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Rhona Mcluskey

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Hospitality Industry

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H1L7 34



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Perth College UHI


HNC/D Hospitality Management

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My name is Rosanna Furnari and I am an HND year 1 student. As part of my course

I am required to write a report about a hospitality business for my Industry class. It
provides information about the type of business and defines its role in the local and
national economy, its target markets, services and policies. Sources of information
include books, websites and personal observations.

Describe type of business, target markets, services

Apex Hotels Ltd is a chained-brand hotel of three and four star hotels, owned by
former accountant Norman Springford and his family. The company is based in
Edinburgh and it operates eight hotels within the United Kingdom situated in London,
Edinburgh and Dundee. The Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa located in Dundee focus
its target market on business people as well as weddings and other special events
like graduation ball. The hotel has 151 rooms, 11 meeting rooms that can
accommodate up to 375 people on a theatre style, private dining rooms and a luxury
Japanese Spa. The hotels attract an array of people from all different backgrounds
and ages.
The role of the business in the local, national and global economy (Use
government statistics/Visit Scotland)
The Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa in Dundee had a good impact on the local economy
of Dundee. In particular, it creates several jobs at the hotel and gives jobs to other
local business by purchasing local goods and services and others related to tourism
such as restaurants, tours, shopping and transportation services. Furthermore, Apex
Hotels has launched a Modern Apprenticeship scheme to attract school or college
leavers from Edinburgh and Dundee to work in the hospitality industry to train
applicants in areas including housekeeping, food and beverage, reception and the
kitchen. The hotel has also a nominated charity, which staff supports through a
number of activities and that is reviewed annually by relevant charity committees.

(VisitScotland 2011)

Organisation Chart





Food &




Head Chef


ng Staf




Sustainable Practice's


e Manager

e Staf

Apex Hotels has an extensive sustainability policy in place to help it become more
eco-friendly. The company works with suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging
and transport sent to hotels across the group. The team also ensures fair trade tea
and coffee; recycled goods and eco-friendly chemicals are used in all hotels in the
group, while monitoring all utility consumption on a daily basis in order to find new
ways of reducing energy waste.
The firm also has a dedicated policy in place to reduce waste, re-use materials and
improve recycling including dual flush toilets to save water, energy efficient
windows to retain heat, donating old furniture to local charities and recycling obsolete
IT equipment using Shred Fast, in accordance with the WEEE directive. Staff are
encouraged to use public transport and reduce car use, while meetings between
hotel representatives take place via conference calls to reduce Co2 emissions from
Each hotel is designed to be eco-friendly and has been built using energy saving
materials and techniques, and all are located in city centres in order to reduce
energy wastage. Each premise has energy-saving lifts, automatic dimmers and
temperature control systems in place to further reduce waste.
In addition, the group provides support to other local businesses and the surrounding
environment by promoting walks, wildlife, parks and golf courses, providing
information about public transport and using local and organic produce.
(VisitScotland 2010-2015 )

A recommendation would be implementing the water saving management system

already in place. This could be done by installing a water softener that reduces the
amount of water used for laundry. Using a water softener would allow redirecting the
water used for laundry for other purposes and it could reduce the hotels water
consumption by 30 percent.

Marketing Mix


Luxury Spa Break Package

Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa Dundee
The offer is promoted on the hotel
website as well on various Spa websites
such as and


All Year Round

01 Jan 2015 - 01 Jan 2017
From 125 per person
40 per person single occupancy
100 per person non-spa rate available
The offer is advertised on newspapers
and radio, with flyers and brochures at
the reception of the hotel and with a
direct mailing system that uses the
customer database to contact previous
customers with details of the deal.
- Spa facilities
- Bedrooms
- Restaurant
That the hotel is busy most of the time
proving the product is selling.
To ensure customer satisfaction the
hotel offer includes an overnight
accommodation with breakfast, 3 course
dinner from the fixed price menu,
bathrobes in the bedroom on arrival and
the possibility to choose 2 half hour Yu
Spa treatments from the Spa selection.
Feedback is gathered through customer
comment cards and TripAdvisor.
The Staff involved in this package are:
- Receptionist
- Waiting Staff
- Kitchen Staff
- Housekeeping
- Spa staff


Physical Evidence



Marketing Activity
The head office have staff designated to Marketing
The potential clients for this offer are:

People who would need treatment, rehabilitation or rest, and would

pay for their stay and spa services
Young couples
Families Residents of surrounding towns who would like to escape
from their routine

Describe 2 methods or techniques that the business could use to forecast

Utilising past figures: retrieving past internal arrival data, from groups or events in the
hotel, school or bank holidays, it will allow targeting the market, forecasting demand
and promoting adequate special offers.
Knowledge of local events: It is of vital importance to be aware of the local events
taking place in the surrounding area. This will allow the hotel to place promotional
packages in quieter times.

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