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Section 1. Title. - This Act shall be known and cited as the "STUDENT

Section 2. Declaration of Policy. – The Seventh-day Adventist Church has strongly believed in
the spirit of volunteerism to accomplish its mission. From its early days, its pioneer
had volunteered their time, talents and financial resources to demonstrate God's love
in many and varied ways -- all to share the gospel throughout the world which still
holds true today. It is noted that the establishment of this University was through the
prayers and sacrifices of many volunteers. Thus, as a student of this University, we
believe that we need to share the burden to volunteer while we are preparing for the
ministry that God has entrusted to us.

Section 3. Role. - The SAVE CORPS shall serve as the support arm of the Student Association.
It shall be an integral unit within the Student Association in strengthening the spirit of
volunteerism within University. It shall assist the Student Association in
implementing its programs and activities which shall herein after be referred as SA.
Their participation is purely voluntary.

Section 4. Purpose. - The purpose of the SAVE CORPS is to extend opportunities for various
volunteer activities to the broader student of the University.

Section 5. Aims. - The aim of the SAVE CORPS is to allow students to interact with and
contribute to the surrounding, community inside and outside the University, in a
hands-on manner, and to encourage participants to become more involved on an
individual basis.

Section 6. Objectives. – To provide members with information concerning various opportunities

for community service and volunteer activities. To present and sponsor opportunities
for active service in community volunteer activities.

Section 7. Membership requirements and limitations. - Membership shall be open to all

undergraduate students in the University. In order to be considered an active member,
the following guidelines must be followed:

1) Members must actively participate in at least two volunteer activities

throughout the semester.
2) Members are urged to attend at least one meeting a month.
3) Inactive members (members who refuse to follow guidelines set forth by
the SA) can and will be removed from the SAVE CORPS after a one-semester
period of inactivity.

Section 8. Duties. - The SAVE CORPS members shall also be members of the various
committees of the SA, Executive Committee and General Assembly. Its members
may choose which committee in the SA they would want to take part of. As such,
they shall be bound by the rules and regulations promulgated by the General
Assembly or the President issue from time to time.

Section 9. Head. - The SAVE CORPS shall be headed by the Secretary for Internal Affairs,
which shall herein after be referred as Secretary.

Section 10. Powers and Duties of the Head.

a. He shall be responsible for the general order and discipline of the SAVE

b. He shall be tasked with ensuring the participation, committee assignment,

feedback and evaluation of the students in this volunteer program.

c. He shall undertake a recruitment drive or any other measures to ensure that

the SAVE CORPS for each specific term is formed and organized within three
(3) months immediately following the assumption of office of the new SA,
increase the number of its members, and screen application thereof.

d. He shall coordinate with the members should the latter initiate their own
activities, subject to the approval of the President.

e. He shall call and chair meetings, plan activities for meetings, and alert
members about activities of the SA.

f. Recommend other officers in the SAVE CORPS, provided in this Act, subject
to the approval of the President.

Section 11. Director-General. - The Director-General shall be in charge of aiding the Secretary
in recruiting new members, activity planning, scheduling events, meetings, and the
application process of new members.

Section 12. Program Coordinator. - The Program Coordinator shall plan, organize, and
facilitate group projects and will assist the Director-General to ensure events are
carried out to completion.

Section 13. Meetings. - Outside of actual scheduled volunteer events, regular meetings will not
be held. Meetings may, as necessary, be called for by the Secretary. However
members will not be ejected due to non-attendance of such meetings.

Section 14.Funding. – An amount of not less than P 10, 000 shall be appropriated from the SA
Funds. The Secretary for Finance shall ensure that budget for SAVE CORPS shall be
allocated accordingly for the implementation of this Act.

Section 15. Implementing Rules and Regulations. – The Executive Committee shall promulgate
the rules and regulations to effectively implement the provisions of this Act.
Section 16. Separability Clause. - If any provisions of this act are declared invalid, the
remainder of this Act are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

Section 17. Effectivity. - This Act shall take effect immediately after approved.

DONE in the Student Association Center, this 24th day of May, in the year of Our Lord, Two
Thousand and Ten.

Authored by:

Vice President

Approved by: