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Principles and Practice

of Flow Measurement
Training Course
25-27 November 2014
East Kilbride, Glasgow



Course Programme and Documentation

Flow measurement is vital to many industrial sectors:

water supply, oil extraction, gas distribution and much of
the process and pharmaceutical industry depend on flow
meters for quality control and custody transfer. To obtain
the required level of accuracy at an appropriate price, it is
crucial that the right meter is selected for the application
and that it is appropriately used. However, the flow meter
user is faced with a bewildering array of technologies and
conflicting claims from manufacturers.

This course will cover the key aspects of flow

measurement and will consider all general meter types
and their applications.

Track Record

The course is intensive and, experience has shown, is one

that makes the best use of delegates time. Each attendee
will receive a comprehensive set of training course notes
which can be used for future reference purposes.

This highly successful flow measurement course offered

by NEL has been running for over 30 years and regularly
attracts bookings from companies around the world and is
included in graduate training programmes in a number of
blue-chip companies.
The course enables delgates to understand the issues
surrounding flow measurement. It also provides the
delegate with unbiased view of the various technologies
available and the basic knowledge required to make
informed choices.

Who Should Attend

It is expected that delegates will have an engineering or
science background and training.

The programme consists of modules presented by NEL

staff and practical demonstrations using NELs flow
measurement facilities. Also included are an introduction
to the UK National Standards for flow measurement, and
open discussion sessions where participants can raise
work-place situations for dialogue and advice.

Lunches will be attended by the course presenters along

with all delegates. As well as being a further opportunity
to learn about flow measurement from the experts, this is
also an excellent opportunity for delegates to network.

Practical Sessions
In addition to the classroom sessions, delegates will
have several opportunities to learn in the working
environment of the flow measurement facility. Calibration
demonstrations with worked examples of the data
processing are included within the course. A variety of
different flow meters and visual display models will be
seen in operation at NELs facilities thus helping delegates
understanding of the theoretical principles involved.
During the practical sessions at NELs flow measurement
facility, delegates will learn about the techniques and
methodologies used within the UK National Standards for
flow measurement.

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About NEL
NEL is a leading provider of
measurement services to the
worlds Oil and Gas Industry,
and is the custodian of the
UKs Standard for Flow
Measurement. Boasting
independent world class
expertise and facilities, we
provide services in key areas


Cancellation Policy

The course will be presented by a

cross-section of NEL staff, all of whom
are experts in their technical field. Many
of them represent UK industry through
their role as advisors on international
standards commit tees and all are
regularly involved in practical, industryled work.

In order to receive a partial refund,

notice of cancellation must be received
in writing by TUV SUD Ltd not later than
14 days prior to the commencement
date of the event. All such cancellations
are subject to a fee of 25% of payments
received by TUV SUD Ltd prior to
cancellation. No refund shall be made
under any circumstances for any notice
of cancellation received after this
14 day period, however a substitute
delegate may be named, provided
that TUV SUD Ltd is notified in writing
of such substitution prior to the
commencement date of the event. TUV
SUD Ltd reserves the right to cancel the
event due to unforeseen circumstances.
TUV SUD Ltd is not liable for any
expenses incurred by the delegate. This
programme may be subject to change
due to circumstances beyond the
control of the organisers.

The mixture of individuals and styles

ensures that the course is enjoyable and
interesting as well as informative. Given
their specialist knowledge, presenters
are willing to continue discussions
outside the formal session times.

Delegate Fee, Registration and

The registration fee for this 3-day
course is 1500 plus VAT. This includes
participation on the course, course
notes, lunch and refreshments on each
of the three days. The course will be
held within NELs premises at Scottish
Enterprise Technology Park, East
Kilbride. Bookings can be made online
at Payment is required
by credit card only.
For any enquiries please contact the
Events Team on +44 (0) 1355 272858 or

Booking Hotline +44 (0) 1355 272858

Measurement consultancy meter selection, system

audit and uncertainty studies
Meter development and
calibration - single phase, wet
gas and multiphase systems
Erosion - assessment and
Environmental - produced
water, oil-in-water, emissions
and CCS
CFD Modelling - flow
assurance, measurement and
Training and knowledge
NEL is a trading name of TUV
SUD Ltd, a company of the
TV SD Group, the leading
global technical services
organisation. Around 19,000
employees are represented at
over 800 locations throughout
the world.
For further details on how
NEL can help your business,
please visit or
contact us directly.
East Kilbride
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Principles and Practice of Flow Measurement Training Course

Course Programme

Day 1 - Tuesday 25 November 0830 1630*

Module 1: Basics of Fluid Flow
An introduction to the basic concepts and theory of fluid flow and uncertainty

Module 2: Traditional Flow Measurement Technology

A description of traditional flow measurement techniques that are well established in industry
Module 3: Modern Flow Measurement Technology
A description of modern flow measurement techniques that are well established in industry
Module 4: Measurement Systems
A description of entire measurement systems and how all equipment is connected in the overall measured value

Day 2 - Wednesday 26 November 0840 1700*

Module 5: Problems and Solutions
Factors affecting the performance of single phase meters with remedial actions
Module 6: Measurement Confidence
A look at calibration methods, traceability, standards and auditing and how they add confidence to the measurement

Day 3 - Thursday 27 November 0840 1600*

Module 7: Multiphase Flow Measurement
An introduction to multiphase flows including theory, calculations and measurement options
Module 8: Measurement Applications
A guide to the selection and operation of flow measurement technology in common industrial applications
*Approximate timings

Booking Hotline +44 (0) 1355 272858

Online Booking

To book a place on this Training Course

please contact:
+ 44 (0) 1355 272858

NEL is a trading name of TUV SUD Ltd, a company of the TV SD Group.

East Kilbride
G75 0QF