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SHIELDS family


Third generation missionaries

church planting in Panama

Greetings from PANAMA!

August 2016

Our time in the USA recently came to an end. We enjoyed the time spent with family,
friends, and churches. We visited around 73 churches in 16 states. Also during furlough, Ethan
took a trip back to Mexico to encourage our friends and the churches that we fellowshipped
with there, traveled to Panama to settle details for our move, and preached for his brother at his
new work in Aruba. We wrapped up furlough by visiting two final churches on July 10 and
Ethan then flew to Panama on Tuesday, July 12. It was a busy year, but a blessed year.

Beth and the kids left to Panama on Tuesday, July 19. They were accompanied by our
friend, Belinda. She was such a help on the all day journey. We had ten checked suitcases, ten
carry on/personal items, three car seats, and a small stroller. It was a slightly crazy trip as we
navigated four airports, three flights, all the luggage, and the three kids. The worst part was having
to repack our luggage before checking into our international flight. We ended up having to throw
some things away to make everything fit, but it was nothing that cant be replaced.

Belinda stayed with us for a week cooking for us and helping with the kids while we settled in.
She then left to visit other friends of ours who are missionaries just outside of Panama City. We are
very grateful for Belindas help and friendship!

*We are thrilled to announce that Beth is
pregnant! God has blessed us with another little
girl and she will arrive sometime just after
Thanksgiving. Beth is feeling well and baby girl is
healthy. Please pray for all to go smoothly. This
will be Beths fourth c-section and our last child.

*Our 10th wedding anniversary was
celebrated on May 20th and Ethans birthday was
on May 25th. Thank you for all the well wishes.

*We are grateful to report that we have
three new supporting churches. We
praise God for leading them to partner
with us to reach souls for Christ in
Panama. Please pray for our new
friend, Emilio. His boss recently died
and he has been open to the gospel
when Ethan has witnessed to him.

We are still in the process of getting the rental house to

feel like home. Ethan is working on some plumbing
issues, we are painting, and just a few days ago we
received the few belongings and tools we shipped.

Before we left the USA and since our arrival in

Panama, we tirelessly gathered the paperwork
necessary to apply for a missionary visa. At the end
of its two year term, we can then apply for
permanent residency. In Panama, it is obligatory to
have a lawyer present the visa application for you to
the immigration officers. Although this has been
more expensive, it has also been much easier. And
best yet, our lawyer is a Christian!
In less than one month of being in
Panama, we have a temporary visa! We are no
longer classified as tourists and do not have to leave
the country every few months. The temporary visa
is good until the main immigration office in Panama
City finishes reviewing and approving our application
for the missionary visa. This also enables us to get
our Panamanian drivers licenses.

Please note: our American cell phone will NOT work

in Panama and we do NOT yet have internet at the
house. The best way to contact us for now is EMAIL.

Support Address : All Points Baptist Mission PO Box 977 New Philadelphia, OH 44663 | Ethan Shields in memo line