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xx-xx-2016 -- beta 21 - "How Could Hell Be Any Worse"

- Config: allow generalized list configs
- Shader manager: check against a set of hashes rather than just one
- Initial shim and main dll 64 bit support
Generic depth plugin:
- Add hash identification for when to apply AO
- SAO: add depth-dependent fadeout
- 64 bit injection support
Tales of Symphonia:
- Added Plugin, fix resolution lock
- Also fix postprocessing
- Add toggle for black character outlines
Stranger of Sword City:
- Added plugin, fixed resolution lock
- Fixed texture breakage on horizontal mirrored tiling textures
28-01-2016 -- beta 20 - "Hopeful Jasper"
- Improve system path detection for WOW64
- DX9: Improve handling of swapchains. Fixes some crashes, e.g. LRFF13
- DX9: Handle additional states in default state block, should fix console rende
ring in some games
- IO: fix incorrect API use which might lead to keyboard input not being recogni
zed in some games
- Windowing: fixed borderless fullscreen mode persistence in some cases
- Add multi-pass postprocessing system and debanding effect
- Config: fix trimming of string options
- DX9: Improve state capture/restore
- Add option to only apply postprocessing when PSHash is encountered
- Disable "RequireSignedAppInit_DLLs" registry value if present
- Fix Exception if short dll path can not be determined
- Fix crash if there is no "C" drive
Lightning Returns:
- Create plugin, fixes DoF resolution
12-25-2015 -- beta 19 - "Chaos Flare"
- Completely changed injection mechanism to use new shim dll
- Removed blacklist feature (too dangerous to use anyway)
- Removed "delayDetouring" option as result of injection change
- Finally update the readme file for the first time in a while
- Added Steam friend management interception (for games which bug out on long fr
iends lists)
- Added "timeGetTimeFactor" and "timePerfCounterFactor" settings (mitigate frame
pacing issues)
- Updated to use new injection mechanism
- Remove hook-callback-based injection
- Adjusted global hotkey to work on Windows 10
- Made user whitelists sortable
- Aesthetic improvements, particularly padding in Win10
- Fix injection for install paths with spaces
- Show error if secure boot is enabled

- Fix crash in some circumstances on cancelling installation
- Backup previous .dlls
- Make wildcards case insensitive
10-25-2015 -- beta 18 - "Disharmonized Genesis"
- Add various DX11-related tools
- Add image processing and threadpool code (re-imported from PPSSPP)
- Add option for texture upscaling (only in DX11 and very limited scenarios for
- Add option to prevent games from creating menus (so that borderless fullscreen
works better)
- Change basic injection behaviour to hopefully resolve issue introduced by VS15
migration (?)
- Add hooks for various time-related APIs
Sayonara Umihara Kawase:
- Enable resolution unlocking
10-10-2015 -- beta 17 - "Forlane | Rei"
- Add FPS limiting functionality
+ Predictive capping mode
- Added option to flush GPU pipeline every frame (for potential latency improvem
- Add profiles for many games
- Fix issue with programs which check the return value of "ShowCursor" (e.g. FF1
- allow loading of optional noise texture
- update asmodean effects file
24-12-2014 -- beta 16 - "Third Ensemble"
- Fixed bugs related to forcing borderless FS with GeDoSaTo (improves compatibil
- Implemented performance tracing
- Implemented modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift) for keybindings
- Made "reloadShaders" keybinding correctly reload bloom shader
- Added some new profiles and whitelist entries
- Cleaned up various potential sources of memory leaks
- Fixed infinite shader hash table growth by introducing "trackShaders" setting
Final Fantasy 13 Plugin:
- Disabled the plugin, as the game settings + the generic plugin can replicate a
ll its functions
30-11-2014 -- beta 15 - "Tokikagura"
- Adjust reported monitor native resolution
- Limit window size for game-side borderless fullscreen when downsampling
- Fix mouse cursor in windowed downsampling modes
- Added "forceAnisoLevel" option
- Added "forceFullscreenMode" option
- Added "reloadSettings" keybinding -- NOTE: not everything actually updates imm

- Refactored scaling so that nearest neighbour is handled uniformly with everyth

ing else
- Added setting for the amount of time on-screen messages are displayed
- Allow binding more than one action per key
Generic Plugin:
- Added option to postprocess after scaling (mostly for upsampling/CRT)
- Add option to constrain HuDless image for unusual rendering setups
22-10-2014 -- beta 14 - "Barrage am Ring"
- Added "clearRenderResolutions" pseudo-setting to clear render resolution
list in user- or game-specific settings
- Detoured many more DX11 functions
Final Fantasy 13 Plugin:
- Added initial version, resolution unlocking
- Fixed crash on alt-tab
- Probably fixed (most?) instances of cut-offs
- Fixed AMD user issues and minimap
- Added shadow scale option (increases shadow resolution)
- Added settings for the number of MSAA samples and coverage sampling
- Mitigated issues with large screenshots
- Changed scaling order, fixes some sharpness issues
- Fixed lack of postprocessing when disabling HuD
- Fixed crash on alt-tab (again)
- Fix crash on entering a filter resulting in an empty list
09-10-2014 -- beta 13 - "Cross Again"
- Added "injectVSHash" injection setting
- Added user blacklist and whitelist support
- Added lots more DXGI wrapping machinery
- Added option to maintain aspect ratio when scaling
- Added adapter override setting
- Fixed logging error, made more resilient in case of future logging erros
- Started refactoring Renderstate management for multiple APIs
- Fixed screenshot taking when upsampling and at unusual ARs
- Fix undo history across file changes, ask users about unsaved changes
- Correctly show existing user profiles in profile list
- Backups to single backup folder
27-08-2014 -- beta 12 - "Sepia Recollections"
- PresentWidth/Height now defaults to the primary monitor resolution
- Added setting to force specific plugin
- Added modifyGetClientRect and modifyGetWindowRect settings
- Added "delayDetouring" setting to make unified injection work like previous de
- Added support for user profiles for both keybindings and settings
- Added setting to force windowed mode
- Added timer for postprocessing shader
- Added keybinding for realoading shaders (useful for development)
- Made the degree of parallelism for screenshot taking configurable
- Prevent keybindings from triggering for background games
- Fixed controller keybindings when no controller is connected

- Restore initial state device after setup (fixes e.g. Risen 3)

- Fix DX9Ex crash introduced with multi-resolution options
- Fixed loop error with borderless fullscreen
- Fixed reading setting files with long lines
- Gracefully handle errors when checking for updates
- Change security permissions for unloading event
- Add user profile handling UI
- Add game profile handling and filtering UI
- Add buttons for showing screenshot/config folders
GenericDepth Plugin:
- Created: generic plugin + depth buffer handling
Dark Souls 2:
- Greatly improved SSAO quality
13-08-2014 -- beta 11 - "At Sixes and Sevens"
- Allow multiple downsampling resolutions to be available at the same time
- Added support for multisampling while downsampling
- Made the presentInterval setting work even when not downsampling
- Can now bind Xinput buttons to actions
- Added option to force presentation resolution regardless of request
- Fixed Steam overlay rendering with alternative injection method
- Fixed handling of GetDepthStencilSurface
- Fixed crash bug with Steam Big Picture Mode
- Hook d3d9 debug dll separately (restoring third party injector compatibility)
- Unified injection methods (!)
- Stop accumulating empty lines when sorting
- Added event handling for unloading dll (related to Steam Big Picture Mode cras
h fix)
- Added update detection and download
- Created
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae Plugin:
- Added plugin, has all functionality of the generic plugin
- Plus can render game at arbitrary resolution (vanilla game is limited to 1080p
27-07-2014 -- beta 10 - "Poltergeist"
- Added feature to disable HUD (in games with a targeted injection profile)
- Added keybinding to toggle through scaling methods
- Added option to prevent Steam Overlay loading (thanks GoaLitiuM)
- Added "loadD3DEarly" compatibility option
- Now possible to list and query readable app name from whitelist
- Fixed downsampling with more than 3 levels
- Fixed stupid typo preventing games with backbuffer formats other
than the default from working correctly (thanks Boulotaur2024)
- Fixed crash when framedumping, store framedumps as TGA, create folders for eac
- Fixed crash with special characters in blacklist/whitelist entries
- Fixed "interceptOnlySystemDlls" with nonstandard system paths
Generic Plugin:
- Show exe name and (if available) readable name in status display
- Added option to target screenshots/postprocessing to specific renderstate chan
("injectRenderstate [state],[value]" -- example of use in Ys Origin profile)

- Added lots of profiles, thanks to all the contributors

- Can now sort black/whitelists
- Fixed working directory when launched at windows startup
13-07-2014 -- beta 9 - "Underground Network"
- Added nearest neighbour scaling option
- Added "interceptOnlySystemDlls" option to potentially increase compatibility w
ith 3rd party injectors
- Fixed enum ordering in the scaler (should *really* fix Mafia 2)
- Fixed overlays/console not rendering in some games
- Fixed normal resolution screenshot regression introduced in beta 8
- Fixed initialization for games which use automatic depth/stencil generation (e
.g. Witcher 1)
- Fixed initial render state settings
Generic Plugin:
- Extended postprocessing/screenshot targeting functionality
(can now delay to first draw after marked pixel shader is set)
- Added option to launch at windows startup
- Added command line option for launching minimized
- Check for and resolve leftover registry entries on startup
29-06-2014 -- beta 8 - "Rapidity is a justice"
- Added ability to have per-game postprocessing shaders
- Added the "forceAlwaysDownsamplingRes" option (can be used to make
reluctant games - like Divinity:OS - show downsampling resolutions)
- Added Lanczos downsampling filter option
- Changed default screenshots to also capture GeDoSaTo overlays
- Made screenshot-taking asynchronous (basically 0 performance hit for the first
- Restored neutral render state before downsampling [Boulotaur2024]
- Refactored rendertarget management (to easier turn API agnostic later)
- Hooked a few more Windows API functions, and DXGI/D3D11
- Implemented alternative dll injection strategy (for games which build the
D3D device before doing anything which would be caught by the default)
- Prevented multiple instances of GeDoSaToTool being started
- Added startup checks for path validity and admin rights
- Added basic editors for postprocessing shaders
13-06-2014 -- beta 7 - "Seishoujo Sacrifice"
- Fixed Alt-tab crash when downsampling in fullscreen mode (!)
- Added IDirect3DSwapChain9 interception
(fixes compatibility with some games, e.g. Dragon Age Origins)
- Screenshot fallback to full-size if hudless not available
- Fixed Z/stencil buffer format detection (fixes e.g. GTA4)
- Improved handling of automatically generated z/stencil buffers
(don't duplicate, we don't need an original-res depth buffer when downsampling
- Potentially fixed compatibility with Windows Vista
Generic Plugin:
- Store screenshots after AA/postprocessing, not before
- Only use float BB if required (should improve AA/post performance on most game

- Added ability to specify a "marker" pixel shader in the configuration,
in order to apply AA/postprocessing before HUD rendering and capture hudless s
- Added ability to edit game profiles using the built-in editor
(still need to be created externally)
01-06-2014 -- beta 6 - "Stranger Than Fiction"
- Large-scale internal rewrite introducing game-specific plugin system
- Moved all Dark Souls 2 specific code to a Dark Souls 2 plugin
- Added generic plugin which supports AA and postprocessing in games
without a game-specific plugin
- Added performance monitoring system (per-frame CPU and GPU timing)
- Added per-game settings support
- Various bugfixes
Dark Souls 2:
- Added option for different types of SSAO blur
- Now start up activated by default
- Added Text viewer/editor component for readme viewing and editing setting file
(has various text highlighting and autocompletion features)
- Fixed black/whitelist handling in some circumstances
- Fixed tray icon persistence in case of errors
- Improved error reporting
17-05-2014 -- DARK SOULS 2 edition - alpha 5
- Now distributing release versions
Dark Souls 2:
- Added new HDR bloom & eye adaption effect
- Improve SSAO blur (now sharp at depth boundaries)
- Add Asmodean's postprocessing as an option
30-04-2014 -- DARK SOULS 2 edition - alpha 4
- Add option to completely hide the mouse cursor
- Add option to force borderless fullscreen windowed mode
Dark Souls 2:
- Fix AO issue on systems with non-4:3 resolution,
also improve other effects for such resolutions
- Improve AO shader depth calculation
- Upgrade SMAA to the latest version
- Implement stencil masking for SMAA (performance improvement)
- Include FXAA option
28-04-2014 -- DARK SOULS 2 edition - alpha 3
- apply SSAO to early linear HDR framebuffer
(in order to avoid fog/alpha issues)
26-04-2014 -- DARK SOULS 2 edition - alpha 2
Bug fixes:
- fixed crashes when taking screenshots

- fixed broken rendering after Steam popups

- partially fixed SSAO issues
- added hudless screenshot key
- added "basic" pseudo-Bokeh DoF effect
- improved SSAO performance outdoors
24-04-2014 -- DARK SOULS 2 edition - alpha 1
Added Dark Souls 2 specific effects:
- Postprocessing
- Ultra SMAA
- Bokeh DoF
01-02-2014 -- closed alpha 1
- added whitelist option and made it default
- fixed some device creation issues, making GeDoSaTo work with Might & Magic X L
egacy (and maybe more)
- added code to intercept & alter previously unhandled mouse querying behaviour
(fixes mouse when downsampling in CONSORTIUM and probably many more)
- added frame-limiting options (double, triple and quadruple V-sync)
??-??-2014 -- prerelease 5
- added "-a" flag to the tool to auto-activate on start
- added an option to mark textures in order to more easily find them (very slow)
??-??-2014 -- prerelease 1,2,3 and 4
- wasn't tracking changes