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There is no question about the blending of culture on the regular ground that has been
effected when we talk about culture and its attributes. Initially it was only limited to the use of
mixture in the culture but now it has taken the surrounding of the languages also. It became a
revolution in the culture as people are getting more influenced by other cultures and have started
using their identities and languages. They are maintaining the attributes and characteristics of
their languages and the systems which they were following from long, but seems like many
people are liking more of the other cultures. Its more likely to be a fluid transition in which there
are three steps. Either it will be fullness, half fullness or emptiness. The actually meaning of all
these fluids are the abilities of each culture in order to produce the knowledge by using different
aspects through which a beneficial source can be produced. Scientific researches and the
linguistic components can also take place in the cultural society. It can grow with the time frame
in respect of the information, ideas, researches, willingness till it reaches to its end with the
satisfactory result. What we mean here abundance or flood is the ability of culture to produce
knowledge and scientific and linguistic components which grows and grows until it reaches the
end effect. It has been suggested that the cycle of receiving culture, humanitarian and the cultural
history impacts not only in one way to each other but it also interchange the information and
views between two mixed pair of culture.
We strongly believe that that due to a strong language, we have extended the use of
Arabic language in other countries which has successfully established a positive image in their
cultures and languages. We made Arabic an intellectual and influential in order to have a strong

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sustainability of the language. We tried to add the words which are used in Arabic language into
other international languages and we were able to manage them successfully. A quarter of words
were been added in Spanish language along with one thousand words of addition in French and
English Language, about three thousand words in Portuguese language and hundreds of words in
Italian langue according the proven Orient lists.
If we consider the ways where I have changed the Arabic words into other languages, as
to see that how Arab and their neighboring countries communicate. Moreover how people with
different languages trade in Arabic countries.. The orient list also enhance on the conquests of the
Arabs and how they construct capitals. The cities that support the rule kalondls- had a very
great affect on the distribution of science and the Arab languages in Europe. During the Abbasid
era, enhancement of Arabic translation came and it also played a great role during the translation
of West sciences, especially for the Arabs to develop. During this period Arabic language became
the cultural and language of science. In the vision of characterizing the flexibility of Arabic
language, some words in Arabic were not rejected which had affected others. Rather than that,
Arabic language connects the religion of Islam which has been protected from falling under the
pressure of other languages and it is also widely spread among millions of Muslims around the