to innovation for competitive advantage.

Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice
According to Kuhlmann and Bourgeault (2008) Equality is not always about treating
everyone the same, it is about treating people in such a way that the outcome for
each person can be the same. Equality of outcome can be achieved by making sure
that everyone is supported to have access to resources and decision making and to
be recognised, valued and respected. On the other hand, Diversity aims are to
recognise, respect and value people's differences to contribute and realise their full
potential by promoting an inclusive culture (Blackwell, 2015). The Equality Act 2010
is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom that protect people from discrimination
irrespective their protected characteristics (Humphreys, 2010). The nine protected
characteristics are age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership
(in employment only), pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and
sexual orientation.
The next paragraph will focus on the reviewing, analysing and evaluation of the
adaption of Apple diversity and equality practice and their approaches to different
international cultural context.
3.0 Reviews, analysis, and evaluation of the adaptation Apple diversity and
equality practice and their approaches to different international cultural
Apple Inc. is committed to diversity and promote diversity for all employees and
applicants, and seek to promote the benefits of diversity in all of their business
activities. Apple relies on their employees diverse backgrounds and perspectives to
spark innovation. The company hires inclusively, choosing partners who make
diversity a priority, and creating opportunities for the next generation. Diversity is
critical to innovation of the technology company and its future because Apple has
operations in different countries with different culture. In addition, the company
embraced different strategies such as offering new opportunities, and creating a
future generation of employees as diverse as the world around them. Apple fosters
diversity throughout their entire ecosystem, from the customers to the suppliers and
developers that work for the organisation. The company is committed to fostering
and advancing inclusion and diversity across Apple and all the communities where
they have operations. For example, recently, the technology company spent over
$650 million on women and minority-owned businesses.

Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice
3.1 Providing training for women globally to shorten the gap between women
and men interested in fostering their career in Technology
The percentage of women employees in technology companies are relatively
worldwide. Apple understands that investing in women that are interested in
technology will open wider pool of talents for them to recruit and to shorten the
inequality between women and men, and create equality of opportunities for all
employees. In 2015, Apple hired over 11,000 women globally, which is 65 percent
more than in the previous year. The company recently invested over $650 million on
women and minority-owned businesses working directly or indirectly with Apple.
The technology company also working with STEM (science, technology, engineering,
and math) organizations that offer scholarships to developers from different
backgrounds. Apple has awarded has so far this year awarded scholarships to
winners from 41 countries. In addition, to encourage women to be part of the tech
industry, Apple has developed a strong partnership with the National Centre for
Women & Information Technology (NCWIT). Through this program, NCWIT and its
partners give support, scholarships, and career opportunities to young women. Its a
far-reaching network where women can share advice, ask questions, and always be
heard. Thus, the company understands that their workforce has to reflect the
diversity of their clients irrespective of their age, country where they are based or
3.2 Providing training for its entire staff in equal opportunities practice.
Apple employees enjoy the same rights regardless of their gender or gender identity,
ethnicity, race, veteran status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or other
differences. Equality opportunities goes beyond Western countries such as the UK
has Equality Act law, it also applies to countries like China with poor human right
record. The concept of Apple is that all individuals are equal irrespective of their
protected characteristic or countries they reside. It is fundamental to the mission and
vision stamen of the company, to treat all individual with fairness and respect. At
Apple, this belief is fundamental. To fight for it, lobby for it and live up to this standard
in every office, in every Apple Store, and in every place Apple touches. The company
encourages their employees to see things differently, their creativity and ideas will
contribute, and may change the world.

Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice
3.3 Recognising the right of LGBT in different countries, culture, and
opportunities for BME and Underrepresented
According to Apple diversity report, seven in 10 of its workers globally are male. In
the United States, 55 percent of Apples workers are white. Asian workers represent
15 percent of Apples workforce, with 11 percent identifying as Hispanic, 7 percent
Black and 2 percent as more than one ethnicity. However, there has been an
improvement in the numbers of black and minorities employed since last year.
Currently, it now 6 in 10 of its workers globally are male, while Black workers
percentage has also moved to 9 percent. The partnership of Apple, Historically Black
Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF)
has enabled the company to reach out to students who are interested in technology
and the industries that support it. A number of talented Black people that are
interested in tech and through Apple partnership have been able to gain employment
in the company. Apple help the students to be successful no matter where their job
path might take them.
In addition, the company is a champion of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &
Transgender) civil rights organization in the United States. The company provides
equal opportunity for LGBT groups and encourage them to open about their
relationship and culture at the work environment. Apple diversity and equality policies
are aimed at recruiting and providing training for underrepresented. For example, the
company employed over and 2,700 Hispanic employees, a 66 percent increase and
2,200 Black employees a 50 percent increase over last year. Additionally, in the first
6 months of this year, nearly 50 percent of the people Apple has hired worldwide are
women, Black, Hispanic, or Native American.
4.0 Apple Equality and diversity in Action
Over the past couple of years, Apple Inc. Has been engulfed in different form
discrimination cases such as racism, age, disability and religion.
4.1 Racial discrimination
A racial discrimination lawsuit was filed by an African-American employee for denial
of promotions, stock options and the company of his co-workers. The employee
claimed he had no performance or disciplinary problems with his record, and the
performance review prior to his termination rated him above average. The employee
had been sent to Tokyo, Japan and Houston as part of his work for the company. He

Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice
claimed his supervisor discriminated against despite being an excellent employee,
he was denied promotion and stock option. However, the Apple diversity and equality
policies stated that all employees have equal opportunities and foster an
environment where people can fulfil their potential.
4.2 Religious discrimination
Feras Mousilli claims the company refused to print Arabic on his business cards, and
repeatedly told him he was not a cultural fit. Mousilli, who is of Syrian origin, also
claims Apple was a hostile environment in which other employees, named only as
John Doe, repeatedly told inappropriate jokes about the war in the Middle East,
ISIS terrorists, and the war taking place in Syria (Roberts, 2016). In addition, Apple
refused to re-schedule weekly meetings with his supervisor so that he could attend
Friday prayers. He claimed the real reason Apple fired him was because it did not
wish to abide by a legal duty to accommodate his religious rights (Roberts, 2016).
Again, this is in contrast to the policies of the technology.
4.3 Age discrimination
Michael Katz filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging age discrimination. He claimed
that from the time he was hired, he expressed the desire to be promoted to Creative,
a higher position at the Apple store. Over the next two years, there were several
openings for Creatives (InformationWeek, 2016). Katz applied for the promotion
each time but was denied each time. Mr Katz indicated that each of the employees
selected for the promotions sought by him was at least 15 years younger than him,
the management did not provide him any explanation for being denied and his
supervisor refused to acknowledge that he had applied (InformationWeek, 2016).
This clearly shows that Mr Katz was discriminated against because of his age.
5.0 Reflection on personal values, beliefs, and attitudes, and the changes as a
result of this learning and research
After extensive research and critical evaluation of Apple equality and diversity
policies, it has become very transparent to me that some companies are forced to
embrace equality and diversity because of the nature of the business. For instance,
Apple operates from over 20 countries in the world, the company have to portray an
image of diversity in their workforce and in all aspects of the companies including
suppliers and management. My personal values have enabled me to embrace
equality and diversity with ease, because I was trained to respect everybody

Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice
irrespective of the culture or nationality. Pinder (2015) indicated that value is the
regard that something is held to deserve or usefulness of something. My values
made me to be the person I am today and how people perceive me. In addition, my
belief instated on my parents helped to shape my understanding of how to treat
people and respect their culture and not to enforce my beliefs on others. Kent (2008)
describes attitude as a feeling or opinion about something or someone. Having the
right attitude at work environment is crucial to the way people accept and value
others peoples' differences. After this research, I have come to understand,
whatever your opinion or belief, it is better to keep a professional image in the work
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Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice

Review, Evaluation and Analysis of Apple Plc Equality Policies and Practice