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(Agreement to be signed on Stamp Paper of Appropriate Value)

Lease Purchase Agreement for Solar Cold Room

THIS AGREEMENT is made in XXX 2016,

XX (herewith referred to as Lessee) resident of Vill- P.O-, P.S- , Block - ,
Dist-, Odisha. Herein thereafter referred to as Lessee (which expression
shall unless repugnant to the context of meaning thereof be deemed to
include their heirs, successors in business and assigns) the ONE PART.
Switch-ON (Environment Conservation Society) with permanent
address at 1A, DL Khan Road, Jaju Bhawan, Kolkata-700027, a NonGovernmental Organization registered under the Registration for
Societies on, 7 August 2008 , herein after referred as Lessor (which
expression shall unless repugnant to the context of meaning thereof be
deemed to include their heirs, successors in business and assigns) of the
WHEREAS Lessor will install the solar cold room in Lessees premises on
lease basis till the completion of payment as per terms and conditions
hereunder contained. The technical details and specifications of the solar
cold room are to be attached as a annexure.
AND WHEREAS Lessee agreed to the proposal of Lessor on the terms and
conditions contained hereunder.
(1) Lessor for the said installation shall commence in and shall be valid
for the terms minimum months ending in.
(2) Lessee will ensure both contractual and hourly basis system for
providing water in that area.
(3) Lessee shall be responsible for operating the solar cold room and
pay the installment every month/quarter to a revolving corpus
(4) Lessee shall repay the installment before 10 th day of every
month/quarter to the revolving corpus account.

(5) Lessee shall provide Rs as down payment to Lessor before starts

operation of the cold room.
(6) On completion of all the repayments for the said system, Lessor
shall immediately handover the said system to Lessee and transfer
ownership to the lesse.
(7) Lessee shall use his own discretion to store agriculture produce and
operate the cold room for the benefit of the farmer community and
repay the installment to Lessor.
(8) Lessor shall provide initial training to run and operating solar cold
room to Lessee. Thereafter Lessee shall be responsible for operation
and regular maintenance of said system.
(9) Lessee shall provide a fortnightly operational report to Lessor and
maintain daily transaction details.
Lessee shall mobilize community/farmers at building
awareness, educating the beneficiaries and local authorities.
Lessee shall make a farmer group from whom he will collect
agriculture inputs and store.
This original agreement duly signed by the parties would
remain with the Lessor and copy of the same duly signed by the
parties would remains with the Lessee.
Lessee will cooperate with business model innovations and
technology innovations to ensure the cold room is used to the
maximum potential
Lessee will provide minimum XX Decimal land next to the cold
room for construction of a training institute and office for the
Lessor , at the best price prevailing . The payment against the land
will be made in equal installment to match the repayment for the
solar cold room.
The courts at Kolkata, India shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties here to set and subscribe their
representative hands and seals on the day, month and the year first above
written signed, sealed and delivered by Lessee and Lessor in the presence
of the following witnesses.

WITNESS - Lessee






Signature of SWITCH ON

Signature of Lessee
Ms. Ekta Kothari
Switch-ON (Environment
Conservation Society)