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SIOM Mentoring Programme

Graduate - Desired Attributes & Strategy Matrix Year-wise I

This is a self-reflection form for the MBA I students. Kindly fill this and email it to your faculty
mentor. Be open and straight forward in your comment/feedback of self analysis. It will be kept as
confidential and help to improve further.
5: You are able to prove yourself against that particular attribute
4: Good Level of achievement
3: Satisfactory level of achievement
2: Needs an improvement to achieve that attribute
1: I am less confident on that attribute for my achievement
Name of the Student: Sagar Gupta
Batch: B

Year One

Clearly defined career


Provide basic rationale of career choice,

and reasons thereof. [To be tracked by
course team for future tracking/
guidance/ counseling]. Provide basic
and clear choices of broad areas of
work/ functional areas, with logical
Focus on Excellence and Take Excellence, Innovativeness and
Innovativeness, with a Commitment as key parameters in all
high level of
spheres of activity academic or nonCommitment
Ability to withstand the
stress of working in a
environment through
professional work
planning and time
Confident of self, with
distinct leadership
skills (ability to inspire
and motivate others)
Ability to be a team

Willing to take on
social, moral and civic

Learn to manage (task-related) time, and

any accompanying or inherent stress.
Demonstrate development of multitasking skills, with special emphasis on
achieving coordination and balance
between aesthetic and technical skills.
Demonstrate initial development of selfconfidence and leadership skills (whatit-takes-to lead), in terms of clearly
identified/ targeted tasks and
applications. Take initiative for both
academic and non-academic tasks.
Display maturity of being able to work
with new/ unknown people. Be
empathetic and accessible. Demonstrate
team-working which must go beyond
students to include a larger team (e.g.
tutors, industry members, etc.).
Display awareness of responsibility of
social, civic and moral issues, and
accordingly, participate actively in
relevant tasks and activities.


Appropriate skills and

concepts in respective
areas of specialism, yet
with a holistic
understanding of
Business Environment

Build up a strong foundation of skills

(technical and soft skills), as a strategic
build-up to concept-driven issues later
on in the course in Year Two. Display
mature awareness of subject domain.

approach to work, with
good analytical and
presentation skills

Develop analytical skills and

understanding of problems, with
adequate emphasis on explorations and
lateral thinking. Apply practical problemsolving approaches (using real materials/
techniques) for tangible results, and
through generation of alternatives.

Ability to source
information, and to
collate, evaluate and
manage such

Demonstrate basic research planning

abilities. Correctly source and select
relevant information. Develop basic
analytical skills. Be proficient in literature
review and in presentation/ information
layouts and referencing.

Ability to communicate
clearly and succinctly,
both orally and in
written form

Demonstrate clarity of presentation of

ideas. Demonstrate development of
reflective thinking and communication
[listening and understanding].