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For this research studies existence we are indebted in several people:

To our Department Head Department of Nursing, Dr. Cesar V. Mateo,
for his continuous support to our department;
To our adviser, Prof. Marietta V. de Mesa, for her expertise in this study
and for statistically editing and verifying the figures in the manuscript and for
motivating, giving us direction about the proper concepts of this study and for her
tireless effort in correcting our research study for revision;
To our panelists, Prof. Georgine L. Manantan and Prof. Emmanuel L.
Taruc, for correcting and guiding us for the revision of our study;
To our Clinical Instructors, Staffs of the College of Allied Health and
Sciences, Batchmates and Friends, for being so supportive and just plain good
people, for giving us your valuable time, furthermore, providing us with the
information needed to carry out this research study successfully;
To our families, both extended and immediate, for your encouragement,
and continued love and support. Special thanks to our parents and siblings;
And above all, to the Almighty Father, for the abundant blessings,
showering the researchers with sound mind, good health, strong determination,
ever sustaining courage and adequate support system that led into the
realization of this most cherished dream.