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Learn to Crochet
Instructor Ellen Gormley

A art, pantone uncoated (below)

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Pantone uncoated (below)

4 color process (below)

Learn to Crochet
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In this online video class youll learn:

All about yarns, crochet hooks and basic notions
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How to hold the yarn and crochet hook

Basic stitches, including chain, slip stitch, single
crochet, half double crochet, double crochet,
treble crochet, shells, clusters and post stitches
How to work in rows and rounds
How to increase and decrease
to crochet a basic motif for creating a

or afghan

Minimum allowed sizes

Pantone uncoated (below)

exclusive crochet
projects included
as part of the class

4 color process (below)

Easy Striped

4 color process (below)

CDV01 Learn to Crochet


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Cinnamon Stripe


Experience Level: Intermediate

Design by Dorris Brooks

Brew yourself a pot of cinnamon

stick tea and curl up with your
favorite book under this luscious
striped afghan!
46" x 72" excluding fringe
Worsted weight yarn*: 21 oz dark brick
#8809 (A), 14 oz each medium brick
#8808 (B) and clay #8807 (C), and 10!/2
oz natural #8940 (D)
Size H/8 crochet hook or size needed
to obtain gauge
Tapestry needle
*Sample project was completed with Bernat Berella 4
worsted weight yarn by Spinrite. For purchasing informa
tion, see the Buyers Guide on page 18.

6 sts in pattern and 4 rows = 2"

To save time, take time to check gauge.

Pattern Stitch
2-dc cl over dc: [Yo, insert hook from front
to back to front around post of indicated dc,
yo, draw lp through, yo, draw through 2 lps
on hook] rep between [] around same dc,
yo, draw through all 3 lps on hook.
Row 1: With A, ch 157, dc in 4th ch from
hook and in each rem ch across, ch 3, turn.
(155 dc)
Row 2: [2-dc cl around post of next dc,
dc in next dc] rep across, ch 3, turn.
Row 3: Dc in each dc across, ch 3, turn.
Row 4: Rep Row 2.
Rows 58: Rep Rows 3 and 4.
Rows 9128: Rep Rows 3 and 4, working
color sequence of 2 rows D, 8 rows B, 2
rows D, 8 rows C, 2 rows D and 8 rows A, at
end of Row 128, fasten off.
Cut 3 (14") strands A; fold in half. Insert
hook in first st on short end of afghan; pull
folded end through st. Pull ends through
folded lp; pull tight. Rep in every other st
across. Trim ends evenly.
Rep for opposite end.

From Crochet Digest Magazine, Vol 17, No. 3, Page 14, Copyright 1997 Crochet Digest Magazine

From Crochet Digest Magazine, Vol 17, No. 3, Page 15, Copyright 1997 Crochet Digest Magazine

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5 Doll Clothes
Made using size

10 crochet cotton

7 complete sets
Intermediate skill

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