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Name of Applicant: Brandon Garcia

District/School: Gwinnett County/Collins Hill High School
Date: 7/15/2016

Total Cost of Project: $9,500

Title of Project: Actively Learn Grant For Collins Hill High School
To what organization will you submit this grant application in the future? Gwinnett County Public
Schools (GCPS) Foundation

This grant is important to Collins Hill High School because student engagement and an authentic
learning experience are crucial to their success. Technology is a great way to engage students in what
they learn inside and outside of the school. Unfortunately, both engagement and technology availability
outside of the school are low and this needs to be addressed now. The school is in need of a tool that can
meet the needs of student engagement, research-based teaching strategies, low SES students and gender
Each year, schools around the county including CHHS budget for reading materials for a variety
of subjects. A major problem is that the majority of the reading material isnt available for students to
take home to use, gets damaged, or not used on a consistent basis. In addition to budgeting for reading
material, the amount of paper and ink teachers make copying excerpts from text or worksheets for
assignments is high and so is the cost. This grant is important not only for helping students succeed but
to also save money on the materials and maintenance costs that come with the profession. Actively
Learn is an online tool that can help increase student engagement and learning, transform classrooms
into more authentic learning environments, aid teachers in using researched-based learning strategies,

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and keeping school costs low because all the material that a teacher would need for reading/writing
assignments is included in the tool plus more.
If the school was able to purchase Actively Learn, every reading experience would be
transformed into a interactive learning experience for students. Instead of the traditional paper text,
students are able to read individually, with peers, or hear the text read aloud online. Traditionally
teachers will have students read and then have a discussion or an assessment following the reading. The
website creates an environment where students are reading but can be assessed through a variety of
ways, ask questions, discuss with peers and receive feedback all on the same screen. Data is constantly
synching to provide the teacher with information on any adjustments that need to be made at that
I can assign a reading unit on Julius Caesar and determine a set number of questions that students
will have to answer throughout the reading. When students get to a question that I can place at any point
in the text they have to answer it before moving on with the text. I will instantly be able to see student
responses and give a grade and feedback to ensure that each student comprehends what they reading at
that moment. Media can be incorporated in the program to engage students more into what they are
reading and I will place scenes from the movie version shown at school into the questions. The online
tool allows for me to modify any material to differentiate learning and provide accommodations for
those students who require them through special education services. If students have access to
technology they will be able to reinforce their learning outside of school and the tool can be accessed
through a cellphone with all features still available.

Instructional Objectives
1. Use research-based learning strategies daily

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2. Assign activities that differentiate learning and promote collaboration

3. Meet all learning styles in the assignments
4. Increase achievement scores on local and state assessments
5. Create assignments that can be connected to the countys LMS and Google Classroom so that
teachers, administrators, students, and parents can view student work and progress
Through the purchase of the school plan teachers will be able to receive online and on-site
professional learning through representatives of the website to gain a better understanding of what
research-based learning strategies can be used to promote engagement and student success. Teachers,
including myself will be able to provide assistance when need to help those with technology and website
questions. Through the variety of professional development teachers will learn how to create
assignments that can be adjusted based on student needs and to promote collaborative activities within
the website to provide an authentic learning experience.
The ability to incorporate any type of media or documents into the assignments, provide
individual or group activities, provide audio, and apply real world kinesthetic learning, I will be able to
meet multiple learning styles through the online tool. Student progress will be able to be viewed by
everyone involved in each students learning process by easily connecting the site to the countys LMS
and CHHS Google Classroom. The support provided by the tool and instructors, students will be highly
motivated to work and engaged in their learning experience, which will help create the skills and
knowledge to increase achievement on classroom activities and local/state assessments.
The timeline for the Julius Caesar activity would take three weeks total to cover the book and the
assignments to go with it. Based on the availability of technology I would have three days a week to use
technology in class and students can work ahead or catch up using technology before/after school using

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the programs in place already. Each day of work in school would provide about 45 minutes of learning
time. The three weeks would allow for reading, assignments and a project at the end of the unit.
The unit would cover 10th grade literature with 50 students and two teachers involved. The students
would be a mix of general education students and students served through special education services.
There would be two teachers, one lead teacher and one co-teacher to help serve those students with
disabilities. I would ask for support staff such as the media center specialists to be involved as they are
able to help get the technology and fix technology issues that may come up during the unit. I would also
allow the assistant principal involved with scheduling professional learning to observe lessons and give
feedback so that adjustments can be made if needed.
All materials needed for the unit can be found on the website which will save money, time, and
resources. The book can be downloaded off the website and any type of learning assessment can be
created within the website and viewed on the same page as the reading. The students would need a
laptop or tablet to use during school hours, which will be provided by the school. CHHS is a BYOD
(bring your own device) school so students who have their own technology can view the material. If
students wanted to work outside of school they can use the technology previously listed along with a
cellphone if tablets or laptops are not available to them.
The timeline for assessing accomplishments and meeting objectives will be daily checks to make
sure students are on task and understanding the material. The teacher is able to instantly view student
responses to questions and give a grade along with feedback to support the student. With the ability to
do this all students will stay on track to meet the daily work requirements. The last week the students
will work on a collaborative project that will be assigned and the teacher will be able to see how much
progress is being made daily and making sure that all students are contributing to the group.

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Students will be assessed based on the Georgia Learning Standards for language arts which cover
reading literacy, reading informational, writing, speaking/listening, and language. All assessments can
be aligned to state standards and the standard will actually appear next to the assessments so that
everyone in the learning process understands the purpose behind each one and what I am hoping the
students learn. The assessments will be viewable by everyone who has access to the online tool, it shows
multiple types of data along with grades which keeps students focused. All data is linked to the county
LMS and Google Classroom so that parents can view progress without having to log on to the online
I am asking that only the grant be applied for the actual website as there are plans currently in
place to receive more technology equipment. Since all learning material (books, magazines, articles,
assessments etc.) are accessed through the website there isnt a need to budget for those. The website is
essentially a one-stop shop for teachers and students and that has to be kept in mind when looking at the
cost for the school account of Actively Learn. The cost would be $9,500 based on the website funding
calculator. The plan would to provide access to 1,000 students all 9th and 10th graders so that reading and
writing skills can be practiced frequently and effectively early on in their high school careers. If this
proves effective then more students can be easily added to the plan. The cost might seem high but it
equals out to $9.50 per student. When you account that each student receives unlimited text,
assignments, accommodations, and support along with on-site and online professional learning the price
is extremely reasonable. I would also tap into the schools and departments budget to make up for any
costs not granted by the foundation.

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Total Points (out of 200): __________

Impacts a variety of skill levels and/or learning styles or impacts an important target population.
Possible number of points: 40 __________

2. Clearly identifies standards and learning objectives being addressed.

Possible number of points: 40 __________
3. Pedagogically sound, based on research and/or best practices.
Possible number of points: 40 __________
4. Clear plan for assessment of project and goals with examples of implementation methods.
Possible number of points: 40 __________
5. Impacts large number of students and/or can be recycled/reused.
Possible number of points: 40 __________
General Comments:

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Adapted from: The Education Foundation of Oconee County, Inc.

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