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Writing Essay
(1st draft)
Topic: Compare the influence of family and friends on teenagers.
Sometimes, if you want to change a man's mind, you have to
change the mind of the man next to him first. - Megan Whalen
Turner, The King of Attolia. Teenager years are the most beautiful
time in ones life. However, at that time, teens have to deal with








psychological changes, and social and academic pressure. During

this stage, family and friends play an essential role in adolescence
in terms of psychology, behavior and education in different ways.
First and foremost, parents and peers have an important influence
on adolescence in aspect of behavior. Basically, the development
of youth attitudes is determined by parents relationship and
family structure. Judith Rich Harris agreed that a child who is
brought up in a happy family with well-educated is likely to have a
better life than a person who is raised in broken homes. However,

when adults dictate their child what they should do or should not
do without paying attention to their emotions, they tend to do the
opposite. In some cases, they become rebellious people. Outside
home, peers also have wide-ranging impacts on teenagers
behavior and attitude. Teens are easily engaged in unhealthy
behaviors such as: fighting, drinking, smoking, which some peer
groups find as cool because they do not want to be alienated
from others in the group. In contrast, contacting with diligent
students will be conducive to the ethical behavior development of
teenagers. In short, youth groups and parents have not only
contribute to the development of adolescence but also change
teens' thought and behavior
Secondly, both family and friends have significant influence on
teens in psychological aspect. An adolescent who receive little
regard from parents generally suffer unsustainable psychology
more than those retaining harmonious relationships with family

Likewise, peers also have a significant role in

teenagers emotion. A close friendship brings youth an active and

spiritual life. During adolescence, whilst a broken or neglectful
family is no longer supportive of teenagers spirit, close friends

will assist them to overcome the difficulties situation in daily life. A

lot of teenagers report processing a number of enjoyable
moments with their peers likely on account of shared interest as
well as a close relationship. (Herbert. G).
Last but not least, both peer groups and family have a huge
influence on teens in terms of education. Parents are always
encouraged teens to guide a healthy social life and higher
education. Experience and knowledge of adults can be a useful
advice for adolescence in terms of choosing a good University or
seeking for a suitable job. However, they are likely to feel more
comfortable when talking with friends more than their parents.
When interacting with knowledgeable students at the same age,
peers will both aid adolescents to study better and spur them on






Nonetheless, when it comes to peers pressure, teenagers without

sufficient self-reliance are more likely to be swayed by deviant
peers (Brown, 1990).
In conclusion, during the adolescent, peers play a large part
while family continues to be important in these aspects of
psychology, behavior and education.

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