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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet were star struck
lovers. Romeo was a young boy who was addicted to
love and usually let it get the better of him. They are
from rival families and fall in love with each other at
the Capulets party. They soon become desperate to
visit each other and after 2 days they fall are in
love and want to get married. But there is one issue
they are from different families that dont agree with
what is going to happen. So they confront friar
Lawrence to try and help out in their relationship.
Friar Lawrence and Romeo encounter
miscommunication and he than thinks Juliet has
died. He than finds her on her death bed and he
than takes his own life. Juliet than wakes up and sees
Romeo dead and she than takes her own life. This is
the meaning of star-crossed lovers.