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This is a tutorial that explains how to convert a PUBLIC DOMAIN Online Bible mod

ule ( to theWord ( which can then be converted to a

MySword Bible module (
A YouTube tutorial video is available here:
5/5/2012 Instructions:
=== Part 1. Download and install free programs ===
AutoIT, OnlineBible, theWord, and NotePad++
=== Part 2. Copy/Paste verses from OnlineBible to a text document ===

Open "bibletext.txt" in a text editor

Open OLB and then open a public domain Bible.
Start at Genesis 1:1
Double click "OLB-to-TEXT.au3" - This will launch the copy/paste macro.
Click "OK" on the Copy-Paste-Verses script dialog.

The OLB-to-TEXT.au3 script will copy/paste each verse into your text editor in g
roups of 50.
The default is loop twice, so you should have exactly 100 verses as a result.
If you have less than 100 lines, your computer is not able to think fast enough.
Adjust the SendKeyDelay parameter in the OLB-to-TEXT.au3 script using a text edi
Opt("SendKeyDelay", 25)
Type in a number greater than 25. Start with 30 and add 5 until you get 100 vers
If you want more than 100 verses, adjust the loop in the script:
Until $i = 2
Type in a number greater than 2. Each loop is 50 verses. So looping 3 times will
result in 150 verses.
There is a copyright restriction imposed on non-public domain Bibles so please l
imit the loop to 10 (500 verses maximum).
However, if you want to copy paste an entire public domain Bible (31102 verses),
you need to loop 622 times.
It takes about 40 minutes to copy paste an entire public domain Bible.
=== Part 3. Make sure you have 31102 verses ===
When the conversion is over, you need to remove the double returns and check to
see if there are 31102 lines.
If you are using NotePad++, do this dearch/replace (Ctrl+H) and make sure regula
r expression is checked:
Find what:[\r\n\r\n] (don't include the brackets)
Replace what:[\r\n]

If there are more than 31102 lines, you have a duplicate line and need to remove
If you are using NotePad++, do this dearch/replace (Ctrl+H) and make sure regula
r expression is checked:
Find what:[^(.*\r?\n)\1] (don't include the brackets)
Replace what:[\1] (don't include the brackets)
If you have less than 31102 lines, you need to either find the missing lines and
copy/paste them manually or set the SendKeyDelay to a higher number and start a
=== Part 4. Converting to a text format that ITBWTW can read using NotePad++ ===
4A. Remove the verse references and numbers at the beginning of each line (make
sure regular expression is checked):
Find what:[^\S+ \d+:\d+ ]
Replace what:nothing
4B. Remove the character (regular expression off):
Find what:[ ]
Replace what:nothing
4C. Remove the * character (regular expression off):
Find what:[*]
Replace what:nothing
4D. Replace [ and ] with special code (regular expression off):
Find what:[[]
Replace what:[<FI>]
Find what:[]]
Replace what:[<Fi>]
4E. Change the name of your Bible text file from bible.txt to bible.ont
4F. Open theword, go to the About menu, go to file locations, Personal files fol
der, and press the "..." button.
4G. Copy your Bible.ont file to the folder, close theWord, and re-open it, and y
ou should see your newly converted public domain Bible in the list.
More information here:
=== Part 5. Converting Bible.ont to MySword ===
There are instructions for converting .ont files to MySword modules here: