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1. Reality differs for everybody. Reality has many different characteristics. In fact, reality is
very complicated to describe because every one has a different view of reality. I believe that


God exist because of all the miracles that he did in the world. Without him none of those
miracles would of happen anywhere. After I read the book Foundations of Christian thought
I understood that God did a lot for the people in this world.
2. The real nature of the world is that it was created a very long time ago. The world was
created long time ago and I believe that God created the world. In fact, he gave life into this
world and without life the world would not exist. According to the Bible In the beginning
God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis, 1:1There is order in the world because of all
the traditions, culture and politics. The human makes the order in the world by creating all
these rules.)
3. God created the human and he made them as his own image. Human fluctuate with God
and they try to become just like him. Humanity tries to express a picture for God to be
honored and to fully understand what God expect from the human he created.
4. In are lives we learn information from the knowledge we acquire. The reason we go to
college is to learn information that will help us in are life. Also we learn a lot from our parents
and friends. The human race is the most intelligent race that was created in the world and is
body is made to learn a lot of different information. That is why humans ask themselves so
many different questions in their lives.
5. The fact of right or wrong is always here in are lives. Lots of people ask for God help to
know if something is right or wrong since he has the divinity power. The fact of right or
wrong is used by God to punished and reward the humans. God tries to prevent the world by
creating rules for the people to follow and by doing so he shows is present in are lives. The
ways we are raised in are culture and religion teaches us what is right or wrong in life.
6. Human history is a complicated idea of life. God tries to help every single human being to
understand the meaning of life. The Case For Faith explains how the miracles are a
controverted of science. The reason for all those miracles is that God is present in are lives
and that he will stay with us forever.
7. The cores commitments are reliable with everyones worldview. Every worldview follows
the different view, which are respected by every believer of this worldview. Worldview is very


important in peoples life because a person who believes in god doesnt live the same life has
a person who dont believe in God.


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