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Third Year B.Tech Civil Engineering,
Department of Civil Engineering,
Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla-522 101.

The scope of the study covers national perspectives on housing for
economically weaker sections of the society, defining the problems and efforts that
should be made for solving the existing housing technologies. Housing is one of
the fundamental needs of any living being. Whether, rich or poor, all of us need a
place to live. But if we look at the cost of purchasing a house across the country
and metros in particular, its well beyond the affordable limit of the majority. In a
society where the majority cannot afford a place of their own because of the
skyrocketing property prices, low cost housing assumes crucial importance.
Moreover, the Government of India has a vision Housing for all by the year
2010. Cost effective does not mean low quality and low durability meant only for
low-income or poor sections.
This paper also deals with the efficiencies of low cost housing and use
of new materials and their experimentation on effected areas and also the
introduction of paper and cardboard as a building material. This paper is based on
reporting review.