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North Goa Beaches

Anjuna Beach
The sheer beauty of the beach is indescribable. With its rocky crescent and swaying
palms, it's a delight to be here. Visit the beach to have a first-hand experience of
how pleasurable it can be. Going to the Wednesday Flea Market can be fun. For
revelers, beach parties on the full moon are a must. In a time zone of their own,
such parties throb with life and effortlessly convert night to day.

My favorite beach picture

How to get there
It is located in north Bardez taluka, just south of Vagator Beach and north of the
Baga-Calangute-Candolim stretch. There are hourly bus services from Panaji and
Mapusa. Autos ply from Mapusa to Anjuna Beach and a prepaid auto can be a good
option for commuting. You can also take a taxi from Dabolim Airport (57km), Thivim
Station (19km) and Panaji (25km).
What to experience
The beach is full of action and has a range of activities to offer. It's lined with hotels,
bars, restaurants and beachfront shacks. At a short distance from the beach is St.
Anthony's Church.

Local seller selling fruits on beach

Then, spending time at the Wednesday flea market of Anjuna is an integral part of
most tourist's itinerary. Started by the hippies in the late Sixties and Seventies, the
market now has a permanent place in the Goan economy. Held every Wednesday,
the market is full of colour. You can also opt for yoga sessions or indulge in
adventure sports.
Adventure Sports
Paragliding, bungee jumping and snorkeling are some options that you can explore.

Water-bike at Anjuna beach

Safety information
Anjuna beach is not considered very safe for swimming.
Eating out
There are many shacks and restaurants on the beachside and Anjuna offers some of
the best meals in Goa.

Line of Beach-restaurants
Night out
Party till the early hours in bars on Anjuna Beach.
Several places offer reasonably cheap accommodation, more so after many tourists
have started opting for smaller and quieter beaches. Reasonable options are also
available for long-term stay here.

Long-view of Anjuna

Arambol Beach
The Arambol beach is just a walking distance from the Keri beach. The Portuguese
interpretation of the name of the village "Hamal" gave Arambol its present name.
Apart from the usual run of activities, the beach provides options like body painting,
t'ai chi and yoga.
How to get there
A walk down the south of Keri beach takes you to Arambol. It can be reached from
either Pernem to the east or Morjim to the south.

Arambol Beach, Goa

What to experience
At a distance of just about 200m from the sea is a small freshwater lake (sweet
lake) near the Waghcolomb Hill. Taking a dip in the lake after a sea bath can be a
good idea, as it would wash away the salt off the body.

Sweet Lake near Arambol beach

At the foothill, there is a small beach called Pallem.
A short walk from the Arambol junction is Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. To the
north of Arambol, on the opposite shore, is Tiracol Fort. You can reach the fort by
taking the ferry from Keri beach. Situated on the northernmost tip of Goa, the fort's
sturdy walls offer a wonderful view of the Keri and Arambol beaches. The fort has
now been converted to an upmarket hotel - Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel. The fort also
houses the Church of St. Anthony.
Adventure sports
There are many adventure sports to indulge in. Among them are windsurfing, kite
buggy rides, paragliding, sand speed sailing and dolphin spotting.

Paraglide and Beach shacks

Safety information
Arambol beach is not considered a safe beach for swimming and the absence of
lifeguards make it even more risky.
Eating Out
There are a few places here that offer great seafood. Most of these joints are
located on the busy road towards the beach.

Line of Beach restaurants

Night Out

The nightlife in Arambol is rocking with many nightbirds living here. Some option
available here are Indian classical music and dance.
For tourists, there are hotels and guest houses. Most of the hotels here are on the
north side of the beach. However, most of the accommodation options here are
seasonal and basic, tailored to suit a moderate budget.

Enjoying on beach
Ashwem Beach
Down to the south from Arambol beach is the stretch of three beaches in Pernem
taluka. Immediately down, south to Arambol is Ashwem. Unlike other beaches, this
beach is quiet and an ideal place to relax. The wind-touch, white sandy stretch adds
to the beach`s charm.
How to get there
About 20km from Panaji, the hourly bus service to Tiracol can be used to reach the
What to experience
The beautiful beach, without the bane of commercialization, is a haven for tourists.
Brisk walk, long swims and lazing around are very much in order.
Safety information
Though considered a fairly safe place to swim, the creek separating it form
Mandrem should be avoided.
Eating Out

There are a few restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines.

Night Out
It's a small beach and there is not much to do for the nightbirds.
Apart from hotels, tree houses made of bamboo and mat huts on stilts can be good
option. Incidentally, Ashwem was the first beach to have bamboo beach hut in

Baga Beach:
Miles and miles of sand, dotted with sun decks, is what this beach is all about. It is
the perfect sun strip for holidaymakers. From the Baga-Anjuna Hill, the view of Baga
Beach is amazing. The Baga River flows to the north of the beach. Numerous hotels
and restaurants are lined up on the beach coast.

How to get there

South down to Anjuna, it is just a walk away from the beach. This beach is actually
an extension of the Calangute Beach and you wouldn't know where Calangute ends
and Baga starts.
What to experience
Set amidst the lush green Baga-Anjuna Hill, the beach is a delight. You can laze
around on the beach, with the sea breeze adding to the magic. The beach has a
splendid stretch for those who love to take long walks. The picturesque view along
the beach is well worth watching. A short walk up the hill will take you to the Baga
Retreat House, established in 1953, and dedicated to St. Francis Xavier.

Baga-Anjuna Hill
Around Baga
Arpora: Saturday Night Markets are quite popular in Arpora, a village near Baga.
Ingo's Night Market is as famous in Arpora as the Flea Market is in Anjuna. These
markets are usually held on Saturdays where sellers from other states of India as
well as foreigners sell clothes, trinkets, sculptures, wood carvings, other kinds of
handicrafts and semiprecious stones. A good bargain will ensure fair prices.

The market also has a section comprising food stalls put up by people from across
the world. It's an affordable and clean dining out option where one could get an

authentic taste of various cuisines of the world. All kinds of wines and liquors are
also sold in the open, to go with the excellent food. Cultural programmes including
Indian dances and jam sessions are also held here.
The other night market, Mackie's, is just about picking up loyal patrons.
Adventure sports
Those with a penchant for sports could choose from paragliding, speedboat rides
and jet-skiing.
Safety information
It is not a very safe beach for swimming but for those who still want to, it is very
important to avoid the mouth of the river.

Visitors enjoying swimming

Eating out
Baga offers the best choice for foodies. All kinds of cuisines are available here in
trendy restaurants, whether it be local Goan fare, international cuisines or north
Indian food.
Night out
Baga beach has a very vibrant nightlife, with plenty of hot spots all around. Every
year, new bars and clubs open here. Friday and Saturday nights are always the most

With handicraft shops and restaurants congesting most of the area around Baga,
there is a decided space crunch. However, on the north side of the Baga beach,
there are a few ordinary hotels and guest houses available for accommodation

Calangute Beach
Famous as the "Queen of the beaches in Goa. Calangute is thronged by visitors.
The beach is a 7-km-long coastal stretch. Calangute is Goa at its best, you name it,
it's there - the beach, nightspots, restaurants, night-markets, t'ai chi, yoga sessions
and adventure sports. And the most unusual of them all are the village vaddos, or
traditional village wards.

Long-view of beach
How to get there
Located at the centre of the Bardez coast, it is 16km from Panaji. There is a bus
service to Calangute from Panaji and Mapusa after every 15 minutes. Taxis are also
What to experience
If you are diving down from Mapusa, the Church of St. Alex is a good place to see.
Particularly beautiful is the church's white dome. Further down the noisy beach of
Calangute is a market where you an find an array of shops, ranging from designer
boutiques and bookshops to small shops selling trinkets.

Visitors enjoying water-sports-activities

Adventure sports
Tourists can opt for various sports like parasailing, water skiing and windsurfing.
There are also boat operators offering trips to the island and expeditions to fish or
spot dolphins and crocodiles.

Here I go on parasailing
Safety information
Generally the Calangute beach is somewhat safe for swimming but high tides
should be avoided. Incidents of huge waves flinging people out from the sea have
been reported.

Eating out
Delicious Goan food, in all its variety, is available on the beach. Calangute has some
of the best restaurants in Goa and this is the reason why many people flock to
Calangute beach.

Beach-beds infront of beach-restaurants

Night out
There are not too many options for a wild night out except for a few bars that
remain open till 11pm. Other options include attending evenings of classical music
and dance at the Kerkar Art Gallery and Kathkali dance performances at a small
place on the beach road.
There are plenty of options available, varying from cottages to comfortable rooms.

Beautiful sunset on Calangute beach

Candolim Beach
Candolim Beach, in Bardez taluka, is lined with shacks and bars. The beach is
adjacent to Fort Aguada. This is one clean and straight stretch of sand in North Goa.
Candolim is said to be the native village of the famous Abbe Faria, one of the
founding fathers of the science of hypnotism.

How to get there
13km away from Panaji and 10km away from Mapusa, this beach can be reached
either by hiring a taxi or by boarding a bus. The nearest railway station, Thivim
Station, is 19km away. Taxi and auto services are available from there to the beach.

What to experience
The Church of St. Lawrence, with magnificent views, is dedicated to the patron saint
of sailors. It is set against the beautiful seascape setting and is a hot spot for taking

The Candolim Church was initially built in 1560 and dedicated to Our Lady of Hope.
It has beautiful stained-glass panels.
Adventure Sports
Many boat operators offer expeditions to the island, trips for spotting dolphins and
crocodiles, river cruises and fishing expeditions. A boat ride up the Mandovi is also a
pleasurable excursion.

Fishing boat...
Safety information
Candolim beach is the site of the stranded ship, River Princess. Should you choose
to swim, go for shallow waters and make sure you remain at least 500m away from
the wreck of the ship.

Visitors swimming and walking...

Night out
There are some clubs and pubs that you can visit while in Candolim Beach.

There are many options to choose from. You can take your pick from beach resorts,
hotels or holiday homes.


Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach
Legend has it that this beach was named after Dona Paula de Menzes who threw
herself off the cliff because her love for a poor fisherman could not be realized. The
story has been debated and contested. However, the beach gives a great view of
Mormugao Harbour and the Arabian Sea. Its beauty has made it a perfect location
for Indian filmmakers.
How to get there
As Dona Paula is just 7km from Panaji, there are many buses from Panaji to the
beach. From Dabolim 32km, one can hire a taxi.
What to experience
You can go for fishing at the Dona Paula jetty or just look at the splendid view of
Mormugao Harbour and the Arabian Sea. The sculpture made by Baroness von
Leistner is worth seeing - it shows a couple staring in opposite directions: the man
towards the past, and the woman towards the future.
Adventure Sports
You can go for scuba diving at the Dona Paula Beach. Some hotels and resorts close
by also offer water sports facilities.
Safety information
This beach is quite safe for swimming.

Eating out
There a lot of options for eating on the beach. Seafood and fast food are the best
Good accommodation is no problem where Miramar Beach is concerned. There is
also a five star hotel here.

Keri Beach
Keri Beach
Those who yearn for peace and want to de-stress, should head to Keri Beach, the
perfect place to be in. It is one of the least frequented beaches on the northernmost
extreme of Goa's coast.
How to get there
Keri is in Pernem taluka, 28km from Panaji, You can take a bus from Panaji to reach
the beach.
What to experience
Stroll down the beach, with the cool air on your face, or just bask in the sun and
enjoy feni. You can visit Tiracol Fort, but you have to take ferry to reach the fort.
From the fort, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful Keri and Arambol beaches.
Adventure sports
Not most adventure sports happening here, expecting long walks during picnics.
Safety information
At low tide, you can enjoy long walks on the beach, but when the tide falls, it's
better to avoid the Tiracol River.
Eating out
There are some eating joints here where you can get great seafood.
Only a few shacks and guest houses are available here.

Mandrem Beach
Compared to Morjim and Ashwem, Mandrem beach is the most captivating beach
and offers the best option to spend the night. However, during high tide, access to
the beach is difficult. So, hoteliers around the area have constructed a makeshift
bamboo bridge to reach the beach.

How to get there

32km away from Panaji, you can take a taxi or a bus. From Mapusa, you can take
the hourly bus service. You can also take a taxi from the Pernem Railway Station,
which is 20km away.
Many locals let out rooms in their homes to tourists. Beach resorts and tents are
also good options.
What to experience
You can ask local fishermen to take you for a trip up the creek. You can also take a
walk down to Mandrem village or to Suhas Parsekar's organic farm. Other options
available are yoga and massages.
You can also go for dolphin-spotting trips. Many hotels and holiday resorts hire out
motorcycles and cars and also arrange trips for dolphin spotting.
Safety information
The beach is safe for swimming but because of the absence of lifeguards, it would
be better not to swim in deep waters.
It is essential for tourists to be cautious and keep a safe distance from the mouth of
the creek, which is rather deep, that separates Mandrem beach and Ashwem beach.
Eating Out
The ambience is just correct at the beach and so is the food. The tandoori food and
seafood are definitely worth a try.

Miramar Beach
Often regarded as the Marine Drive of Goa, the Miramar Beach is close to the heart
of Panaji. Located at the place where Mandovi merges into the sea, it is considered
the city's leisure zone.
It is particularly crowded in evenings and on Sundays. During mid-May, many
women visit this beach to take what is called the sea cure by bathing in its salty
waters. It is believed that during high tide, if you can brave the crashing waves on
your back, you will be cured of arthritis and joint pains.
How to get there
Just 3km southwest of Panaji, Miramar is the nearest beach to the city. Its pivotal
location makes it easily accessible.
What to experience
It is a quiet beach, just right for morning and evening walks. The sunset looks very
beautiful from the beach. You can spend a quiet evening on the beach and revel in

its beauty. In Dona Paula, the Cabo Chapel, built in 1541, is open for midnight mass
on Christmas Eve. During the season, Raj Bhavan is decorated with brilliant lights.
Adventure sports
Scuba driving facilities area available along the Miramar-Dona Paula stretch and
some of the hotels nearby could also arrange it for you.
Safety information
Entering the waters near Mandovi should be avoided. Otherwise, it's a safe place for
swimming and the presence of a lifeguard cuts down the risk factor.
Eating out
There are a number of places where you can get good food in Miramar. Most eating
joints have various sea delicacies in their menu.
Around Miramar
Bambolim and Siridao Beach
These beaches are 5km away from Miramar beach. Bambolim is a relatively small
beach frequented more by locals than tourists. Siridao Beach is known for its
fabulous sunsets that light up the whole of Mormugao Harbour. To reach these
beaches, you can take a bus that runs from Panaji and Vasco via Bambolim. The
nearest interstate bus station, KTC Bus Stations, is at Panaji.
For accommodation, there are a few resorts and hotels, located just beside the
beach, offering a beautiful view of the sea

Morjim Beach
Morjim beach, located in Pernem, is the southernmost beach of the taluka.
Interestingly, the beach is a natural choice for Olive Ridley turtles for breeding. The
hatchlings can be spotted easily during the nesting season, which lasts from
November to March. It is an unusual sight to see the tiny hatchlings make their way
from their nests to the sea. Local authorities, however, want to avoid a stampede of
tourists and visitors which could affect the turtles' breeding.
How to get there
Panaji is 30km away and the hourly bus services from either Mapusa or Panaji can
be availed of to reach here. The Pernem Railway Station is 20km away, and Dabolim
is at a distance of 55km. Prepaid taxis can be taken from the airport and the station.
Buses are few, and none needs to catch them based on their timings.
What to experience
Seeing the Olive Ridley turtles and their hatchlings is an unforgettable experience.
This happens only occasionally. However, touching the eggs or hatchlings is a
punishable offense. A signboard in this regard has been put up on the beach.

Safety Information
Though considered reasonably safe for swimming, one should stay away from the
mouth of the Chapora River.
Eating out
Food is not a problem as there are restaurants that serve good Continental food and
Accommodation at Morjim beach is not a problem as tents, beach houses, tree
houses and log cabins are available.

Vagator Beach
Vagator beach, crowned by the Chapora Fort, is skirted by Anjuna Beach to the
south. Vagator is divided into three beaches, North Vagator, Ozrant Beach and Tel
Aviv Beach. The three beaches cater to a large number of Israeli and British tourists.

Long-view of beach...
How to get there
You can board a bus either from Panaji, which is at a distance of 32km, or from
Mapusa that is 10km away. But the bus service is not frequent and the beach is
around 2km from the junction where the bus leaves passengers.

View from Hill...

What to experience
There is a freshwater spring about 100m for the beach. Those who want to go
angling can go to the fishing jetty at Chapora village. South from the Ozrant Beach
is a carved out statue of Lord Shiva. The sculptor is not known but it is believed to
belong to the day's when hippies came to Goa in droves. Next to the beach is the
Chapora Fort.
Adventure Sports
A trek to the fort is pleasurable experience. Chapora, also known as the little fishing
village, is ideal for anglers.

Safety information
Vagator beach is often touted as a swimmer's paradise. Swimming is fairly safe here
and the presence of lifeguard makes it more so.

Eating out
There are plenty of options for good food available here. Also, the view from the
beach is fantastic.
Night out

After sunset falls, make a beeline for the bars and enjoy an evening full of trance

There are many options for staying, like beachfront cottages, resorts, guest houses
and rest houses. Tourists can also venture to Chapora for cheap and low-budget

South Goa Beaches

Agonda Beach
With very few tourists visiting this three-kilometer-long beach, it is peaceful and
quiet here. Agonda is 10km north of Palolem, on the Canacona coast.
How to get there
You can take a taxi from Dabolim Airport (67km), from Margao Station (43km) and
Panaji (76km). You can also commute by buses, which operate every hour from
Margao to Palolem.
What to experience
You can just relax here. You can enjoy moments of stillness, commune with nature,
listen to music or enjoy a good read.
Safety information

With a dodgy undertow and the absence of a lifeguard, Agonda is not considered
safe for swimming.
Eating out
There are a few restaurants here but most of them are attached to Hotels.
Agonda just has some hotels so there are not many accommodation facilities here

Arossim Beach
Just to the south of Velsao Beach is the beautiful stretch of Arossim Beach. Arossim
is home to the family of Tristao Braganza Cunha, a pioneer of Goa's freedom
struggle and one who advocated nationalism.
How to get there
This beach in Cansaulim village lies south of Velsao Beach. It is also to the north of
Utorda Beach in Salcette. From Dabolim Airport, you can take a taxi as it is just
22km from there. From Vasco, you can get a taxi or rickshaw to reach the beach.
From Panaji, you can take a taxi as it is 35km from there.
What to experience
Arossim has the Cansaulim Church to see and explore. There is a difference of
opinion as to when church was built but that it was rebuilt in 1632 is certain. Here,
the Feast of the three Magi is celebrated with great pomp.
Safety information
Though this beach is quite safe to swim, you should not venture out more than
waist-deep in water because there is no lifeguard.
Eating out
There are plenty of eating options to choose from at and around the Arossim beach.
Cuisine from most parts of the country and from abroad is available here.
Night out
As there are not too many options for nightbirds, you'll have to go to other parts of
Goa for a wild night out.
Accommodation is not a problem. You can take your pick from a whole range of
hotels and guest houses, including five-star hotels.

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim beach is a lovely beach. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Parasuram's

arrow landed at Benaulim when he shot it into the sea and Goa got extended further
into the sea.
How to get there
Benaulim is in the centre of coastal Salcette taluka and just around 2km south of
Colva. To reach it, you can take a taxi from Dabolim Airport (28km). From Margao
Station (8km), you can choose from taxis, buses and autos.
There is no dearth of accommodation. Crucially, there are many options to choose
from, ranging from the mid-range to the high-end hotels.
What to experience
Among the places to visit is St. John the Baptist Church, built in 1581. The Hindu
influence on the church can be easily seen from its finials and spires. The Holy
Trinity Church, built in 1992, is at Manzil Vaddo, in Benaulim. Visitors here can get a
glimpse of the past glory of the Portuguese royals by visiting Manthan, a heritage
gallery, converted from a house belonging to the Portuguese era.
Adventure Sports
There are many island tours organized by local boatmen. There are also options to
go for trips to spot dolphins and crocodiles.
Safety Information
Benaulim beach is quite safe for swimming.
Eating out
Though there are many joints for eating out, they are not comparable to the options
available in Colva or Margao.
Night out
There are not too many opportunities for a wild night out

Bogmalo Beach
The Bogmalo Beach, a small and sandy stretch, is surrounded by three hills, lush
with greenery. Unlike other beaches in Goa, this attractive beach is clean and less
crowded. The Bogmalo Beach Resort is huge and dominates the beach.

How to get there

The beach is 4km from Dabolim Airport, and 10km southeast of Vasco, rather close
to the airport. The crowded bus services between Bogmalo and Vasco da Gama are
an option, if you don't mind crowds. Taxis are also available.
What to experience
If you are through with your share of sun and sand, you can venture out to enjoy the
surroundings. You can go for fishing, trekking or indulge in water sports. You can
also pamper and recharge yourself at the nearby Ayurvedic Centre.
Sao Jacinto Island is a beautiful, small island with old houses and a lovely chapel. It
is in the Mormugao Bay, 5km from Bogmalo, off the Panaji-Vasco Highway.
Remains of a wrecked ship lie off Grande Island, which is the main site for diving.

My favorite picture
Issorcim is a small beach less than 2km from Bogmalo beach. For anglers, it's an
ideal place, being almost deserted, except for a few villagers. To reach here, you
have to take a left turn from the road which forks 1.5km before you reach Bogmalo.
Healing touch: Just across the Bogmalo is an Ayurvedic Centre, Sree Sankara
Ayurvedic Centre. It is a worth visit.
Adventure Sports
You can indulge in windsurfing, diving and jet skiing. This place is the venue for two
Enterprise class sailing championships significantly; Bogmalo beach is one of the
few places in the country where you can learn scuba diving from a PADI-approved
diving school. Trekking from Bogmalo to Hollant is a good option as one gets a
memorable view of the Mormugao coast.

Safety information
Bogmalo Beach is safe for swimming. But you should not swim further than waistdeep water except where there are lifeguards.
Eating out
There are a few beach shacks, which have seafood and Continental dishes on their
menu. More expensive options are also available.

Beach restaurant

There are a few decent options to stay in Bogmalo but most of them have been
given over to charter companies to host their clients.

Five Star Resort on Beach

Majorda Beach
Majorda Beach, unlike other famous beaches, is not crowded. The fact that the
village has few places to accommodate visitors helps to keep the beach quiet and
How to get there
The beach is to the south of Cansaulim and north of Betalbatim. You can take a taxi
from Dabolim Airport which is just 26km away. From Margao, you have lots to
choose from - buses, taxis and autos. From Panaji, it is just 37km and you can take a
taxi to reach here.
Though accommodation is limited by the beachside, you can hire rooms let out by
villagers. There is no dearth of accommodation for those with no money constraints.
What to experience
Make de Deus Church, found in 1588, was destroyed during the Maratha invasion in
April 1738. It was rebuilt in 1739. Casa dos Piedade Costas, built in the fine example
of period architecture.
Adventure sports
There are not too many options for adventure sport enthusiasts.

Safety information
It is safe for swimming but there are no lifeguards.
Eating out
There are plenty of restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines

Palolem Beach
Must Visit Beach In Goa
Palolem beach is in Canacona, the southernmost town of Goa. The market town of
Canacona is also known as Chaudi. This mile-long beach is very picturesque, with
shady palm trees and silvery sand. At the far end is an island-like promontory and
you can walk to it during low tide.
During evenings, the beach is beautifully lit. There are colourful lampshades in
shacks made of rice straw, jute, bamboo, papier mache or plain cloth. The shacks
lend colour to the coastline at night.
How to get there
Palolem Beach is in the centre of coastal Canacona in South Goa. You can take a taxi
from Dabolim Airport (67km), Margao Station (43km) and Panaji (76km). You can
also commute by bus. Buses operate every hour from Margao to Palolem.
Apart from guest houses, there a few good hotels to stay in. However, the best
places to stay are the hundreds of beautiful coco huts that are put up only during
tourist season and dismantled afterwards.
What to experience
In the southern end of the beach is a stream and near it is a large cup-shaped rock
called the Pandava's Drum. Tourist throw stones on top of the rock to hear the
sound that emanates from it. Provided they hit the right spot.
A little further on is the Figueiredo House, built by the Figueiredo family in the early
20th century, but this was later vandalised. Today, this is a part of the Neptune
Point Hotel.
At the northern end of the Palolem beach is the island. You can spend your time
watching mussels, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. You can also take a trip to spot
Around Palolem
Patnem and Colomb Beach :
Located to the south of Palolem beach is the Patnem and Colomb Beach. Patnem
beach is a one-kilometre-long beach and is safe for swimming. The tourists are
advised to avoid the little coves of Colomb. You will not find any lifeguard here.

Colomb is very quiet and desolate, giving you an idea of how Goa must have once
looked like.
Being here gives you an opportunity to enjoy a beach that is uncluttered and
peaceful in. In Colomb, the accommodation ranges from cottages made of ecofriendly material to huts.
Rajbag Beach
South of Patnem, Rajbag is a quiet beach. It stretches all the way to the place where
the mouth of the Talpona River emerges.
Galjibaga Beach
It is one of the famed sites in Goa where the giant Olive Ridley turtles make their
yearly visit. Between November and March, the hatchlings emerge from their nests
and head for the sea. This is the best time to spot them. However, this is a
protected area.
Adventure Sports
The visitors can go on trips to spot dolphins or on canoe rides. These trips are
organized by fishermen. You can also visit the Butterfly Beach that lies between the
Palolem and Agonda Beaches. But tourists ought to be cautious while swimming or
wading, as the water gets deep here.
Safety information
Palolem beach is a safe beach for swimming. But you have to be careful and keep a
safe distance from the stream near the island specially when the tide is receding. A
lifeguard is present here.
Eating out
There are a few eating places in Palolem beach which offer Goan and Italian food.
Night out
There are a few bars and clubs that organise parties for those who like to dance the
night away.
My Favorites...
When I see the beautiful Palolem Beach and other Goa beaches it makes me dream
of the Seychelles Islands Beaches in the Indian Ocean

Sernabatim Beach
The Sernabatim Beach, which is quiet and secluded, is near Colva. It's a perfect
beach for you to spend some time.
How to get there
As Sernabatim is just a kilometre away from Colva, you can just walk till there.

What to experience
You can take a walk along the beach, enjoy nature or mingle with the villagers. If
you are looking for some nightlife, try Colva.
Adventure sports
You can go on trips to see the island or go on boats to spot dolphins.
Eating out
For eating out, there are beachfront bars and restaurants.
Cheap and affordable accommodation is available by the beachside.

Utorda Beach
To the south of Majorda and north of Colva is the Utorda beach, which has some
resorts on the beachfront. A decided plus is the exotic seafood sold in local
restaurants and beach shacks.
How to get there
You can board a bus from Dabolim Airport to reach Utorda. Also buses and taxi ply
from Colva and other important places for Utorda and other places in this stretch.
There are some resorts in Utorda that offer good accommodation for visitors.
What to experience
While here, you can visit Betalbatim village. Betalbatim`s name is derived from
Devachaar (a Devachaar is not necessarily a demon, but a spirit that could be
benevolent or malevolent) whose temple was at Fardo Vaddoi before the entire
village converted to Christianity in the 16th century. The Church of our Lady of
Remedios, built by the Jesuits in 1630, was reconstructed in 1807.

Velsao Beach in Goa

Velsao Beach
The fact that this seaside village was short listed as a venue for the Inter-national
Film Festival of India speaks volume about this place. The beach here is quiet and
How to get there
Close to Bogmalo and Hollant beaches, Velsao is 4km away from Verna on NH17.
You can take a taxi from Dabolim Airport, 17km away and can either take a bus or a
taxi from Vasco and Margao.

What to experience
There is not much to see around Velsao Beach, you can just lie on the sand, watch
the canoes and trawlers that are out for fishing. You can listen to the waves beating
on the shore or watch the eagles soaring high. The beach is yours to enjoy.
A long walk on the beach is a pleasant experience. Alternatively, you can cycle or
ride a motorbike between Colva and Velsao. Among the places to see is the Velsao
Chapel, from where you can enjoy the lush Salcette countryside.
In the evening, you can see the famous Goan sunset.
Many people flock to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios dos Remedios or
Our Lady of Cures Chapel on January 6 to celebrate the Feast of Three Kings - three
boys dress up as kings during the festival.
Safety Information
Though safe for swimming you should be careful to avoid the tiny creek. There is no
lifeguard here and so venturing out beyond waist-deep water is a risk unless you
are a strong swimmer.
Eating out
Though there are not too many options in the village to eat out, this stretch of
Velsao beach has some of the best local and international cuisine.
There is not much in terms of accommodation. Arossim, Betalbatim and Majorda
offer better facilities and cater to both low-budget travelers and those who are flush
with funds.
Velsao Beach
The fact that this seaside village was short listed as a venue for the Inter-national Film Festival of
India speaks volume about this place. The beach here is quiet and peaceful.
How to get there
Close to Bogmalo and Hollant beaches, Velsao is 4km away from Verna on NH17. You can take a taxi
from Dabolim Airport, 17km away and can either take a bus or a taxi from Vasco and Margao.
What to experience
There is not much to see around Velsao Beach, you can just lie on the sand, watch the canoes and
trawlers that are out for fishing. You can listen to the waves beating on the shore or watch the eagles
soaring high. The beach is yours to enjoy.
A long walk on the beach is a pleasant experience. Alternatively, you can cycle or ride a motorbike
between Colva and Velsao. Among the places to see is the Velsao Chapel, from where you can enjoy
the lush Salcette countryside.
In the evening, you can see the famous Goan sunset.

Many people flock to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios dos Remedios or Our Lady of Cures
Chapel on January 6 to celebrate the Feast of Three Kings - three boys dress up as kings during the
Safety Information
Though safe for swimming you should be careful to avoid the tiny creek. There is no lifeguard here
and so venturing out beyond waist-deep water is a risk unless you are a strong swimmer.
Eating out
Though there are not too many options in the village to eat out, this stretch of Velsao beach has
some of the best local and international cuisine.
There is not much in terms of accommodation. Arossim, Betalbatim and Majorda offer better facilities
and cater to both low-budget travelers and those who are flush with funds.

Recommended Goa Restaurants

Goa Food and Dining Guide

Goa Restaurants
Goa continues to be a gastronomical hub, a pot boiler for indigenous and global cuisines as the
numbers of domestic and foreign tourists increase.
Goa being truly an Epicureans paradise, the choices are innumerable and the varieties immense.
Below are the Restaurants you will find in North and South Goa.
I tried to describe each restaurant in detail.

Restaurants in North Goa

Goa Restaurants in Anjuna
Bean Me Up Soya Station & Salad Bar
Timings: 10am to 4pm & 7pm to 11pm
31 October to mid-April
Avg. Price: Rs. 380
An extremely popular vegan restaurant, this place has been doing brisk business since its inception.
Try their Tofu Kerait, Tofu Soyabean, Indonesia Tempe, Malabar Tempe, Tofu Thai Curry and Tofu Chilli
if you want genuine organic food. The restaurant also specializes in a variety of fresh salads, organic
juices and shakes. Try their home-made salad dressings, cakes and soya icecreams. To wrap up the
fine dining experience you can try their organic tea or coffee. Bean Me Up assures all its guests that
all the vegetables are soaked in vinegar, salt or potassium permanganate prior to being washed in
filtered water. This is for sure the most healthy place to eat in Goa.
Location - Nr Petrol Pump, 1639 Deul Vaddo, Anjuna, Vagator - Goa, Ph: 2273479, 2274601

Blue Tao
Timings: 9.30am to 10.30pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 375
Say vegan, and come to the dimly-lit Blue Tao for some Tempe Curry Rice, Scrambled Tofu and some
Rainbow Organic Farm Salad. This tofu specialty restaurant with ecofriendly dcor serves up other
vegetarian dishes prepared with organically grown vegetables. Blue Tao also offers a wide selection
of herbal teas and coffees, natural fruit juices and vegan cocktails. Buy some aromatherapy products
here too. Enjoy classical Western and Indian music, Bharatnatyam (classical Indian dance) and other
interesting cultural programmes at this garden restaurant.
Location - Soranto Vaddo, Near Beach Anjuna - Goa, Ph: 2273977/9850419782

Caf Looda
Timings: 8am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
This is a multicuisine restaurant in the popular Anjuna stretch. Open from early morning till late at
night, this seasonal joint serves as a snack bar and is seafood-lovers heaven. It also does a great
job with the Chicken Hyderabadi, Fish Butter Garlic and Veg Korma which you can wash down with
your choice of liquors, beers and wines.

Location - St. Micheal Vaddo, Flea Market - Goa

Indian Dhum Biryani

Timings: 8.30 am to 12 noon (Round the Year)
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
This round-the-year restaurant makes fantastic varieties of Biryanis especially the Prawn Biryani
but dont forget their Malai Kebabs and Stuffed Calamari either, or youd miss something. This cosy
place with its thatched roof and lounge chairs makes for lovely evenings even as you relish your food
and drinks while listening to classical music.
Location - Dmello Vaddo, North Anjuna - Goa, Ph: 9236124699

La Franza Restaurant
Timings: 6pm to 12 midnight (October to mid-April)
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
Talk of a German bakery along the Anjuna stretch and its none but La Franza that takes the cake.
Try the German pastries here, and the steaks as well, if you fancy. Interestingly, they do Chicken
Tandoori as well, in keeping with market demands. IMFLs, local brands and port wines are served.
Location - 5 mins from Anjuna Beach, Monteiro Vaddo - Goa, Ph: 2273413/9890564035

Nirvana Hermitage
Timings: 7am to 10.30pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
Come to Nirvana on the busy Anjuna stretch for a fine view of the hills of the beach while you pick
from their xhacutis, vindaloos, Fish Reicheado, Mushroom Dopiaza and Crunchy Fried Prawns with
your choice of drinks and special cocktails. The place also has an in-house art gallery and a pool
table to enhance your experience.
Location - 955/ Pequem Peddem, Flea Market Rd, Above German Bakery, Bardez - Goa, Ph:
3253397, 3252850

Goa Restaurants in Arambol

Blue Sea Horse

Timings: 9am to 1.30am
Avg. Price: Rs. 250
Wine and dine at this joint in Arambol which does a smattering of Indian, Italian, American, Chinese,
Thai and Portuguese dishes as well. I would recommend the fish preparations here though
especially their Fish Fry, Fish Curry, Fish Butter Garlic, Tiger Prawns and Beef Steak. Wash down with
drinks of your choice. Look out for Karaoke nights, play pool if you like and try some Israeli games
Location - Behind Morning Star, Arambol Beach - Goa, Ph: 6515232/9823521040/9225902344

Dream Catcher
Timings: 8.30am to 2am
October to May
Avg. Price: Rs. 225
Catch your dreams here from early morning to late night at Arambol Beach, and go Conti, Chinese or

Indian at your will. Dont miss the Seafood Platter with your favorite drink, or go for their spicy
Chicken Vindaloo, to try the barbecues. Their Iced Coffee Mocha would sure leave the caffeine buffs
happy. Sunset is the best time to be here. In a nutshell, its an ideal chill-out zone where you could
play games and listen to music.
Location - Next to Narayan Temple, Sokoilo Vaddo, Arambol - Goa, Ph: 9823850440 goa restaurants

Loekie Caf
Timings: 9am to 12midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 375
Party round the year at Loekie Caf, a celeb joint the serves up excellent lasagne, not to forget the
popular Tandoori Chicken and fish fingers to go with the drinks. Its an exotic cocktail bar and
restaurant. They have a variety of Continental dishes on offer too. Dont miss the jam sessions twice
a week over a drink or two. Loekie is oh-so-affordable!
Location - Nr Nest, Khalchawada - Goa, Ph: 9822149097

Oasis Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 7am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs.200
Open during season, Oasis offers a wide choice of Goan, Continental, Chinese and North Indian fare,
but dont forget their range of fresh seafood. They do a good Seafood Platter, besides some great
Fish Curry-Rice as well. Drinks are served, of course.
Location - Socoilo Vaddo - Goa, Ph: 2292413 goa restaurants

Smile of the Buddha Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 7am to 11.30pm
Mid-September to May
Avg. Price: Rs. 250
This multicuisine, round-the-year restaurant in Arambol is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I
recommend the Seafood Platter and the varieties of pastas on offer. Also try their tandoori dishes
and relish the Mountain Fruit Salad as you listen to flutes being played at sunset at this softly lit
Location - Cliffside, Sweet Water Lake - Goa, Ph: 9822388030, 9822142797

Goa Restaurants in Arpora

Goa Solo Andata

Timings: 7pm to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs.425
This is the place for a hardcore Italian food buff whose mindset goes beyond the staple pasta and
lasagne, This not-so-frequented beach is a great location for this riverfront garden restaurant set off
with dcor that brings back memories of Italy. Try here the Parmigiano Reggiano dishes (you would
hardly find more authentic cheese elsewhere), the Olia Extra Virgin Toscano and the Capperi, among
other great-tasting varieties on the menu.
Location - Rio Baga, Ahead of Royal Goan Beach Club, Next to Ma Caf Arpora - Goa, Ph:
2277802/3954070 goa restaurants

Poco Loco
Timings: 7.30am to 12midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
This is one of the best Mexican theme restaurants on the Arpora creek where you could relish your
nachos and Guacamole Salad, tacos and fajitas, along with IMFLs and imported liquors. Being open
all days a week from 7pm onwards, this is a nice place for those lazy evenings where you can munch
on your nachos and stretch your legs while you wait for your Tortilla Soup. Live music is played on
specific days of the week to keep your entertained as you dine.
Location - Royal Goan Beach Club, Monterio, Arpora, Baga - Goa, Ph: 2277179-83

Turkish Grill (Presa di Goa)

Timings: 8am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs.700
Dont miss Turkish Grill at the Presa di Goa hotel which was inaugurated with a big bang by none
other than the ambassador of Turkey. Come to this restaurant, which is open round the year from
dawn to dusk, to try their Italian Risotto, Spanish Paella, Tunisian Couscous, fresh seafood and
Turkish marinated meats while you are lounging by the poolside. They also serve cold salads with hot
pita bread as well as mezzes the mouth watering starters. Look forward to their selection of
desserts and a choice of Indian, French and Australian wines.
Location - 353 1 & 2 Arais Vaddo, Nagoa/Saligao Arpora, Bardez - Goa, Ph: 2409067-69

Goa Restaurants in Baga

Timings: 9am to 11.30 pm
August to June
Avg. Price: Rs.650
This is one of the hottest spots in Baga during season, and one of the best places to state Goan
cuisine. They also serve Continental and Indian dishes. Brittos creates magic with Pork Vindaloo,
Calamari Butter Garlic, Prawn Curry and Crab Xec Xec for a memorable gourmand experience. Try
also their Meat Platter and their desserts especially the Mango Custard Cake. Live bands play on
certain days of the week. The food comes fast and the ambience is lively.
Location - Calangute-Baga Beach - Goa, Ph: 2276291/22777331

Caf Mambos
Timings: 7pm to 4am
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 800
Love to party and turned up off season? Head straight to Mambos for its exotic cocktails and gorge
on their Seafood Platter too, while you enjoy their creative ever-changing theme parties. If you fancy
lobsters, this place will give you a taste of the best, with choices of how you want it to be prepared.
You would love its excellent ethnic dcor with bamboo trappings all round, and its strategic location
on the beach. You would get Indian wines, local port wines and imported wines as well. Mambos is
good fun.
Location - Titos Lane, Saunta Vaddo, Baga Calangute - Goa, Ph: 2275028, 9822765002 goa

East Meets West (Casa Portuguesa)

Timings; 7pm to 11.30pm
Mid-October to April
Avg. Price: Rs.470
This seasonal restaurant, which is part of Casa Portuguesa, will impress you with its barbecues,
Banoffee Pie, Prawn Masala, Lobster Spaghetti and Lamb Rogan Josh to go with the drinks. The
open-air restaurant is surrounded with flowering plants, has a centre stage where live bands play in
the evenings and dance floor too. Party time, folks!
Location - Baga-Calangute, Opp Beira Mar Resort - Goa, Ph: 2276211

Timings: 7pm to 2am
October to May
Avg.Price: Rs.750
This upmarket, round-the-year contemporary chill zone is as popular for its cuisine as for fine
entertainment. Relish their Lobster Tex Mex, Crab Xec Xec and Chicken Xhacuti, the last one if you
are okay with slightly tangy spices. Expect to find an exclusive crowd here.
Location - Cobravaddo, Calangute-Baga Rd, Baga - Goa, Ph: 9820740281/9820028121 goa

J & As Little Italy

Timings: 8am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
Innovative salads and antipasti are the USP of this restaurant. It pampers connoisseurs of Italian
food with its unique style of presentation. Try the Carpaccio (wafer-thing slices of raw fillet steak
topped with Arugula and Parmesan shavings), the Regalo di Mare (prawns and squid in tomato
vinaigrette dressing served with Crostini al Pesto) and the Warm Pasta Salad (flat pasta squares in
sour cream dressing sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese). Try also the green salads with your
choice of dressings. If you prefer pasta, try the Pizza dello Chef with goat cheese and oven-roasted
tomatoes. For dessert, try the Baked Lemon CheeseCake its famous!
Location - Socoilo Vaddo - Goa

Lila Caf
Timings: 8.30am to 6pm
October to May
Avg. Price: Rs.500
This seasonal shack is one of the most famous along the Baga stretch that serves Continental dishes
and an excellent breakfast spread. Run by a German couple. Lilas menu includes freshly baked
croissants, home-made cheeses, and a choice of salads, not to forget their excellent home-made
bakery products. The menu includes bagels, rolls, salads (with olive oil), soups, cheese spaetzle,
spaghetti, Farmers Breakfast, Goulash, fillet steaks, Pan Fried Chicken, omelets and muesli. Lounge
around on cane chairs with your favorite drink and bite into their special Smoked Kingfish it will be
an experience to remember.
Location - North Bank of the Baga River - Goa, Ph: 2279843 goa restaurants

Mayona Creekside

8am to 2pm
Avg. Price: Rs.350
Bite into Pork Spareribs, get a taste of Thai food and Goan Vindaloo and sip a drink or two at this
multicuisine restaurant located close to a quiet fishing spot that offers a good view of the Tunnel
Bridge. Its a creekside restaurant with a garden in front. Try here the sizzlers, seafood, tandoori
dishes and Goan fish curry rice.
Location - Nr Tunnel Bridge, Baga - Goa, Ph: 2277997

Mirabais Goan Village

Timings: 11am to 3pm & 7pm to 4am
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs.450
A rooftop restaurant on the popular Baga stretch, Mirabais offers you a choice of typical Goan,
Chinese and North Indian dishes for lunch and dinner during tourist season. Try here the Lobster
Thermidor, the tiger prawn dishes, the Goan pork dishes, all vindaloos and xhacuti while you lounge
around on the beach with a drink and enjoy the Rajasthani folk dances. Food is served in clay pots
after being cooked in an open kitchen.
Location - Beach Street - Goa, Ph: 5622177/9822176808

Goa Restaurants in Calangute

A Reverie
Timings: 7pm to 12am
Avg. Price: Rs. 750
A celebrity haunt, the patrons of this fine-dining restaurant get to appreciate the nuances of
molecular gastronomy, which means presenting familiar dishes in novel and creative ways, which is
why theres a fine fusion of various flavours here. Try the Chilled Bloody Mary Mousse with Miso
Tiger Prawns, further enhanced with the textures of red cabbage & shitake. Their Smoked Salmon
comes with a jelly of cucumber that looks great too. Their Sliced Beef with Rosemary Onions &
Mustard Ice Cream is famous. Round off the meal with Five-Spice Ice-Cream or Ginger-and-Basil
Coconut Ice Cream or Strawberries Glazed with Balsamic for a taste of the exotic. This is one place
you should not miss.
Location Next to Hotel Goan Heritage, Gaura Vaddo, Calangute Goa, Ph: 9823174927

After Seven Restaurant

Timings: 7pm to 11pm
15 October to 31 April
Avg. Price: Rs. 1000
Its dinner and dinner only, as the name suggests. And fine dining too. Come here for some
Camembert Souffle, Warm Squid in Balsamic Vinegar, Rum and Lemon Prawns. Cool off with Caesars
Salad with or without bacon, Crabmeat with Dill & Apples, and round off the meal with delicious
desserts including Chocolate Mousse, Orange Souffle and home-made ice-cream delicately flavoured
with cinnamon & balsamic. Food here is cooked in Olive oil, an expensive but healthy option. Again, a
seasonal joint where you can wash down your food with French and Australian wines, while you
watch the food being cooked in the glass-enclosed Kitchen.
Location Opp. Pedro Martina Resort, 1/274b, Gaura Vaddo, Chapel Lane Goa, Ph: 2279757

Big Peckers
Avg. Price: Rs. 275
Big Peckers is an aesthetically presented bar and grill strategically located along one of the most
crowded stretches of Goa, where you can relish their grills, sizzlers and steaks to carry pleasant
gourmand memories back home. Their cocktails are also one of the best in the area. Popular and
very affordable, thats the USP of Big Peckers.
Location Almita III, Shop. No. 14, Naika Vaddo, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2497171

Capricorn Bar & Restaurant

Timings: 9am to 3pm & 6pm to 11pm
Round the year
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
Come to this round-the-year restaurant and take your pick from the pastas, pizzas and steaks that
are available from morning to night on the popular Calangute stretch. Try here the Baked Fish in
Cheese Sauce, the Polo Paprika, the Pork Vindaloo and the Baked Crabs. Have a bite and sip your
drinks as you enjoy the sea view.
Location Umta Vaddo Beach Rd, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2277296 goa restaurants

(Colonia Santa Maria Hotel)
Timings: 7.30am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 500
This all-season restaurant, open from early morning almost upto midnight, tries its hand at Goan,
Indian as well as Continental dishes, and does a fairly good job with all of them. We would suggest
the Chicken Xhacuti, the Fish Curry and the Pork Vindaloo from the menu. Wash it all down with
liquors of your choice.
Location Cobra Vaddo, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2276107/2277299

Copper Bowl
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
An open-air restaurant with intricate stone colonnades and broad benches, Copper Bowl has a green
marble floor and copper-colour lamps that lend the place its special ambience. Skilled renditions of
Goan classics are served from no-surprise-copper pots. Try the aromatic Shrimp Balchao cooked with
spices, chillies, onions and shrimp powder. The restaurant, which also serves some European dishes,
is part of the Ayurvedic boutique hotel Pousada Tauma be sure to reserve your table if youre not
staying there.
Location Porba Vaddo, Calangute, Bardez Goa, Ph: 2279061-63 goa restaurants

Electric Cats
Timings: 11am to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 320
Say seafood, seafood and seafood at Electric Cats, which is located in Calangute, and is also known
for Thai, Chinese, Goan, Continental and Indian dishes. They do a good job with the desserts as well
at this seasonal restaurant which is open from mid-morning to midnight. Electric Cats has on display
all varieties of fish, prawns, lobsters to choose from and have it the way you want it. Try their
Calamari in White Sauce, Tiger Prawn Tandoori and Stuffed Lobsters for a forget-me-not experience

at this family restaurant. Relaxing ambience with mild music in the background.
Location Sauntavaddo, Baga Rd, Calangute Goa

Timings: 7pm to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 1200
The ornamental and fascinating European food restaurant has found a place in major media
publications across the world, and is a celeb haunt out and out. Expect to run into film and media
personalities, models, actors and writers at this elegant restaurant that serves excellent sushi and
steaks and other fish and lobster dishes Lobster Gratta and Steamed Lobster. Try also the Carpaccio
thin slices of beef fillet in traditional dressing and garnished with parmesan shavings or the Greek
Smoked Aubergine mix and pita bread. Beefeaters can feast on steaks cooked French style. Still
popular are the 12-inch Pizza Margaritas with a choice of toppings. Start your evening with cocktails
made from fresh home-made fruit juices and round off the meal with a huge choice of desserts on a
separate dessert menu. The dcor at this open-air restaurant with eco-friendly furniture and lots of
plants around is sure to fascinate you even as you appreciate the handmade lamps that lend
romance to the ambience. Fiesta is open only for dinner, but you would need to book your tables well
in advance during season. Fiesta take special care to use only the best ingredients in its preparations
and doesnt use artificial flavour enhancers.
Location 7/35, Sauntawado, Opp Titos, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2279894/2281440 goa restaurants

Flying Dolphin Beach Bar

Timings: 8am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 475.
Started in 1996, this beach bar has now grown to become a popular tourist destination. The
ambience is beautifully set in the Mediterranean style, and the cuisine is typically Greek. This
seasonal beach restaurant does an excellent job of its Meat Mosaqa, Veg Mosaqa and Chicken
Lovaski and is just the right place for you if you are a Continental food buff. Also try their Seafood
Platter, Steamed Baby Kingfish and King Prawns Golden Fried. And there are drinks to go with the
food too.
Location Hotel Golden Eye, Gauravaddo, Calangute Goa.

Hotel Goan Heritage

Timings: 7am to 10.30pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
This restaurant serves up excellent Tenderloin Bell Pepper, Lobster Thermidor and Chicken Xhacuti,
to pick a few from its multicuisine menu. Dont miss the Prawn Caldine and Fish Reicheado either.
During season, turn up for the Barbecue Night on Mondays and Sizzler Night on Saturdays.
Location Gauravaddo Calangute Goa, Ph: 2276761-66 goa restaurants

Hotel Linda Goa

Timings: 6pm to 4am
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
This multicuisine restaurant in Baga is good for late night dinner and drinks and has a dance floor as
Location Baga Rd, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2279685-86

Hotel Villa Bomfim

Timings: 8am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 380
This warm and homely restaurant in Calangute serves up a fairly good variety of multicuisine dishes
which include items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try here the seafood dishes, the steaks and the
Location Baga Rd, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2279384 goa restaurants

Indian Spice
Timings: 10.30am to 12.30am
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
Try a taste of Indian Spice only during season on the famous Calangute beach, and I would heartily
recommend the Indian-style seafood, kebabs, and tikkas. Try the crisp garlic breads too at this openair resto-bar. Probably it is the only place that will serve you Tandoori items from 11am to 11pm in
this area.
Location Cobravaddo, Calangute Goa, Ph: 3090248

Infantaria Pastalaria Restaurant, Bakery & Bar

Timings: 7.30am to 12midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 250
Deceptive one would say, if one had to describe the interiors of this restaurant that sports nondescript dcor and simple furniture. You would hardly guess how the breakfast buffets have been
runaway his with tourists here, season after season. Good Goan food too try the Prok Sorpotel and
you would know. The confectionery section does good beef burgers and cheese croissants, and
home-cooked brownies that would leave an impression on your mind long after you have left the
place. Carry home some, if you can.
Location At Calangute-Baga Junction Goa, Ph: 2282906, 2277421 Le Jardin
Fine European Cuisine
Timings 7.00pm till late
Late October to late April
Avg. Price: Rs. 700
A gorgeous, delicate and intimate restaurant set in a palm garden. A collaboration between Goan
and English partners. Catering to guests who appreciate excellence. Serving genuinely fine cuisine,
where food quality and presentation are of the highest standard. Starters include some very
impressive dishes including country chicken liver pate, with onion marmalade, a Greek meze with
hummus, tzatziki and Kalamata olives. From the main courses try grilled fillet of fish with lime and
coriander sauce, truly sublime. Also on offer are the tenderest of fillet steaks served with a variety of
mouth-watering sauces including fresh green peppercorn. For vegetarians, a range of innovative
dishes. Try Provencal vegetable couscous with asparagus roll and creamy pesto sauce. Compliment
your meal with fine Indian, Australian, French and South American wines. End your meal with bread
and butter pudding. Yes really! Give it a go. Perhaps the coolest and most gentle music in Goa,
relax with Katie Melua, Norah Jones, Jose Gonzales, Lloyd Cole, The Lighthouse family
Location - Next to Hotel Goan Heritage, Gaura Vaddo, Calangute Goa, Ph: 9881 500959

Le Restaurant Francais
Open for dinner only

April to December
Avg. Price: Rs. 700
This open-air garden restaurant, run by Morgan, Florence and Serge, offers French fine dining
options between December and April, and only for dinner. Do book your table in advance since the
restaurant might be closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays since they also run a very popular
beach shack in Morjim which is open during peak season. Specialization and business focus ensures
great food start with the Chicken Liver Pate with Onion Jam, which has a long French name too
Terrine de Foies de Volaille or Confiture dOignos. Go on to fish dishes, especially the fillet of fish
served with seaweed sauce. Vegetarians choices would include sweetened tomato tart with goat
cheese, honey and basil juice. For dessert, try the melting chocolate cake with fresh vanilla cream.
Location Calangute-Baga Rd, Cobra Vaddo Goa.

Nizmar Resort
Timings: 7.30am to 10.30pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
An eating out option in one of the most popular and crowded beaches of Goa. Try the Garlic Pepper
Steak, the Steak Margarita and the Steak Diana at Steak House which has a desert theme with a/c,
and Pasta Bolognaise, Pasta Carbonara at the poolside restaurant called Fusion, and the Prawns in
Green Curry at Oriental Garden, opt for the traditional vindaloos and fish curry-rice if you want the
taste of Goa to linger on your palate. The place is open throughout the year for breakfast, lunch and
dinner with breaks in between. Admire the beautifully landscaped garden along the poolside while
savouring Bacchanalian pleasures at Crazy Horse poolside bar, which serves fine Indian and
imported wines. For in-between meals, snacks and beverages you can head for the Coffee Shop.
Location Naika Vaddo, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2275909/2275912-13/2282418-21 goa restaurants

Timings: 6pm to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 550
This extremely popular seasonal open-air joint tries its hands at different kinds of cuisines and does
an especially good job of its Seafood Platter, Tandoori Platter and Spareribs in Plum Sauce. Check
out the Fried Calamari in Garlic Butter and Stuffed Baked Crabs. Wash it all down with popular IMFLs.
Its a happy place where people sit until almost midnight.
Location Cobra Vaddo, Baga Rd, Opp. Tibetan Market Goa, Ph: 2279447, 9822122171

Timings: 9am to 3pm & 5pm to 11pm
October to April
Avg. Price: Rs. 270
A family-run restaurant that has been in business since the 1980s. Oceanic is now run by Noel
Carvalho. This terrace restaurant along the busy Calangute stretch does a great job with the Tandoori
Fish and Shark in Lemon Butter, the Chicken Tikka Masala, King Prawns Tandoor and calamari
preparations. Enjoy your drinks here while taking in an aerial view of the city from this vantage point.
Location Main Calangute Rd, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2276408, 9822100521 goa restaurants

Oriental Royal Thai Cuisine

Timings: 11am to 11pm

Avg. Price: Rs. 650

Say Thai fine dining, and you have the answer. Choose from their huge menu that includes seafood,
steaks, Deep-Fried prawns, Tom Yam and Phat Thai, while listening to meditative music and watch
cultural programmes for a complete dining experience.
Location Inside Hotel Mira, Nr New Football Ground Goa, Ph: 3292809, 9822121549

Plantain Leaf
Timings: 7am to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 180
Say Indian vegetarian fare, and Plantain Leaf is the name that comes to mind. Try here the Veg
Sizzlers, all kinds of thalis, and a variety of dosas, the Gobi Manchurian and the Stuffed Parathas. No
alcoholic beverages are served here.
Location Almita-3, Calangute Beach Rd, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2276861 goa restaurants

Timings: 9am to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 475
Rustlers in Calangute charms with its rustic looks and is a great place to satiate late evening hunger
pangs with steaks, sizzlers and a choice of salads.
Location At ABC Farms, Opp. Tarcar Factory Goa

Salt and Pepper

Timings: 11am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
Visit this shack-style restaurant opposite Beiramar Resort in Calangute for a choice of Tandoori,
Continental and Chinese Fare and sizzlers. Their cocktails and seafood are worth a mention too.
Location Resort de Tio Carmin, Gaura Vaddo, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2276266 goa restaurants

Slalom Med Lounge & Bar

Timings: 7pm to 12 midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 800
Go to Shalom for your pick of Mediterranean and Spanish dishes at this perennial dawn-to-dusk
outfit, and relax with a drink or two at their lounge bar. Shalom makes steady and brisk business
throughout the year, and has a band of regular patrons. The ambience is beautiful and its the
perfect place to spend an evening over a drink or two.
Location 5/147, Umta Vaddo, Calangute, Bardez Goa, Ph: 2277678

Smokin Joes
Timings: 11am to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
Part of a pan-Indian pizza chain, Smokin Joes has finally made a place for itself on the sunny
beaches of Goa. Treat yourself to the usual pan pizzas and thin crust pizzas if you are still in a pizza
mindset, even when holidaying in Goa. Unlike other fast-food chains, everything at Smokin Joes is

made fresh and the products are authentic and tailor-made for the Indian palette. Some of the items
on the menu include Chicken Tikka, Tandoor Paneer, a range of garlic breads and pizza sandwiches,
and barbecued chicken to name a few. Smokin Joes is a value for money place and the price for
pizzas start from Rs. 35.
Location Sh 32 Simplex 2, Baga Junction, Calangute Goa, Ph: 3952424 / 3952525 goa

Souza Lobo
Timings: 11am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 480
One of the oldest and best round-the-year places for a variety of seafood preparations you wont
forget the authentic taste of their Lobster Thermidor, Grilled Tiger Prawns with Butter Garlic Sauce
and their Grilled Baby Kingfish and Stuffed Crab that go very well with the drinks. This sea-facing
restaurant is probably the oldest and most authentic Goan seafood restaurant along the Calangute
stretch. Be prepared to wait in the evenings as the place can become crowded.
Location On Calangute Beach, Umta Vaddo Goa, Ph: 2281234 / 9822120516

The Indian Kitchen

Timings: 7pm to 12midnight
October to April
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
Come for dinner to the Indian Kitchen, but only during tourist season. Theres more than usual
creativity in the way they prepare their kebabs, chicken tikkas and popular varieties of biryani. Drinks
are served too.
Location Behind Our Lady of Piety Chapel, Calangute Baga Rd Goa, Ph: 2277555 goa

Timings: 6am to 3.30am
Avg. rice: Rs. 600
This nightclub on the busy Calangute beach is known across the country as a celeb haunt where
people would pay anything to spend the New Year even. It is one of the oldest nightclubs in Goa
which metamorphosed into a happening place in the most-hippie era. If you dine here, do try their
Citrus Grilled Pomfret, the Grilled Pepper Chicken and the Chicken Cafreal which you could savour
while chilling out with your favourite drinks.
Location Titos Lane, Saunta vaddo, Baga-Calangute Goa, Ph: 2279895, 2275025

Timings: 6:30pm to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
Try this joint at Calangute for some the choicest Goan and Continental dishes like Mussels Cooked in
White Wine and served in mussel shells, Chicken in Cream, Spiced Beef and Okran preparations. The
service is brisk and the ambience, warm and friendly. Theres a gallery displaying contemporary
Goan art, too.
Location Gaurav Vaddo, Holiday Street, Calangute Goa, Ph: 2276017

Goa Restaurants in Candolim

Beaches Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 11am to 11pm (off season), 9am to 12midnight (season)
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
Open from morning to night in season, this place is perfect to pacify hunger pangs with their Lobster
Thermidor, steaks, Tandoori dishes and English food. Listen to light music and watch the paintings
here while you appreciate their courteous service.
Location Opp Sai Baba Temple, Chogm Rd Goa, Ph: 9850461184

Bobs Inn
Timings: 11am to 3.30pm, 6:30pm to 12midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
This joint, located on the main road in sprawling bungalow with a lawn in front, is open round the
year, and does a great job of its Seafood Platter, Sizzlers and Crumb Fried Mussels. Bob Marleys
music is played here most of the time.
Location Close to Sonesta Inns, Ann Vaddo Goa, Ph: 2276402 restaurants in goa

Timings: 11am to 3pm & 7pm to 10.30pm
Bomras is just right for a family dinner where you could taste modern Burmese and Kachin cuisines.
The ingredients are fresh and pure, and the cuisine style authentic. Try here the Sushi Rolls, squid
preparations and Mussel Curry. There are daily variations to the menu, and the chef could also cook
something special to suit your taste. Theres a personal feel to this spacious restaurant, and the
service is brisk.
Location Souza Vaddo, Opp Kamal Retreat Fort, Aguada Rd, Candolim Goa, Ph: 9822149633

Cactus Shepherds Pie

Timings: 10am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
Try Cactus along the upmarket Sinquerim area for some Tandoori Fish, Grilled Lobsters and Chicken
Tikka Masala to go with the drinks. The specialty dish here is the Shepherds Pie. Choose from Indian
and imported liquors.
Location Candolim-Sinquerim Rd, Escero Vaddo, Candolim, Bardez Goa, Ph: 9890176606,

Caf Cinnabar
Timings: 8am to 12midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
This round-the-year, morning-to-night snack bar will serve you an array of beverages and snacks
including Coorgi coffee, pastries, hors douevre kinds of pastries and snacks besides Continental
meals and desserts. Theres live music to rev you up as you relax with your preferred dishes and
drinks at their lounge bar.

Location Acron Arcade, Fort Aguada Goa, Ph: 5643671-74

Calamari Beach Shack

Timings: 9am to 11pm
October to mid-June
Avg. Price: Rs. 375
Dont miss this shack, located in one of the most happening and upmarket stretches on the way to
Sinquerim. Get a taste of excellent seafood we recommend the Prawns in Butter Garlic, the Sea
Food Salad and the Crab Soup. Drinks are served too.
Location Near Kingfisher Villa Goa, Ph: 9326102242 restaurants in goa

Cuckoo Zen Restaurant

Timings: 7pm to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
Game for some authentic Japanese and Chinese food, and that too in the heart of Candolim. Come
to Cuckoo Zen for some home-made organic noodles, Sashimir Raw Fish and Misco Soup in an
Oriental ambience, with some drinks to pep up the spirit.
Location H.No. 1127, Candolim Goa

Boa Cozinha
Timings: 7am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
This dawn-to-dusk multicuisine restaurant is located along the overexposed Calangute stretch. You
could still enjoy a candlelit dinner here, though, in this peaceful poolside joint. Try the Lobster
Thermidore if you are ready to splurge for a gourmets memory, or else try the Grilled Chicken and
the Beef Steak, not to forget the Tiger Prawns, washed down with liquors and wines, of course.
Location At Dona Alcina Resort, Opp Candolim Health Centre Candolim Beach Goa, Ph:

Fishermans Cove
Timings: 8am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 425
Try the Prawn Masala Fry, Aloo Gobhi, Tandoori Baby Kingfish and Tandoori Lobster at this
multicuisine morning-to-night restaurant which is partly airconditioned and partly open air, along
with your drinks as you enjoy Karaoke music.
Location Main Market, Candolim Goa, Ph: 2489538/9822143376/9822169572

Floyds Hut
Timings: 10am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 520
Eat in a warm and rustic ambience at this multicuisine restaurant in Candolim where you would
surely appreciate their great-tasting Chicken Tikka Masala, the varieties of vindaloo and Chicken
Sashlik and some Tandoori Kingfish as you taste their white wines and port wines.
Location Opp. Magnum Resort, Candolim Goa, Ph: 9822169553 restaurants in goa

Indiana Bar & Restaurant


Timings: 8.30am to 10.30pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 380
Pick your choice from Continental, Chinese and Tandoori dishes at this seasonal restaurant which
wears a rustic look. Try the Beef Steaks, the many kinds of vindaloo and Fish-Curry Rice if you fancy
Goan, or Rogan Josh and Chicken Shahjahani if you prefer North Indian food. The restaurant is well-lit
to set off the greenery around it great ambience to savour Portuguese port wines.
Location Opp. Canara Bank, Candolim Beach Rd, Morod Candolim Goa, Ph:

Jazz House
Timings: 11am to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 550
Dont even expect to get a place to sit at this extremely popular shack when those fantastic jazz
numbers are playing after sunset. The music is mind-boggling enough to motive its customers to sit
on a rug on the floor while they take their pick from an array of Continental dishes. Try their Grilled
Lamb to go with the drinks. The confectionery wing does a good job with pastries, doughnuts and
cakes too.
Location Opp. Don Francisco Resorts, Nr Dona Alcina Resorts, Vaddi, Candolim Goa, Ph:

Just Chinese
Timings: 11am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
Try excellent Chinese and Oriental fare at this restaurant with an Oriental theme dcor and a huge
menu of 109 authentic Chinese dishes. They have a variety of starters, soups, meat, poultry and
seafood dishes, and make an excellent job of Pork Spareribs, Crisply Duck and Prawn Toast, and
there are drinks to go with the food.
Location Nr Dona Alcina, Vaddi, Candolim Goa, Ph: 9822184499

Sweet Chilli
Timings: 11am to 1am
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
Although a multicuisine garden restaurant and lounge, they are best with Goan dishes. Try the
varieties of vindaloo, xhacutis and cafereals here for a taste of Goan spices at this garden lounge.
The ambience is rustic, its dcor replete with wood and other natural material in sync with the
surrounding environment. Get to hear some jazz too, if you land up at the right time. It is a great
place to book for private parties.
Location Sinquerim Candolim Goa, Ph: 2479446

Oriental Thai Restaurant

Timings: 11am to 1pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 650
Take your pick from an array of Thai, Italian & French dishes if you come to this restaurant in
Candolim Beach during tourist season. The restaurant has handpicked one of Thailands leading
chefs to give that Royal Thai feel to its food. Try the Golden Fried Prawns, the Dimsums and the

Tempuras to go with drinks of your choice, as you look around to appreciate the Oriental dcor here.
The owners have put in a lot of afford to make the guests feel comfortable and their food is really
Location Hotel Surf Side, Next to Candolim Beach Taxi Stand, Candolim Goa, Ph:

Palm Shade Restaurant

Timings: 7am to 11pm
Round the year
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
Wonderful location and great food at Palm Shade which is flanked by the Taj properties on either
sides which makes it easy to get noticed. Try here the Pomfret Reicheado, the Calamari in Butter
Garlic and the Tandoori Kingfish if you fancy seafood and are looking for a culinary experience to
Location Nr Taj, Chogm Rd, Sinquerim Goa, Ph: 2479529

Palms & Sands Bar and Restaurant

Timings: 10am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
Try out the varities of vindaloo, the ambot tik and the balchaos while you enjoy the beach view at
this resto-bar. Also try their popular delicacy Crabmeat au Gratin apart from Lamb Chops, vegetarian
delicacies, desserts and apple pies. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it specializes in
Continental, Goan, Chinese, Tandoori and grilled cuisine. It has an idyllic bar setup on the beachfront
besides indoor facilities. Ideally located near the Kingfisher villa, this restaurant is a landmark for the
people in the area.
Location Dando Vaddo, Candolim Goa, Ph: 2479171/5623505

Timings: 9am to 10pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
One round the year, come to Ruffles if you are an English and Continental food buff. The restaurant
offers spacious outdoor sitting. They do authentic English dishes and a good Seafood Platter. Indianstyle fish and chicken curries too are worth a try. Try their puddings, steaks and home-made pies,
kebabs and grills, and salads. Listen to some great music as this place rocks with live rock music
played by bands from India and abroad.
Location Fort Aguada Rd, Candolim Goa, Ph: 9822136040/9850474106/5641039

Silk Route
Timings: 11am to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
This garden lounge bar, opposite the Taj, is great for some Oriental cuisine, especially their sushi,
sashimi, teppanyaki, dimsums, yakitori, tempuras, lynn beef and saki. Right from Japanese,
Cantonese, Chinese, Vietnamese to Thai food, they serve the entire range of Oriental cuisines. The
ambience is fascinating and there is jazz and rock music to regale you in the evenings.
Location 115, Fort Aguada Rd, Candolim Goa, Ph: 3950746/3950751

Timings: 8.30am to 11.30pm

1st week of September to mid-June

Avg. Price: Rs. 400
Another multicuisine restaurant that remains open from dawn to midnight, but only in season. We
would suggest a mixed pick here bite into the Beef Steaks with a sauce of your choice, or maybe
taste some Prawn Curry and Rice, Chicken Tikka Masala or Tandoori Baby Kingfish or pomfret while
you enjoy the sea view. Choose from fine Indian and imported wines white, rose and red.
Location Nr Car Park, Candolim Beach, Candolim Goa, Ph: 6525870/2489774/2489180

Vanilla Lounge
Timings: 11am to 12.30am
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
This fairly new joint is going great guns as a night out joint with celebs doing the rounds since its
inception. Try here the Stuffed Pomfrets, the Seafood Platter and the Pepper Steaks while you enjoy
the beach view over a drink or two.
Location Xavier Rd, Vaddi, Opp River Princess, Candolim Goa, Ph: 9822102991

Goa Restaurants in Dona Paula

Timings: 9.30am to 11pm
October to March
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
This restaurant flourishes during peak season along the Dona Paula Miramar stretch where you can
relish their Fish Curry-Rice combo, their Chicken Cafreal and their Dry Prawn Manchurian while you
sip your drinks and enjoy the beautiful view from the cosy cove where it is located. Dont forget to
try their Chicken Steak, Prawn Cocktail and Lobster Thermidor either.
Location Near Police Outpost, Survey No. 251/25, Hawaii Beach, Kurkutta Goa, Ph:
2453838/9326112376 restaurants in goa

Martins Beach Corner

Timings: 11am to 3pm & 6.30pm to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
This is one of the most popular restaurants in the Miramar area. Sit under Martins thatched roof on
simple plastic chairs and savour the Mussels Masala Fry, Pork Sorportel and Bangda (mackerel)
Reicheado with your favourite drinks at this restaurant while you enjoy a view of the Miramar beach.
Location Near Blue Bay Hotel, Caranzalem Goa, Ph: 2464877

Meninos Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 9am to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 225
We would recommend typical Goan dishes at this round-the-year partly air-conditioned restaurant
which overlooks the Mandovi. Try the Fish Reicheado and Chicken Vindaloo, Calamari Butter Garlic,

the varieties of xhacuti and Goan sausages while you sit on the wide verandah and admire the view.
Location Near Dona Paula Jetty Goa, Ph: 2452702

Pan Asian
Timings: 7pm to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
This Oriental restaurant in a contemporary Southeast Asian dcor serves up excellent Teppanyaki,
Pan Fried Mongolian Chicken and Four Season Prawns In Orange Sauce, among other items on the
menu. Enjoy your food and drinks with some live music here.
Location Vainguinim Valley Resort, 184/189 Machados Cove, Dona Paula Goa, Ph: 2452201-05

Prainha Restaurant
Timings: 11am to 3pm & 7pm to 11pm
October to May
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
This could be a good option if you are hanging around Dona Paula near Panaji, and want to choose
between Chinese, Indian and Goan dishes for a meal. This restaurant is open round the year and
their best dishes are Chicken Manchurian, Mutton Rogan Josh and Chicken Cafreal, Grilled Lobster
and Pomfret Reicheado which you could taste while sitting on their lush green lawns at the Dona
Paula Cove.
Location Near Dona Paula Jetty Goa, Ph: 2453881 - 83 restaurants in goa

Sea Pebble
Avg. Price: Rs. 550
Hear the waves crashing against the walls as you sip your drinks and bite into the Prawn Masala Fry,
Pomfret Reicheado and Crumb Fried Mullet at the Dona Paula cove. Theres multicuisine fare on offer
Location Dona Paula Jetty Goa, Ph: 2456554

Mermaid Restaurant
Timings: 11am to 3pm, & 7pm to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
Sit at this garden restaurant with palm trees around you, enjoy the sea view while you sip your
drinks and take your pick from their seafood dishes or biryanis if you fancy Mughlai food. They do a
good job with the steaks as well.
Location Swimsea Beach Resort, Carazelem Beach, Nr St. Peters Chapel Goa, Ph: 2464481-83
Fax: 2464480

White House Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 11.30am to 3.30pm & 6.30pm to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 250
Come to White House for a taste of home-cooked Goan food along with your favourte drinks while
you sit atop the Dona Paula cliff and enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Miramar beach. Its so
affordable too!
Location Near Nio Post Office Goa, Ph: 2453839

Goa Restaurants in Mandrem

Dunes Holiday Village

Timings: 8am to 11pm
October to May
Avg. Price: Rs. 500
The all-season restaurant at this resort serves multicuisine fare take your pick from their excellent
Dal Makhni, Veg Kashmiri and Aloo Gobhi, as well as the Fish Curry and Kebabs, if you prefer a taste
of exotic Indian spices, while you enjoy a beautiful view of the beach from this vantage point. Round
off your meal with your choice of Indian wines.
Location Junos Vaddo Mandrem Goa, Ph: 2247219/2247919/2247071

Goa Restaurants in Mapusa

Bawarchi Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 12noon to 3pm & 7pm to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 225
A multicuisine, round the year restaurant which is open for lunch and dinner, and is closed in
between. Try the Butter Chicken, Mutton Rogan Josh and Mutton Chilly Fry if North Indian spicy food
feeds your fancy. Or try the Chicken Chilly Fry, if you will, at this cosy family restaurant.
Location Behind Maruti Temple, Ansabhat Goa, Ph: 2262435/2250210

Caf St. Francis Xavier

Timings: 8am to 9pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 200
Visit this trendy and popular place if you fancy Goan dishes, or some staple Chinese fare and snacks.
This all-season restaurant does a good job of their biryanis. Try also their Chicken Xhacuti, their
varieties of sorpotel and croquets, which also sell well.
Location 141, Municipal Market Goa, Ph: 2262229/2252972

Goa Restaurants in Morjim

Camp 69
Timings: 11am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
Youll need to go up the North Goa beaches, to reach Camp 69 a restaurant with an army-camp
look complete with log cabins et al. Relish their excellent Seafood Platter with your choice of liquor,
or else try the Oysters in White Sauce if you fancy special Continental fare. Want a taste of Indian
spices? Try Butter Chicken.
Location Vithaldas Vaddo, Morjim Goa, Ph: 2244458

Montego Bay

Timings: 8am to 12midnight
October to mid-May
Avg. Price: Rs. 500
This multicuisine restaurant serves Indian, Goan and Continental dishes and does a good job with its
Seafood Platter. Try also the Stuffed Crabs, the Chicken Cafreal and lobster preparations to go with
the drinks while you enjoy the beach view. It remains open up to midnight round the year.
Location Bitaldas Vaddo, Morjim Goa, Ph: 9822150847 restaurants in goa

Papa Jollys
Timings: 24 hours
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
If you are in Morjim, do try Papa Jollys for some Chicken Alakiev, Tiger Prawn Oriental and the
Tandoori Platter as also the vindaloo, Goan Fish Curry-Rice and Balchao as you sip your drinks and
enjoy the sea view from the balcony.
Location H.No. 7490A, New Vaddo, Morjim-Ashvew Rd Goa, Ph: 2244113/4

Goa Restaurants in Panaji

Avanti Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 11am to 3pm & 7pm to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 500
Come for a taste of the best Goan and Portuguese dishes at this all-season restaurant where we
would recommend the Fish Caldinho, the Pomfret Reicheado and the Prawn Balchao, among other
great dishes that they churn up. Enjoy, while you eat, the colonial ambience of this restaurant which
is located in the Latin quarters of Panaji.
Location Near Patto Bridge, Rua de Ourem Goa, Ph: 2427179/2435884

Bread and More

Timings: 9am to 9.30pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 150
Say designer confectioneries within the capital city, and youve landed up at just the right place for
some great garlic bread and freshly baked pastries, not to forget the doughnuts and the Chicken
Submarine. Their Russian Salad and Tuna Salad are really good, packed in cute carry-away tubs,
they are filling and great value for money. They also offer a 20 percent discount during happy hours
(8.30pm to 9.30pm)
Location Shop No. 15/16 Magnum Centre, M.G.Road, Behind Mandovi Hotel Goa, Ph: 2422755

Chicky Chocky
Timings: 10am to 10pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
If you are in Panaji, be sure to try out this place, one of the oldest round-the-year joints in the city
serving up fast food and Continental dishes. Take your pick from the pizzas, the steaks and the fresh
fruit milkshakes any two of which would make for a mini deal. Young crowds are often seen here,
although it is also a favourite with office goers dropping by for lunch. A very simple place in terms of

dcor and ambience, though.

Location Near Panaji Church, Progress High School Building, Ground Floor Goa, Ph:

Delhi Darbar
Timings: 11am to 3.30pm & 6.30pm to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 650
This is one of the most popular Tandoori and Mughlai restaurants in the heart of Panaji, although
there are seafood and Chinese items on the menu as well. Open from mid-morning up to late
afternoon and then again for dinner, you can get a taste of Delhi Darbar round the year, the
especially good items including Chicken Rukshana, Mutton Rogan Gosht (a richly spiced mutton
dish), Chicken Handi and Malai Kofta. They also make rich biryanis and offer a choice of excellent
raitas to go with them. Their kebabs are well done, too. Plush seating arrangements, although
slightly cramped up for space, make for a cosy atmosphere, where you could relax with a drink or
Location Opp. Benetton Showroom, M.G.Road, Panaji Goa, Ph: 2222544/3292801

Edus Restaurant
Timings: 11.30am to 2.45pm & 7pm to 11.30pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
The staple multicuisine fare at this crowdpulling trendy restaurant is not a bad dining option if you
choose from their pizzas and dont expect too much. Try their Chicken Tikka and Tom Yum Soup too.
Location Magsons Supercentre, Dayanand Bandodkar Marg Goa, Ph: 2463777/888

Fidalgo Food Enclave

Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 150 Rs. 700
This plaza has five different kinds of restaurants Bhojan, which serves Gujarati food, Chilly-N-Spice
which is a multicuisine resto-bar with live bands playing in the evening, a coffee shop called
Antimaria, an Indian fastfood joint called Legacy of Bombay and Meat Masala for North Indian food.
Its a one-stop shop for a taste of Masala Dosa, Chinese Noodles, Dal Makhni, Veg Kolhapuri and
Karahi Paneer.
Location 18th June Rd Goa, Ph: 2226291-99

Timings: 7am to 3pm & 7pm to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
Come to Foodland for a taste of good multicuisine dishes and some fast food in the heart of the city,
off Miramar. Again, leave out the siesta hours and grab your grub by 3pm at this spacious restaurant
which offers self-service else, come for a late evening snack. Try the Cheese Chicken Burgers and
the Chicken Submarine, or the Chhole Bhature if you are feeling ravenous.
Location Near Miramar Residency Goa, Ph: 3092803

Goenchin Chinese Restaurant

Timings: 12.30pm to 3pm & 7.30pm to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
Talk of Chinese food in Panaji city, and its Goenchin that comes to your mind first this being one of

the oldest and best in the trade. The ambience is Far Eastern and they serve authentic Szechwan,
Hunan, Cantonese and Beijing cuisines. Try the Fish with Green Coriander Sauce, Chicken with Chilly
Lemon Sauce and Exotic Veg. with Chizmi Chilly Sauce if you have a taste for rare and exotic dishes,
and dont forget the drinks IMFLs and local port, besides palm and cashew feni.
Location Mandovi Apartments, Dr. Dada vaidya Rd., Panaji, close to Goa Marriott Goa, Ph:

Timings: Open only for dinner
Avg. Price: Varies
If you are in Panaji city, come to Horseshoe for a taste of authentic Portuguese fare for dinner, which
is specially supervised by owner-chef Vasco Silveira who has received training from Portugal and
keeps replenishing his skills. Try the Fish Curry, the Prawns in Butter Garlic, the Pork Chops, the
Galinha Piri Piri and round off the meal with Bolo Sans Rival for dessert. The place is located typically
in the Goan-Portuguese area, and the ambience recreates old times.
Location Rua de Ourem Goa, Ph: 2431788

Hotel Venite & Bar

Timings: 9am to 10.30pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
If you are in Panaji city, dont miss this homely, quaint-looking joint with graffiti on the walls, and
narrow, two-seater balconies. They do an excellent job with Continental dishes and seafood try
their steaks served with neatly blanched tomatoes and excellent French fries that would give
McDonalds a run for their money. Also try their generous Seafood Platter which is value for money
on the wrong side of Rs. 200 and is filling enough for two people. Wash it down with French and
Californian wines and other Indian and Foreign liquors and beers. Venite serves good Portuguese and
Goan dishes as well. Dont miss the Venite experience.
Location 31 January Rd, River Front Secretariat, Near Mermaid Garden and GPO Goa, Ph:

Moti Mahal Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 11am to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
Open from mid-morning till late evening, this upmarket and cosy round-the-year multicusine
restaurant does a great job of their Chicken Sashlik, Mutton Rogan Josh and their Kebab Platter, the
last one being a must-try. Wash it down with liquors, beers and wines on offer.
Location Opp. BSNL, 18 June Rd, Ph: 2423125/3292802

Mums Kitchen
Timings: 11am to 10.30pm
Mums Kitchen claims to have revived traditional Goan cuisine, and its ambience too reflects the
same there are alcoves that display traditional utensils for storage and spice-grinding. The taste
here is authentic Goan, although the prices of the dishes are above average. Try here the Chicken
Vindaloo, the Guisado de Galinha which is semi-dry chicken cooked in finely ground spices and the
cafreal. If you prefer beef, try the minced beef which is moderately spicy, or the xhacuti with local
breads like sannas. Chouricos, balchaos and sorpotels are available too, like in most Goan

restaurants. They also serve Indian Sula wines, French, Italian and Californian wines.
Location 854, Martins Bldg., D.B.Street, Panaji-Miramar Rd Goa

Timings: 12.30pm to 3.30pm, 7.30pm to 11.30pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
Come to this restaurant with an old-world look high ceilings, wooden floorboards et al with a view
of the River Mandovi. Its a multicuisine restaurant that serves authentic Goan and Portuguese food.
If here, definitely try the Prawn Curry-Rice with Kismur, the Chicken Cafreal, the Seafood Caldeirada
(a Portuguese dish) besides the usual balchaos and xhacutis. The restaurant has high ceiling wooden
floors and overlooks River Mandovi.
Location D.B.Bandodkar Rd, Ph: 2224405 09

Ritz Classic
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
Talk about Goan fish dishes in Panaji, and anyone would name Ritz Classic. If you dont mind
climbing up two flights of steps, you would reach this family restaurant sprawled out in a large airconditioned hall, where you can take your pick from their coconut-rich, mild-tasting Fish Curry with
steamed rice, or you could try their Seafood Platter, Fried Kingfish or Pomfret, or other varieties of
fish cooked in Goan style. Not so showy, but a comfortable place for a typical Goan fish dishes.
Location In Hotel Le Grande, Near National Theatre, Ph: 2426417

Sher-E-Punjabi Restaurant and Bar

Timings: 10am to 12midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 250
This restaurant, complete with a garden and an artificial waterfall, is open from midmorning to
midnight and is always there to cater to those sudden hunger pangs. Get a taste of their Dum
Biryani, Malai Kebabs, Fish Tikka, Chicken Peshawari and Mutton Rahra for a memorable culinary
experience, since they do the best job with their North Indian dishes rather than other fares on the
menu, there are IMFLs or feni as accompaniment, of course.
Location 18th June Rd Goa, Ph: 2227204, Fax: 2224330

Shiv Sagar Restaurant

Timings: 8am to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 200
This pure veg restaurant is a morning-to-night, round the year place offering North Indian and
Chinese fare in the heart of the capital city. Try here the Cheese Pav Bhaji, a variant of the popular
Mumbai dish, or the Puri Bhaji and end the meal with some Shreekhand. Service is brisk at this
partly air-conditioned restaurant.
Location Athaide Bldg, Near Don Bosco High School, Opp. Centurian Bank Goa, Ph:

The Rajshahi
Timings: 11.30am to 3pm & 7pm to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 400

This lunch and dinner joint at the Glass House in the capital city is great for Mughlai food enjoy
Tandoori and fish dishes in plush interiors that recreate the ambience of a small palace. Choose the
Banarasi Fish Tikka to go with drinks of your choice. They use authentic spices and ingredients to
spice up mouth-watering kebabs, curries and biryanis. The personalized service and relaxed
ambience is sure to impress any fun loving family.
Location G1-3, Karmali Glass Tower, Opp Traffic Police Cell, Nr Geeta Bakery, Panaji Goa, Ph:

Viva Panjim
Timings: 9am 3pm & 7pm to 10.30pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 250
This family-owned restaurant set up in an old Goan home is open round the year where you must try
the Seafood Platter, the xhacutis, Prawn Curry-Rice and Fish Reicheado among other Goan dishes.
The food is typical Goan fare, hot and spicy.
Location Behind Mary Immaculate Girls High Schoo, 31 January Rd, Fontainhas Goa, Ph:

Goa Restaurants in Porvorim

Angels Resort Restaurant

Timings: 7.30am to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
This round-the-year multicuisine restaurant is open from early morning up to midnight, with no
breaks in between. Try here the Chicken Masala, the Chicken Tikka and the Chicken Hyderabadi if
you fancy north Indian fare, and round up the meal with all kinds of wines available here.
Location Chogm Rd, Porvorim Goa, Ph: 2412403/2414784

Biryani Place
Timings: 12noon to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 200
This round the year biryani joint at Porvorim offers a variety of exotic biryanis that are hard to find
I would recommend the Mushroom Biryani, Calamari Biryani and the Prawn Biryani, besides the
Mutton Biryani which tastes great too. The restaurant offers home delivery services and takeaway
facilities, and the dishes are very affordable.
Location B.B.Borkar Rd Goa, Ph: 2411503/04

OCoqueiro Restaurant
Timings: 11am to 3pm & 6.30pm to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 700
Say sussegad, and go for a siesta in the afternoon, before you can grab some grub here before 3pm,
when the state of Goa relishes its afternoon nap. Or else opt for dinner at this round-the-year
restaurant, located in an Old Portuguese house, for a taste of its multicuisine dishes. Try the Beef
Steak, Lobster Thermidor, Grilled Prawns, Pork Sorpotel and Mushroom Chilly Fry from the menu,
washed down with wines and liquors. They also have an extensive dessert menu.
Location Near Water Tank Goa, Ph: 2417271/806

Picnic Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 10.30am to 3pm & 6.30pm to 11.30pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 325
Pick the best from all-season Picnics multicuisine fare Macaroni with Ham, Bacon or Cheese,
Paneer Tikka, Fish Reicheado and your choice of drinks that you could relish in air-conditioned
comfort. Located on the main road, this restaurant offers good parking facilities as well.
Located Near Angels Resort, 19 Sapna Garden, Chogm Rd Goa, Ph: 2410349

Goa Restaurants in Saligao

Timings: 6.30pm to 10.30pm (closed on Mondays)
Avg. Price: Rs. 250
Say Goan food and Florentine is one of those places which have made their mark over the years.
Open from early morning up to late evening, this round-the-year restaurant, which is specially
decorated during season, will keep your memories alive with Chicken Cafreal one of the best in the
state. They dont do a bad job with their Fish Curry, Prawn Chilly Fry and Caramel Custard either.
Drinks are served too. If you wish to experience Goa the Goan way, this is the place for it. You would
find all classes of people at this restaurant old-fashioned and modern, rich or not-so-rich dining with
or without their families. Its just as good for a celebration meal with the family as for a hungry taxi
driver to eat a filling meal. Until recently, few foreign or Indian tourists turned up at this place, but
good food attracts everyone and in recent times one has seen a mixed crowd at Florentine the
service is brisk and in always fresh.
Location - Pequeno Morod Chogm Rd, Saligao Goa, Ph: 2278122/2278249

Goa Restaurants in Sinquerim

Beach House at the Taj

Timings: 7pm to 10.45pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 1400
This restaurant, which stands along the Aguada Fort and offers a great view of its rocky ramparts
overlooking the beach, dabbles in multicuisine fare, which by Goan standards, essentially means a
taste of Indian, Italian, Thai and Continental cuisines, all under one roof. Its an all-day dining
restaurant more on the expensive side, and is open round the year. We would suggest the Prawn
Balchao, Fish Curry and Pork Vindaloo since they do a good job of these Goan dishes, washed down
with wines, spirits and beers, of course.
Location Fort Aguada Beach Resort, Sinquerim Goa, Ph: 5645858/5645555

Bon Appetit
Timings: 11am to 11pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 450
Started in the year 1988, Bon Appetit is one of the places to visit while in Goa. Its a multicuisine
restaurant, specializing in seafood and Tandoori. One of the upmarket places on the way to the
Aguada Fort, this joint is good for a large variety of pasta, Tandoori dishes and the very special

Chicken Cafreal. Sit on eco-friendly cane chairs under palm trees while you sip your drinks and
savour your meal.
Location H.No. 156 Dando, Near Taj Holiday Village Goa, Ph: 2479678/2479077

The Banyan Tree

Timings: 12.30am to 10.30pm (Round the year)
Avg. Price: Rs. 550
A Thai chef is brought in every year since 1988 to refresh the menu of this restaurant a part of the
Taj Holiday Village. Set in the herb gardens of the hotel in the shade of a 300-year-old-banyan tree
and surrounded by a fish pond, this restaurant serves superb Thai food that includes Coconut
Seafood Soup and Green Papaya Salad. They use fresh local fish and shellfish to prepare their
seafood. Try here the Poo Gathi, river crabmeat in a spicy curry sauce .Other favourites are Choo Chi
Goong Mangkon (diced lobster in red-curry sauce infused with lime) and Tab Tim Grob.
Location Taj Holiday Village, Sinquerim, Bardez Goa, Ph: 5645858 (Extn: 5641)

Goa Restaurants in Vagator

Bamboo Palace
Timings: 8.30am to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
From the people who made Biryani Place famous for its richly flavored biryani, comes another outlet
Bamboo Palace. As the name suggests, it has a unique ambience chalked out of bamboos. This
morning-to-night seasonal joint does a very special Seafood Pizza which you ought not to miss. Also
try their Beef Steak and the sizzlers on the menu.
Location Vagator Beach Road Goa, Ph: 2273071

Primrose Bar & Restaurant

Timings: 9am to 11pm (Mid-October to April)
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
This resto-bar, on the picture-postcard Vagator beach, tries its hand at several cuisines and has a
large menu including Butter Chicken, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Butter Garlic Tiger Prawns, Chicken
Reshmi Kebab and home-made cakes. Relax with a drink while you enjoy both slow numbers and
techno music while appreciating the Italian paintings.
Location Behind St. Anthonys Church, Vagator Goa, Ph: 2273210

Restaurants in South Goa

Goa Restaurants in Agonda

Dersy Bar & Restaurant

Timings: 8am to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 275
Dersy is an option to consider if you are in the Agonda area they do a fair job of their multicuisine
fare, especially the Kingfish fry, the Calamari Butter Garlic and the classic Fish Curry-Rice combo.

Absorb a breathtaking view of the Agonda beach as you lounge around with a drink or two.
Location Near St Annes Church Goa, Ph: 2647503

Simrose Restaurant
Timings: 9am to 12midnight
September to April
Avg. Price: Rs. 300
Simrose at Agonda does a good job with its Fried Pomfret, Fish Curry-Rice, Tandoor dishes and
freshly prepared steaks. The restaurant laid out in a cottage, smacks of informality. Sip your drinks
and admire the breathtaking view of the Agonda beach while the friendly owner makes you feel
comfortable. They also offer candlelit dinner on the beach for that perfect meal under the stars.
Location Near St. Anne High School, Near Cemetary Goa, Ph: 2647259

Goa Restaurants in Benaulim

Alegria at Taj Exotica

Timings: 7pm onwards
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 1200
The interiors of Alegria are replica of a traditional, rich Goan house that portrays class and elegance.
There are traditional chandeliers and displayed artifacts which adds to the ambience of the
restaurant. The restaurant overlooks the vast expanse of the lush green lawns beyond which lies the
endless and mysterious depths of the Arabian Sea. The sumptuous meal is brought to your table and
served from traditional wares such as Cundlen and Katie. Try here the Fish Caldinho, Pork Sorpotel,
Pomfret Reicheado among other Goan delicacies.
Location In Taj Exotica Goa, Ph: 6683302

Dominick Restaurant & Pub

Timings: 8am to 12midnight
October to May
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
This seasonal restaurant is open from morning to night and serves good Fish Curry-Rice, all kinds of
fried fish and Pork Sorpotel. A variety of fish fries are on offer to go with the drinks.
Location Near Pedros Goa, Ph: 9823161170/2770416

Timings: 11.30am to 2.30pm & 7pm to 12midnight
Avg. Price: Rs. 400
One of the best-known seasonal joints in South Goa, Fiplees does a good job with almost all of their
dishes, especially their Chicken Tikka, the Malai Kebab and the Chicken Steak with Mushrooms.
Drinks are served, of course. The place is a complete entertainment zone with a leisure zone,
communication caf and unlimited music throughout the week. Weekends are definitely special with
the coolest artists in town performing here.
Location Near Maria Hall Benaulim Goa, Ph: 2770123/2772333

Goan Hideout Restaurant & Bar

Avg. Price: Rs. 600

What happens when guests turn hosts? This restaurant is the creation of a foreigner couple who had
once landed up on the sunny beaches of Goa as tourists and have now their own little establishment
to please the palates of both domestic and foreign tourists. Try here the Pepper Steak, the Beef
Steak, the Seafood Pasta and the Tiger Prawn dishes to go with the drinks. The restaurant is
surrounded with lush green coconut palms and a garden.
Location Near Taj Exotica, Cal Vaddo Goa

Joecons Garden
Timings: 11am to 12midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
This round-the-year garden restaurant serves good Lobster, Tiger Prawns and Calamari. The steaks
are fresh and good too.
Location Near Taj Exotica, Cal Vaddo Goa, Ph: 2770077/0099

Pedros Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 8.30pm to 2am
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 350
This shack on Benaulim beach offers a great seaview even as you sip your drinks and taste their
Prawn Curry-Rice and Chicken Xhacuti. The seafood preparations are good too. You can also try their
Tandoori dishes and barbeque. Grilled chicken is a major draw for the guests. Its an ideal party
locale and a value-for-money option for foodies.
Location On Benaulim Beach Goa, Ph: 982389177

Goa Restaurants in Betalbatim

Martins Corner
Timings: 11am to 3.30pm & 6.30pm to 12.30am
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
This landmark restaurant in South Goa does mostly Goan dishes, and some common Chinese dishes
as well try here the Goan Sausages, Pork Sorpotel and Mutton Xhacuti and salads. Done up in wood
and bamboo, with clever lighting and lots of indoor plants this place affords a special ambience as
you listen to different live performers throughout the week while sipping popular Indian liquors or
shooters, liqueurs, cognacs and cocktails like Long Island Iced Tea, Sex on Sunset Beach and
Betalbatim Delight. Colourful laminated cartoons on the walls lend cheer to this round-the-year
restaurant which also serves bebinca and some baked desserts. The lobster here takes various forms
opt for the Thermidor, Butter Garlic, Piri Piri or Tandoori varieties, imported wines and champagnes
are served too. Its a place you should not miss if you are in Goa.
Location Binvado, Betalbatim Goa, Ph: 2880061 / 2880413

Goa Restaurants in Bogmalo

Coconut Creek Restaurant

Timings: 8am to 11pm
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 600
Walk into this palm-fringed resort for a taste of fresh steaks, hot sizzlers and some great pasta. The

place is great for some Chateaubriand and prawn dishes as well. Open round the year, it is set in a
palm-fringed resort, where you could listen to music every Tuesday and Thursday while you relax
with your choice of IMFLs and imported liquors.
Location Near the Beach, Bimut Vaddo, Ph: 2538090 / 2538100

Full Moon Restaurant & Bar

Timings: 8am to 11.30pm
Avg. Price: Rs. 250
Say Goan food at Bogmalo and Full Mon is the place to be try their Pork Vindaloo and Prawn CurryRice, and even some Chicken Tikka. Let the taste of Goa remain in your mouth as you savour their
Prawn Xhacuti and Prawn Chilli Fry washed down with your choice of IMFLs a nice and complete
dining experience by the sea. If you fancy a boat trip, theyll arrange it for you, whats more!
Location On Bogmalo Beach Goa, Ph: 2538072

Timings: 8am to 12midnight
Round the Year
Avg. Price: Rs. 650
Joets, at Bogmalo, is open round the year for you to taste their excellent Mussel Masala Fry, besides
Red Snapper and Kingfish preparations. Relax with your choice of IMFLs and imported liquors at this
restaurant overlooking the beach. The terrace restaurant overlooks the beach, and you could also
turn up for the one-man band show on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Location Bogmalo Beach Goa, Ph: 2538036

Goa Restaurants in Canacona

If its late evening hunger pangs that is bothering you when you are in South Goa, try Pepper Valley
for a taste of their fresh Seafood Platter, a choice of salads and some tangy Chicken Tikka Masala to
go with the drinks. You would also get a fine view of the spice plantation nearby.
Location Cotigao Wildlife, San Partagal, Canacona Goa, Ph: 9850451714