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For Additional tab at Delivery Header level we will use the BADI LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_HEAD, for Item

level we will use the BADI,LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_ITEM

Following screenshots describes step-by-step method to create additional tab at VL01N (Delivery) header
1. Go to transaction SE11

2. Give LIKP & Press Display

3. Press the append structure for LIKP.

4. Press Create Button.

5. Create Structure as per the requirement & activate it.

6. You can see the append structure in the LIKP table

7. Go to SE80 Transaction

8. Select Function group & give the name for Function group and press enter

9. Give the Function group name & create it.

10. Go to TOP include

Declare the variables at TOP include

DATA: gv_full
TYPE zzful ,
gv_partial TYPE zzpartial ,
gv_veh_no TYPE zzveh_no ,
gv_lr_dkt_no TYPE zzlr_dkt_no ,
gv_lr_dkt_dt TYPE zzlr_dkt_dt ,
gv_driver TYPE zzdriver ,
gv_inote_num TYPE zzinote_num ,
gv_inote_dt TYPE zzinote_dt ,
gv_inote_cntr TYPE zz_inote_cntr ,
TYPE zztrnsp.
11. Save & Activate the TOP.


12. Create the Function Module to get values from screen

13. Give the Function Group Name & Function Module Name

14. Give the Export parameter as below

15. In the source code write the code as given below. This Function Module is to get values from the

cs_likp-zzfull = gv_full.
cs_likp-zzpartial = gv_partial.
cs_likp-zzveh_no = gv_veh_no.
cs_likp-zzlr_dkt_no = gv_lr_dkt_no.
cs_likp-zzlr_dkt_dt = gv_lr_dkt_dt.
cs_likp-zzdriver = gv_driver.
cs_likp-zzinote_num = gv_inote_num .
cs_likp-zzinote_dt = gv_inote_dt.
cs_likp-zzinote_cntr = gv_inote_cntr.
= gv_trnsp.
Create another FM to set values to screen

16. This Function Module is to set values to the screen

17. Write the code as below.

= is_likp-zzfull .
gv_partial = is_likp-zzpartial .
gv_veh_no = is_likp-zzveh_no .
gv_lr_dkt_no = is_likp-zzlr_dkt_no.
gv_lr_dkt_dt = is_likp-zzlr_dkt_dt .
gv_driver = is_likp-zzdriver .
gv_inote_num = is_likp-zzinote_num .
gv_inote_dt = is_likp-zzinote_dt .
gv_inote_cntr = is_likp-zzinote_cntr.
= is_likp-zztrnsp.
18. Save & Activate the Function Group.

19. Create new screen under the function group.

20. Give Screen Number

21. Give Screen description and select it as sub screen

22. Go to Layout.

23. Select the values from Dictionary/Program

24. Get it from Program

25. Pull the values to the screen

26. Create label for each screen fields

27. Adjust the screen Layout as per the requirement and activate it.

28. Go to Transaction SE18.


29. Create Implementation for the BADI.

30. Give the BADI name

31. Go to Active Tab Page

32. Put your code.

ef_caption = text-000. Screen Caption

ef_program = 'SAPLZSD537_HEAD'.SAPL Followed by the Function group created ZSD537_HEAD
ef_position = 4. Tab Position
ef_dynpro = '9000'. Screen Number
cs_v50agl_cust = 'X'.
33. Text elements

34. Activate the method.

35. Go to method Transfer Data to Sub screen

36. Call the SET Function Module

37. Go to method Transfer Data From Sub screen

38. Call the Function Module, Get data from screen

39. Activate BADI Implementation.

40. Go to Header Details

41. Go to the tab Additional Data.

Similarly we can use the BADI LE_SHP_TAB_CUST_ITEM & append structure at LIPS item table for
item screen tab at Delivery screen.