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Annual transits forecast

from beginning of November till beginning of December

Return of Saturn in its natal position
Each planet completes a revolution around the Sun (a complete zodiacal orbit) in a time roughly proportionate to its distance from the
Sun itself. From an astrological point of view, it is not a real aspect but a "cycle" that, although is experienced at the same time by
everyone, becomes personal, in terms of meanings, at the moment in which that planet returns to its natal position in an individual chart,
having completed a complete circle of the Zodiac.
Saturn returns to this position about every 29 years; therefore, within an average life-expectancy, we can hope to see up to three such
returns. The first one, which happens between the ages of 28 and 30, often defines the entry to adulthood through events of great
importance for the growth: for example: those who graduate move into work, others get married or become parents; in general it is a
period in which one phase of life ends and another one begins, with the new one characterised by different or greater responsibilities.
The typical value of such an astrological (and existential) event, is that is requires us to assess, which in turn, leads to us redefining the
values we hold, our priorities and our expectations.
The second cycle, between the ages of 57 and 59, is equally emblematic and it expresses an analogous process, even if different both
objectively and subjectively, being that of leaving a life-style, values or motivations behind. Becoming grandparents or retiring is typical
events in this period, and we have to accept that for this "third age" we move into, the body and so many other things are no longer
what they once were.
The return or Saturn is always a delicate and fundamental moment, in which we can realize that we are "growing up" or starting to
"feeling middle-aged": it can be therefore quite difficult or sad according to the contemporary transits, the chart as a whole and,
obviously, the degree of maturity of the particular individual. But what it offers is always a new and more durable stability: both inside
and out.
from beginning of April till middle of June
Saturn transiting square natal Moon
This is a transit that not always is shown through clear facts, but that at a psychological level can be very significant and hard. It is as if
Saturn were asking us to take a journey inside ourselves, removing coverings to reach the root of things, to what is really worthwhile:
therefore it will aim at taking away our illusions, and emotional attachment to things, images and obsolete self-images. When Saturn
transits opposite the Moon often expresses itself in his function as "gardener", when it cuts the "dry branches" of life even if we think that
they are still green: sometimes mature women may reach menopause, mothers have to accept their children growing up or leaving the
nest, moving away and becoming free; other times sentimental relationships may come to an end, or more generally a phase of existence
ends, characterised by those relationships or by the idea we had about them. In the square aspect something analogous can happen,
even if sometimes nothing at all happens. We realise that time has gone by, life is no longer what we once believed in and, perhaps, it
has never been what we wanted it to be. Disenchantment, melancholy or regret can accompany a period of solitude, a lack of appetite,
both real or metaphorical, and even become depression if we let these feelings nurture in our soul; vice versa, if we are able to use and
not be dominated by this transit, we will be able to re-join our inner reality with the external and objective one, based on ourselves
having become rightly (albeit forcedly) more honest and mature.
from middle of August till beginning of September
Saturn transiting trine natal Sun
The principle of growth, consolidation and maturation symbolized by Saturn is still evident in its soft transits to the Sun, but naturally in
less harsh ways. Here, Saturn can offer the same benefits of a toning diet, reinforcing self-esteem and our emotional balance! When
Saturn trines our Sun we feel more capable and confident about our ability and chances we have, while still knowing our limitations; we
can portray the illusion of omnipotence or, vice versa, a sense of inadequacy, and we focus on a finishing line that we know we can
reach, using discipline to control our ambition with method and consistency. The autonomy that we achieve, eventually also financially,
adds to our reliability while encouraging us, and the results will be seen as pleasing confirmations of our work but also act as new stimuli
to move forwards. When transiting Saturn sextiles our Sun it could be that we make positive choices for studies or work, or that we
devote ourselves to long-term projects, which will allow us to focus our attention and offer us a sight of a more conscious and
well-prepared future. Sometimes we will meet people of great value, who will prove to be valuable for our moral and cultural growth.
Everything that begins under this transit has connotations of seriousness, continuity and duration: perhaps we cannot count on concrete
guarantees, but we find them, in any case, inside us, genuine and convincing, and they send a strong and clear message of our personal
from middle of February till beginning of June
Pluto transiting square natal Mars
This is a powerful and delicate transit, which lets the strength and will of the ego emerge and which, therefore, can find us unprepared,
especially if we are usually quiet or if we hold values like modesty, tolerance and availability to others. It does not mean that we will turn
into beasts! Still, we will have to recognise, to agree and to learn to manage the individualistic energies of these two planets, since
fighting them might be harmful and futile. The strength of this transit must be dispersed and, if ignored or suffocated by moral or cultural

restraints, it might have an influence on our physical wellbeing, or lead us to force our will on others. A positive aspect in the square
aspect is the intense psychophysical energy that is given to us, therefore we can work solidly to get what we want; if we feel tireless, we
might overdo it and find ourselves suddenly exhausted. Or we will go ahead like tanks, concentrating only on selfish reasons like fame,
success, money or power, trampling on real or presumed rivals without scruples or moral consideration. Especially in the opposition, the
relational tension increases and it could be that our behaviour creates enemies, persons to whom we transmit a sense of threat. This
seems to boost our pride, letting us feel stronger, more important, and feared. It would be more suitable and productive to find allies, as
if this rise in authoritativeness is used for common purposes, it will obtain constructive and not destructive results.