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iPad Research- Visit Mrs. Kings website for links to research. Read
through all material and watch videos to understand these 4 cycles.
Use complete sentences.
Water Cycle
1. What is the path of a raindrop throughout the water cycle? (Hint:
There are 4 steps)
2. Fill in all the blanks in the image below.

3. What process takes water from plants to use in the water cycle?
Nitrogen Cycle
1. How to plants get nitrogen? How do animals get nitrogen?
2. Why is nitrogen essential for life?

3. In 3 complete sentences, summarize the processes in the

Nitrogen Cycle from your reading.
Carbon Cycle
1. How is carbon added to the atmosphere?
2. Which of the following is a difference between the nitrogen
and carbon cycles?
A. Nitrogen can exist as a solid but carbon cannot.
B. Carbon is released through decomposition but nitrogen
is not.
C. Carbon is released through respiration but nitrogen is
D. Carbon is cycled through animals but nitrogen is not.
3. How does the carbon cycle interact with the rock cycle?
Oxygen Cycle
1. Where is the oxygen we breathe produced?
2. Other than breathing, why is oxygen essential to life?
3. How do the oxygen cycle and the carbon cycle rely on each