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America the Story of USDivision
Video Questions
1. What turns the North into an economic powerhouse? Who is the man behind it?

2. What are two economic effects of the Erie Canal?

3. What three things work together to make the southern economy?

4. How are northern and southern economies tied together?

5. What was the price of slaves after the invention of the cotton gin? Price before?

6. How much did women make working in the textile mills?

7. What is needed to keep the American industrial machine going?

8. Why is whaling an opportunity for African Americans?

9. During auction day in New Orleans, how much would slaves be sold for?
10. How much was the bounty of Harriet Tubman?

11. How much can a magistrate make for ruling on runaway slave cases?

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12. What is Uncle Toms Cabin about?

13. Who is John Brown?

14. Where does John Brown attack, and what is his plan?

15. Who wins the 1860 Presidential election?

16. What is the reaction of the south after the election?

17. What is the first state to leave the Union?

18. Overall how many states secede from the Union?

19. What are the sizes of the Confederate and Union Armies?
20. How long after Lincolns inauguration until the first shots are fired in the Civil War?