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ISyE 3232C

YL. Chang

Stochastic Manufacturing and Service Systems

Fall 2015

LF Game 2 Team Registration

October 16, 2015
Littlefield (LF) registration for Game 2 is due at noon, Wednesday Oct. 21.
LF Game 2 is counted 3% of your letter grade. Let LF game 2 = 100 points:
10 points for team account registration,
65 points for dollars your team made,
20 points for report: due at the start of class on Friday, Nov. 6 (only one report per team),
5 points for submission of group evaluation (each student should submit one evaluation form).
To be successful in managing your factory, it is important that you read OverviewXT.pdf and
Game2.pdf available under Resources -> Littlefield Game on Tsquare.
If your team fails to register by noon, Wednesday Oct. 21, the team wont be able to participate the
game and thus will lose the entire 100 points for LF Game 2.
Two links:
1. For team registration, access
Read the 2nd page for step-by-step registration instructions.
2. Once team registration is closed, the above link does not work any more.
Instead, access This is where you can manage
your factory.
You will need to keep the record of (a) actions/changes your team made; (b) the impact of each
action/change (what happened after the action? was it good or bad?); and (c) if an action/change
turns out to be bad, what should have done.
Finally, once your team takes actions and makes changes to your factory, they are final and cannot be
void/reversed. As consultants or managers, your team has to take the full responsibility of decisions
the team made and their consequences. Here is an interesting article about a trading firm which was
not able to void/reverse any of faulty transactions issued due to software glitch and lost $440 million
in 45 mins: Knight Capital Says Trading Glitch Cost It $440 Million.

Steps for team account registration

1. Check who are in your team from TeamsforLittlefieldTech2.pdf.
Team assignment is posted under Resources -> Littlefield Game on Tsquare.
2. For the 2nd game, you do not need individual access codes.
3. Come up with your team name and make up your account name as YourOwnTeamName + Team
Number + Section Number. For example, if your team name is make profit and you are in section C
with team number 3, then your account name should be makeprofit03c. If your registration account
is not in this form, your team will lose 10 points.
4. Now create your team account at
Click Section C:Yanling Chang, Second Assignment. The course access code is tech.
Warning: Communicate with your team members first in order to ensure that only one account will be
registered for your team. If two or more accounts are registered, the team will lose 10 points. Usually
this happens when one member just registers an account without contacting the other members. If it
happens, you can always erase an existing account. Also, you should be able to add a member to an
existing account later.