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Khorsn Sun Persian Xwarenah is derived from Middle Persian Khwarsn (

), a
compound of khwar (meaning "sun") and sn (from yn, literally meaning "to come" or
"coming" or "about to come"). Thus the name Khorasan (or Khoryn )means "land where
the sun rises"[5] or "east".[6] The Persian word Khvar-zamn (Persian: ) , meaning "the
eastern land", has also been used as an equivalent term. [7]
Bukhara was known as Bokhara in 19th- and early 20th-century English publications and
as Buhe/Puhein Tang Chinese.[3] According to the Encyclopdia Iranica the name
Bukhara is possibly derived from the Soghdian uxrak ("Place of Good Fortune")[4] which in turn
is derived from Sanskrit vihara which means Buddhist monasteries. Bukhara emerged as an
urban centre of Buddhism in the ancient times along the Silk Route in Central Asia.
Muhammad ibn Jafar Narshakhi in his History of Bukhara (completed 943-44 CE) mentions:
Bukhara has many names. One of its name was Numijkat. It has also been called "Bumiskat". It
has 2 names in Arabic. One is "Madinat al Sufriya" meaning - "the copper city" and another is
"Madinat Al Tujjar" meaning - "The city of Merchants". But, the name Bukhara is more known
than all the other names. In Khorasan, there is no other city with so many names[5]
Since the Middle Ages, the city has been known as Bur / in Arabic and Persian sources.
The modernUzbek spelling is Buxoro.

Haji Bektash Veli from Khorasan, bu

Haji Bektash Veli or Hj Baktsh Wal (Persian: Hj Bakt Wal; Turkish: Hac
Bekta Veli) was an AleviMuslim mystic, Sayyid, humanist and philosopher, who lived from 1209
to 1271.[1] He lived and taught from approximately 1209 to 1271 in Anatolia.[1] He is revered
among Alevis for an Islamic understanding that is esoteric (spiritual), rational, progressive and
humanistic. Alevi and Bektashi Muslims believe the path of Haji Bektash is the path of Ali ibn Abu
Talib, since Ali was the source of Bektash's teachings. His original name was
"Sayyeed Muhammad ibn Sayyeed Ebrheem t", was one of the figures who flourished in
the Sultanate of Rum and had an important influence on the Turkoman nomads of Asia Minor.

He is also referred to as the Sultan of Hearts[3] and the Derwish of the Derwishes.[4] Haji Bektash

Veli was a descendant of the 7th Shi'a Imam Musa Kazim.

Some of the famous quotes of Haji Bektash Veli are: [31][32][33]

Seek and find.

To search / investigate is an open exam.

A path without knowledge will end in darkness.

Be in control of your hands (actions), tongue (speech), and loins (desires).

Whatever you do, do it for the Truth.

There exists in you a there is to replace every there isn't.

He who walks the Path never tires. (en-DAO)

There is no rank or station higher than the Friend's heart.

The one who is wise but doesn't share his wisdom is ignorant.

To the ignorant, abandoning what is no longer needed is death; to the wise it is birth.

There is no repentance of repentance.

Let your heart, your hand, and your table be open to others.

Look for the key to all within your deepest being.

Whatever you seek, look within.

Do not forget your enemy is also a human being.

The beauty of human beings is the beauty of their words.

If the path appears dark, know that the veil is in your own eyes.

All blessings upon the one who overlooks another's shortcomings.

All blessings upon the one who makes a secret of secrets.

The Word (Quran) is Truth. (VAK YAH VEH)

Do not hurt others, even if you are hurt.

Hand-in-hand, hand in Truth.

One hour of meditation is better than seventy years of piety.

The greatest book to read is the human being.

Be connected to your religion with your heart, not with your knees.

Educate your women, a nation that doesn't educate its women cannot progress. [34]

Prophets and saints are a gift from God to mankind.

Our path is based on the akhlaq of Muhammad and the adab of Ali.

The basis of Islam is akhlaq, the basis of akhlaq is knowledge, the basis of knowledge is

Whatever the language, religion or color of one might be, a good human being is a
good human being.

A man who wastes his time while his heart is full of love for God, is better than a
man who reads the Qur'an day and night while his heart is filled with the desire of this

For those who have Awareness, a hint is quite enough. For the multitudes of heedless,
mere knowledge is useless.

The Quran is a letter from the Loving One to the beloved.

O dervish, know that the Quran is the Word of God, and a book that is revealed to the
Prophet to appoint him as a messenger to mankind.[35]

A dervish should spend all his time with Allah, all his breath should be spent telling
about Allah.

Doing good in return for evil is essence of being human.

Never desire fame, fame is disaster.

He who cannot clean himself cannot clean others.

First door of those with knowledge is decency.

Haqq (Allah) is more visible than the sun.[36]

Honesty is the door of a friend.

Being a teacher is to give, not to take.

The universe is for man, and man for the universe.

Science illuminates the paths of truth.

We travel in the way of science/knowledge, comprehension and human love.

Lets be one, be big and energetic.

In the language of friendly conversation, you cant discriminate between man and

Everything God has created is in order.

There is no

need to discriminate between religions. Religions

cause disputes among people. In fact, all religions aim to
provide peace and brotherhood on earth.