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Department of Education

Negros Island Region

Division of La Carlota
MAPEH (Grade 7)
Direction: Read each statement carefully and write the letter of the correct answer
on your answer sheet.
1. Music that is arranged for a variety of instruments, performers can reach to
thousands, sometimes including human-made sound.
a. Large work
b. Rondalla c. Opera
d. Fusion
2. A style of music combinig folk and rock elemnts. It is a genre term that was
originally coined in the USA or UK during the 1960s.
a. Fusion
b. Folk rock c. Ballad
d. Classical
3. Which of the following song won a grand prize in the Metro Manila Pop music
song writing competition in 1978?
a. Dakilang Lahi
b. Kumukutikutitap c. Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika d.
4. Who among the following artists below composed the song, Kay Ganda ng Ating
a. Joey Ayala b. Francis Magalona
c. Jose Maceda
d. Ryan
5. This is a comical popular songs that may be for a current situation, holiday, or
just a dance fad.
a. Fusion
b. Genre
c. Novelty Song
d. OPM
6. Which style of music incorporates complex, stylized rhythms and is often
accompanied by rapping?
a. Hip-hop b. Pop
c. Rock
d. Love Song
7. Which of the following songs was composed by Antonio Molina?
a. Malikmatab. Dularawan
c. Mindanao Sketches
d. Panorama
8. Which genre refers to contemporary classical/serious music?
a. Pop
b. Solo
c. Vocal
d. New Music
9. Who among the following is a composer, music educator, national artist for music
and former president of the CCP?
a. Joey Albert
b. Lucresia Kasilag c. Francisco Reyes d. Cory Aquino
10. Who composed and performed the popular rock music, Anak?
a. Francis Magalona
b. Joey Ayala c. Apo Hiking Society
d. Freddie
11. A conductor who restored the Philippine Army Band and composed Mindanao
a. Antonio Molina b. Antonino Buenaventura c. Ernani Cuenco d. Julian
12. What type of song is History of the Philippines, which was composed and
performed by Yoyoy Villame?
a. Fusion
b. Pop
c. Novelty
d. Genre
13. It is a drama usually done in three acts, where songs, music, and dances are
combined with prose dialogue?
a. Dalagang Bukid b. Moro-moro
c. Cenaculo d. Soledad
14. A religious procession called the __________ or solitude depicts the loneliness of
Mary at the death of her son Jesus Christ.
a. Karakol
b. Sugat
c. Cenaculo d. Soledad
15. A term which means, a season for blossoming, a time for flowering.
a. Santacruzan
b. Dapdap c. Kankaney d. Payas
16. Which festival is held in the month of May, considered as the Queen of
Philippine fiestas and a month long festival of beauty?
a. Pahiyas b. Masskara c. Santacruzan
d. Sagalas
17. A play in verse which may be dramatized actual events, the lives of saints or
stories about Christian & Moorish Royalty in the medieval kingdom of Europe.
a. Comedia b. Zarzuela c. Moro-moro
d. Opera
18. Which festival is celebrated during the 3 rd week of January in Kalibo, Aklan to
honor the Feast of Sto. Nio?
a. Ati-atihan b. Dinagyang
c. Sinulog
d. Bulang-bulang
19. Every month of February, the people of __________ celebrates Penagbenga, a
flower festival.
a. Bacolod City
b. Baguio City
c. Cebu City d. Davao City

20. Masskara means __________. It is explosive parade of people sporting papiermache mask.
a. many faces
b. mask of joy
c. City of smile
d. two-face
21. It means superior and beautiful, festival in Davao City, the most colourful event
that takes place in the month of August.
a. Pahiyas b. Longinus c. May flower
d. Davao City
22. A traditional drama similar to Santacruzan celebrated by farmers asking for rain
to water their crops.
a. Lutrina
b. Subli
c. Tobong
d. Hudhud
23. One of the most colorful fiesta held in Lucban on May 15 in Lucban, Quezon in
honor of San Isidro Labrador.
a. Pahiyas b. Sta. Clara c. Putong
d. Panata
24.Which element of drama refers to the people involved in the story?
a. Sagalas b. Plot
c. Characters
d. Director
25. Who popularized Dalagang Bukid and was referred to as, the Queen of
Kundiman and Zarzuela?
a. Tita King b. Nora Aunor
c. Susan Roces
d. Atang de la Rama
26. When the Spaniards colonized the Philippines, they brought to us European art
and culture. Which dance they introduced first?
a. Hip-hop b. Polka
c. Mazurka d. Rigodon
27. A participatory dance form, usually performed by a group consisiting of
members of a community.
a. Zumba dance
b. Folk dance
c. Ballet
d. Mass dance
28. The arms are rounded above the head so that the fingertips are just within the
line of vision.
a. 2nd position
b. Amplified c. 5th Position
d. Salok
29. Which of the following dance steps has step pattern of step, step, step, step
( and so on with tiny steps)
a. Slide step b. Plain polka
c. Mincing steps
d. Korriti
30. Which is the step pattern of change step?
a. Step, close, step b. Slide, cut, cut
c. Step, hop, pause d. Crossstep, close step
31. One foot forward with heel of front foot in line with big toe of the rear foot.
a. 2nd position
b. 4th position
c. Touch stepd. Close step
32. The fundamental element of the dance which the dancer manifest his/her
emotions and inner feelings to the audience.
a. spectacle b. movement
c. music
d. theme
33. Which is not the characteristics of Folk and Ethnic dances?
a. to celebrate events such as birth, marriage and even death
b. to obtain favors like a good harvest
c. to cure diseases
d. to invite bad spirits
34. Partners stand side by side, with inside hands joined and free hands positioned
on waist.
a. Open position
b. Closed Dance position c. Abrasete d. Saludo
35. One arm bent in front at waist level and the other arm bent behind also at waist
a. Lateral
b. Amplified c. Hayon-Hayon
d. T position
36. An arm movement done in Subli; turning the hand from the wrist in clockwise or
counter clockwise direction.
a. Kumintang
b. Panadyak c. 3rd position
d. Lateral
37. Often referred to as contemporary dance, a highly individualistic and diverse
form of artistic expression.
a. Folk dance
b. Classical dance c. Modern dance
d. Ballroom dance
38. She pioneered dance research in the Philippines an established a dance
standard vocabulary system of verbal and sign direction.
a. Francesca Reyes-Aquino
b. Lucresia Kasilag c. Amorita Danza d.
Leonila Callado
39. In giving first aid which of the following comes first?
a. stop any bleeding
b. Check the pulse c. Give artificial respiration
d. Check the breathing
40. How can you recognize infected wounds?
a. becomes red swollen and painful
b. May or may not have pus
There may be fever
d. All of these
41. What is the preferred method of controlling severe bleeding?
a. Direct pressure with elevation b. Direct pressure c. Tourniquetd. Pressure

42. A bandage wrapped very tight around an arm or leg.

a. Dressing b. Elastic bandage c. Tourniquetd. Gauze bandage
43. Which kind of bandage is usually used by a boy scout and a girl scout that can
be folded into thick pads for pressure over a wound to control bleeding?
a. Triangular bandage
b. Gauze bandage c. Elastic bandage d. Tourniquet
44. Which is not proper in giving first aid to a first degree burn?
a. Soak the burn in cold water b. Apply ice directly to the burn c. Pour cold
water over it d. Gently blot the burn over it
45. The following are the first aid for nose bleeding except _________.
a. Let the victim lie in prone position b. Apply direct pressure to the nostril
c. apply cold compress to the nose and face d. Insert a small pad of gauze
cloth to the nostrils
46. Which bite is extremely painful and is characterized by rapid swelling of the
involved area?
a. dog bite b. snake bite c. mosquito bite
d. cockroach bite
47. Which bite is the most dangerous because of wider variety of bacteria usually
present in the animals mouth?
a. cat bite
b. snake bite c. mosquito bite
d. cockroach bite
48. A snake bite victim should not be permitted to walk or to move the involved
body parts.
a. true
b. not true c. nothing to do
d. false
49. The signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction are the following except
a. difficulty in breathing
b. dizziness c. paleness d. severe pain
50. After a person vomits due to poison, give the victim any of the following except
a. powdered charcoal mixed with water
b. milk with eggs c. flour
mixed with water d. calamansi juice